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LEGO Deep Sea Exploration Vessel 60095 City Review - BrickQueen

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LEGO City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel SUBSCRIBE to BrickQueen & BrickTitan: http://bit.ly/1j3VMDo This 2015 set contains 717 pieces with 7 minifigures and 5 sea creatures. It costs about $120. Jurassic World & Park videos: http://bit.ly/1Rhavti LEGO Super Hero videos: http://bit.ly/1IlAbkl LEGO Ninjago videos: http://bit.ly/1zOWX38 LEGO Star Wars videos: http://bit.ly/1P47uhs Check out my YouTube channels here: TOY REVIEWS: BrickQueen & BrickTitan: http://bit.ly/19HIhzP ANIMATION: BrickQueen & Titan Animations: http://bit.ly/1KsUqNN GAMING: ThatKristine + Victor: ‪http://bit.ly/1hRI05e AND you can find me on all these other pages too!! Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18H1bqg Twitter: http://bit.ly/IUkw0j Instagram: ‪http://bit.ly/1908zmv Flickr: http://bit.ly/1fr7oLS Pinterest: ‪http://bit.ly/19HHPBy Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound #brickqueen #lego
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Text Comments (39)
Melvin Pretlow (1 year ago)
How much was it wasn't $149.99 because it is $149.99 717 pieces for that much money but I would buy it but this watch it is called Schneider sub Diver Wr 60bar Automatic watch Germany T0098 and this is how much it cost $139.00 go on Google and type in exploration DIVERS shopping
Beyblade Legend (2 years ago)
the last diving vechile you reveiwed is the remote sub
TheActionKids channel (3 years ago)
I got Dis set
No Way (3 years ago)
no stoopid
Bastiaan Koch (3 years ago)
Wait, why is the wreck not a pirate ship? This could have been a perfect opportunity to merge themes... I mean, its GOLD for gods sake. People!
Lee Merson (3 years ago)
Nice 👍🏻
Avery Vanmeter (3 years ago)
Avery Vanmeter (3 years ago)
Love the ghost
Avery Vanmeter (3 years ago)
Good job revewing
Avery Vanmeter (3 years ago)
Great vid
Avery Vanmeter (3 years ago)
Love rebels
Avery Vanmeter (3 years ago)
Hunter Stegmeir (3 years ago)
Can you make more detailed videos?
Redheadgamers (3 years ago)
i like the ship
Redheadgamers (3 years ago)
i like the white shark
Redheadgamers (3 years ago)
Redheadgamers (3 years ago)
Ivan Tomas (3 years ago)
Realy cool brick queen
Lego reviews (3 years ago)
Hey brickqueen nice set review keep up the good work
lil' monkey media (3 years ago)
So cool; love the diver outfits!
Kj Jones (3 years ago)
That's nice you should do a set giveaway that what grab the viewers attention
Zemplin Castellan (3 years ago)
Makes me nostalgic for the 1997 Diver sets.
North Pole Brickfilms (3 years ago)
This makes me miss aqua raiders :(
Andrea Johnson (3 years ago)
I love it when you do this!
Lego Batman review (3 years ago)
Yes float o no float
Andrea Johnson (3 years ago)
Love it! :)
Andrea Johnson (3 years ago)
It is very cool that this set has so many things!!
Andrea Johnson (3 years ago)
Great job I love it!!
Ninja Zane7474 (3 years ago)
Oh yeah, make a video when this is in the water!!!
Ninja Zane7474 (3 years ago)
Wow, $120? Way overpriced!!!
Steven Young (3 years ago)
I'd like to see a bigger ship wreck....
JurassicCam 1993 (3 years ago)
1:43 it's an underwater expedition bot
Herny Boi (3 years ago)
i learned the hard way that a lego boat that i have doesn't float :P
mayra de la fuente (3 years ago)
Lego movie
mayra de la fuente (3 years ago)
Herny Boi (3 years ago)
it reminds me of an old set
zeasty (3 years ago)
42'nd!!! Hahahaha jk thus set is so awesome!
DEAD CHANNEL (3 years ago)
You guys did the most amazing job! Keep up the awesome work! Bye,Dylan
Twoloosebricks (3 years ago)
looks cool.

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