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ONEitis - Interviewing Beach Girls

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See Uncut footage from these interviews - https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews Make a one time donation: https://www.paypal.me/RedPillInterviews Download my book Red Pill Galaxy: https://payhip.com/b/wvGe In the Red Pill community, they actively discourage men from placing all of their eggs in one basket. Essentially they say the idea of 'The one' or of a 'soul mate' is a myth. They encourage men to date lots of women at once to maintain options. In fact, if you fall for just one woman, you have been struck by a crippling disease they call one-itis. Symptoms include clinginess, neediness and a willingness to relinquish power in a monogamous relationship. Thoughts? 1) Do you believe in soul mates? 2) Why do you think the idea of 'the one' is so popular? 3) Have you ever had a man develop a one-itis crush on you, an obsession? How did you handle it? What did it feel like? 4) Would you like someone to have oneitis for you? 5) How can a man cure himself of one-itis? 6) Do you think one-itis is normal or healthy? 7) Do you think one-itis is born from insecurity or confidence? 8) Do you feel sorry for someone with one-itis? 9) What could a woman do to help a man cure his one-itis?s
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Alexander Grace (1 year ago)
Click here to read my personal thoughts on the girls I interview and their answers: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews
napos papas (6 months ago)
Why you interviewing 18 yearolds?
james88 (10 months ago)
Dude you Got confidence
charlie brownau (1 year ago)
4:05 - Gday. Can you please ask women. Question 1: What do you think of MGTOW . Question 2 . Do you believe that men should be treated equality when it comes to devoice & , custody and DV crimes. As the law sides with women in these situations .............
Let's talk crazy (9 hours ago)
They all described MGTOW at the end. Go off, focus on yourself, don't fall in to the trap and don't be needy. Interesting..
David Heredia (10 hours ago)
The whole concept of soulmates to me is nothing but a lie
Christian Santana (17 days ago)
That grim ass bitch in the begining should be a hoe cause she needa accept whatever cums her way. lookin like a cameled shark and sheet
Héctor W. Vélez (19 days ago)
4 pieces of advice every young man could follow for these type of girls: ▪Find her ▪Fill her ▪F*ck her ▪Forget her... NEVER FORGET TO WEAR A CONDOM...
Joe Mack (24 days ago)
"It's flattering, you feel more confident in yourself, you like attention" haha they love it. They love having orbiters around them. I wonder what that girl was doing when she got those 13 calls. My bet is she was getting nailed by an Alpha Male. Ah well, they'll go back to them guys when they hit the wall.
blahblah (27 days ago)
Fucking insane. They freely admit that they are creeped out by it but they miss it. This is the issue with bitches nowadays. They want their cake and eat it too. This means, they want to behave like men, but want men to treat them like ladies when it suits them. In-fucking-sane.
EmilXOM (1 month ago)
Comments on your videos are always so fucking out there...
KaiokenComplete (1 month ago)
Eh, gotta stop watching these. They make me sad on a very deep level.
DeadDollKada (1 month ago)
It's like they don't know they're proving the rule. I think it's the stigma they're attaching to our rejection of the soul mate concept making them blind, because they each prove that the behaviour oneitis causes is entirely unattractive despite the fact that I think alot of them would say otherwise if they were the one with the oneitis.
Philmcreviss 2 (1 month ago)
Do more these Al
Kaprise Edwards (2 months ago)
need braces for them megaladon teeth 2:34
Benjamin Crouzier (2 months ago)
3:38 Words of wisdom coming from the mouth of a women. Wow
Emanuel Herrerias (2 months ago)
These chicks view them selves as mini celebrities, undiscovered. So its the gang bang life style for them
Аnonymous (2 months ago)
why is it so looked down upon to love only one person? this is a question i always wounder about . personally im shocked to hear these kinds of answers from women , it slowly eats away at the hope i have of finding a girl that would have genuine love and care for the things we do and say and that i would be happy forming a family with. people like to fool around and date 8 people in the period of 1 month . to me this is stupid,a complete waste of time. having so many connections with people in that amount of time i believe is damaging because there will never be a meaningful connection like that.
Gabriel Waggoner (2 months ago)
Man they are a WHORER lol
Justice Speller (2 months ago)
There answers at the end seem to suggest that they have no issues with stringing men along given that their suggestions have nothing to do with fixing the issue on the women’s side. It’s quite hypocritical seeing as a man who strings a woman along is practically the devil but when a woman does it it’s just something that happens to them...
Big Droz (2 months ago)
Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie really gave us an unreal notion of Australian women.
Chas Hines (2 months ago)
For the love of god, get a microphone and fix the audio
Bjorn Schreff (2 months ago)
Men are the disposable sex, i see it now
terrortorn (2 months ago)
Bass Based (2 months ago)
fucking hell, that blonde is to much.
northbadger (2 months ago)
The age range of interviewed girls validates alot of of what is being pre supposed by the MGTOW community. Still very interesting though. These girls are all young and 90% will give the same answer. Come back in 10 to 15 years and it changes. I dont envy young guys dating these days. Go do your own thing be your own man and DONT chase them. Sadly treat em mean keep em keen works on these younger girls.....they like the bad boys.
Aroused Toilet (3 months ago)
2:32 She looks like my old hamster.
ElAshtonio (3 months ago)
3:38 Thank you hot lady for agreeing that MGTOW is the way men should go
EyesOfTheLion 11 (3 months ago)
One word: Boobs
Cole Cressun (3 months ago)
Is it that a horse or a squirrel you were interviewing at 03.29
MrBelikewater (3 months ago)
Im moving to australia definetly very nice intelligent women
vj lockett (3 months ago)
"being a hoe is fabulous" Enjoy single motherhood.
Ryan Phillips (3 months ago)
Its almost as if women are convincing men to go mgtow
Methane (4 months ago)
In south east asia guys are stricken with ONEitis.
Ibnziyad Tariq (4 months ago)
poor stupid women 😂 they think that lot of guys talking to you = she is a 9/10 😂 men are just knocking at doors too much, while girls are weak and awkward they rarely ask a guy for a date.
Ibnziyad Tariq (4 months ago)
she doesnt want you to be possessif but in the same timebshe doesnt want you to have options...female contradiction nbr 19345.
Yudo NeidaNo (4 months ago)
stupid Disney movies. there are no soul mates. people need to grow up.
Spartacusse (4 months ago)
Are those beautiful beach women in Australia? So sorry for you guys. Cheers from Brazil. (Although the one with the bracers was kind cute, I'd give her a 6-7)
HetIsKoen (4 months ago)
Good video!
al (4 months ago)
James Blunt disguised..!
Spaghetti Forgetti (4 months ago)
Nice boobs
AsSeenOnTV (4 months ago)
I want to pump and dump all these dumb hoes
Arkenholm (5 months ago)
(.)(.)'s..... (.)(.)'s as far as the eye can see!
Charlie Ennis (5 months ago)
Does anybody seriously know what the actual problem is with that girl? (1:35) I say that after watching all of her clips so far. She seems unconnected with reality a bit.
Boomproof (5 months ago)
Okay, so the kid I may have with one of those girls isn't a truly important decision, souch as to build my life around it? No wonder every fucking child nowdays needs afterschooling. Sick society.
Ex_Machina (5 months ago)
ONEities lol what a cool naming!
bangle vision (6 months ago)
i just learned something incredible
xpallodoc (6 months ago)
Inspiring video as always keep on making your vids
Mason Officially (6 months ago)
All those bitches are covered in spots 😷😷 who tf would want them? Ache
ZipMap (6 months ago)
I want you to give attention but if you do you're a creep... plz stap
nicole auguste (6 months ago)
20 texts a day is a lot???😕 Jfc that girl is something else. Anyway, this is the most honest set of girls you've interviewed from the videos I've seen so far. "We like the attention"😛
erikbarrett85 (6 months ago)
It takes work to make anything, work. Anything at ALL. Including familial and romantic relationships. There's no soul mate.
DrPastah (6 months ago)
All these roasties.
LR Disco (6 months ago)
How is this for a suggestion for a social experiment. Have an expensive sports car at the beach with a "Beta" type male standing next to it and record the female reaction, redo with same guy but with an ordinary car then compare. To be really twisted have an attractive girl cleaning "his" car and see if that makes a difference.
Dougaldinho Fishdinho (6 months ago)
All I am thinking is. I want to lick the beads of saltwater off the black bikini chicks left tit. But I'm a creepy cunt! It's standard. :P
Henry (6 months ago)
Aka onegina
S Nomad (6 months ago)
I've got oneitis for some of their tits.
Constantly Correct (7 months ago)
All "Red Pill Interviews" videos follow the same format: Step 1: Ask a question directly, and ALL the women deny it. Step 2: Ask questions indirectly to allow women to expose their own hypocricy, ignorance, and cognitive dissonance. Step 3: Become aware that women TRULY have no fucking idea how they operate or how they're wired. What have we learned kids? ...Man the fuck up and take charge of the women in your life and watch as they cling to you. Women don't just like strong men or strong leaders for n oreason.... It's not arbitrary. They absolutely NEED strong leadership... because they have no idea what the fuck they are doing in life. So give them what they want. It's attractive to them.
Constantly Correct (7 months ago)
The blonde is such a cunt
Dj K-Oz (7 months ago)
Being a har?
Matt Partington (7 months ago)
1) this is my red pill for the day & realizing mgtow was the way to go, 2) nice camera angles
nikapol25 (7 months ago)
The girl with braces has a nice rack. It's sad to say most of these girls are just young, immature, and a bit shallow. The same can be said about most girls even those well into their 20's.
Johnny Hernández (7 months ago)
0:59 I guess she meets a different soulmate every weekend
beachboy boobybuilder (7 months ago)
I don't believe that dumb chick. If there is only one person in the entire world that is destined for me, then how the fuck am I going to find the bitch bearing in mind there are 8 billion people in the world. It is like looking for a needle in a million haystacks.
beachboy boobybuilder (7 months ago)
That sexy lass with the gorgeous, big tits at time 20s+ has a case of acne. She should take SAFI. It is the best medicine in the world for skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, boils, etc.
beachboy boobybuilder (7 months ago)
I love whores too....
JCO2able (7 months ago)
Came here for boobs
nightmareTomek (7 months ago)
If men are clingy, it's not healthy. But if women are, then men are assholes if they don't respond immediately.
Sarah Harris (7 months ago)
Women are not human, they are lower than dogs - a commenter on this page. And this guy wonders why he can't get laid. Should have been interviewed in the cognitive dissonance video. (Your mother must have been one hell of a bitch/female dog then.)
Gaurav Sharma (7 months ago)
Women do it and justify it, when men do it it's blasphemy?
Ken Adams (7 months ago)
That one chick is destined for some Proactive Acne Cream. 😂😂
Tits arent soulmates.
Tim Webb (7 months ago)
The implicit message being reproduced by these females is that they are the central feature in a man's life. If they pick up on that, they despise the man, because they know on a visceral level that they really aren't important, and whatever importance they have is entirely superficial. That's why the interviewer only goes for the "hot" girls. ( Who are actually very cold, and they know that. ) As soon as a man develops his own identity as a person, and stops thinking his identity comes from her, he begins to attract girls without having to do anything; they simply flock to him, and agonize all day long because he *isn't* texting her 13 times a day. Women are very stupid, very hypocritical, very shallow, and should *NEVER EVER* be put on any kind of pedestal. "Treat 'em mean; keep 'em keen." This simple truth was known about since the beginning of time.
lUnArEcLipsZe1788 (7 months ago)
Although I usually agree with the sentiments of this channel. There is a soulmate out there for each and every soul out there.
Cash Back (7 months ago)
Summary: Women 'only' want attention from the guys they happen to like but it doesn't always work like that especially as the guy doesn't know if or not she likes him and she doesn't let him know (regardless of whether he actually likes her or not of course but why should it matter two ways hey.), and so she fails to realise why various guys continue to show it and complains when guys she actually likes don't show it when they don't know it's even worth their effort? If you say directly to him you are not interested and you don't want anymore interest from him and he still does it then you can complain that it's 'creepy and unwanted', but until you do and when you admit you even get off on the attention then STFU complaining and just admit you only like a small percentage of guys and that you don't make the effort when they come along due to emotional cowardice. Guys who are brave and make the effort who don't know if you like them or not are not the ones at fault here. Stop expecting guys to figure it out and just say what you want or don't want. Guys don't waste time pursuing girls they don't want, so why do you waste guys time who you don't want either? Oh wait I forgot you were being 'nice' and sparing the guys feelings. How considerate of you...... not an excuse whatsoever for not being honest eh?
baretillo (7 months ago)
Came here for the tits..
Jesus Colon (7 months ago)
These fucking cum dumpsters are proving the point.
cyberhawk80 (7 months ago)
liked the tits.. hated the bitches..
SWIFTzTrigger (7 months ago)
If some of them think there is "one person in the world they are destined for" then why do they sleep around so much and don't do anything to get that quality guy? I don't get it. Cognitive dissonance probably.
Philip Jean (7 months ago)
Are these interviews giving you a legitimate excuse to have conversations with hot girls? Lol. I have a feeling you end up "hanging out" with alot of them.
Charles Granata (7 months ago)
If the girl doesn't like you, calling and texting will not win her over. Attraction is not a choice. She either likes you or she doesn't really. But there is the rub, if finds out new information like your are popular or rich she could decides she wants to hang to see if she could grow to like you. For the guy, this is terrible as she really doesn't like you!
Frank Fring (7 months ago)
Some very nice racks in this video
Homertoeclipper (24 days ago)
The girl with the light acne has truly sensational tits.
PROJECT VALHALL (7 months ago)
"I need views, so i must go to the beach to film big tits and cleavage so my horny viewers hit that like button and in the process earn their subscription for daily big tits and cleavage, everyone knows these type of topics, so the real pill is my subscribers raging boner while watching the video"
Goof Off (7 months ago)
Mate I gotta kept an eye out for you next time I’m down there
AussieBlokeGordo (7 months ago)
Damn I don't remember girls being that hot when I was that young o.0
T I (7 months ago)
Oneitis is another word for monogamy. #LegalizePolygyny
T I (7 months ago)
"Wouldnt let me go out." You're not supposed to, if you have a man at home...
T I (7 months ago)
Polygyny > Monogamy
Pedro Katz (7 months ago)
They seemed like really cool girls with good advice
Jim Jim (7 months ago)
Let this be a lesson: constant contact will make her feel good about herself but it won't make her feel good about you.
ZipMap (6 months ago)
So dissonant yeah
Peter Anon (7 months ago)
The plain fact is that women have all sort of rules for average guys, but make exceptions for rock stars, celebrities, rich guys, edgy guys, etc. If you ever play by their rules, you'll find that you lost their game.
Adam Nesbitt (7 months ago)
Attention whores...men stop validating these women with your constant pursuing. Friend zone women! Celebrities don’t fuck their fans!
ayatollah Vladimir Putin (7 months ago)
Try only voice recording for old women
Michael F (7 months ago)
bladeboy2041 (7 months ago)
03:04 "As mean as it is it's the honest truth. We all like attention." - Well there it is.
A.J. Ello (8 months ago)
Who was that unfuckable witch in the into? Jesus Christ.
Callme Ishmael (8 months ago)
The concept of a soulmate is a metaphysical question, so you could start with asking about their concept of the nature of existence, and to discount anyone's answer is to discount their metaphysics, so it's pretty arrogant to come to any conclusions about the answers as if you know what the actual truth about existence is. Women are usually looking for romance, duh. Maybe they have an intuition you don't. Suggested viewing about metaphysical soulmates: watch the movie "The Phantom Thread"--best film of 2017, and probably the best film of the decade since his earlier film "The Master:".
Sasha (8 months ago)
That blonde. A self proclaimed hoe and yet... Also Australian women seem to be more open and are more attractive. I believe I found my type
scott b (8 months ago)
I'll be honest I came for the tits, let's just be real! :)
24Pdaddy (8 months ago)
londo0 (8 months ago)
Talk to older women, these are girls. They need some life experience in order to provide answers.
ak420haze (8 months ago)
So nice is creepy....
AmdusiasSix Six (8 months ago)
I don't know most these girls actually seemed chill...just gave honest answers

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