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Salesforce Products Part 1 - Overview of Products and Pricebooks

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In this ShellBlack Whiteboard episode we dive into Opportunity Products and Pricebooks. Shell starts by defining what can be a product (a physical item or a service) and that when Products are added to an Opportunity they start calculating and driving the Opportunity Amount field. He then goes over the standard fields on Products and how they are used, and gives examples of what could be a custom field. Shell then tackles Pricesbooks, which are subsets of your entire product catalog, and why they can be helpful to your users. Through an example using four Pricebooks, Shell illustrates how they contain subsets of Products, and that if needed, you can have unique Product pricing by Pricebook. Lastly he covers how the Active checkbox is used on both Products and Pricebooks and when working with an Opportunity, you can only use Products from a single Pricebook. To see a transcription of this video and additional show links, see the full blog post on ShellBlack.com - https://www.shellblack.com/whiteboard/products-part-1-overview-of-products-and-pricebooks/
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