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Fighting is Magic - Big Macintosh Theme

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This theme is not mine and is not the official Big Macintosh' Theme. All MLP:FiM characters' rights belong to Hasbro. Art: http://galaxyart.deviantart.com/art/Fighting-is-Magic-Big-Macintosh-Not-official-312137000
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Text Comments (81)
Ethan Vo (1 month ago)
I don’t see what people mean by, “It needs to be more western.”
White Darkness (1 year ago)
Cheetos Addict (1 year ago)
Where's the big Mac?
MEGAGAURDIAN 6629 (1 year ago)
Big Mac -cheeseburger- "Eeyup"
Starfire Flare (1 year ago)
Reminds me of monster trucks :|
Killakelse (1 year ago)
Bright Hedgehog rp (1 year ago)
=p Nan. Amazing work dude.
John Smith (2 years ago)
remindes me a bit of max from advance wars^^
creepy kitty (2 years ago)
-insert McDonald's joke here-
creepy kitty thx
creepy kitty (1 year ago)
Griffin the grater Gight good enough.
You had a "Big Mac"
gilda roar (2 years ago)
ramensquib (1 year ago)
fireflocs (2 years ago)
Where is this track from if the uploader didn't make it?
Thomas Fairfield (1 year ago)
It also has pretty fun gameplay.
fireflocs (1 year ago)
Finally answered! Thank you. And yeah, Vigilante 8 has nothing but great music.
Thomas Fairfield (1 year ago)
It's "Beezwax" from the game Vigilante 8; though it's only in the PlayStation version. The Nintendo 64 version has a different, though also very good, soundtrack.
VIOLA CARLSSON (2 years ago)
The Useless Channel (2 years ago)
Has a Terry Bogard spark to it, I can just imagine Big Mac saying  "COME ON, GET SERIOUS! ARE YOU OK? BUSTA WOLF!!!"
Szymix Gamer (1 year ago)
I just had an idea for his super moves: Apple Geyser: Big Mac raises his front hooves and shouts: "Apple Geyser!" Then he drops his hooves on the ground, causing the ground to erupt with a stream of apple juice. The opponent is knocked back and launched into air a little. (Deals 200 dmg) Apple Geyser LV.2: same as above, except Big Mac drops his hooves down three times, causing three geysers. (first geyser deals 90 dmg, second - 80 , third - 132 for a total of 302 dmg.) Buster Apple: Big Mac runs at enemy, hits them with his head, followed by strike with two back hooves at once. (deals 70+135 dmg, 205 total) Buster Apple LV.2: Same as above except Big Mac runs faster and further, allowing to hit enemy from greater distance. (deals 200+135 dmg, 335 total) Ultimate move: Big Mac Special: Big Mac prepares for strike shouting: "Eat this!" Then he headbutts his enemy for 100 damage, then he raises his front hooves and causes a 9-hit Apple Geyser, 41 dmg each. (total 469 damage. Note: It's a freakin' unblockable attack. Hell yea.)
J. Lean (2 years ago)
I actually edited one of Terry Bogards pallets and renamed him Big Macintosh in my mugen game. No regrets !
twotailedavenger (2 years ago)
Has a very "NASCAR" feel to it.
RARARARARA (2 years ago)
Reminds me of Diddy Kong Racing
Ultracrazed 2 (3 years ago)
I'm getting surfer dude vibes from this tune.
Briseur De Lance (3 years ago)
Time to bring the heavy cav'. Release Big MacIntosh!!
Fatal Potatoe (3 years ago)
this makes me think of american rally
GrandTheftYoshi (3 years ago)
I don't see what people mean by "it needs to be more Western". He's a modern age character with a Southern accent. The fiddle and 80s rock make sense. Lynyrd Skynyrd-esque music is quite appropriate here, especially when it is upbeat and maintains the sound of a fight/roughhousing feeling. Braeburn would be more of a Western type of person, as he lives in that setting, but Big Mac is much more Southern plantation type of guy (with only a hint of the racist aspects of that description - the bats being the only one I can say would fall under that).
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
Me: Big Mac is this awesome Big Mac: Eeyup
Bright Hedgehog rp (1 year ago)
Rayman : Hey dude, what's the problem ? Me : Don't worry about him....
xXHarmo Cami OT5xX (2 years ago)
Starlight Serina (3 years ago)
This makes me think of uniracers and that's awesome 
Mauricio Jimenez (3 years ago)
And came to my mind the movie: "The dukes of Hazzard"
jacob torres (9 months ago)
Mauricio Jimenez no lie i thought so toi
Rena Ryuugu (3 years ago)
100% eeyup approved
Satono Nishida (3 years ago)
i demand a little Mac vs Big Mac battle!
Madame Tanky (3 years ago)
Hmm, Little Mac is a pretty good boxer, but I wonder how he'd do fighting someone closer to his own size? That Star Punch uppercut is nothing to fuck with but Big Mac isn't a glass cannon either.
Pepper Millers (3 years ago)
Lil mac (is a gun) and Littlepip win!
SLB94 (3 years ago)
Although it doesn't quite fit big mac, it's still pretty epic.
♀Arska Gaming♀ (3 years ago)
Nope Metal :D
THE326JORDAN (3 years ago)
Sorry, but I just didn't like this one :/
★Avescii🌙 (3 years ago)
psychgoth's version's much better
Lazy Bunni (3 years ago)
I agree 100% this sounds like some 80's greaser type stuff...Psychgoths was soo much better.
Ian MacGowan (4 years ago)
Connor Collingsworth (4 years ago)
... Nope
Master Whis (3 years ago)
Yaay Big Mac!
Juanemilio Fernandez (4 years ago)
Denton (4 years ago)
Kind of reminds me of Johnny B. Good
MegaChickenfish (4 years ago)
A nice song, but I don't feel like it matches the character as well as some of the others. 
Steve St James (4 years ago)
Agreed. Although the bass was a nice touch, it needs to be a touch on the country side.
matrixphijr (4 years ago)
Me neither, but I guess it's hard to match a theme to a pony who has barely any speaking parts other than 'Eeeyup' and 'Nope' (aside from 'Ponyville Confidential'), especially when each of the Mane 6 has at least one singing part that was used as a basis for their themes.
White Feline (4 years ago)
omg this is so badass, love it.
Shurikenger25 (4 years ago)
Vs. Twilight Sparkle: I'm keeping Smarty Pants and that's final!
Justin Griser (4 years ago)
Z Steele (4 years ago)
"Victory for you? Nope."
Cosmic Pixel (4 years ago)
Algahiem (4 years ago)
Possible win quotes for Big Mac: "E'yup." "Ah don't say much, 'cos ah'm not all talk." "Mah little sisters could've beaten ya." "Welp, better be gettin' back to the orchard." "Huh? Wut make y'all think ah know anything 'bout computors?" "Mayor McCheese? Never heard of him." "Ya must be all wet if y'all think ah make raincoats" vs Applejack "Not bad , sis. Ya almost had me on the ropes."
Szymix Gamer (1 year ago)
and vs Apple Bloom: "Lil sis, ya still need to learn 'ow to fight."
scarlysix (4 years ago)
yep nice music
Samuel Vignaduzzo (4 years ago)
... and here vigilante 8..
DogLeroy (4 years ago)
Awesome Rock-a-billy. XD
ElPokemonChilango (5 years ago)
No se porque, pero a Big Mac me lo imagino como el Zangief del juego, lento pero poderoso.
StormIzakki (5 years ago)
Why do you think he's called "Big Mac"?
Rainbow Dash (5 years ago)
Nice theme big mac, Yours is better than you're sisters.
Tunkman77 (5 years ago)
Ah! More Vigilante 8 soundtrack! I love this. Convoy's theme... it's fitting for Big Mac, for sure.
Tigress1231000 (5 years ago)
eeyup thats a hit
Myliveetv (5 years ago)
MultiSonicRules (5 years ago)
Sorry,I would think his music would sound Western,not a remix of an 80's song
Big Macintosh (5 years ago)
Ah love it
The Atomic Cherry (5 years ago)
*facepalm* in the description
Jäeger (5 years ago)
Biker Mac?
GeonExMachina (5 years ago)
*gasp* YES!!!
Cassie (5 years ago)
Johnny (5 years ago)
Done, check the description of the video ;D
Johnny (5 years ago)
Max Zhou (5 years ago)
download link ?
NeonXStar (5 years ago)
ChocoPieism (5 years ago)
This is a really really nice theme for anypony.

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