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https://www.roccosonlinestore.com (Rocco Apparel) http://bit.ly/2dQ7EdK (Rocker Mini BMX) https://electricsmartboard.com (Hoverboards) Need Scooter Parts: Use code "PIZZA" for 10% OFF your entire order at https://www.thevaultproscooters.com Follow Rocco on: Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Ub2OXR Instagram: http://bit.ly/2eqErd1 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1Ub2UyF Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WuAoXe Snapchat: roccopiazza1 Follow Rocco’s sister Emma on: YouTube: http://bit.ly/24ZoHOw Instagram: http://bit.ly/1RRVRKO Facebook: http://on.fb.me/24d6Ovg Snapchat: epic Follow Joey aka. "Edit Boy Johnson" on: Instagram: https://goo.gl/Tkw7gJ Twitter: https://goo.gl/AL6cVT Snapchat: @Joe_Reaper Business email: [email protected] Send Fan Mail to: RoccoPiazzaVlogs 750 S. Lincoln Ave #104-473 Corona, Ca 92882 My name is Rocco and I'm eight years old living in California. At the age of 5 I became popular around the world because of my ability to ride a scooter. I have an awesome family who are all a big part of my life and we decided to video all the crazy things we do together. My vlogs will follow the journey of my life with my family and friends. We post daily vlogs that include Dirt Bikes, Scootering, Hover Boarding, BMX, extreme sports, Play Doh, Legos, Costumes, Nerf guns, holidays like Easter, Halloween & Christmas, we have fun birthday parties, we love indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds, bounce houses, parks, water parks, Knotts Berry Farm, Legos, water toys, play houses, forts, mess making, trying new foods, pranks, going crazy down the stairs, going to the beach, swimming, pools, sure to watch daily.
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Text Comments (1138)
James Keuler (9 days ago)
2018??? Anyone???
Kylie Decarlo (10 days ago)
Why does Rocco look like my cousin so much
Fahad Alyouseif (11 days ago)
HAHAH OHOHOH👀🃏🀄️😘✌🏻♥️💋😱😱😱😱😱😱👄
Andrew Torres (12 days ago)
Andrew Torres (12 days ago)
Your bad at boogie boarding I go deeper out an ride bigger waved
kelly armstrong (14 days ago)
Easton Housworth (15 days ago)
I want to be kissed
Easton Housworth (15 days ago)
Those girls:/
Kaden Vlogs (16 days ago)
I want a girl
Tisha Rivera (22 days ago)
Where Did you get those Bikes
Adrian Alejandro (1 month ago)
Omg that was so good 😂😂😂 .JUST KIDDING . HHHHAAA
Tyler Holmes (1 month ago)
Kameren Garrett (1 month ago)
How much girlfriends do you have
Samantharhose Eusebio (1 month ago)
Love your videos😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
bobby stupidhead (1 month ago)
My last name is Newport
hunter Prosper (1 month ago)
hey Rocco can you send me a dirt bike
Elite Gaming13 (1 month ago)
This man got a boner when the girls kissed hi
Ashley Fairburn (1 month ago)
Rocco is a savig
garcia yandel (2 months ago)
l like g
cathrine olsen (2 months ago)
You got kissed
cathrine olsen (2 months ago)
I have one scooter is custom is costing 9000dollars
brodie thompson (2 months ago)
I think I been there before
Kyle Leishman (2 months ago)
tell Rocco when you want to catch a wave you have to try and catch it before it forms
Gavin Hunter (2 months ago)
I have diabetes
Fisher VLOGS (3 months ago)
My Little BrotherC (3 months ago)
Nobody wants to see your nipples
Claudia Ragsdale (3 months ago)
I know one of the girls that kissed Rocco
Abdiel Mercado (3 months ago)
Man girls like you
Isaiah Luttenegger (3 months ago)
Those girl are wierdos
chad Lockwood (3 months ago)
What school do you go to
Yomomastank 809 (3 months ago)
Rocco gets all the bitches 🤘
-Can&Sheniz- (4 months ago)
He gets all the girls
Ninjas Son (4 months ago)
Where early squad at
Chelita Hagan (4 months ago)
You did not get chasted by an old man
Natalie Naber (4 months ago)
He's not crazy he can't help it you rude
Nicolai Friis (4 months ago)
Thers no old man
Brandon Lopez (4 months ago)
Why are people calling you a show of f
Robin Powell (4 months ago)
Are thoose women your biggest fans
Robin Powell (4 months ago)
I love your vlogs
DHJ Golden (4 months ago)
The titles of these videos get worse and worse
Jake Faulkner (5 months ago)
I love your dog
Will Liddle (5 months ago)
Hashtag jealousy strike like if you agree
Thomas Harper (5 months ago)
I have a mini bike too
Leslie FREEDOM (5 months ago)
Valery Pevear (5 months ago)
tanner cole (5 months ago)
Dawson Gramling (5 months ago)
the girl that kissed you was my gf I’m so mad at you because you kissed her
YoItzJonah (5 months ago)
the girl part was real but the crazy man was NOT OHHHHH
Slade reynolds (5 months ago)
Me to I have one green eye one blue eye
Kbxc Mx (5 months ago)
Anyone else notice Rocco left at the end ......... he was replaced by a tomatoe with yeezys
Unicorn Lover101 (6 months ago)
My sister screenshoted a photo of you and started to twerk in front of you on the iPad
billago (6 months ago)
I have never seen this cancer
Mr Sui4id3 (6 months ago)
Where da girls tho???
Kristen Paige (6 months ago)
I what that
Keighley Keegan (6 months ago)
Lashae S (6 months ago)
Dang son u got that smoochy smooch
philip bond (6 months ago)
Really bro
Steven Harrington (6 months ago)
what time is it its time to get a rolex
emmy velasquez (6 months ago)
#latebutt Lol
Hunter Esford (6 months ago)
Lina _everything (6 months ago)
Rocco used to go to my school but now he's homeschooled
Batkid 206 (6 months ago)
Nice ^_^
Neil Venkatesh (6 months ago)
S Butler (6 months ago)
Where's joe
yung chachi (7 months ago)
I lost brain cells watching this.
imawesome 11 (7 months ago)
Biggest showoff I've ever seen
Tristan Murphy (7 months ago)
Nico Skater (7 months ago)
Bruuhh when did you get so fat
bass had (7 months ago)
bass had (7 months ago)
Flex ice (7 months ago)
11:42 like how does she do that like I know she has a little brother maybe he taught her I don’t know
Flex ice (7 months ago)
The boy that was with Rocco is so adorable(brodhi) and if you are asking how do I know how to spell his name it’s because I had a boyfriend name Bodhi
Kaden Olazabal (7 months ago)
A girl 💋 ed him
Ashesh Shivraj (7 months ago)
I've seen him curse and does he even go to school?? If you want him to be successful in the future you need to rethink how you do so... he won't he a kid forever and can't take care of him forever. Teach him like the importance of money time and manners
Alicia Buchanan (7 months ago)
Omggggggggggg Rocco is a cutie pie🍰🍰🐰🐰🐻❣️💖
Gamer god 1200 (7 months ago)
What beach is that
Jeferson Santos (7 months ago)
Roco donet kiate dese pants nike
Quinn Ifer (7 months ago)
Who saw him walk up to them
chalton campbell (7 months ago)
Big fan what's your number
Ian Steigerwald (7 months ago)
Why he flik you off
Ian Steigerwald (7 months ago)
Ok that had to be bad that they just love you is it
Ian Steigerwald (7 months ago)
You should make a sign with your hand to repersent after video you say it every time
Dj Bec (7 months ago)
Ways to be awesome
Earl Palmer (7 months ago)
girl kiss you so rad
Jenniffer Chinchilla (7 months ago)
Awesome Gamer0935 (7 months ago)
I have a mini bike too and my is monster moto
Gamer_ friends (7 months ago)
Gamer_ friends (7 months ago)
Gamer_ friends (7 months ago)
No helmit
Skyler Moss (7 months ago)
Can I come to your house
Bruh (7 months ago)
That other kid was jealous
Tre'Nique Frye (7 months ago)
I got more girls than him
Ben K. (7 months ago)
He can’t say French fries 8:36
christo o (7 months ago)
Can't believe a 8 or 9 year old goes around and gets kissed by 13 year olds🤔
CdogVlogs (7 months ago)
Bro u failed life
Sydney Kat (7 months ago)
How much did you pay those girls to take a picture with you and pretend to be fans
Jack Rossall (7 months ago)
I have got kissed 6700000000 by th at girl
Ninke Nel (7 months ago)
Are you single
tachase nathan (7 months ago)
I love emma
Crazy guy?

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