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Thepprasit road market - Buffalo market 2nd-hand flea market in Jomtien Pattaya vlog. see the map: https://www.google.be/maps/@12.9130403,100.8836356,15z A nice evening and weekend market in Jomtien. Close to Pattaya in Thailand. Open from friday till sunday 5 pm - 10 pm This is a local market with almost local Thai people. I didn't see much western falang tourists. many bargains here on the 2nd-hands goods. Such as cloths, Hifi, TV's, watches and smartphones. Thep prasit road has about 3 markets. A food market, this second hand market and the big weekend market. Thai street food is also presented here and there are some bars where you can have a drink. Here is a link to my new Power Director Tutorial channel for youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzxmLXpYvtHn78da1NuURyw You can subscribe to my channel to see more videos about Thailand and pattaya in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.
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anonymous mc (1 year ago)
There called flea markets...
Steff's Thailand Travel (11 months ago)
yes, That's what the title also says :)
Mickola (1 year ago)
Normally when I haggle out there I cut what ever they say by at least 50% (in half) and then wind them up by keep hesitating because the longer you take and dither gets the price down.
Daniel E (1 year ago)
Mickola yeah and maybe save a whole american dollar...
Mickola (1 year ago)
Tried and tested Steff I was living in Pattaya 26 years ago but back in Uk now.
That's a good starting point :)
Jimmy Bond (1 year ago)
Seiko watches come from India,$15 on Ebay
francis kocher (1 year ago)
Hi Steff.Nice vlog .. I have been there but i get bored about markets..And never go there with a girlfriend..LOL..Have a nice day...(original?I doubt it)...
Bonsoir :) What was not original?
Nick Swift (1 year ago)
Hi Steff - i went to the post office with a huge meat cleaver to send to my friend in USA, they said could not send it without a cover - she said same with samurai sword - you need a cover and then can send! (scabbard I think is correct term) but you are correct, if you take these second hand swords to the airport they wont let you check the baggage without a scabbard (if its the same as the post office)
Yeah, Maybe there is a way to get them out of the country in your checked baggage. But it's always tricky. There are laws that are dubious. as for taking old heritage and Buddha statutes out of the kingdom. tnx for watching Nick.
goede informatie steff,,,goede vidio clip
Mercikes :)
Mark Morse (1 year ago)
When you said you thought it was bigger, it reminded me of something my ex girlfriend said to me.
Mark Morse (1 year ago)
It is.
Maybe that's why she is your ex now :)
Funk That (1 year ago)
You missed the Pulsar P1 on the corner of the watch table ;-))))
I already own a Casio casiotron 1974. :) But a Pulsar would be great also.
Funk That (1 year ago)
+Steff's Thailand Travel  - lol I was only joking about seeing the watch. The Pulsar P1 is like the holy grail of Pulsar's. It was the very first LED watch made back in the early 70's and came in 18kt solid gold so worth $$$$$ , even back then. If you do happen to find one (not fake) i'd gladly take it off your hands for the price of a soapy lol.
Yeah, I missed many watches. The plan was that i go back after filming.. But planning in Thailand... :)
Pique Dard (1 year ago)
hi Steff, i guess it'll be a bit gloomy in thailand and especially in pattaya from to-day...for some time
Yeah, for a long time i guess. I also respect Thailand and will not upload any entertainment or nightlife videos for a few weeks at least. Don't think it is appropriated now.
jack clifford (1 year ago)
why do you think the comment by  peterfreitag say this market is not good for farangs ,pickpockets  or just not safe? because it looked ok more like a British car boot sale
I don't know Jack, ... If someone feels unsafe on that market, They should not supposed to visit Thailand in the first place.
eagle (1 year ago)
Hi Steff, the video came out good for a night shoot, there was sufficient light from the surrounding market stalls, you were a bit worried about the lighting but the camera captured it well and we saw some colorful images from the sellers, I enjoyed it and well done.
Thanks Eagle. yes this cams holds it good in the dark. I still found it a little shaky. I think i forgot to switch on the stabilization. When i shot the avenue market it was much better.
Brian Worth (1 year ago)
Nice one. I am a vinyl record collector., Did you see any an what time start/end?
Brian Worth (1 year ago)
thanks, some uk groups released stuff in Thailand and really brings big bucks in my shop in the UK - Punk especially.
Hey, I can't remember seeing records. But i was not really looking for that and i was filming also. Maybe they have, not sure. And i guess not much English songs there :)
Thai Lady Massage (1 year ago)
Very nice video again ..Steff....Very big my thumb up !! for share to us....Big Cheers .
Thanks Alina
Shaun Mantell (1 year ago)
Great Video Steff...I love the thai markets,I like to look at the Soi Bukkhao market nearly every night,great kebabs.I never knew about this market,will take a look next month.I need some new computer cables,will look to buy them there...thanks.
Love the markets also in soi Buakhoa. For a cable you can go also to the Tucom IT-mall.
roof pizza (1 year ago)
I just don't trust these guys. From fake stuff to stolen stuff to the worst of Chinese knockoffs and little or no help when you have an issue. If ya just want a regular t-shirt with the Simpsons on it it is the same price at Walmart, it will be of a better quality and you can exchange it if it isn't the correct size.
Cheer up, mate. It's just a market where people could spent some time, enjoy, eat something. i'm not gonna discus these things here.
roof pizza (1 year ago)
Fake stuff is everywhere. The fact that you didn't see any means zero. Where did the watches and cameras come from? Is it possible some tourist could make claim to them?
Fake stolen stuff, Chinese ? Its's a flea market. Not an antiques market :) I didn't see any copy watches over there, by the way.
David Eddolls (1 year ago)
Hi steff I enjoy a walk around many markets it keeps me away from the beer until later, always a good move to say I will come back and can they do a lower price for 2. Happy hunting.
A market is always good to keep away from the beer. However There were some Thai bars next to the market. :) But i felt a little weird walking in there as the only farang.
welsh wyns (1 year ago)
Thank you Steff that was a nice little vlog I'd enjoy having a wander around there maybe find a bargain or two. You collect watches as well so maybe you should do a vlog on that with Archieluxury........ On second thoughts maybe not better to keep your reputation intact. :-)
Haha. That second thought was the first thing that cross my mind.. :)
Martin Hatter (1 year ago)
Steff we all make mistakes , i say that to myself every time i go to pattaya and start drinking ha ha, was a good vlog thanks
Thanks Martin. I ratter mistake myself in a market then a drunk mistake in the Pattaya nightlife :)
PeterFreitag (1 year ago)
this market is not good for farangs.
It's totally not dangerous :) I felt no aggression whatsoever walking here. Just a non founded statement. Don't pay much attention to it. i Just left Peter's comment because everyone can have his opinion. as long it's not offending.
Geoff Plantagenet (1 year ago)
why is it "dangerous"?
PeterFreitag (1 year ago)
+jack clifford no, but nothing for you, believe me!
jack clifford (1 year ago)
is it dangerous for farangs peter
Fun4Emily in Thailand (1 year ago)
Hey Steff, nice vlog. We like going to markets. Have a nice Sunday. Greetings from Phuket
Cheers, Rene, I think you have a lot of them in Phuket as well.
AJ West (1 year ago)
Could have been a little profit on some of the Seiko there. Interesting to see somewhere not well known. Thanks Steff.
Yeah, Usually i buy some watches in Thailand. made some great deals there in past.
Kevin 1981 (1 year ago)
hey Steff...I don't know how it was for other people but for me to brightness was fine,..And I really like the fact that when you were negotiating with that man for the watch you actually showed us the dollar amount he wanted you to pay....a lot of people maybe watching your videos for the first time won't understand Thailand money,....hell I've been watching your videos for a while and I still get confused by it.cheers brother
Thanks Kevin, Confused because sometimes i use dollars and then Euros? Maybe i'll put the BPS and the Australian dollar also in the subtitles :)
Tosh T (1 year ago)
Thai Smurf. Ha. Everyone in the U.S. knows The Smurfs of course but I did not know about Peyo until I visited Brussels last year.😂 Nice video as usual.
Thanks Tosh. Yeah, The smurfs and Tin-Tin are Belgian ;) If you like cartoons, google Tin Tin in Thailand. An underground version :)
Stephen Watson (1 year ago)
Covered the wrong market LOL , but not a wasted effort . As usual with these markets big % cheap tat but always the chance of a great find .
Glad you liked it anyway, Stephen :) Sure not wasted footage.
Thoy (1 year ago)
I didn't know it was there I'll go check it out thanks
You sure have to see it, if you are in the neighborhood.
andy stubbs (1 year ago)
hi steff   love a good flea market  mite have to put that on my  ( to see list ) when I,m in pattaya in march  :-)
Yeah, why not. You can 2 markets in 1 evening there :)
Tokyo Drew (1 year ago)
love a good market....saw so many old retro things. I would go nuts shopping there! Great vid Steff! Oh...love the Japanese flag too! hahaha
Tokyo Drew (1 year ago)
Hey Steff...we do have but hard to find at times. They pop up in places around Tokyo, but not like those ones! I would go nuts being there
Hey Drew, Do they have many flea markets in Japan?
newstyle81 (1 year ago)
every time i go to pattaya try search for violin shop ! didnt find , do you know any?
Frankie G (1 year ago)
+newstyle81 Not in Pattaya. There are several stringed instrument shops in Bangkok on Petchabury Rd. not far from Pantip Plaza.
No, I'm sorry. Maybe someone else here?
Daniel K. (1 year ago)
Damn Steff, try the bugs, they taste just like barbecue pringles..... with legs.
Daniel K. (1 year ago)
But if you try them, there is no going back. It's a disgusting habit to have, and especially goes good with beer. But I promise it's better than the wasabi you tried ;)
Haha, I know. I wanted to try them for so long time. Just never could find the courage :) A durian fruit ok. But bugs... nha !
John Doe (1 year ago)
Thanks Steff. So, did you buy the 89 Baht wallet?
John Doe (1 year ago)
It was a nice wallet. I think that the Thai friend you met was a lady, because only women have the power to distract us from nice things : )
Hey, NO. i was to confused filming the wrong market. Buffalo instead of Thepprasit market. But i had a good conversation with a Thai friend i met there :) Who cares about a wallet then? :)
GooseHunter (1 year ago)
some very nice stuff in there, also very good prices, nice vlog steff, the wallet was beautiful and only 80 bat, see you next time:):)
hey GH. Yes it was a cheap prize; They sell them on beach rd and 2nd road Pattaya for 200 Baht. So a good price. No stupid bargaining here :)
Iamthenakedape (1 year ago)
Thai smurff, lol
Iamthenakedape (1 year ago)
Steff, just sent you an email
hehe :)

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