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Perfmon counter comparison: Databases\Transactions/sec vs SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec

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Perfmon counters are great for measuring workload, but choosing which counter to baseline can be confusing. Watch a quick 5 minute demo showing that the SQL Statistics\Batch Requests/sec counter sees more of your workload than the Databases(_Total)\Transactions/sec counter does.
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DashCam Revenge (1 year ago)
Looking at two servers I have. One hast 4k transactions per second and 3k Batch Request per second. The other has 20K Transaction Per second and just 1.5K Batch Request per Second. Which is the busiest server? :)
Claudio G (2 years ago)
Great video ( I like the short format) ! Can transactions/sec be greater than BatchRequests/sec at a given time ?
Claudio G (2 years ago)
Thanks for the answer !
Yay, glad you like it! Yes, transactions/sec can be higher. Let's say I run three insert commands in a single batch. They'll get counted as 3 by transactions/sec (because it counts inserts, whether or not they're wrapped in a transaction), but the batch gets counted as 1 by BatchRequests/sec.

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