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LEGO City Deep Sea Underwater Layout MOC!

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Amidst ship wrecks, the sea bed, sharks, explorers and lost underwater cities lies a secret. Watch this video to discover the secret of this LEGO deep sea underwater display. Please leave a comment and like this video. Subscribe to this channel and turn on the "bell" for truly unique & different LEGO content. Small Brick City explores creating amazing Lego displays and custom cities with official sets, modified builds, MOCs (my own creations), small build video tutorials and how-to videos; with a focus on working with small spaces. Check out the overview of our LEGO city at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-URYLNF-xdg&t Subscribe, leave a comment and join us at: http://smallbrickcity.com Social Media: http://facebook.com/smallbrickcity http://instagram.com/smallbrickcity http://pinterest.com/smallbrickcity - Small Brick City is part of BrickTubers Network (https://thebricktubers.com) that includes awesome LEGO channels such as: BlockheadUK https://www.youtube.com/blockheaduk Brick After Brick Toys https://www.youtube.com/brickafterbricktoys Brick Bakery https://www.youtube.com/brickbakery Bricksonville https://www.youtube.com/bricksonville Dr McBrick https://www.youtube.com/drmcbrick GJBricks https://www.youtube.com/gjbricks Small Brick City https://www.youtube.com/smallbrickcity #bricktubersnetwork #customlegocity #legomoc
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Text Comments (26)
BenBricks (4 months ago)
Love this layout. But where did you get this print for the back? It looks awesome...
BenBricks (4 months ago)
+Small Brick City Thanks for your answer... i will check it out...
Small Brick City (4 months ago)
+BenBricks I honestly cannot remember is it almost 2 years ago. I would think below US$100. More likely around $70 to 80. I also suggest looking at photography backdrops from China. They will do custom sizing. Check Ebay or Aliexpress.
BenBricks (4 months ago)
+Small Brick City Thanks. How much did you pay, if you could tell me?
Small Brick City (4 months ago)
+BenBricks I found a vendor from China who did custom sizes so it is custom sized.
BenBricks (4 months ago)
Thanks for your quick answer! How big is it or in which sizes can you get this?
Ryan Barth (8 months ago)
Do a mining layout
Small Brick City (8 months ago)
Haha... I don't have the parts of space in my city at the moment.
Ryan Barth (8 months ago)
Now do that
Small Brick City (8 months ago)
Thanks. I will in future.
_SHADOW _ (9 months ago)
The best underwater moc, perfect 👌 job
Small Brick City (9 months ago)
Thank you very much!
Poppomatic64 (1 year ago)
Very Creative Good Work Dude AAHH
Small Brick City (1 year ago)
Triop (1 year ago)
The background is awesome, looks very professional.
Brad Gamwell (1 year ago)
Your background and lighting really add to the scene. Can you show that off sometime, please?
Small Brick City (1 year ago)
Brad Gamwell Thanks. I can try. It might be too dark for the camera to pick up though. There are two sets of lights one set of white from above and blue at the back on the ground. It is this combination that gives the "real" sea feel. With the lights off, we might not see anything at all!
LEGO Lost-World (1 year ago)
if you want to visit me at my channel I would be grateful. if you would like to subscribe, and I will also subscribe to yours
Small Brick City (1 year ago)
Subbed you!
Flippin'Particles (1 year ago)
That's super cool, and you gave me an idea for the future. 😁
Small Brick City (1 year ago)
SpiritParticles Glad we could inspire!
Nicks Brix (1 year ago)
Great very creative layout
Small Brick City (1 year ago)
Nicks Brix Thanks!
Zabadak (1 year ago)
Awesome even your background and lighting are superb
Small Brick City (1 year ago)
Thanks! We try our best!

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