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10 Deep Haul

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10 Deep: http://10deep.com/ REP CODE: NERD2020 10%-20% off everything at Karmaloop.com & PLNDR.com TWITTER: @THESTARRLIFE INSTAGRAM: @THESTARRLIFE TUMBLR: THESTARRLIFE.TUMBLR.COM WEBSITE: WWW.THESTARRLIFE.COM FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK.COM/TSLMEDIA SONG: CHRIS TRAVIS (KENSHIN) - YELLOW DIAMONDS https://soundcloud.com/chrisfuckingtravis/chris-travis-yellow-diamonds?in=chrisfuckingtravis/sets/chris-travis-hidden-in-the
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Text Comments (93)
Vinyl C (1 year ago)
Also no offense but in 2104 Jacob Starr looked like a school shooter
Vinyl C (1 year ago)
By looking at the comments count and like dislike count you know he blew up in 2016
The Starr Life (1 year ago)
Haha I would say honestly I blue up in 2017. I've been doing this since 2012 with almost no following so I am happy and blessed that people even like my content. Much love bro.
Steve Croteau (1 year ago)
Maximus Boulos (1 year ago)
looking back on these old vids compared to your new ones is crazy. so much more confident now and less focused on what everyone else thinks.
豆腐のカド (1 year ago)
Deaf w Headphones (3 years ago)
bruh, sick background... the scenery is dope
Cyber Crime (3 years ago)
Ik this is an old video but do you know where I can get the white 10 deep shirt? (with the chinease)
T 39 (3 years ago)
The Japanese Kanji shirts are mostly found on eBay, they have both White and black.
Cyber Crime (3 years ago)
Damn :( I need a size medium its so beautiful
The Starr Life (3 years ago)
+Javier Irizarry - I don't man, even when I copped it, it was hard to find for sure.
Walter F (4 years ago)
Hey Jacob, what hat is that you're wearing in this video?
MONEYBAGGS TV (4 years ago)
Hey bro , u want me hook u with a few tshirts from my brand. I will promote u as well we can work together. Have a look at my clothing 0n Instagram @moneybaggs_clothing,
LUMINΔS (4 years ago)
Chill as hell
CITYSTARS217 (4 years ago)
that cherry one is crazzzzzzy
Julian Tejeda (4 years ago)
Dude those tees are nice. But I was wondering if you knew where I could get a 10Deep fanny pack. I got one that dropped last year but want a new one. Anyway peace n love man
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+Julian Tejeda - Yeah it is the Cheetah print one fam. & of course bruh I am true to my word. If someone asks me to keep an eye for something I always try to help them out.
Julian Tejeda (4 years ago)
It's a cheetah print one huh? If so I got it months ago. And Thank You for remembering dude! I seriously thought you wouldn't remember me at all.
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+Julian Tejeda Hey man I found a 10Deep Fanny Pack on PLNDR. Sales are only on PLNDR for a little but I would go there and check it out.
Julian Tejeda (4 years ago)
Thanks dude. Keep on
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I dont know bruh! I haven't seen one drop recently but if I do see one I will let you know for sure man!
Mahmood Ismail (4 years ago)
Lovin the Vids man! please do a few unboxing Vids of labels where packaging is worth showing
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I have an unboxing from my bro Paul Cantu dropping in a couple days.
lex187 (4 years ago)
Dope vid bro
Ed's Threads (4 years ago)
That print is dope, if they did a white jacket like that would kill
Ed's Threads (4 years ago)
Damb, googling it now
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I think they did have it in white but I am not too sure. This is like 3 releases ago.
Meta Physics (4 years ago)
+Jacob Starr What program did you use for these effects?
Meta Physics (4 years ago)
+Jacob Starr Thnx bro. Nice video
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+Meta Physics - I used Final Cut Pro X
Darius Jones (4 years ago)
10 deep never fails on any season drop
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I agree bruh! Their drops are always fire!
DeeEzzy Styles (4 years ago)
The first hoodie is mad dope. I personally like hoodies/sweatshirts without the cuffs at the bottom. If that's what you call it haha. It's hard to layer like a extended tee underneath if the cuff is there. Unless it's like the second hoodie you showed off with the zips and stuff
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Yeah for layering the hoodies without cuffs definitely look better for sure.
Nine Five (4 years ago)
Hey Jacob I've been keeping up with your channel for a while and love your editing skills and you sense of style. I just started my channel and was wondering if you could check out my first video and let me know what you think. It'd mean a lot man, Thanks.
TeeOozy (4 years ago)
I like that black and white hoodie
Paul Cantu (4 years ago)
BRO, I found a fubu sport jacket, size large, it's gamma blue and white, in really good condish. Let me know if you want it so I can go back and scoop it up. I took pics of it too if you want me to email them to you, etc.
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
You are on it bruh! Shoot me an email man [email protected]
Lucy Peacock (4 years ago)
Can you do a updated room tour x and I love the way you edit your vids
chefjay8 (4 years ago)
How come you don't have brands hitting you up to promote there attire? You obviously put alot of work in to the editing of the lookbook portion and you give a good detailed description of the product(s) your showing off. You should try and make a look book in a party like atmosphere!!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+chefjay8 - exactly bro! I see a lot of people reppin for shit they dont really fuck with. I've been tempted to do it but then I just never wear it so there is no point. Yeah a green screen would be pretty difficult for sure just because I dont have access to one & I never have before. But yeah Asos is dope as fuck. Asos to me seems like an Amazon for clothes. Have you checked KL lately? They are making some good changes bruh!
chefjay8 (4 years ago)
I feel you, If you dont like it you shouldnt trick ur viewers or the brand that you like it. Thats honesty and yeah I'm just shooting Ideas to you like maybe even add special effects like a cartoon version of you, a green screen, you playing sports in the attire. who knows only time will tell!! and hey man dont know if you know already or if u already did a vid but you should really check out asos.com they are like a more professional/high quality karmaloop
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I mean I do just usually not tons of big brands like 10 deep & shit. Like Ritual Union, Royvaute, Demkids, S.I.R, Golden Denim, etc. I have a lot of other smaller brands hit me up to promote their shit but I only show off what I like you know? I am not going to make a video with shit I don't like. Lol & thanks man I am glad you like the way I do it. & that would be dope, that actually gave me an idea but it will be awhile before I can actually accomplish the idea with that. When I do I will tag you though! Ayyyeee!
E Su (4 years ago)
how tall are you? also what sizes did you get for the 10 deep items? 
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I am 5'8 man. I get medium for everything except the shorts. I get a small for shorts and my waist is 30
E Su (4 years ago)
just bought $125 with your rep! dope videos as always
Joey Sanchez (4 years ago)
On point as always 👌 tht tshirt is sick !!!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bruh!
Jack Peralta (4 years ago)
Hell yeah bruh. Sick as fuck. The usual.
Jack Peralta (4 years ago)
I got you man. They look sick as hell already, don't know how they could get much better hahaha. Can't wait to see them!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bruh! I am working on some insane video edits right now man! I am just using this time overseas to better my craft you know. I am really liking where my edits are at right now!
Sean Tadeo (4 years ago)
What do you use for editing videos?
Life of Gxld (4 years ago)
Dope video man!
Jose Perez (4 years ago)
I've been slacking on watching Jacob's videos. My bad bruh, this line was too sick. Great job on the visuals for sure.
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bruh. Hopefully you get back on it man! I got some dope videos coming these next couple weeks too!
Safari Future (4 years ago)
Love how you match your clothing with the surroundings. Great pickups and video bro! 
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bro! Yeah Right when I ordered these I knew where I was going to shoot it. Haha
Afro Lad (4 years ago)
Hat is dope 
seewhychris (4 years ago)
Brooo your lookbooks are the best i've ever seen, seriously. The flying particle effect adds a really nice touch, and the locations you chose were real on point, I like how you used a japanese setting to compliment all the japanese kanji on the tee and hoodies.
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks! I definitely try to drop nothing but good content. I am glad you like the videos man bro!
Patrick Meynard (4 years ago)
Absolutely killed the lookbook like always. Keep it up fam
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bruh, I definitely will!
Rafael Duarte (4 years ago)
Lookbook portion was ILL as FUCK
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bruh! 
Legend of Mathys (4 years ago)
Definitely moving to California once I get everything straight haha the scenary is too dope!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
+ThysFits - I live in California which is probably why you thought that. But I am from Tacoma Washington and 90% of my videos are shot in Tacoma still :) I love showing the world how much my city has to offer cause not  a lot of people know about Tacoma man! & people need to realize it is an amazing city bruh! I love my hometown!
Legend of Mathys (4 years ago)
+Jacob Starr haha my bad thought you were from California for some reason
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
I actually shoot most of my videos in Washington man :D Including this one. 
U S (4 years ago)
Great vid
TOPO (4 years ago)
Now this is the new streetwear channel! Fuck that fuck boi AFA with no swag  You deserve more subscribers man! Keep this up man pieces go hard af!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Haha thanks bruh I appreciate that. AFA is a good dude though, I always appreciate people who are genuine. & thanks man hopefully the channel keeps growing. I will definitely keep dropping quality content. Aye Ty2!? You fuck with Sicko Mobb or Mista Poe?
AyyDeVante (4 years ago)
Very dope pick ups, great lookbook section as always too bro!
Stephon Ottley (4 years ago)
I love the pieces! How do u gt sponsored hauls?
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
People hit me up and want me to show off their brand. Sometimes I do a haul for a brand & they see it & to show appreciation they send me some stuff like Golden Denim did.
juiceboxmedia1080 (4 years ago)
great vid once again, i like the jersey hoody the best
juiceboxmedia1080 (4 years ago)
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Yeah that hoodie is raw, & since it doesnt have elastic at the bottom you can layer it with shit.
flat cheeks (4 years ago)
yoo my dude your featured fits are by far the best ive seen on youtube. respect.
Vinyl C (1 year ago)
she thicc but smell like dutt I like your username
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bro! I appreciate that. I am working on an OOTD that I plan on dropping in a couple weeks that is so raw!
Kenichi Ukai (4 years ago)
猫(Neko) is cat. 黒(Kuro) is black. 大きなリビング(Ookina ribingu) is big living room. 深い第十課(Fukai dai jyuu ka) is 10 deep..maybe but that is funny Japanese. 個人のカルト(Kojin no karuto) is individual cult. Those are really sick! 
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Hahahahahahahahaha OOKINA RIBINGU! That had me dying! Big living room! LOL  Thanks for the translations bruh bruh!
LaDeezyHype (4 years ago)
Really dope pieces bro!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bruh I appreciate that!
anthonyxdoe (4 years ago)
love that 6:10 split shot, showing both the front and back of the pieces. really dope, and damn that asian surroundings fit perfectly. really like that neutal kanji tee, cant find any online though!!
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Yeah theyll be hard to find online man! Primarily due to how late this is but the natural all over print kanji tee sold out so quick even when it was on there. & thanks man. I agree the location really fit the aesthetic of the brand.
Dan Jefferson (4 years ago)
I can't read that
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Lol this girl I know who is Japanese said it says "cult" all over and something else that she didn't understand.
David (4 years ago)
Look book is always so FUXKIN sick! That garden area with the edits make it even sicker
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Thanks bro! I definitely like how it turned out for sure. I shot that in two different Japanese gardens
Bradley Gibbins-Klein (4 years ago)
Nice pickups, the t shirt really stands out, in a good way !
The Starr Life (4 years ago)
Yeah I love that tee, the natural colorway is perfect too!
shadesofhorror (4 years ago)
Me gusta

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