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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 - Keyboard and joystick - Part2

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 - Keyboard and joystick: You're going to see a short movie, how you can use your keyboard or joystick!
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leah Knight (5 months ago)
what keyboard are they using been trying to find it but no luck
Washik (5 months ago)
leah Knight it’s called the white keyboard
sharkboy8me (1 year ago)
shit i forgot to turn off num lock
sharkboy8me hhhhhhhhh
Marius Januška (2 years ago)
Can i play with Windows 7 ?
Marius Januška (1 year ago)
Peter Sorrentino Yes
Peter Sorrentino (1 year ago)
Can I play it on windows 10
david le (2 years ago)
Ahmad Yafie (2 years ago)
is dat works on flight sim X?
GWN IK (23 days ago)
Yes i denk het well
David Emho (1 year ago)
iiOcBx (3 years ago)
this made me hate my life
Evan Cwikla (5 years ago)
Hey, please respond- how do I use the foot pedals using the keyboard? thanks.
Mr. Doughnut (9 months ago)
Evan Cwikla f1 f2
Tomahawk7670 (7 years ago)
omg they are trying so hard that i dont like it,, that woman pants are to high, dicrease the power
David Emho (7 years ago)
@Dazeddx : you can activate brakes by pushing the dot button "." you all ways have to use "shift" button, and arrows. Eg.: to look left, you should press "Shift+Left Arrow". If you have a numpad(a plus pad on the right, which has the Num Lock button), there are the 4 arrows on 2, 4, 6 and 8 buttons, but you can use the other buttons( 1, 3, 7, 9) to get intermediate views. If you have a virtual cockpit(which is usually included by the whole airplane), you can use "Ctrl+Enter" - "Ctrl+Backspace"
David Emho (8 years ago)
@santabir : F1: cut throttle(less throttle) F2: less throttle F3: more throttle F4: most throttle -- F5: flaps in F6: flaps less(+one gradation) F7: flaps more(-one gradation) F8: all flaps out Control the aircraft by the narrow keys(left, right, up, down), but you can set any control-, and other key commands in "Options: -> Controls: -> Assignments: " (on the top of the screen during flight)
David Emho (8 years ago)
@funnytat101 : if it has an USD port, plug it into the PC's USB port. Generally, the computer recognises it immediately, and installs. There is another reason why it couldn work. In the simulator software, you can change from "Disable" or "Enable" joystick at Options:-> Controls. The simulator recognises the joystick automatically(usually). If you have more questions, or I didn't answered well, write me again. Greetings ;)
Getoffofmycloud (8 years ago)
my controls wont work in some flights??? Are there any patch updates i can download ???

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