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Pentester Lab: XSS 2 Admin 2 SQLi 2 Shell

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Having some fun with the free vm from Pentester Lab. Lots of good training on their site and tons of fun with the vms. Encourage you to check them out, here: hxxps://pentesterlab[dot]com/. This one is just a quick highlight of chained exploits to gain command execution on server, starting with a simple XSS attack. Enjoy!
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DOE MAN (1 year ago)
Hello brother i like your tutorial here it's amazing ,,, please brother can you make a video tutorial on how to crack SMTP,RDP,SSH AND FTP enabled server with the clear latest commands and please bro am using kali linux 2016 i learned that linux needs root server to make some attack work like cracking and breaking security most linux users on here uses simple server ,,,, please bro i want you to help me with linux root server right now am using a simple server some attack not working fine for me i'll be glad if you can do bro here is my mail [email protected] Thank you in advance bro..
Komal Aahuja (4 years ago)
hi Hood3dRob1n, i need to learn sqlninja from u, just because i messed the metasploit setup, i dont think sqlninja is gonna work. if u contact me here [email protected] we can deal,
FreestylerAlbert (4 years ago)
I didn't found the redshell on your github, will U publish it? :) As I saw you use an upgraded one not the standard :)
RHQ (1 year ago)
Could you please guide where I am going wrong.when i load the application it set a cookie so my cookie logger is sending the same cookie to my script.How one can differentiate the admin cookie then.?
Hood3dRob1n (4 years ago)
I dont know what the standard is as I coded this one from scratch ;) if you PM me I can probably share a beta copy with you until I find ready to post to Github.
Godfada Corleone (4 years ago)
Sir , you desirve a sub
Daniel D. (4 years ago)

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