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flora´s secret ENYA

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Enya Flora's Secret Lyrics: Lovers in the long grass look above them only they can see where the clouds are going only to discover dust and sunlight ever make the sky so blue Afternoon is hazy river flowing all around the sounds moving closer to them telling them the story told by flora dreams they never knew Silver willows tears from Persia those who come from a far-off island winter Chanterelle lies under cover Glory-of-the-sun in blue Some they know as passion some as freedom some they know as love and the way it leaves them summer snowflake for a season when the sky above is blue when the sky above is blue Lying in the long grass close beside her giving her the name of the one the moon loves this will be the day she will remember when she knew his heart was loving in the long grass close beside her whispering of love and the way it leaves them lying in the long grass in the sunlight they believe it's true love and from all around them flora's secret telling them of love and the way it breathes and looking up from eyes of amaranthine they can see the sky is blue knowing that their love is true dreams they never knew and the sky above is blue
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Tasos Terzidis (5 months ago)
Lovely beauty the Enya People I Love her..
niwahereza justine (6 months ago)
I real love this song,omg
Cheryl Maber (7 months ago)
Enya. Thanks... He's beautiful
james ludan (7 months ago)
this video actually got me to garden and plant an extensive bee and butterfly garden. it is unbelievably rellaxing to sit out there and watch insects'!!!!1
james ludan (8 months ago)
this is my favorite clip. i play it almost all the time i talk to someone on the phone. it makes me happy
oldworldcat (8 months ago)
🌊To my wife🎶💑💦💆🌻
pontelloful (1 year ago)
Magnificent,, my soul enjoys!
Andy Watts (1 year ago)
My Favourite song of all her great hits. I just love the cello/violin works..
DavidbivɒⱭ (1 year ago)
🎤 🎧 🎼 🎵 🎶 🎹 🎻 🎺 🎷 🎸  👍
Jose Hernandez (1 year ago)
Live Love Laugh!
Tasos Terzidis (5 months ago)
Jose Hernandez. Amen
Jose Hernandez (1 year ago)
Peace to the world! Happiness! Joy! Laughter! Smile! Enjoy!
Daniel Pauchet (1 year ago)
Michael Robles (1 year ago)
her songs let's your mind goes to a wonderful place where you can let your mind be free
Marco The Last (2 years ago)
Wow. This is so beautiful. This must be heavens music.
Tasos Terzidis (5 months ago)
Lovely beauty the Enya People I Love her..
Fátima Quiroz (10 months ago)
Marco The Last q
Calcedonio Gonzales (2 years ago)
I´ve wrote to you before, without an answer ;-) Anyway, I want you to know that your music is very special to our family, first, I lived alone and every night after work I played your music then I met my today husband and our song is The celts, and then when our daughter was born in the year 2000, she could not sleep without "Floras secret" We travel a lot, and the first thing was to bring Floras secret with us....I Know we sound crasy, but we love your music, and we hope that you will keep on .............<3
bloofan06 (2 years ago)
This song makes me think of waltzing in a large ballroom... like in the period films.
Brad Schuh (5 months ago)
bloofan06 yessss!!!
Dylan Hink (10 months ago)
me to
Andy Watts (2 years ago)
One of my favourite Enya songs. Followed closely by.....Wild Child, China Roses, Falling Embers, Long Long Journey & Amarantine.
Alberto7688 (3 years ago)
beautiful song and beautiful video!! Enya the best!!
misspinkpunkykat (3 years ago)
1:26 "Hope to train a Jedi undercover glory of the sonic boom"
Kathy Gabriel (3 years ago)
Sebastian Alvarez (3 years ago)
Mi favorita de enya es esta cancion
Anthony Valdez (4 years ago)
Wow this is so beautiful.. great music and nice pictures, very relaxing. 
rafael trejo (4 years ago)
Lola Msp (4 years ago)
Da bekomm ich echt lust auf Frühling :3 ♥-♥
bruno monti (4 years ago)
Great Video.....
gjozefi (4 years ago)
Where did you find this video? It matches almost perfectly to the song. nice job!
Leg Godt (4 years ago)
2K fan!
a good song with a good voice...! I love so much...!
adex kiyimba (5 years ago)
Enya's song always sound new to me because of too much inspiration in them... God this lady has got talent
Brando Montano (5 years ago)
Like if youre here because of 2kinds :3
leo zaid (5 years ago)
christian lara (5 years ago)
Una de mis favorites de Enya
fittingly (6 years ago)
Quite possibly my all-time favorite song, this. Very Druidesque. Sirenesque. Dangerous. I love danger, though. It makes me go. Kay, so what's up with the tree at 1:15 — is it an Acacia? Was Enya in the Garden of Eden?
GicaTractoristu (6 years ago)
This song is amazing! I first listened to it while traveling on plane from Shanghai to Istanbul and I just played it on repeat about 20 times. I just love it.
Aparajita_G (6 years ago)
agree... even though i cant dance .. lol... but this song definitely makes me think the same.... so wow... <3
Aparajita_G (6 years ago)
This song lifts up ur mood like no other .... Enya is so amazing!!!
Aparajita_G (6 years ago)
<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 ENYA !!!
Mark Richards (6 years ago)
Poppies are okay but the orchids are wonderful. We were priviledged to find epipogium aphillum here in Herefordshire after a long absence. The song feels like falling in love, Roma's lyrics are just beautiful. Thank you, airecaliente13
aqueleoutro (6 years ago)
Michelle Fazbear (6 years ago)
Me too it is a beautiful and happy tune
Mordrakheen M (6 years ago)
exactly the same she s magic
ztwntyn8 (6 years ago)
My blood pressure just lowered significantly. I love this song.
BlackAnime67 (6 years ago)
This is one of those songs where I can just shut up and appreciate everything on the positive aspect. It makes me want to love humanity and the society even more, everytime I hear this song. Perfect song to listen to, whenever I'm out enjoying nature, and when I have bad days. I love it! This deserves more views than it has so far (150,000+)
Paul Thiessen (6 years ago)
me too, came to me in a dream
EazyEVM (6 years ago)
This is EXACTLY what I needed. Just saw an unpleasant thing which left me a little rattled. This song is incredibly soothing.
Elisa Atzler (6 years ago)
Rumur Subustupul (6 years ago)
I think Enya has a particular experience of what we recognize as harmony. Je crois qu'Enya a une expérience particulière de ce que nous reconnaissons comme harmonie...
Tony Robinson (6 years ago)
This video here is my understanding of what Enya is referring to. I wished Enya did do one of her videos to this song. I believe it would have been beautiful. This is a very nice video. Thank you! I love the life cinematography and the ending is timed nicely.
Frozen Ice Queen Elsa (6 years ago)
@bloofan06 yeah now i read ur comment im thinking that too i first imagined of faries dancing playing hide and seek and Flora is their queen
cvukansrk (6 years ago)
Krásni pohled na video.
silentmoviequeen (6 years ago)
I love this song from Enya, it reminds me of a beautiful love story.
myr Nolan (6 years ago)
when i was little i had to share a room with my brothers we had 2 bunkbeds in one room to fit enough beds ... we used to listen to this song before we went to bed at night because its the only one we could agree on
Michael Cossey (6 years ago)
my mum used to sing this to me when i would go to sleep. she left when i was 4 but i just found this song today, 12 years later, and recognized it immediately <3
MrJustAskOk (6 years ago)
after ten years of listening to her, my heart still skips when i listen to her songs. they make me want to cry. but im so happy and content. it's beautiful how her music can reach right into my soul.
mysticsecret1313 (6 years ago)
this was my song for my first boyfriend, but i decided it was too good to be used on only one guy so now it's my song for my husband too. :D
Dex Stewart (7 years ago)
Well it is a pretty decent Vienesse Waltz. Danced to it a couple of times and it was quite fun, though not amazing.
Mark Richards (7 years ago)
Surely no-one has ever described young love better. Been there, absolutely understand this. The floral allusions are brilliant.
gaz52 (7 years ago)
@airecaliente13 Apparently it means "goose pimples."
2472laugh (7 years ago)
@bloofan06 me three
2472laugh (7 years ago)
I take ballroom dance lessons and this is my absolute favorite song to dance the Viennese Waltz to.
BraveStaRR (7 years ago)
aaaw the poor wee fly at the end...gets ate
nmuposterchild (7 years ago)
My favorite part of the song is from 2:20 to 2:48. It is calming and intense at the same time. You gotta love Enya!
Theresia Swiebel (7 years ago)
Video and music...Sublime!
LisaJan (7 years ago)
What a beautiful video! Great job
Ben2China (7 years ago)
When I listen to certain songs by Enya such as this one my readiness to war melts away. Only an artist of a particular and exceptional genius can transmit something so powerful by such gentle means.
DelorienAz (8 years ago)
Enya's music always reminds me of some dream I've had long ago but can't quite remember...but it was a good dream :)
daugep (8 years ago)
The title of this video would be: The world can not see (Remembrance of that documentary of the decade of 70, The World You Can not See)
HorrorPixieMassacre (8 years ago)
It's funny to hear, when you know the myth of Flora... The Roman goddess of flowers who was a prostitute famous for bankrupting her lovers... That's REALLY Flora's secret! ;D
TheBlackbird (8 years ago)
@airecaliente13 gänsehaut = goose pimples ;-)
hotstuffjetcars (8 years ago)
@airecaliente13 I imagine after two years you figured it out. It means the song gave them "goosebumps"
Morgan beaglemann (8 years ago)
How does one get a copy? A copy that can be archived locally? Thanks. M.
bebeeMagic (8 years ago)
wonderfull !!! Thank U )Om(:
not required (8 years ago)
brilliant! thx for posting :)
Camila Tatiana Ghiba (8 years ago)
So beautiful !!!!
Daphne085 (9 years ago)
So beautiful!!!
angelusa73 (9 years ago)
A special friend sent this to me and I am so glad he did because I love this video and I liked the song! The images are simply amazing and I love poppies and butterflies so this was the perfect video to send me!!!! Thanks! Great job! Hugs, Angela
bloofan06 (9 years ago)
Absolutely gorgeous video. I love the ending when the flower closes! Thank you so much for posting the lyrics as well!
Roberto Fresco 2 (9 years ago)
@Magnovey yes, Candice is beautiful voices & women
Roberto Fresco 2 (9 years ago)
me too
bloofan06 (9 years ago)
This song makes me think of waltzing in a large ballroom... like in the period films.
COLOMBE FRANCIA (9 years ago)
OH LA LA!!!Comme c'est joli.. ☼♥☼♥☼
silverbreezern (9 years ago)
Awesome video and perfect for this melody.
sweetlemonlove (9 years ago)
jordicerdanya (9 years ago)
Realmente impresionante. Felicidades des de Puigcerdà, Catalunya
silliepooh (9 years ago)
beautiful video. makes me feel like i'm actually there at the scene. loving it!
Ayman Takieddin (9 years ago)
great views, fantastic music, thanks for sharing
scotishjohn (10 years ago)
realmente bueno gracias
vengadoraenmascarada (10 years ago)
giulianopietra (10 years ago)
..bravo (braco errore!) Scusa
giulianopietra (10 years ago)
Devo dire che sei proprio molto braco. Complimenti! Giuliano
No jod...a del put....as
Roberto Fresco 2 (10 years ago)
Your commnen in english, please
feuerwehrann (10 years ago)
fernann123 (10 years ago)
Es realmente hermoso, da la paz que solo da la naturaleza, te felicito por tu sensibilidad: Gracias por elaborarlo y compartirlo
ymaryang (10 years ago)
La gioia della vita!!! grazie!
lasultanica (10 years ago)
me alegro rito, lo imaginaba : )
lasultanica (10 years ago)
otro para tí salvador. lo es lo es, y el d los periquitos y los papagayos tb, búscalo en el canal.
lasultanica (10 years ago)
a q es precioso?, yo tb m lo llevo : )
Marie Tricide Montas (11 months ago)
This is a good song for meditation. I love it

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