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Women Wear Cargo Shorts For A Week

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Text Comments (5729)
theblueman 28 (4 days ago)
I love cargo shorts they are awesome how do people hate them I can sneak candy into the movies while I'm wearing them
Gomo EX (4 days ago)
Still wearing cargo shorts
bandotaku (4 days ago)
I'm not a huge fan of cargo shorts because I don't like shorts that go to the knee, but I love cargo pants! I wish they were still around.
Ab- Dawg (4 days ago)
i need some cargo shorts
Sam Jenkins (5 days ago)
Also they are wearing them weird
Sam Jenkins (5 days ago)
I dont think she would get cat called in the 1st place
Sam Jenkins (5 days ago)
I watched this wearing cargo shorts
sienna (5 days ago)
when you live in a hot area and you're not a fan of very short shorts then cargo shorts are handy
Hey. Not all of us are gay and actually enjoy wearing traditional shorts. And all the people that hate cargo shorts are gay sjw libtards that need to grow tf up
Dark Player (6 days ago)
Unlike lesion he where’s them 24/7
The scout 454 (6 days ago)
You're wearing them too high up
Vanna V (6 days ago)
at 1:30, anybody else get a kim possible vibe?
shortboypinoy (7 days ago)
Never knew there was a hate for cargo shorts hahah. And I'm just realizing this is a 3 year old video. I've had at least a pair of cargo shorts or a variation of since probably 1999. Especially convenient when you're on a the West Coast and go to the beach. Want to keep something on you while at the park/beach but don't want it falling out of your pockets while playing sports? SIDE POCKETS!
I love my Hubby in Cargo shorts. I don't see the problem.
Kaydee Reed (11 days ago)
I love them
Brooke Bennett (11 days ago)
Saf looks so little
IllThunderJay Blue (11 days ago)
It’s like having a backpack
Das Dovian (12 days ago)
I don't carry a purse ever,they're annoying and I'm likely to leave it somewhere. I purposely go out of my way to buy women's cargo shorts for the pockets. Most have a locking back pocket so you can stash your wallet in there safely AND you can put your cellphone in the side pockets without half of it sticking out.
Louis Jeffs (12 days ago)
The moral of the story is to make sure you understand what the word 'cargo' means before you decide to despise it.
pikanoob (12 days ago)
lol why is it always tucked in
Benjamin Danielsen (12 days ago)
I don't wear them going out, but to their credit they are quite comfortable to wear around the house.
Ezekiel Messenger (14 days ago)
That hipster startup needs to be raized
ColtJ (15 days ago)
If people claim they're comfortable in themselves yet spend time shitting on other people because of what they wear, they're nothing but basic. And oh yeah guys dressing as girls and girls dressing as guys? That's fine, and super brave! But CARGO SHORTS?! That's where we draw the line!
Ripon Rahman (15 days ago)
Who hate cargo shorts 🤔🤔🤔 caz in summer base countrys its like having a ac in ur bottom and also feel free
gale212 (16 days ago)
Smug hipsters
Jason Lee (16 days ago)
Going to a wedding in cargo shorts hahaha
sixx Magco (16 days ago)
Mk_master (17 days ago)
Woooowww Soph looks so young and also #oldBuzzfeedCrew
warrior100girl (17 days ago)
what's the problem? I wear them every summer. I have them in dark blue / brown / green and grey. she is the problem.
Steve Carter (17 days ago)
It's terrifying that people can get this far through life without discovering the benefit of pockets
Chuck Ironsight (17 days ago)
lib overload lol,gross
They look sexy on girls
MrJoeylj (17 days ago)
Why are you guys wearing them so high. Also don't put your phone in your back pocket.
Mr. Brightside (17 days ago)
Bruh there’s nothing wrong with cargo shorts. I never heard anyone complain about cargo shorts. They’re perfect for summer barbecuing and fishing and very handy in general. Buzzfeeds just lookin for views at this point.
dave s. (18 days ago)
They're comfortable & hold a lot of cargo. I only where them on days im not trying
Ly Liz (18 days ago)
Idk, I liked how they looked the moment they putted them on
charlie dodge (18 days ago)
I understand that a lot of these women weren't kind of a custom it first to wake wearing like bag your clothes I think they could have found more clothes fitting cargo pants you can always order ones that are little tighter but like realistically I think there's a huge scam going on you know it doesn't make any sense that women's Pockets aren't half as big as men's Pockets because we all have those huge phones nowadays realistically the pockets in women's jeans are never going to be bigger or even half the size as men Pockets so long as women continue to buy purses I honestly think that we don't have big Pockets because they want us to buy a $30 purse I started wearing guys jeans a long time ago when I realized just how big their pockets were and how much stuff I could put in them I'm lesbian and I wear guys jeans all the time people say it's all you dress like a boy now I just dressed more logically I love cargo pants I probably have three or more pairs of cargo pants and I probably have at least five or six pairs of cargo shorts that's literally all I wear you don't need a purse if you have cargo pants and they are comfortable and you know a lot of them can look pretty stylish you just have to order them if you look at once from different companies I mean there are some pretty stylish ones out there so stop buying purses and putting all that strain on your back and try cargo pants for like 2 months and I guarantee you you will see a change in the amount of back pain that you have
Bernardo Cunha (18 days ago)
I always wear them, always thought they look good
im so white (19 days ago)
I wanna die someone kill me
Thomas (19 days ago)
This is why I hate BuzzFeed
blindoutlaw (19 days ago)
Don’t tuck your shirt into cargo shorts Rookie
Monkey D Luffy (20 days ago)
At one point is buzzfeed just makeing people wear clothes
Ravyn Moon (20 days ago)
So many pockets my Tom boy attitude is saying how can you be hating cargo shorts
Ahmad El-Hindi (21 days ago)
Girls fasion clothes are the worst They are never functional I can never wear pants with no pockets
Oxxnarr D'flame (22 days ago)
Well girls, you didn't lose you keys, phone or wallet that week. Pockets a great invention. Practical does not equal fashion Fashion does not equal practical
keyoke69 (22 days ago)
These people only don't wear them because of what other people think. Sheep!! I wear them because they are the best shorts out there. I also wear cargo pants. I quit caring what people think when I was a teenager. Grow up.
Jake Grammer (22 days ago)
Every guy loves cargo shorts they're just shamed into not wearing them. Sexist.
Chase Murphy (23 days ago)
Cargo shorts are fine. They are usually just khakis but in short form
JacksG13 (23 days ago)
As an AFAB nonbinary person: my cargo shorts are my best friend. They are the one fashion choice of my childhood I never grew out of. They are the only reason I'm sad when summer ends because I have to stop wearing them. But then I get to wear hoodies! My next favorite clothing item! (It should be noted that I'm currently wearing camo cargo shorts)
Elle M. (23 days ago)
These people have never worn cargo pants before? Seriously they are my go to. My phone, wallet, keys, pocket knife, and gun all fit in those bad boys and yes I am a girl. They are comfortable and make me feel like a badass!
Cheezsoup (23 days ago)
Didn't even know this was an issue. But then I am not 'into' fashion. Remember fashion gave us puffball skirts and platform shoes
Paul Rivera (23 days ago)
I HATE cargo shorts!!
SIDDSTER (20 days ago)
Paul Rivera gay!
dark flame skull (24 days ago)
I only own cargo shorts
Philip Brooks (25 days ago)
they have too many pockets for me
aaron russell (25 days ago)
Jane Goodall is a badass! Why is it a bad thing to be like her?
DeGeeno (25 days ago)
My girlfriend prefer cargo shorts to girl’s shot because she don’t feel squizzed in them amd obviously....pockets!
Nomad Chad (25 days ago)
This is not a thing.
TheOneWhoMightBe (26 days ago)
Cargo shorts are basically purses for men. My gf has to drag her purse/tardis with her everywhere, but I just dump everything in my many pockets. Trendy? No. Practical? yes.
Elena MSP (26 days ago)
I like cargo shorts!!!
RealCoolGuy (26 days ago)
What's wrong with cargo shorts... I have never--before this video--heard anything negative about dudes wearing cargo shorts...
Highwalker (26 days ago)
I love cargo shorts. You can carry so much stuff!! Comes in extra handy when dating a girl.
Abra Morgan (26 days ago)
Camo cargo shorts are just wrong. That's way too militia for my life style. Men's plaid print shorts, on the other hand... OMG! That was, hands down, the best part of coming out. Bahaha. Seriously, though. Men shouldn't be the only ones to have usable pockets!
Richard Sloniker (27 days ago)
Wait, we DON’T like cargo shorts? When did this happen?
SleepWhenUrDead ! (28 days ago)
In today’s episode of “Utilitarian things the men do which are completely lost on women.”...
J Shepard (28 days ago)
2:18 A lesbian in cargo shorts doesn't seem out of the norm at all.
Grarder (28 days ago)
California is a weird place sometimes. Colorado, cargo shorts are just called shorts and everyone wears them.
ruubskii ? (29 days ago)
They looked pretty good in the cargo shorts. I don't see the problem
acefjom (29 days ago)
People who wear "fashionable" shorts just look like wimps.
Reuben Doyle (30 days ago)
Gives out about cargo shorts yet wears one of those neck chokers. Really?
TyrannyTerminator (30 days ago)
They are useful.
James F (30 days ago)
My girl loves when I wear them because then she just uses my left leg pocket instead of a purse.
inert life (30 days ago)
I'm going to wear cargo shorts !
Kate's Corner (1 month ago)
Is that Safia? XD
David Eggleston (1 month ago)
At least we have pockets. 🤣
Michael Alvarado (1 month ago)
This reminded me of how much I lived cargo shorts when I was young
Raul Vazquez (1 month ago)
(2:10) I have those in blue. Super comfortable.
Jarijah Y. (1 month ago)
Just pick the good fitting ones ... nothing beats the extra pockets
Kyle Broflovski (1 month ago)
2:40 this is y I wear cargo shorts lol pokets
Mang Led McGee (1 month ago)
My girl loves cargo shorts
Robin (1 month ago)
And now cargo pants are in fashion lol
Chris (1 month ago)
@2:15, protect kids by telling them they're NOT trans, and help them grow into the men and women they're to become. So much confusion and perversion these days and people are being destroyed because of it.
Ash Green (1 month ago)
Cargo pants are considerably less dorky Also, keeping your wallet sticking out of your back pocket is beyond stupid. It even had a lanyard there for easier snatching. Sitting on a bulky wallet all day is stupid.
woget264 (1 month ago)
Oh no you get cat called what a travesty, what a non problem you have.
Joe Duke (1 month ago)
I wear them all the time, and I'm 4x cooler than ALL the people in this video, combined.
Lexkat (1 month ago)
Never liked cargo shorts, or pants. They just are... horrible. The one time I wore them, I hated them.
David Lauritzen (1 month ago)
How about Zubaz?
Tuneer Bhattacharya (1 month ago)
women hate cargo shorts because they reveal the tactical inferiority of purses 😂😂😂 jk jk
Duke00x (1 month ago)
I love cargo shorts and would get them and wear them as much as I could if I could ever find them in my size.
Stogie Guy (1 month ago)
I know cargo shorts are totally played out... but I'm sticking with them!
Brad King (1 month ago)
Cargo shorts for men = pirate boots for women
Jesse Valdez (1 month ago)
worst humor ever! Thumbs down. Somebody fire all the workers and get real people who dont want be trendy squares!
Bobby Hempel (1 month ago)
Chicks in cargo shorts are hot AF
Lacey H (1 month ago)
Usually the videos where people try something for a period of time there are more check in vlogs. There wasn't much of their own thoughts or anecdotes through the week. I always like that progression. No offense meant! I just enjoy the comments and observations.
Armchair Sniper (1 month ago)
Cargo shorts? So it is summer then so no more cargo pants for the season?
Werepig100 (1 month ago)
Obviously, I don't wear cargo shorts to work, but everywhere else, YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT I DO...
reyan lapitan (1 month ago)
I love my cargo shorts. At least those girls don't need to bring a handbag for their stuff.
pavo6503 (1 month ago)
Honey, you probably can't do cute in anything.
raharad D (1 month ago)
Wait . Is hating cargo short a thing ?! I think looks good on gay girls 😂 like for real
Nawal Hana (1 month ago)
Whattttt I love cargo shorts.
Rose Juliette (1 month ago)
I was so happy to see a 'protect trans kids' shirt. When I was growing up trans I felt like no-one had my back.

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