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How To Look Sexy Without Wearing Short Clothes! | Komal Pandey

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Hi guys! This video was THE MOST requested- when I asked you guys if you'd like to see something like this. 95% of you said YES! So here it is. I had a lot of fun conceptualising and shooting this. Hope you like it! Let me know in the comments! 1. Find Shriyam @shriya02 on Instagram 2. Find Aakriti @_aakriti_sinha_ OUTFIT DETAILS: 1. Sheer top- Appy Cat Street 2. Lace dress- Lulu & Sky Official 3. Saree- Online, Amazon. 4. Satin top- Shopper's Stop 5. White Shirt- H&M 6. Pencil skirt- Stalk Buy Love 7. Black blouse, Pants (under the "grooming" point) : Lulu & Sky Official 8. Bag- Zaful.com 9. Boots- H&M
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Text Comments (1949)
Geeta Agrahari (2 days ago)
Full attitude
Deepak Kumar (2 days ago)
Rahia Ria (3 days ago)
I like the last one so much
shweta Upadhyay (4 days ago)
Chander Pal Khari (5 days ago)
yaar komal you are so smart and make video without short cloth look sexy byee
Evelyn Ji (6 days ago)
you will 100% get raped wearing something like that in India
Khushboo Jain (6 days ago)
Wear saree 😂
vishala reddy (8 days ago)
Why are all yur clothes over sized
richa trilokani (9 days ago)
This one is the best video till today..
Ali Gujjar (9 days ago)
U hv a cute face...nyc hair n atrctv luks
ranu s (9 days ago)
Jo dress aap ne batayi vo bhi short hi h aur azib bhi
Ankush Patel (10 days ago)
Sally Smith (10 days ago)
You don't have curves
Sally Smith (10 days ago)
Don't take my suggestion rude
Sally Smith (10 days ago)
So don't wear a pencil skirt pls
Priya Dutta (10 days ago)
u always we're same type of clothes so disappointed by this video try something new🤗
Chenna Reddy Manyam (11 days ago)
U look like queen Padmavati.No joke!
Srishty Agrawal (11 days ago)
Thank you for the ideas
Tamil zone (12 days ago)
A message not to her but for the public ......pls do read:::: Feeling like vomiting.......idiot ...stupid...no kind of dressing sense.....first of all dress is a piece of cloth which has a main purpose of covering our body....in that itself u are cutting some places and some places are also open....this is a message not only to her ______ but also to the readers of this comment... it is u..understand and I am happy to see any criticism on this message.....
Paromita Chakraborty (12 days ago)
Manju Saini (14 days ago)
apko dekh kangna ki jhalak aati h
Only One (14 days ago)
You are saying exactly what is opposite to your shirt
mr villian (15 days ago)
To aapko sexy dikhna hai....Kya naik khayal hain
Ashutosh Rajput (16 days ago)
Komal you always comb your hair from the middle .... Please comb your hair from the right , then you look more Awesome
Avni Verma (17 days ago)
Thank you for making such an amazing video. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Length doesn't matter. Styling does. Yaya
Kumari Pooja (18 days ago)
Hii boys add me
Riot Lily 22 (18 days ago)
But u r looking very ugly seriously
Kashish Pansari (20 days ago)
thnks a lot. this video was very useful for girls who are uncomfortable wearing short clothes. ly komal didi
Sunil Sachdeva (22 days ago)
I am fan of you
Bhawna Ahuja (24 days ago)
komal why don't you return in popxo daily please return
Navina Kamuni (27 days ago)
Aap kaise kapde pehen te hon , aap short dress mat pahana Karo long dress pe hi acchi dikhte ho
Soumi Mukherjee (1 month ago)
Your t-shirt 😍 every girl's dream in one sentence
Khyati Kaloiya (1 month ago)
I am actually doing these things since much long.. i kinda like these ideas... doing well komal.
Aakancha Sinha (1 month ago)
u look like kangna
rehana hossain (1 month ago)
she looked her best in this vedio xD
Malar Murugayan (1 month ago)
Don’t a lot of people care about what they wear ?
Yussra Waseem (1 month ago)
Oye Yarr kittni mazey ki lagg rahi hain😀👍❤......
Angel Choudhary (1 month ago)
You looks like Kangna Ranaut when you smile ❤️
Ayman Rafa (1 month ago)
I need clothes not feeling😍👌😂
Sneha Singh (1 month ago)
Looks perfect
Filza Shahzadi (1 month ago)
Komal u left popxo ???
Rupa Mishra (1 month ago)
i had loved your red colour frock...it's too sexy
Abhilasha Chahar (1 month ago)
I loved ur hair
Abhilasha Chahar (1 month ago)
can u give me hair care tips
yogita kale (1 month ago)
I think that komal should become a modal
Suman A. (1 month ago)
I don't know why but while watching this video mujhe kangna ranawat ki yaad aai..u smile and face, nd style looks like her
Maheshika Kumaranayake (1 month ago)
thanks,hope to try wear like this
Reema dorjee (1 month ago)
Komal i just love u..😗 ur simply amezing....
Sneha Gariya (1 month ago)
You are beautiful
Nusrat Jahan Supti (1 month ago)
I love your style and idea
Pratibha Tripathi (1 month ago)
Love u komal u look sexy hot cute beatiful in any outfit😆😍
Pragati Verma (2 months ago)
David Ezekiel (2 months ago)
How to not look sexy- never show up for a guy so he finds other women attractive instead of you. Push away a guy for year, real smart. Men need visual attraction to pursue a relationship. I'll pursue the girl I know what she looks like. Good bye Fluttershy.
flamingo fusion (2 months ago)
Very nice Komal 😘😘😘😘😘
Parulla Saxena (2 months ago)
how i can get the hairs like u have ...
Sathvika MA (2 months ago)
My favourite video!!!!
Mrudula Wairagade (2 months ago)
Kuch khabhi liya karo yaar.kitani sukh gai ho.
Pushpanjali singh (2 months ago)
ye. short dressea nahi hain😓
Shraddha Dixit (2 months ago)
Doesn’t she look like Kangana ?? Anyone??
Sapna Meena (2 months ago)
Please provide the link for saree.
usha styles (2 months ago)
Black top.. 😍😘😍😘
Bhavya Sarangdevot (2 months ago)
your cloths are super duper gooddddddd..........😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚
Aashima k (2 months ago)
Where do u go to shopping in Delhi plz tell me
SHAIKH NAZIYA (2 months ago)
Komal I want to be your friend...can v?
Ojaswani Gupta (2 months ago)
U r so stunning bro 😍
Vandna Sharma (2 months ago)
Mousumi Borgohain (2 months ago)
She looks like kangana ranawat
Arohi Banerjee (2 months ago)
I am very messy girl so I have no time for makeup or outfit. So I just take anything and put it on and looks sexy in it. Be messy this is the best way to reveals your sexiest movement
sanjusha sikri (2 months ago)
Hi.. I just started watching your videos and I really am inspired... Can you please tell me from where have u done fashion blogging as u said in for ur videos that u have done... So u could tell me... Thank you... U r amazing
amrutaj28 (2 months ago)
One of the best concepts I've heard in a beauty video! 😊 Every girl should watch this.
Venus Mind (2 months ago)
Im sooo...offended by the title!
Guru Mayi ji (2 months ago)
Shweta Singh (2 months ago)
Hey komal, we all adore you a lot and you're looking glamorous and elegant at same time. I wanted to ask about it u can provide any link for your Saree, as it's looking damn beautiful in ya. Much love ❤
Rhythmic Roja (2 months ago)
You look similar to Samantha, a Tamil actress😉
jsschill05 (2 months ago)
You are too cute n Petite to look sexy, just embrace the way you are😊
heli co (2 months ago)
aaisyah ibrahim (2 months ago)
omg, I love this, you still feel beautiful even without reveal or exposes your skin, thanks darling!
Prathna Thakkar (2 months ago)
Komal u just don't act u overact actually... Lessen it will surely help you💕
pooja joshi (2 months ago)
her hair is beautiful❤
Sweety Subedi (2 months ago)
Haul videos
Akshaya Ramesh (2 months ago)
Rupkatha Dutta (2 months ago)
you should caption your video, "how to say something stupid without thinking about the implication of the words!". -_-
bhavna karakoti (2 months ago)
Loved this Komal...
Arshi Rahman (2 months ago)
After a long time I watch a qualityful video. Thank u Komal for make such a video which is very useful for those kind of people who are uncomfortable in short clothes.
Simran Sohal (2 months ago)
Komal pls share which shade of lipstick u r wearing in the end part of the video.. It is looking gorgeous..
Ambyr Mirza (2 months ago)
Tip to look sexy without exposing your body: 1.Wear high heels 2. Wear dark colour 3. And Wear just earrings 4. And in the last step use red colour lipstick
Mariam Nessa (2 months ago)
You showoff a little bit too much I love your channel
Rezaul Karim (2 months ago)
Ur hair colour was wow
PUBG Live Stream (2 months ago)
Hi Komal,sometimes u look like younger Sushmita Sen..
Yuktu More (2 months ago)
This video was awesome please make this kind of videos
Ananya Iyer (2 months ago)
Pls make a video on dresses teenage girls (school girls) can wear
Maryam Rehman (2 months ago)
Rejoin popxo plzzzzzzzzzzzz
riya rai (2 months ago)
Hey komal, your hair looks perfectly straight and silky. Can u make a video on tha
Shivani Sengar (2 months ago)
Hi, I am a big fan of yours, specially how you've managed to come so far despite of having so many troubles on your way. okay, i was just curious to know why you always wear high waist? Is it something uniquely komal style?
STUDY TURBO (2 months ago)
Day by Day you look So ADOrable😘😍
jasmin Shaikh (2 months ago)
Saree mein Sabse jyada sexy lagte hai
Ravi Sharma (2 months ago)
Tu video me muh itna bura kyo banati hai thodi normal face banaya kar na
Masti with Rudraa (2 months ago)
I can't able to see the video because of the writing board which is in the screen
Rekha Gangwar (2 months ago)
why you don't make videos now
Rekha Gangwar (2 months ago)
why you don't make videos now
ANKITA MITTAL (2 months ago)
U r good... But u overdo it a lot of times
Shikha Sharma (2 months ago)
I don't like her c is full of make up ... N I find her fake n d clothes u show looks good in camera only ..

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