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Men's Fashion Advice : How to Wear Cuff Links

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To wear cuff links for a French cuff shirt, unfold the cuff, put the cuff link in, fold the cuff down, and stick the cuff link through all four holes. Keep the cuffs of a tuxedo shirt in place by wearing cuff links with tips from the owner of a men's fashion store in this free video on men's clothing. Expert: Candice Connors Contact: www.jacksonandconnor.com Bio: Candice Connors is co-owner of Jackson and Connor, a men's fashion store in Northampton, Mass. Filmmaker: David Pakman
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Text Comments (13)
Dan V (7 months ago)
She's cute!
nilrem2 (4 years ago)
Thank you. I didn't know I had to fold the cuff down.
better to get double sided cufflinks instead of these cheapo 1 sided
MediaFilter (5 years ago)
What dick?
Bryan Kelly (5 years ago)
"and your hand would go through there" ... -_- really?
Lugh314 (6 years ago)
I imagine many of them, like me, first clicked the video thinking "...there's no way there's a video for that! I gotta see this."
Lugh314 (6 years ago)
fair enough.
Brian Edwards (6 years ago)
Actually, there are a lot of men who, never having been shown by their father or grandfather, try to put cuff links in as a shirt with sleeves buttons, that is to say, they roll one half of the cuff under the other half of the cuff. Sticking the cuff link through all four holes is, yes, obvious, but how the cuff should look is not.
Lugh314 (6 years ago)
I can understand the 'how to tie a tie' video, and the 'how to fold a pocket square' video... and even to a lesser extent the 'how to wear a scarf' video, but is there any functioning adult male, anywhere, ever, who couldn't figure out "stick it through all four holes"? I don't like sounding rude, but come on... anyone who couldn't figure this out wouldn't know how to use the Internet anyway.
Mano Rojas (7 years ago)
I can't believe there's a video on how to put these on. Wow
mark denton (7 years ago)
screw cuff links i cant figure them out ill just go every where naked :)
tootifrooti1101 (8 years ago)
@rapbase she's not.
rapbase (9 years ago)
the hostess is quite attractive

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