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Tel Aviv beach (Tel Aviv beaches Israel bikini girls women swimsuit israeli beachs)

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A French man visited the beach in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv beach (Tel Aviv beaches Israel bikini swimsuit girls women israeli beachs)
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VALDIGNE (5 months ago)
I rather live in a country with girls in bikini than with women covered with burka.
Dev Shukla (1 month ago)
+Manju Natha Hello and welcome im your indian friend wht app+917805039593
Manju Natha (2 months ago)
VALDIGNE me too.
Bob S. Stevenson (11 months ago)
what a slimy douche
Albert Monson (1 year ago)
typical french douche bag
Glinkling Smearnops (2 years ago)
Just as the Burka and Hijab are marks of slavery and ignorance, so the bikinii is the badge of beauty and freedom. Burn the Burka, and long live the bikni.
Glinkling Smearnops (2 years ago)
Indeed, I'm sure Israel does. And, when the Arabs stop fighting each other, perhaps they will start fighting Israel - but that will be a cold day in Hell. Meanwhile, the Russians sell weapons to any one with the cash - including to Israel for whom they have provided in the software keys to the radar systems they sold to Arabs and Iranians alike.
Glinkling Smearnops (2 years ago)
I see you haven't been keeping up with the news. Germany is one of Israel's closest allies, trading Dolphin class (cruise missile) submarines for money now, and gas later. The current Arab Musilim invation of Germany is not making them any friends thee.
pat smith (2 years ago)
Orion Lord That comment makes no sense. Germany is under siege from Muslims. The far right is preparing for war. Jews are not an issue. If anything, Aryans and Jews have a common enemy.
Glinkling Smearnops (2 years ago)
Germany is one of Israel's strongest allies Germany supplies submarines (Dolphin class) which Israel then converts to carriers of nuclear armed cruise missiles. Israel will providing oil and natural gas. I guess you don't keep up with the news. No matter, enjoy the arab muslim invasion of your country. While Israel has successfully deployed fences that have choked off Islamist and African infiltrators, your government is inviting them, where the collect social benefits and increase the crime rate by an order of magnitude. Good luck with that.
pat smith (2 years ago)
Sounds like jealously.
floyd pitt (2 years ago)
What does he ask Ella, the hot girl in the pink bikini?
hans v.essen (3 years ago)
Would like to go there to check it out sometime this year.
Sohaib Akram (3 years ago)
The girl in pink bikini is hot!
hans v.essen (3 years ago)
Israeli girls and women are beautiful and pretty when they wear bikini. Love them.
Glinkling Smearnops (2 years ago)
If a woman works out, stays in shape, and knows what clothing she makes look good, it is highly likely she will be attractive to men. Of course, attitude counts.

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