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This Is Jewish Style - Official Parody - GANGNAM STYLE

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Brian McComas (1 month ago)
The song and lyrics are amazing. I do however wish that the video was a little less immorally dressed. I could show this on my facebook to my orthodox friends and they would love it, but the video itself has a bit too much immoral dressed stuff and most Jews will shut it off on the first 20 seconds. But great song, great work. Maybe think of redoing the video to a more modest version?
Trumpstein D.J. (1 month ago)
Why didn't they sing about the Holohoax and it's 6 gazillion? Biggest jew lie in world history.
Sholam Green (1 month ago)
peure hate. I'm Jewish and I'm prode!!!!!!!
MoonAngel23 (4 months ago)
This is SO funny. 😅👍💖
hasan sas (7 months ago)
Hahahaha funny
The Oaks (8 months ago)
This is Hysterical ... I Love it ... I'm Screaming at 0:29 secs. Way too funny .. Whoever put this together , you did a fabulous job.
Floppie (8 months ago)
I was born in Israel and this is the most accurate representation of Jews I have ever seen
Pef S (8 months ago)
Im not even Jewish but this video makes me quite angry.
Rommel Chavez (10 months ago)
Paul Tenberg (11 months ago)
This song is about Jews loving money and having big noses... there is a name for stuff like that. I enjoy satire but this ain't it.
Glad Tzivel (1 year ago)
Yes you are right butt we are more handsome
kekseek (1 year ago)
сколько же здесь российских оО
Sam Hill (1 year ago)
Dis Jewish style
ARIVILIAR (1 year ago)
I watched this because as a secular, reform Jewish I like making fun of the irnoic aspects of our religion... But hey, it is obvious that most people here are antisemitic...
Рук Олеся (1 year ago)
Feliciana Kistner (1 year ago)
I enjoy watching a beautiful Vedio
Sherron Yarborough (1 year ago)
Amy (1 year ago)
Ana Stucchi (1 year ago)
wow! amazing!!!!!!
There aren't Jews there are American Zionists
Jesus Elice (1 year ago)
I Love Israel !
Hans Calkins (1 year ago)
Love it !
optjenkere (1 year ago)
Oy vey
Duane Lesperance (1 year ago)
SK1PP3R88 of i
What is a Shlomo?
Marcelo Zanuski (1 year ago)
Smaller nose... hahahahahahaha.
paulmaking1980 (1 year ago)
I love Jewish people, but this song & the dancing is awful! Shocking!
David Elmekies (1 year ago)
צוחקים על העולם,,,,,,,,,, וגם על עצמנו ,,,,,,,, טוב מאוד !!!!!
KinSniper (1 year ago)
Am I the one who danced to this?
LeafyIsHere (1 year ago)
Slamm the boss (1 year ago)
noammiz007 (1 year ago)
אםם מה ראיתי הרגע?
TheTrueAssociation07 (2 years ago)
fishman tomer (2 years ago)
im a jew and hell man this was so fucking funny also i seen the commants and im pretty sure thet those people are jewish
olivia smith (2 years ago)
Love it!! Israeli Jews rock!!
IRISHJINGER (2 years ago)
Holly shit! Seriously? Lol!
Wannabes lol fake ass jews JEWISH by fake ass religion lol
Joe Ben-Ami (2 years ago)
Get a life
Luis Arguello (2 years ago)
Jewish style!!! Yes!
Panthéa Beigi (2 years ago)
yanki Tauber (2 years ago)
whoever these people are they're definitely not Jewish
Edward P Campbell (2 years ago)
You think goyim gentiles and shiksas would make this..?
yanki Tauber (2 years ago)
horrible song
Sam Hill (1 year ago)
yanki Tauber like your face
deee327ify (1 year ago)
...are you the ultra jew yanki?
Peb the Fabulous (2 years ago)
I don't think the rabbi would approve of this...
Miukiś Miukiś (2 years ago)
wico ginting (2 years ago)
bad video clips
Rafael Arandas (2 years ago)
But Jews are supposed to be gentle, refined, good...
Kestral Kelly (2 years ago)
+Rafael Arandas turns out; jews had kids too. sucks right.
mattloulou123123 (2 years ago)
MoonAngel23 (2 years ago)
The comments are more entertaining than the video! 3:)
Jasper XY (1 year ago)
AnimeGirl1723 get a real life
Abbshalom PAL (2 years ago)
Jewish Style ROCKZ
Absaalookemensch (2 years ago)
This is so funny. People need to make versions for different cultures.
The Dark Angel (2 years ago)
Of allllll the handsome tanned macho Israeli Men there are in Israel , how n why did they chose this ugly little guy whom has no talent. This was awful. Yes IMO which I'm entitled to.
Roxy Proxy (2 years ago)
I don't care if it's Jews who made this, it's offensive to Jews.
Andi S. Emit (11 months ago)
Roxy Proxy It's like anudda shoah.
foreveriscoming (2 years ago)
I'm Jewish and trust me it's not
elantra11 (2 years ago)
Смешно, здорово !
bbqeatinbuckeye (2 years ago)
MinxLaura123 ASMR (2 years ago)
this is AWESOME!!!! :))))
Roxy Petunia (2 years ago)
Don't like the guy with no shirt and rabbi 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Simon R (2 years ago)
racist pig
Call me Misssociopath (2 years ago)
Whahahahaah great I m JEwish and I like it!
Raj Leonard (2 years ago)
You guys be trippin'!
Raj Leonard (2 years ago)
I was of course speaking in jest.
E D Daly (2 years ago)
+Raj Leonard That sounds like a health and safety issue......
MultiOliver5 (2 years ago)
I guess i am technically Jewish i am 1/8 Ashkenazim and this is funny.
Rochel Hirsch (2 years ago)
Claudio Falcinelli (2 years ago)
I like it , From Thailand :D
Dawn Jews and Arabs are so similar
+Mark Frosch I am full ethnically jewish but religiously I am agnostic =3
+Mark Frosch xD, well, you're religiously and half ethnically jewish =3
+Mark Frosch sure =3 so you're jewish too?  =3
+Marick Ashkenazee stereotypes, and genetics,
inspirationalusrname (2 years ago)
I am Palestinian....just throwing that out there. Oh, sorry-excuse me, my popcorn is ready, let me go grab it.
inspirationalusrname (2 years ago)
+Nicklas Bendtner lol wtf?
Valerie Griffin (2 years ago)
Creative! Well done.
Chaim Lubelsky (2 years ago)
nothig but
Vilifica (2 years ago)
...so what's the donation link to ISIS?
Esther Urbach (3 years ago)
i don't think this is the way u should make the jews look! We are supposed to be spiritually higher than the non-jews and u definately didn't show us that way! If u aren't proud of ur jewish heritage, don't be, but don't ruin it for the people who are! It would be a funny music video if it wasn't jewish but it is! It was disgusting to see jewish people acting like this AND posting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saar Rozen (3 years ago)
לך תזדיין יבן זונה
+saar rozen הוא לא יורד עלינו תקשיב, הם יהודים ישראלים שצוחקים על עצמם עם עצמם  וגם איתנו
Saar Rozen (3 years ago)
עדיין זה שיר שיורד עלינו
+saar rozen למה? הם יהודים אתה יודע הם סתם צוחקים
Banism24 (3 years ago)
why do jews taking a shower? for clean their body, you fuckin racist!!!!
Cynthia Stein (3 years ago)
i think the video was worth a laugh or two but im just a little ole non-perfect Christian gal heh
Cynthia Stein (3 years ago)
sunrise to sunset no food not even water that takes serious discipline but Gandhi would go without anything at all which was why he looked like a constant toothpick hmm true fasting as protest/ food you can go without longer but water nope
Chaim Lubelsky (3 years ago)
If you are making won more time a song from jewish you bether dont start with me and you are a big antysimyt
Chaim Lubelsky (3 years ago)
Dicasting verry bad I hate it its not even nice its the badest I ever soo!!!!
dnlc0 (3 years ago)
stupid goyim pretending to be jewish
Jacqueline Mhitaryan (2 years ago)
+jinitron Not necessarily the same thing.
jinitron (2 years ago)
They're Israeli, troll.
may garish (3 years ago)
PortnoiJ (3 years ago)
greatest son ever.. prosto molodsi
youaremypreciousone (3 years ago)
LMFAO , love it 
Szaráhzi zsidó fajzatok
reginaDexant (3 years ago)
Chag Purim Sameach 2015!  As it was done to Haman, so shall the LORD do to all the enemies of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai!!!
joe blo (3 years ago)
i don't care who you are that's funny right there.
I'm Jewish
Lil Stuse (3 years ago)
Is this Nazi propaganda?
Lord TOURETTE (1 year ago)
ST4Planted No
vash8millenium (3 years ago)
Unfunny. This had the potential to be hilarious if it actually mocked politically incorrect jewish stereotypes
Ariel Zuk (3 years ago)
jews like laughing at themselves . It's when people take these stereotypes seriously then it's a problem .
Michel Brown (3 years ago)
Also don't forget that Jewish in Israel are just american idol you should know that
Michel Brown (3 years ago)
Baby rage u are just little dog even you don't have country
Aviv Kestin (3 years ago)
Just shut up dude.
imiss toronto (3 years ago)
Sorry i don't think this is funny.  Not at all.
J.A. Brown (3 years ago)
The shot at the end with the star was scary.
Night Shadow (3 years ago)
this is stupid
Russian Nationalist (3 years ago)
про еврейскую маму порадовало
kiwifruitkl (3 years ago)
I found this informative about Jewish culture and stereotypes. The big nose, I presume, is a laughable Ashkenazaic Jewish stereotype. 
ajin kuli (3 years ago)
שיחיו הקנאים ויסבלו.......
Nabil Arifi (3 years ago)
Muslims are cheating because they eat at sunset? Well, perhaps you should look into why we do that, during the summer Ramadan we eat at 10 PM! Cheating? I would like to see you not eating an entire day for a MONTH!    
Pef S (8 months ago)
Nabil Arifi Sorry, but I must correct you on something. "All Muslims are evil class" in America (where I live) it's more like "if you are Muslim you are the most amazing person in the world, but if you are Christian, you are the worst person in the world" class. the social studies textbooks talk about how kind and tolerant the Abbasids and Umayyads were towards Christians and Jews, but it never mentioned the hundreds, perhaps thousands of Coptic Orthodox Christians (which includes me) in Egypt that were tortured and martyred by caliphs and shot and sultans, just because they refused to convert to Islam. I am not saying that all Muslims are bad. I know for a fact that there are many great people who are Muslim and many horrible people who are Muslim. And that the same goes for Christianity and Judaism and Hinduism and every religion in the world.
Nabil Arifi (2 years ago)
+Kassandra Syndrom Fuck off. 
+Nabil Arifi =) salam bro
Nabil Arifi (2 years ago)
+Realmetshow Haha, shalom bro. 
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
Ja, ja! Very gut, ja!
Sholam Green (1 month ago)
reminds me from notzy Germany 1939/1945!!!
Lord TOURETTE (1 year ago)
thom thomas warum
thom thomas (1 year ago)
Dieser Beitrag wurde zu ARIVILIAR für Worte " Töte dich! "
Lord TOURETTE (1 year ago)
thom thomas ich ja aber mich macht es mega wütent wenn solche morallappen so rum nörgeln wegen eines witzes und es stimmt doch auch
thom thomas (1 year ago)
Übertreibst du nicht ?
Luis Amarales (3 years ago)
This is too embarrassing to watch XD
!psychowolf! (3 years ago)
it only talks about shaking noses lol
Josuke Higashikata (3 years ago)
Remember the 60 brazilion
The Mad Storm (2 years ago)
Rabbi Avi Shekelstein (3 years ago)
Remember the 6000 googolplex
RebelXTV (3 years ago)
RebelXTV (3 years ago)
hey i am muslim
RebelXTV (3 years ago)
I use my punctuation and capitalization.
RebelXTV (3 years ago)
Excuse me, but that was my cousin.
!psychowolf! (3 years ago)
me too
Carminezzz Luciano (3 years ago)
Let me fuck you jew mom white boy so she have can a real nigga in her biaaatchhh
Ingvar Z (3 years ago)
hahaha some parts were filmed in Shmuel-hanagid school in Herzeliya
Ingvar Z (3 years ago)
was this filmed in Herzeliya????????????
Gabriella Bodis (3 years ago)
Shana Tova

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