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Earth Under Water Worldwide Flooding Sea Level Rise (SLR)

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Miami, New Orleans and New York City completely under water it's a very real possibility if sea levels continue to rise. In Earth Under Water we'll see these events unfold as leading experts forecast how mankind will be impacted if global warming continues. They'll break down the science behind these predictions and explore ways humanity could adapt, including engineering vast dams near San Francisco, or building floating cities outside of New York. Earth Under Water (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5584618 Patreon http://patreon.com/ClimateState Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ClimateState
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Mark Novak (2 months ago)
This is bullshit from start to finish. How much ice do you suppose there is on Earth. NINE METRE rise in ocean levels? 30 feet? Bullshit. The oceans will rise 18 inches. Hardly a global extinction ''event.''
Ray Bod (8 months ago)
It’s amazing how utterly ignorant people are when it comes to science. They’re too lazy to educate themselves, too lazy to learn facts and want to go by faith than reality. Wish in one hand, shit in the other and tell me what you have.
EclipZe Muzik (10 months ago)
awesome video!!
Rob Darling (10 months ago)
I don't know who said it first but I heard Christopher Hitchens say ... four and a half billion years from now when the sun is going out and the planet dies, the life forms that watch this happen will be as different from us as we are from the life-forms that dawned on this planet a billion years ago..
Zivan _ (10 months ago)
Omg this comment section
Erick Hudson (10 months ago)
Now is the time to learn how to swim
Harlas (10 months ago)
Cities like venice will become more common as the sea rises
Ruben Hernandez (11 months ago)
Legalize cannabis worldwide to save trees, reduce Co2 and increase oxygen levels ! Cannabis boosts the brain & kills cancer. http://ropevilleraider.tumblr.com/post/156415187503/cannabis-and-neurogenesis
Robert Hayes (1 year ago)
RED ALERT RED ALERT Science will not save us from Science. We need to save ourselves from GLOBAL WARMING. If the U.N. had a plan it would start something like this. 1. The world’s total population would have to accept to not bring children into this world for the next 20 years. ( there are plenty of children that need love and a home ) 2. People that would like to end their lives should be legally and socially accepted.( euthanasia) (a persons dignified right)😀 3. All wars must stop today. ( people get to go home to live in there own places ) 4. The automobile industry must stop producing Fossil Fuel Powered social vehicles ending 2017. ( people get to still have a job in the motor industry building alternative vehicles ) 5. All countries that can ,will need to produce their own products (reducing ocean travel fuel burn)( sustain a work force) 6. All global business will need to move investment to full blown Renewable energy supply. ( they and their investors still make money ) 7. All countries will need to grow billions of tons of Indian Hemp. The hemp will provide for a huge carbon store by making everything you can from it. Replacing all petrochemical products. (diversity will create contentment and PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. ) 8. Socially all drug addicts will be supplied with there drug of choice at a place of convenience. At a cost that will cover the cost. ( social rest,the end of the black market and the decline in overall drug use and deaths.) 9. The amounts of Fossil Fuels (burnt) in the countries that will still need them will be calculated so as to keep the atmosphere stable as the gasses are reduced. ( the second and third world people will still have their first world comforts and thus we all become one world people accepting all cultures.) Sounds great hey. 10. Understanding that there is a lot more to UNDERSTAND and DO to save LIFE. The Scientific COMMUNITY have a colossal job in helping to do this. We need all of us to DO this, ALL OF US. And the list goes on. (Patience and faith in one another) Imagine the UN achieving that, when they can’t even stop the ethnic cleansing that happen daily.
Equate Null (1 year ago)
It’s also freezing an equal amount...these people need to too stick to the untampered with data...Is that even possible?
IkeGee1973 (1 year ago)
Sea level rise is just another brand of Snake Oil being sold by the Environmental Commies.
I wish people wouldn't be so damn stupid that they constantly force land to become "habitable". Everyone knew that New Orleans and pretty much all of Florida was a bad idea to create towns on. Hell, if the land was all marsh/swamp land prior to building levee's to keep out water, you really have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Pretty much all of California is desert. The only reason California was forced to become habitable is because you can farm year round with the type of weather that most of California has. However, by making California habitable, you steal water from the Colorado river, which is now significantly lower than it usually is, because of a long drought that isn't allowing it to get replenished. People always do the same stupid thing after being shown they live in an area they shouldn't be living in. Once their houses are beat down by flooding or other natural disasters like tornadoes, they simply say "Well, I'm gonna rebuild". NOOOOOOOOOO YOU DUMB BASTARD!!!!   There's a reason a place is called tornado alley, and reasons they HAVE to build levee's. I mean, maybe it's best to let those people stay there and try to stick it out. We need to thin out the human race anyway. It's best to start with the dumbest people out there, then see who follows. The people that live/stay in areas that you know are doomed for failure, must be the same idiots doing this stupid Tide Pods challenge. You can walk in neighborhoods in Miami that aren't even close to the shore, and water will be literally bubbling to the surface of streets and yards. The ground that Florida is on is made of limestone and bedrock. The main part of the "Florida Platform" is full of large holes. Basically, imagine swiss cheese, that's what the ground looks like that Florida is on top of, except the holes are far bigger. As far as New Orleans goes. You simply have to be dumb as fuck to build a town that's right next to the coast/large rivers, when the ground is below fucking sea level. Maybe that's why some of the trashiest people in the U.S. live in New Orleans and Miami/Florida. Stupid people, living in stupid areas.
Nicholas James (1 year ago)
People need to pay attention to the details and realize this is all bullshit! The only one in control here is the Lord Jesus himself! We won't be here longer enough to destroy this planet even if it was possible! The Bible literally covers everything and is the only true truth! You are not very smart to trust men over God! The sky isn't falling but I would strongly suggest everyone get right with God while you still have time left. These are the end of the end days without a doubt and the end of the Bible is actually playing out in real time right in front of our eyes and so many are still sleeping including millions of Christians unfortunately! Wake up people! 1 Timothy 6:“20. O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:”
Billy (1 year ago)
Pffffft.... Get outta here! Chicken Little strikes again.
Raul Cedo (1 year ago)
I think there is no possibility of huge areas will be flooded bodies of water evaporates and turned not only into rain but the great part into snow as well . Earth plates are pushing islands and continent upwards maybe some will submerged
Rashid Mostafa (1 year ago)
Bhola. Where people have the smallest carbon footprint of all. 1 metre above sea-level. They will probably die first. Even now land is eroding faster than the cartographers can keep up with it. Malnutrition is killing at a rate unrecorded. Look it up on Google maps.
Let’s donate our water to other planet
Dan Kelly (1 year ago)
LOL Things are going to get unpleasant for a lot of people long before 2100. Rising sea levels is only one of many problems that are kicking in because of climate change. You don't have to believe me just watch videos here on YouTube by experts. Even by 2030 many people are going to be at least seriously inconvenienced. The people with enough money to build underground shelters stocked with tens of thousands of canned food etc. will be safe for years from starving people who won't be able to afford food whose prices will inflate unbelievably as crop production becomes lower.
frib 123 (1 year ago)
Cba watching this for hw
D Knight (1 year ago)
Everyone needs to start bottling and storing water in containers, don't let that evil water destroy us, lock it up now. Problem solved, no need to thank me. The real problem we need to concentrate on is Y2.1K.
Erik Gunnar Gervin (1 year ago)
2100? No, sir, that's wishful thinking again. In 2030 20% to 80% of the global ice and tundra will have melted, that is 6 feet to 25 feet rise of sea level. As the Best scenario. Worst: As many meters. Added to that: changes of poles/equator & of the earth crust.
antonio olivera (1 year ago)
After saw this film ...I though that our President had a flooded brain, when he saying that climate change is a Chinese invention
Robert Hamilton (1 year ago)
emissions didn't start or stop the last meltdown. humans are insignificant in geology.
Bryan Shoemaker (1 year ago)
A new type of skyscraper, bottom half is designed to survive the ocean. Instead of driving to work you just flip to work
eternity forever (1 year ago)
I think we are all going to have to learn to navigate a boat through our cities.
Brian Jackson (1 year ago)
All these vids of the world flooding glad i stay in Chicago
Mister G (1 year ago)
Add Texas to the list, unfortunately most Americans will continue to drive their gas guzzlers and emit more CO2 resulting in unprecedented weather catastrophes WAKE UP FOLKS
Donald Baker (1 year ago)
Instead of planning for sea rise why in the hell don't we try to prevent it in the first place?  As with everything else,  we'll wait until it's almost too late before we act
Richard Guy (1 year ago)
BOSH BOSH BOSH ALL BOSH Seas are not rising and will not rise simply because sea level is receding worldwide. Hold on to your sea side land because big business is coming along lto but it up as soon as the government rezones it to flood plain. Look whats happening in Australia. Wake up and think for yourself
malcolm mathers (1 year ago)
all the high $s costal realeastate be worthless soon
malcolm mathers (1 year ago)
they cant stop nature
malcolm mathers (1 year ago)
so when 1o years 20 years 50 years
Desert Bloomz (1 year ago)
Genisis 9:11 ..I will establish my covenant with you: all flesh will not be cut off any more by the WATERS of the FLOOD, neither will there EVER again be a FLOOD to destroy the EARTH."........Man might think that? but god aint letting it happen..:))
blood raven (1 year ago)
i know the bible said that but look at the news look at the facts and reality
dick castle (1 year ago)
Humanity is not long for this planet, good riddance
A Chaps (1 year ago)
1:15 yeah.. I'm sure Lady Liberty will have been dismantled and moved inland long before the sea got boob-high on her
Cole Park (1 year ago)
We definitely need that self sustaining mars colony, with the way things are going.
Jota 'WATANABE' (1 year ago)
oh my god
Frank Dalla (1 year ago)
Good time to dump your beach front property before it's too late!
Thomas Willis (1 year ago)
Hey there The reason the sea level has been steady is... amount of energy needed to expand water. Water actually decreases in volume from freezing to 38°f then must heat to 50+°f to expand back to freezing volume level
Allard Freichmann (1 year ago)
Once again humans will live like monkeys on a rock looking down on what once was ours. Earth quakes and volcanoes will blast away the remainders of human kind If it never existed.
Climate State (1 year ago)
Good lecture on earthquakes and volcanoes youtube.com/watch?v=xndhx7KpSU0
Hudaman (1 year ago)
RIP Bangladesh!😭
EvilHomerSimpson (1 year ago)
london underwater, there is a god!
Gary Chynne (1 year ago)
we will have to mine or salvage cities. there is to much iron ,glass, brick, copper , etc to leave . we'll need this stuff to rebuild if we move inland. a little advice if your gonna build build high. yea smoke a joint. ha ha. have fun. gare
Clifford Ishii (1 year ago)
Learn to swim!
William Gallant (1 year ago)
The one point that most people seem to forget is that the earth has plates that have shifted since perhaps the beginning of some specified time to present day? The proof they say is in the pudding or the archeological evidence of multiple sunken cities around the globe. The only truly scientific idea missing is that no one has put two and two together to figure why those particular areas sunk. Port Au Prince, the recent discovery of a sunken city off the coast of Cuba, the discovery of Cleopatra's palace near Egypt; these sunken areas represent some form of archeological history that proves the earths plates are going through tremendous changes in shorter periods of time than we first thought. The rise in sea levels have never been attributed to these facts yet...are they related? and if so, how much time is there until there is a need for for true action?
K. Ganesan Ganesan (1 year ago)
see my video submerge under water kill me not.
KiLL uMiNati (1 year ago)
Yay I love the ocean! :) Thank you God for blessing us this experience of life on this beautiful planet which allows us everything we've ever needed. If God wishes to flood us, to burn us, to freeze us, to suffocate us or anything else then I'm okay with it because I surrender to God and know I'm no comparison to the wraith of the Almighty! "Be like water my friends."-Bruce Lee God Bless
bala x (1 year ago)
just here to make the 500th comment
bala x (1 year ago)
the number didn't even change, this is bullshit.
Robert Pollock (1 year ago)
Why are all these sea level videos three and four years old? Where is the 2017 stuff? Someone doesn't want us to see it?
Climate State (1 year ago)
I know. There was _Before the Flood_ , published by National Geographic in 2016, and briefly available on their YouTube channel, but since has been removed. HBO/Vice made _Our Rising Oceans_ with various episodes, but only accessible with Northern America IP, and at the Vice website, it appears. Thus, google Before the Flood and Our Rising Oceans, if you want to watch documentaries published 2015-2016. Upcoming next month, Al Gore's sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. And there are a couple of other productions, for instance on Extreme Weather.
George Petersen (1 year ago)
Move into the Wilderness and live off the Land. OK. Hide like a Fox and shoot everyone you see.
Logan Borys (1 year ago)
we need trump to build a wall a great great wall
Solexx X (1 year ago)
You are crazy to think that humanity will even last until the end of the century. Either stop using fossil fuels now or extinction. It't the Fermi Paradox answered.
Chef Lammy (1 year ago)
I like the idea of floating houses @43:00 but how do they deposit their waste?
BerserkDaniel8 (1 year ago)
People these days!
Jaren Shechoze (1 year ago)
This is scary asf
There will be no arguments as soon as the water rises in areas where people think impossible and floods start to move in like neighbors...
jimmy rock (2 years ago)
need a big Bucket to pour sea water in to the space.
MJC plays Fifa (2 years ago)
I thought water expanded when it was heated
MJC plays Fifa (2 years ago)
We need to act on this soon
drawzinkFilms (2 years ago)
and all we need to do is stop using gasoline
george Leger (2 years ago)
It is extremely unfortunate that we have to face the one last remaining chance we have left to save what might be left of our civilization and the biosphere. We must make war on global warming; literally all world governments must proclaim an all out war measures legislation. We must do this quickly and effectively. Within the space of two years at most we have to stop all greenhouse emissions, and I mean all; all of industry and all means of transportation must transit to clean energy. Simultaneously we must remove the CO2 that we have dumped into our atmosphere by reinserting it back deep into the ground by erecting millions of air capture sequestration towers on every empty land areas available along with the planting of the fastest growing trees. We will plant them in peoples’ yards, in parks, in ditches along highways, on roof tops, along with reforestation of livestock pastures and anywhere else possible. Also simultaneously, we must construct vast electric generating solar farms, wind generators on all agricultural lands, thousands of geothermal energy plants, tidal generating installations and any other clean energy projects such as dams, nuclear reactors, and zero energy from unacknowledged special access projects if they exist. If you think all of this is ridiculous, I agree that it is. However it is our only chance. The cost of this will be at least 80 trillion dollars. This will be expropriated from the fossil fuel corporations, from the personal fortunes of their managers and associated industries. They knowingly caused the problem and profited immensely by it, so they will pay for it. For more details contact me at [email protected]  I will email you my paper on how we can do this. This movement requires millions of like-minded members, if there is any success. WOGW association.
Mike (2 years ago)
CO2? Same CO2 that plants use in respiration? CO2 in O2 out, so PLANTS sequester carbon? Maybe we need more plants, less desertification, stop clearing rain forest. Utilize offshore cloud whitening if necessary. Easy problem. Oh and people are okay too, just naturally very competitive about resources. It's historical tradition.
Catering Services NYC (2 years ago)
This vid is genuinely amazing, very fun to view.
David Jordan (2 years ago)
It may not be a complete answer to rising Ocean levels, but one option to stem the tides would be ... Identify areas below Sea level now. I.E Death Valley. Build canals to connect them to the Ocean. Then flood them. many of the large Deserts on the Planet are similar. We could create large areas of useable land around the new Man made inland Seas.
Travel Hub 365 (2 years ago)
This is great!
P Nelson (2 years ago)
Old Harbor, Jamaica used to be a thriving harbor town but today the coastline has receded miles from the town. Obviously the rising Sea Level fear mongers are either liars or mentally handicapped.
Naes (2 years ago)
or we could use green tech i know gas corps and bla bla bla dont like it but fuck them this is about the earth not lining there pockets
Shounak Nadkarni (2 years ago)
We all will die
Daniel Christensen (2 years ago)
Interesting tidbit, from about 0:26 to 0:31, they show an upward angle at SW 12 Street and Brickell Bay Drive in Miami with what appears to be a water effect over the lens. However, this is an actual intersection that floods with up to a foot of water during some fall king tides, including in October of this year, of which I took many photos and some pretty bad videos but you get the point. I doubt they caught that footage just right with an underwater camera, but it is an interesting coincidence they chose that shot. Perhaps they knew about that spot, which would be a pretty damn subtly accurate detail.
borgred (2 years ago)
is America the only country to be impacted ffs this is mainly all this is about
LilBunnyFuFu (2 years ago)
we should cover antartica like a freezer block the sun and make it cool but is it possible or is it possible to put some water or ice in other planets
Chuck Wells (2 years ago)
Put ice cubes in a glass of water. Let them melt. Does the glass overflow ? Nope ... .. .
randyp070129 (2 years ago)
Chuck Wells The Arctic is mainly floating ice. The Antarctic and Greenland ice are on land. So what's your point?
freja willie (2 years ago)
stop making dams u damn idiots just use environment friendly things duhhhhhh!!!
freja willie (2 years ago)
just stop polluting!
Agnes Khoo Schwenk (2 years ago)
A huge permaculture system should have already been implemented in the dry desert terrains by now - Globally .. on a massive scale for sustainability!!!
Hamza Jaheen (2 years ago)
29:11+ Why does this rock look like a monkey's face?
Kyle Grandell (2 years ago)
well we [email protected] up the temp of the planet with fossil fuels. so let's change the oceans that sounds great lol let's just move the earth a mile from the sun...
Richard Lamoreaux (2 years ago)
Does anyone know when this video was made? Sure seems like they are working off 1980s data.
Hamza Jaheen (2 years ago)
Aleksandar (2 years ago)
I don't know...what if we painted everything white , wouldn't that reflect more heat off the earth and offer a quicker solution? Or better yet , produce massive sandstorms in the Sahara , thus warding heat off the surface? :)
Richard Lamoreaux (2 years ago)
Thanks, still seems like they are working with 20 year old data.
Climate State (2 years ago)
Earth Under Water (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5584618/
D Dixon (2 years ago)
In the 70s they had us believing that there would be no oil in 25 years! Think about all the food/health misinformation over the years. Why should I put any emotional currency into this? Show me one city that currently has no flooding issues, but is projected to have issues due to rising sea levels that is building sea walls. When cities/gov'ts start to put their money where their mouths are, I'll begin to believe in climate change. Cities/gov'ts that currently have no flooding issues - show me one city planning and currently SPENDING for the future. Don't just tell me, document your evidence, show me money spent, show me the walls. Eventually this too will pass. They'll say new data were discovered so all thing have changed. The elites can make the little people believe anything. Just look at Venezuela, Puerto Rico, central banks, the European Union (trying to be the United States of Europe instead of a trade organization), look at the housing bubble, the student load bubble, the dot com bubble, in the late 70s was a silver bubble (look it up), in the 80s savings and loan bubble, the elites can create any bubble they want and then make it disappear any time they want. Whenever it benefits them - REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT!!!! The little people are the fools. Leonardo DiCaprio running around the world preaching about climate change on a private jet. He own 5 mega mansions all heated and air conditioned with huge lawns and gardens. Big wigs fly in on private planes to climate change meetings in paris and other places. Believe the BS all you want. I conserve to save money, not because I believe in climate change.
D Dixon (2 years ago)
Camuy, how do you know it is real? The last so many years that they have been talking about CC is just a tiny blip of the universe's existences. Don't trust the data - they make that whatever they like so they can profit from it either financially or with votes. Funny how we are so doomed by CC and also doomed by the federal debt, but no one talks about the federal debt because the only way out of that is to save money, not spend it, only way out of CC is by spending money so they love that. They talk about how CC doomed grandchildren and great grandchildren, the debt will do the same, just a matter of time like CC, but people just kept finding ways to spend rather than save. I find it interesting. I have no kids and am old enough for things to last until my death so makes no difference to me so just saying all very interesting to me how the 2 are veiwed. Always a bigger excuse to spend rather than save for the grandchildren's well being.
Camuy Onverse (2 years ago)
climate change is a real thing. Maybe its not as bad as they say it is but its a real thing and we are doomed
D Dixon (2 years ago)
I find it amusing that the environment is granted a major crisis and the boogie man is "next generation" will not survive (something like that). Yet we have the national debt which is definitely a crisis that will also greatly impact the next generation of every day types and it doesn't get any play as a crisis. the difference. one is about spending/making money from a crisis and one is about saving money due to a crisis. so see i'm not playing along no matter real or not so the big players can make their money. and you say if i don't believe i don't believe in science. nope, i don't believe the data, i don't trust the data. i think the data has been manipulated for a particular outcome so players at all levels - universities to corporations - can all make money because part of the money is feed back into campaigns. sorry, our govt is corrupt now. this is what you get when people don't trust their gov't. this is what you get when gov't officials don't go to jail, this is what you get when the gov't after the biggest banking crisis of all time doesn't send any bankers to jail, this is what you get when dodd/frank is so complicated to compile only big banks have the resources to compile so puts smaller mid-size banks out of business and sends their customers to the big banks to make them bigger, this is what you get when the US kills the Libyan leader who was cooperating with the West for corrupt reasons rather than for national security interests. but i'm seriously tired of that cover the US acting as terrorist abroad in the name of "national security interests." so it isn't about not believing in science, it is about not believing the source of the data which is our gov't which wants funds for campaigns. the USA is the EVIL EMPIRE! DON'T FORGET IT. I SHIT ON THE US FLAG AND WHIP MY ASS WITH IT. AND I AM UNFORTUNATELY AMERICAN. so when your kids are living in poverty because of the national debt, go build a house of hay/mud.
randyp070129 (2 years ago)
Dwayne Dixon Who are the "they" that stated oil depletion in 25 years. Was it 97% of all geologists making this claim or was it a Time magazine reporter who found 1 geologist to state this. Please provide proof that this was the prevalent view of geologists. And that they were not just talking about the U.S. New Orleans IS spending billions building a wall and the walls are shown in this very video you are commenting on. 97% of the climatologists on this planet state unequivocally that climate change is real and that human actions are causing it to spiral out of control. We have already reached too high a level of CO2 in our atmosphere, and it continues to get worse. Climatologists are the ONLY real experts in this and they should be listened to. Or we can just fucking go extinct. For realsies. Facts: CO2 does prevent heat we get from the sun from escaping back out into space. We have greatly increased CO2 levels in our atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. We know. We have measured it. Ocean levels are rising. The temperature has increased. We know. We have measured it. In other words, climate change IS real. Deny it all you want, but maybe you should stop listening to the propaganda put out by the fossil-fuel industry. And don't have any children.
D Dixon (2 years ago)
+otherworldtrader1 What will we do about the millions of birds that will die with I guess millions of windmills turning? Also to generate power from streams/rivers requires dams and last I heard environmentalist were hell bent on preventing dams from being built. They prefer fish to be able to migrate. And more than a few windmill projects have been disapproved, because rich people (rich liberals, go figure) don't want them in their line of sight. And what do we do when the wind isn't blowing? There aren't strong winds worldwide. I've been watching sailing videos lately and many times sailors can't go anywhere, because the wind isn't strong enough. The are only but so many rivers too. The world population is increasing with more people entering the middle class wanting autos and air conditioning.
abdul malik (2 years ago)
i try to save the earth
Slavica Smajic (2 years ago)
Toronto might have a beach after this worldwide flooding
Chad Simmons (2 years ago)
" HEY CLIMATESTATE " why wont they consider digging a canal through the sahara desert & filling up giant lake beds with extra sea water ? THANKS-4-GOOD-VIDEO
Chad Simmons (2 years ago)
well i guess not doing anything is a lot better
Daddy Paytas (2 years ago)
*sigh* Humanity is destroying itself.
The Rev (2 years ago)
This is so fake
Martin Joseph (2 years ago)
Uh,....why are the NYC advertisements still working?They should have shorted out in the 21st century!! XD
#1 Idol (2 years ago)
Luckily paris will just stay in the eiffel tower
Georgian State Dude (2 years ago)
Richard Lamoreaux (2 years ago)
More likely they will set up colonies on the moon. That was a good movie too.
Eoz Roze (2 years ago)
One scientist has estimated recently (2016) that Manhatten will be under water by 2018.  We will see.  What is it in the human mentality that makes it largely impossible for most people to accept that life is not going to continue as "life as usual".  I can accept this.  Why are others so DOGGED...? Why do they treat it lightly?  R they half brained or do they just lack resilience to face the inevitable  ...
inetfraud (2 years ago)
One looming question that I don't see being addressed by rising sea-levels: the amount of ocean contamination from toxic products contained within the building materials that will become submerged, not to mention some of the landfills and just plain old garbage.  What the hell kind of impact will that have?  It could be horribly lethal to all animal and sea life.  We already know that the ice-age melts are cyclic; we're still in the process of the melt.  Its no question as some jack-asses will assert, as to whether or not this is happening: its already happened multiple times- its just the pulse of our planet.  But with modern humans and our building, synthetics, toxins, etc., it only spells disaster for everyone.  If we don't start preparing for this now on an epic scale... we're pretty much -fukked.
inetfraud (2 years ago)
Good point: all the more reason to ensure you properly dispose of these things, which I do when the time comes.  DO you?
Richard Lamoreaux (2 years ago)
And you said this on a computer........
Jessica Long Mei Yun (2 years ago)
Yeaa! Stop industrialization! http://deepgreenresistancenewyork.org/2013/07/15/sustainability-is-destroying-the-earth/
Sano Aeko (2 years ago)
Calgary will be safe! >:D we're surrounded by mountain on the west side, and east side will take water a long distance to reach us, therefore we won't drown until like 2250
Konaalii Alohaohana (2 years ago)
Wolfie The NOAA National Oceanographic Aeronautics Assoc said ALL ICE will be melted by 2035 with 600 ft more ocean depth. So I'd suggest everyone move immediately.
bademoxy (2 years ago)
what a buncha bullshit. tidal peaks notwithstanding, the oceans are NOT rising because it would be visible on ALL the ocean shores, not just a couple remote islands claiming compensation damages. just take a glass of water and drop a stone inside it. does not the water level equalize all around as it comes up from after being displaced? that means florida should be already disappearing too, not just those remote sea level islands. well i was just in florida . surprise! it was still all there! since there's no way to guilt folks into paying compensation for a dropping ocean floor, those islanders claimed it's the ocean that's rising, not their land that's sinking.
bademoxy (2 years ago)
+Jennifer Kinsler the story of atlantis may be mythical -or not, however there's at least one  ancient city long submerged  off southern europe which there are photos
Jennifer Kinsler (2 years ago)
+bademoxy And I've never heard a theory that discusses the ocean floor dropping. Can you please provide a link to a reputable article? And if you do look at the coastal areas in Florida there is already evidence of sea level rise. You can ask those that actually live there.
Jennifer Kinsler (2 years ago)
+bademoxy Water is not spread equally due to ocean/bay circulation and ocean currents. Look at what is happening in the Chesapeake Bay for example.
Sandra Larson (2 years ago)
Build the floating cities now instead of the dams that may not work if water rises again above them. Use the tax dollars wisely by just building the floating cities along the coast.
Tom Mallard (2 years ago)
+Sandra Larson Floating cities already exist, it's not pretty because we don't do sewage properly, what goes into the drain can be purified as wastewater using algae, they clean the water well so make full recycling easy with under-the-sink style filters. Then you get biodiesel for the car, heating & cooling from the algae.
Michael Ranger (2 years ago)
inetfraud (2 years ago)
There's a wonderful company that has already drew up the plans for such (Lotus Cities).  But the coastal cities are already in a position where they'll have to be abandoned.  We have to adapt to slightly smaller land masses.  There's also advanced stage designs on underwater cities, which is a logical option.  But who knows what direction the pinheads at the 'top' will push us.  Best to live away from the coasts, inland in the lush area's that have not fallen victim to rising temperatures in the past cycles (over millions of years).  Yes, they do exist.
Footloose WOWClub (2 years ago)
Veganaism is the answer
Tom Mallard (2 years ago)
+j mcmann Correct most of sea-level rise is thermal expansion, and, Greenland's ice can't be stopped this video on Eastern Antarctica beginning to suffer the same warmer-water melting from below for Totten Glacier that drains a huge amount of ice. [research video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djf61DK08go] Both ice-sheets are ablating now the loss-rate exceeds accumulation, from GRACE data. As for the thin-skin of water it holds most of the excess heat having warmed 1.8C/3.2F already and it's soaking 93% of the total heat, not the air or land, and, about 1/4th of added CO2 grossly acidifying it dropping pH 10-times faster than a mass-extinction. Is that you're goal, to have a mass-extinction?
j mcmann (2 years ago)
Dipshits ..a sphere expands with heat volumetrically and dew point is related to heat of air..ergo..yoru shores will recede and the THIN skin of water on earth will become % wise less
Michael Ranger (2 years ago)
yeah, maybe. but we aren't on a sphere
xadam2dudex (2 years ago)
Antarctica isn't the most pressing problem.... Greenland's ice sheets will melt enough to slide into the North Atlantic long before Antarctica has any major melting...Greenland's sea ice which holds the land ice back will melt and separate from the land allowing the land ice to quickly slide into the sea...that will not only raise sea levels but also alter the ocean currents cycle known as the thermohaline circulation...with the massive influx of fresh water that cycle will stop in the north Atlantc bringing weather changes overnight to Europe
plane earth query (2 years ago)
Nice CGI Toy Globe and Level water. The proof the Earth is flat are your own eyes.
Stubborn (2 years ago)
3 or more ways that make worldwide flooding 1.gobal warming 2.pollution 3.heating the earths layer if this happens we can just go to outer space and make a heat ray to vaporize the water NOT REAL
chris brown (2 years ago)
+Ryan Caceres a 4th way: buy like 4 trillion bottles of water and pour it into the ocean.
Ty Gambone (2 years ago)
Girl wearing a Forever The Sickest Kids shirt at 27:48 Heck yeah

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