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How to Download Rules of Survival on Your Computer! (PC/Mac Tutorial)

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"Rules of Survival PC Download - How to Download Rules of Survival on Mac (How to Download Rules of Survival on Computer) Tutorial" ★ LEAVE A LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! ★ CHECK OUT A 12-KILL GAME WIN! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3lJpcSasaA Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another Rules of Survival video, and in this video I show you all how you can get this game for both PC and Mac! It's a very simply process with both types of computer - you're basically using an emulator to play both games! :) Hope you guys enjoyed! Liking, favoriting, and subscribing helps a ton! :D Enjoyed the video? Make sure to smash that “like” button, comment, favorite, and subscribe for more random game commentaries! Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! The next video, whether it’ll be an iOS game commentary, PC game commentary, or any other device/console commentary, will usually be out whenever I don’t have an idea for another series! They’re not posted as often, but they’re well worth the wait! HOW TO RECORD YOUR iOS SCREEN! (NEW 2017) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O9-fok0o54 My Instagram: http://instagram.com/exxotikgaming My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExxotikGaming Use code "Exxotik" for 15% off all EWinRacing products! EWinRacing (US): https://www.ewinracing.com/ EWinRacing (EU): https://www.ewinracing.eu/
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Text Comments (958)
BL4DE B1TE GT (23 days ago)
Can I download it on my BigMac
Djole HD (29 days ago)
Ashlee Julienne (30 days ago)
is it good in windows?
Can you donwload it at Google Play?
VIDEO FOR YOU (1 month ago)
Please tell me about password you pass
VIDEO FOR YOU (1 month ago)
Brother How to delete mouse on rule of survival in memu
Jackie B (1 month ago)
why are you not face cam in vid
AssassinGamer5_ (1 month ago)
It doesnt work on mac, black screen, every game blackscreen
iiHqrZ_H (1 month ago)
this vid has 999,760 views O.O almost 1 mil
chase gaming 28 (1 month ago)
oh yea boi -
Emd Wqe (1 month ago)
Download rule
crazy skill (1 month ago)
does it work on xp??
nothing impossible (1 month ago)
crazy skill bro download rules of survival pc version . Pc version is released now for pc its full like pubg
SaNi Kaka7 (1 month ago)
Plus PJR. (1 month ago)
John Doe!?
how do i get money (1 month ago)
bruh i just got a rules of survival ads
David cunningham (1 month ago)
ur gay
Its Sam (1 month ago)
its all black in me
Clabolang gaming (1 month ago)
Nice one bro
Nhom Houthsingle (2 months ago)
samuel oluwa (2 months ago)
Love this very useful
Marawan El sayed (2 months ago)
Rare Tuber (2 months ago)
whats ur pc spcs.?
iOsGAMING (2 months ago)
im using Acer Chromebook R11 can i really download ROS PC version??
iOsGAMING (2 months ago)
how to donwload PC version in chromebook R11?
Mark Matos (2 months ago)
it really dosent work on mac
FlipLinesGT (2 months ago)
Zamora Deborah (2 months ago)
Fortnite plz
Achbani abdelghani (2 months ago)
nice my frainds : le nom de ma chanail : ismail game abonez vous
Faizan Tariq (2 months ago)
It says please reserve 2gb free disk space even though i have 30 plus soace remaining
Reinino Mendoza (2 months ago)
doesnt work on MAC AF
Reinino Mendoza (2 months ago)
my screen is all black, how to fix this?
neverspeednever (2 months ago)
Dra7kir (2 months ago)
is it work on Mac ?
TALAL FROM YT (2 months ago)
Mark Lagdaan (2 months ago)
is this works on window 7??:)
samu1609 (2 months ago)
not funziona su mac
Ace Gaming23 (2 months ago)
*John Doe* I saw that.
Kyth Anims (2 months ago)
bluestacks wont work for me
Joana marie Gatdula (2 months ago)
nice ty bro
Gamer sadness (2 months ago)
tanks me
Gamer sadness (2 months ago)
woow nice
Njurk (2 months ago)
So you were John Doe along on roblox
Tech hi Tech (2 months ago)
is it work in windows 7
Angelo Koceku (7 days ago)
Craig Lancaster (2 months ago)
Hi all, Im having issues with Bluestacks on a Mac, Ive downloads the latest version and when i start the app it closes down and anyone help?
Aizaz ul haq (3 months ago)
i have downloaded this game for 3 days...but all the servers remain busy...still couldn't play the game.....this game sucks
Sachin bhai (3 months ago)
He when I type my nickname it show the background in black colour and then I click on create it doesn't start it only show's. Nickname used . pls help!!!!
Zain ul Haq Inamdar (3 months ago)
Can it ran on 2gb ram pz C
Granny (3 months ago)
how to shoot? please SOMEONE HELP ME
Jared The Gamer (3 months ago)
it has virus I tried it
Mika Chan (3 months ago)
I couldn't even stand the second I watched the video all the way to when he stopped playing T_T
natia nemsitsveridze (3 months ago)
I download a bluestacks in my mac and when I download rules of survival I can't log in with facebook so I cant play what can i do
Jermaine Antonio (3 months ago)
But i dont have android :(
Nash Badrudin (3 months ago)
not suported anymore on mac
Eljay PH (3 months ago)
How do i remove those? Buttons on the screen?
froilan rodriguez (3 months ago)
it working
Nissa 01 (3 months ago)
JadeKook 97 (3 months ago)
When I'm downloading it, it says "this version isn't compatible with your device".
- Creamy Teã - (3 months ago)
wow it doesn't work ...
semreingam shimray (3 months ago)
u r lie
Josh LADA (3 months ago)
Guys Ros doesn't support emulators now a days even if you use blustacks
TheHUNterYT (3 months ago)
Buy the game on steam. ( $2 )
Will Does Gameplays (13 days ago)
i don't have any money
Sokhum Hout (3 months ago)
i play ros on pc .but i can not add my friend on mobie how to fix it?
FOXER 40 (3 months ago)
Guys If the MEmu didnt work for MAC use BlueStacks
Mr Leonine (3 months ago)
fucking hell bro thx bro thx thx thx thnk you very much
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
See ya
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
I love it
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
Work very well
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
I support u
KIRITO MASTER GAMER (3 months ago)
Nice vid
rico castanares (3 months ago)
link please
H20 H20 (3 months ago)
can someone send me a link of bluestacks
stefano torrijos (3 months ago)
Why is it in Japanese?
rain abasolo (3 months ago)
wow its working
jason wu (3 months ago)
so happy. The dislike button worked
Vybz - Mobile Gaming (3 months ago)
Does this work on windows 7
DrunkYT (3 months ago)
do you have to drag and hold with the mouse pointer so you can look around?
JS beast (4 months ago)
you should add a video on how to download gta 5 plaese
maham khurram (4 months ago)
Kai Kayang (4 months ago)
I try it but it dont
Kai Kayang (4 months ago)
How to download it on mac?
KING A.B (4 months ago)
Is this free ?
AQtheGamer (4 months ago)
Its PC Version is now available
Amirul Hafizad (4 months ago)
On laptop can play or not?
Master 01 (4 months ago)
can it also work on chromebook?
Fox (4 months ago)
I wanna point out they released a pc version I dunno how it works since I'm on mac but they have a link to a pc download on their website
The King#23 (4 months ago)
What If I Have Windows 7 Pc?
aib xeng (4 months ago)
downloa gta v
TGPineappleY (4 months ago)
Whenever i try to open bluestacks it just crashes straight away? what do i do?
Isabel Morales (4 months ago)
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Mewtwo Gaming (4 months ago)
I can play PUBG Mobile on PC now
Mewtwo Gaming (4 months ago)
I can play PUBG Mobile on PC now
ice gamer (4 months ago)
I liked the video I subscribe I turned my notifications ON good strategy Keep it up
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zamuco zamuco (4 months ago)
its not compatible to my pc
Ohmcraft electrical (4 months ago)
John Doe?
aankaa arrzz (4 months ago)
fake you
Death and Lope (4 months ago)
how long it takes?
Justin Peregrino (4 months ago)
Help me. I download the game. When i get through the server list. I cant see any server list. I cant even play.

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