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Hawaii Pickups! - Snapbacks GALORE: The Hundreds, Obey, Mishka 7/5

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Shop Nike Clearance Here: http://bit.ly/193LReg I have landed back in beautiful Portland, OR! Here are all the purchases that I made in Hawaii...Hawaii has some of the best urban streetwear stores I've ever seen! Stay fresh, my friends. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thatsthat_shit Instagram: @thatsthat_shit ShoutOuts: http://www.youtube.com/koopa213 Here is Koopa213's video on his Snapback Giveaway Win! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH1krhANoVY&feature=g-u-u http://www.youtube.com/shivibeats Songs: The End by Kid Cudi Porchlight by BIG Krit I Need A Dollar Remix by Mac Miller The Statement by Wiz Khalifa
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Text Comments (140)
real stuff (3 years ago)
where are your snaps now bro...........
virus.exe (4 years ago)
wat r the songs on the vid?
virus.exe (4 years ago)
finally i found a mens fashion ytber whos not gay
poplander (5 years ago)
first vid i ever watched of yours haha man your channel grew alot!
frisco (5 years ago)
amateurs? you are tiny kid
god godd (5 years ago)
мишка горькая
hi0618 (5 years ago)
Sick pickups man
808goBoom (5 years ago)
Cheee,hawaii FTW. Wut stores did u hit up?
SneakerHeadChris (5 years ago)
btw she didnt just go there for the hat duh she went there to see family
SneakerHeadChris (5 years ago)
My mom went to brazil for the summer to get me a new era with a brazilian flag on it.in brazil new era is Nova era
JayBrigs (5 years ago)
I wanna go to the main land to get some gear since everyone in Hawaii pretty much wears the same thing haha
Darnell Berlasty (5 years ago)
Bro your legit, you have sick vids.
josh marr (5 years ago)
Missed out on fitted hawaii, noteworthy, farmers market, in4mation, leilow (when it was there), kickshi, the firm.
cameron carr (5 years ago)
Ah man ive been looking for that Diamond x Hundreds hat to match my Diamond x Hundreds shirt!
ermtz1 (5 years ago)
That Obey snapback was awesome
chrustiangacia602912 (5 years ago)
I have that same hundreds & diamond hat (x
Fashionable Essentials (5 years ago)
ive got that huge hunderd aswel :D
J CREW (5 years ago)
your dope !
Evan Moore (5 years ago)
youre sus as fuck seriously
Nick Costanza (5 years ago)
around how many snapbacks do you have?
Madison Murphy (5 years ago)
Hey, I'm going to Hawaii this summer with my parents. I can't wait
JAY BAYTV (5 years ago)
Hey always fresh checkout pink dolphin clothing they got sick stuff
TricksterTheHipster (5 years ago)
you look so differant now then you did in this video lol. and look at your room! damn its practialcy empty compared to your room now.
Alexander Morrow (5 years ago)
Ayyy chris webby! thats dope!
leleseb (5 years ago)
Lol bought that corduroy Obey hat yesterday, just saw this video, now there's 2 peeps haha.
pinoyfiah (5 years ago)
Fitted Hawaii is where the heat is at bruh
Preston Schreck (5 years ago)
What's the name of the first watch
TheOfficialXboxGamer (5 years ago)
Kid Cudi <3
joy mela (6 years ago)
tahaha you look burnt from the 808 sun cheehoo nxt time hit up thefirm and fitted there sick!
Heydomywork (6 years ago)
third hat is butt dude. popped lettering is gross
RobbieJHD (6 years ago)
Thats my name too dog!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Thanks so much for the kind words!!!
RealTa1ent (6 years ago)
We're did he get the hat he is wearing ?
TheAjIII (6 years ago)
You should've hit up TheFirm in Hawaii
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
I know bro! lol I meant "in the connected states" like back in the main land lol
Captain Bunz (6 years ago)
I missed this video! Whaaaaa?! lol.. great vid.
Zahir pinto (6 years ago)
where i can buy hawaiian clothes ? cx
Atreyu Ragil (6 years ago)
Im from hawaii homes, i know hawaii has a shit ton of snabacks, we all wear it here lol
Artzie Music (6 years ago)
loved your pickups! Keep up the great work!
Marco Escobar (6 years ago)
Your Mishka Hat Rules
wonpichit petchsaitip (6 years ago)
The crooks and castle is so dope I've been to the one in California
Kyle Hanley (6 years ago)
I can just go to my mall and get a hundreds hat
blaise gokan (6 years ago)
i live on oahu
cristian18376 (6 years ago)
Super dope calab hat bro!
Nova Supply (6 years ago)
Great videos man you make mans realize to do there own ting , Great job and i wouldnt mind if you shout me out Lool
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Lol thanks homie!!
shaka daily (6 years ago)
Can I get a follow back on Instagram I just followed you..
Samuel Poirier (6 years ago)
Were do u get this fucking Keep Calm poster :o ?
HawaiianSnaps (6 years ago)
Come check out my pickups video. I get all my snapbacks from Hawaii cuz i live there! Vintage snaps and clothes.
James Pham (6 years ago)
you should do a workout vid!
Brick Flair (6 years ago)
kid cudi <3
Parker Unrein (6 years ago)
Hey Jacob! (yes calling you by your actual name) Not sure if you know of it or not but there's this skate website, ccs.com. It carries your favorite, The Hundreds! They've got some Crooks stuff in recently, and they're loaded on diamond, etc. If you've got the time go take a look and I think you'll like it!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Possibly check the Mishka website
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Hahaha it's sick bro! Already worn it a couple times
Dan The Man (6 years ago)
As soon as i heard you say you were in hawaii and you said you bought hundreds snapbacks, i knew you were going to show the diamond supply collab :D dope as hat. i just got mine in the mail like a week ago c:
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Hahaha thank you man. Appreciate it
TheNerdunderground (6 years ago)
*Bravo Mr.AlwaysFreshApparel Bravo indeed
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Obey was mainly founded through Shepard Fairey's art (namely Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker campaign.) Shawn Stussy started Stussy in the 80's and originally started out as a surf company. And The Hundreds was started by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar. So no, I'm not a hypebeast and I'm not a follower. I know my shit.
TheNerdunderground (6 years ago)
Pop quiz who is the creator of obey,stussy and the hundreds?
kxyo (6 years ago)
Christian Mejia (6 years ago)
yeah get back at me on what you think about it
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Okay I'll check it out!
Christian Mejia (6 years ago)
oh no theyre brand it just called "fitted hawaii" they have all kinds of stuff snapbacks, fitteds, strapbacks. but they make limited stuff so like u gotta check their website like every month to see whats coming out.
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
yeah I cut my own hair
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Are they only fitteds?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Nah I didn't man!
chaze dextraze (6 years ago)
do u shave ur ball hair?
Christian Mejia (6 years ago)
bro you shouldve went to fitted hawaii ! they have the dopest hats that are only made in hawaii ! go to fitted.com
Dixon Yermaoth (6 years ago)
did you go to those low-key hypebeast places like The Firm, Noteworthy, Leilow, Kicks/HI?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Portland bro
808dawgfulsnapps (6 years ago)
HEY BRO! I'm living in Hawaii. Check my channel out!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
You did?! Where? lol
niña cariño (6 years ago)
yah im from hawaii and i saw u it was beast
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
What part of Oregon homie?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Lol I wanna walk fairfax some day!
Jona Za (6 years ago)
You need to come to so cal to pick up some shit. Come down to fairfax and get some supreme nobody fucks with supreme
Nick (6 years ago)
@AlwaysFreshApparel Yeah dude ! I'ts sick Buy the way love your videos
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
I honestly don't really plan out what I'm gonna say...I just let it flow
Jonh Cuttingham (6 years ago)
Is it hard just like trying to member what to talk about but look at the camra?
thomasislab (6 years ago)
In my city at zumiez there is a lot of the hundreds snapbacks and tees
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
I didn't. Is it good?
Nick (6 years ago)
@AlwaysFreshApparel Did you go to prototype in Ala Moana?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Sony HX9V
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Haha it's all good dude! I think I went to the Ala Moana shopping center where they had the Blue Hawaii Surf
drew cina (6 years ago)
I live in oahu!! damn i shouldve hung out with you at pearlridge, where you went to blue surf hawaii! i watch your vids all the time damn!!
BlueCIoud (6 years ago)
No problem man, you definitely will start racking up thousands of subscribers, I can taste it. Can't wait for the next video!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Well when I went to Hawaii, I actually talked with the store owner and he said it is pronounced "stu:si" because there are two dots above the "u" in Stussy, giving it that "oo" sound. Lol no hate though is right! I appreciate it
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Thank you man! I appreciate you having my back haha. It's all good
Dylan Christianson (6 years ago)
Bro fuck newhorizonawaits! He just jealous he's not totally ripped like you bro.
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Either online or at Zumiez
NJSNAPzPiCKUPz2012 (6 years ago)
where do you get your obeys
jason! (6 years ago)
Good vid
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
The Scum Bowl starter snap in heather by Mishka!
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
I know, I realized as I was editing. Didn't mean to offend anyone. But I have been to "real" gyms before and I am still able to keep up with the people who use steroids.
Spencer Fisher (6 years ago)
dude no offense but calling people amateurs makes you sound like a douche. if you went to a real gym you would get laughed at
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
I'm still kind of deciding. I want to do a giveaway but I don't really have too many things to give away at the moment. I will discuss it in my next video
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Thank you man!
aapellanes (6 years ago)
dope video bro! keep doing your thing, and im looking forward to more videos!
jocelyn washere (6 years ago)
almost at 500 subs! gonna do anything?
AlwaysFreshApparel (6 years ago)
Wow, thank you! Lol I appreciate that :)

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