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$328 SHEIN Clothing Haul Unboxing! | SHORT GIRL PROBLEMS - Review

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SHEIN Website http://bit.ly/2FrOarH Dropped Shoulder Heather Knit Overlap Hoodie - S http://bit.ly/2BC0m6S Color Block Marled Knit Jumper - S http://bit.ly/2DIkbeF Roll Neck Color Block Jumper - S http://bit.ly/2FoJ6nU Contrast Frill Neck And Hem Sweater http://bit.ly/2DXRduJ Faux Fur Vest http://bit.ly/2DUE9pL Color Block Wide Waistband Leggings - XS http://bit.ly/2GrR7dc Zip Up Pockets Front Corduroy Skirt - XS http://bit.ly/2Ei4FqM Rib Knit Cami & Lace Shorts Pj Set http://bit.ly/2Ei8v35 Faux Pearl & Rhinestone Cap Toe Flats http://bit.ly/2BA4l3F Ripped Front Jeans white - XS http://bit.ly/2DJRttB Knee Rips Rolled Hem Jeans - XS http://bit.ly/2GqoMDS Bow Tie Neck Shirt - S http://bit.ly/2FpNOlt SHEIN Fringe Trim Tweed Overall Dress -XS http://bit.ly/2GrGTJu Turtleneck Pullover Sweater http://bit.ly/2GrUqRu Off The Shoulder Tunic Top black - XS http://bit.ly/2FmKGXp Other Hauls Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIDQk_ieZkU&t=16s __________________________________________________________ - Body Analyzer Weighing Scale for Body Fat % http://vpwow.com/gogreengolean 60% off discount code __________________________________________________________ My transformation video - How I Lost 46 Pounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrw5LjQZzlM&t=10s Gogreengolean 💕 💁🏻 FOLLOW ME ➤ BLOG: https://gogreengolean.wordpress.com/ ➤ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gogreengolean/?hl=en ➤ E-MAIL: [email protected]
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Text Comments (48)
KpopGangx (16 days ago)
New subscriber here ♥️ almost watched all your vids keep up the great work! I legit ordered a pair of sneakers after watching your video 😄.
Mohini Das (1 month ago)
She's still 5ft 1 .. I m 5ft that's it only 5ft 😂
Papernoise (2 months ago)
I’m binge watching all of your videos. I loveee your fashion sense. I would buy all of the clothes you have if I could. Hahaha. I’m even smaller than you. I’m only 150 cm. It’s super hard to find clothes that fit :’)
Jodie Barclay (3 months ago)
Heyy (: I'm wanting to buy stuff from shein, i'm 4"11 maybe 5", Im around 112 pounds and don't know what size to get, I an usually a UK size 10 in tops and 12 in trousers, What do you suggest? I Normally go for a Medium but not too sure )):
Demi Zhou (4 months ago)
I'm the same height but I'm a little curvier (stubbier) so I don't look as tall! What's your experience buying jeans? I'm a Jean fanatic would love to see your collection!
Sorry to disappoint you but jeans are honestly the last thing I go for hahah!!! I have such a hard time finding a pair that fits me (length wise)!! I'm more of a leggings person :)
sandy Angela (5 months ago)
when will you be in London?
sandy Angela (4 months ago)
omg I missed you! next time I hope . I really want to meet you, truly inspiring
I was there during mid February!
Hayley Tran (5 months ago)
Hello, I have been watching so many of your videos and I admire you so much!! I have some questions wondering if you could make a demonstration video of it or a Q&A. For beginners, what are some home items that you could replace with as workout gear? Workout hygiene (washing gym clothes, shower..etc) ? Can you not wear a sport bra when you do small exercises before bed?
Hwang Minyoung (5 months ago)
Hello there, I just want to ask a question. Should I build my muscles first then start doing diet, because the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn? Do you have an answer to what I should do?
Elizabeth Hui (5 months ago)
Woo also a short person
indeed! 5ft1 ahahaa
Lan-Anh (5 months ago)
this may sound like a weird question but where is that white t-shirt from that you're wearing the entire video? it has like the perfect loose fit :D
it's from Korea!!
sk8guitardrums (5 months ago)
you might be short but very sweet, everything looks good on you, The overall dress thing looks amazing and suits you. its kind of Japanese style, very cute.
Thank you !!<3
V Yau (5 months ago)
This only cost $328???
Yep! USD!
crazy Pikachu crcr (5 months ago)
Have fun in England, Barabra Yu Ling , My ghost, ☯, I do know some living in Lester, England. Peace to the UK.
리노paperino (5 months ago)
you always soooo cute and got a good sense of styling, cong.!!
Thank you!!<3
Victoria Vann Kuja (5 months ago)
those shoes are SO CUTE neeeeeed
Theyre so comfortable!!!
su-ting tan (5 months ago)
i feel like i need to shop at shein more! haha
su-ting tan (5 months ago)
ahhhhj love hauls!!!! i just got back from a winter ball last night and wow im so tired but waking up to this is such a great start to my day! 😚❤
su-ting tan (5 months ago)
much loveee!
Thank you Su-Ting!!<3
Is this a coincidence?i was literally not sure to buy stuff from shein this weekend and as soon as I saw you doing a haul❤️❤️I was so hyped.literally love your style. You
Thank you!!<3 Let Me know if you like your purchase!!
mimona El-Aakioui (5 months ago)
U´re the bedst ;) such a powerfull women thanks ;)
Thank you!!<3
Magix1997 (5 months ago)
weazeit (5 months ago)
Always great to see you
Thank you!!<3
solacium (5 months ago)
I'm 5'4" so I'm not sure if I can buy stuff from this website. I have trouble buying clothes that fit my shoulders and lats. -sighs- Alas, I'll just have to live vicariously through people and imagine that I can fit cute clothing. 😗 You look adorable!
Honestly can!! The trousers are quick long and clothes come in all sizes from xS to L! So check it out if you see something you like :)
Sapna Kaushik (5 months ago)
You can buy! I'm 5'4 too and bought some stuff from shein aswell Fits well..
Sup People of the WORLD (5 months ago)
Wait...How tall r u?
weazeit (5 months ago)
Love you Susana ❤️
Sending you lots of love from HK!!
Reel Fitness (5 months ago)
Great stuff as usual!
Thank you!!
jaehyun's dimples (5 months ago)
So much cute stuff!!! Great video:)
Thank you!!
kouhai jurie (5 months ago)
I'M EARLY YAAAASSS love you susana!!!!!
Thank you so much for your support!!<3

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