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10 Ways to Style The Little Black Dress

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Instagram: jaclynling Expand for all details on each outfit! Little Black Dress: Victoria Posh Dress from Sugar Lips Apparel ( http://bit.ly/M7Yq8e ) Sunglasses: Chanel Lipstick: Revlon- Certainly Red Hair- Sock-look alike bun! Outfit 1: Classy Purse: Ebay ( http://bit.ly/LZJiNw ) Pearl Neckalce: Jacob Nude Pumps: Aldo Outfit 2: Rocker-Chic Leather Jacket: Style Fax Clutch: Etsy ( http://etsy.me/M6zSJz ) Wine Colour pumps: Aldo Outfit 3: Preppy White dress shirt: H & M Skinny Belt: Jacob Oversized Purse: Winners Gladiator shoes: Gap Outfit 4: Bohemian Oversized bag: Winners Gladiator Shoes: Gap Scarf: Shop in Italy (sorry!) Outfit 5: Professional Blazer- Tart Pearl Necklace: Jacob Pointy toe heels: Aldo Outfit 6: Parisian Jacket: Zara Scarf: Shop in Italy Wine Coloured Pumps: Aldo Outfit 7: Casual T-shirt: Abercombie & Fitch Clutch: Etsy ( http://etsy.me/M6zSJz) Bow flats: Madden Girl Outfit 8: Sophisticated Blouse: Small Boutique in Montreal Belt: Calvin Klein Asymmetrical Clutch: Etsy ( http://etsy.me/Q8Y3z4 ) Shoes: Terra Giacomo Outfit 9: Girly Jacket: Winners Wallet: Kate Spade Bow Heels: ash Outfit 10: Chic Fur Vest: Charlotte Russe Purse: Louis Vuitton Nude pumps: Aldo Thanks so very much for watching!! "I dunno" by grapes http://ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Disclaimer: Everything shown in this video was purchased by myself except for the dress, it was kindly given to me to try out and express my opinion. It was also my idea to make this video.
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Text Comments (17)
MyHair MyHobby (3 years ago)
Yasss Sophisticated!
Kristen Jenkins (4 years ago)
Wish I lived where its ok to dress up like this. You put on a dress and everyone stares at you and makes rude comments like "got a hot date?" and "why are you so dressed up?" :( And my boyfriend and I look young but he is 26 and I am 23 and we dressed up for our anniversary dinner and while waiting for a table some one asked us if we where on our way to prom. -_- Just wow I hate where I live so much. I didn't even have a dress that looked like a kid would put on to go to prom it was country and grown up looking.
Noa Arellano (4 years ago)
You are so pretty!
Ashana Coffman (5 years ago)
Outfit #8 was my fav! Love the nude Aldo's. Check out my recent vid on styling a dress 2 ways if you'd like :)
Stella K (5 years ago)
Really cool, I love your ideas! I Made a quite similar Video, if you wanna have a look
G U (5 years ago)
subscribed <3
WonGeun Kim (5 years ago)
all in one upload..thanx
Jasdip Kaur (5 years ago)
Awhhsummm 3 I just got my lbd!
WCephei77HD (5 years ago)
12 ways to style lbd Here're much more variety
Coleen Brennan (6 years ago)
really great video, hugs from scotland!
bluffedstyle (6 years ago)
Thanks for your comment! I'm from Vancouver :)
Ti La (6 years ago)
You're Gorgeous, where are you from??
bluffedstyle (6 years ago)
thank you thank you !! So excited to have a UK viewer :)
The Style Chronicles (6 years ago)
So great!! I loved all ten of them! XX ~ E
bluffedstyle (6 years ago)
thank you!! :)
Terry T (6 years ago)
youre getting great at editing! keep up the rock star work ;)
binita rai (6 years ago)
awesome & YAY im the 1st to comment ha ha ;)

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