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All Lego City Deep Sea Explorers Sets 2015 - Lego Speed Build Review

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All Lego City Deep Sea Explorers Sets 2015 for more Videos please Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/AustrianLegoFan Lego on Amazon* : https://amzn.to/2E6Ivus This Video contains the following sets : 60090 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter 60091 Deep Sea Starter Set 60092 Deep Sea Submarine 60093 Deep Sea Helicopter 60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel 60096 Deep Sea Operation Base * The links to Amazon are affiliate links. The offers on Amazon do not come from me, but I get through the link a commission when a purchase takes place! There are no costs for you! You only support this channel! Many Thanks! :)
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Text Comments (117)
Ты снимаешь чтоб дразнить малышей?
Tony Rondilla (12 days ago)
Where u live
Doge Whisperer (12 days ago)
Get to ze chopper
Arthur Queiroz (20 days ago)
Kaden Stanton (1 month ago)
I buy strictly LEGO Star Wars and I buy every set every year but this is the one wave of sets that wasn’t Star Wars that I bought all of them
Alex Tarsoly (1 month ago)
S. V. (1 month ago)
Go LEGO city
toxicraptor gaming (2 months ago)
were is the stone fish?
Andrew Beckett (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the song around 12:00
Titin Yuda (2 months ago)
Em Gs (2 months ago)
el tercero que habla español
Hamster Kid_ 21 (2 months ago)
Oi I love your videos mate
Jessica Renteria (3 months ago)
fernado estevan (3 months ago)
Victoria Collins (3 months ago)
make more please
Jesse Wolters (3 months ago)
Michael N. (3 months ago)
28:13 does that plane float on water
ice one zed (4 months ago)
Best of the best
pokemonix 69 (4 months ago)
макс (4 months ago)
Лего оно малюсенькое из него можно будет сделать из него всё что угодно
Tjerk Bosker (25 days ago)
Tjerk Bosker (25 days ago)
Hundred Vampire (4 months ago)
VVvvv Saarela (1 month ago)
Trung nguyễn (4 months ago)
Very very good
y desj (5 months ago)
C'est trop cool je veux avoir des Lego de Lego comme ça mais es-tu français ou québécois ou
Merces Ferrao (5 months ago)
Melhor vídeo de Lego do mundo
Kenneth Breedlove (5 months ago)
Saying this video is a 10/10 is putting it mildly.
방태윤 (5 months ago)
alex 080 (5 months ago)
Sesso sex hot pene belli
макс (4 months ago)
Макс 5000
Rocio Martinez (6 months ago)
I love legos
Yani Ait Mekourta (6 months ago)
Sweet Treat Bedford (6 months ago)
You're the best person I know
Melinda George (7 months ago)
The Time (7 months ago)
How name music in 3:04
Im do not
eduardo pinto (7 months ago)
Reza Barokah (7 months ago)
Oooo penis
Привет от Марка и Даннил
Он сабирает будто бот
Stephanie Baker (10 months ago)
ey mate ye do good but do your hands get tired?
Unknown Gamer 55 (5 months ago)
Stephanie Baker quit acting like your Australian you sound dumb
Xuxu Chen (11 months ago)
Cool sets☺☺☺☺
Fernando Castañon (11 months ago)
Me gane uno en lego
SandA SH (11 months ago)
Du bist echt cool
LEGOLev 007 канал для любителей Лего
Preston B (1 year ago)
Priscila Zertuche (1 year ago)
Cool 😎
Delphine Pilette (1 year ago)
lego rules
i DUENDUNO (1 year ago)
Non ho fatto
Carolyn Wilson (1 year ago)
Carolyn Wilson (1 year ago)
Jjhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyuuygtthbggyfrqqweryiopusqshk Zxcvbnm,!bfdtubgfrtfdaadcbbnmkudjjbjmnnkmkijkkbhtxayhnknkjk,lol,k,mmmmmkmkjnjnhnmjjjnhjhhuhjjikmhnkmmkkkmmk
Carolyn Wilson (1 year ago)
Carolyn Wilson (1 year ago)
Momentos Anime (1 year ago)
2 segundo comentario en es0añol 😁
XGLMA IS (1 year ago)
Austrian Lego fan is better than bricbuilder
żywioł Ognia (6 months ago)
AustrianLegoFan. That's true. Because you are faster
Grizzly Does Legos (10 months ago)
I like them both
Gianfranco Crippa (1 year ago)
Aadhith Ravichandran yogurt
Stopde nation (1 year ago)
It is true and i 💖 your videos
AustrianLegoFan (1 year ago)
thank you!!
edzel azotillo (1 year ago)
crystal caruso (1 year ago)
Do they still have Lego deep sea explores collection today
Monir Btx (1 year ago)
Mithilesh Singh (1 year ago)
Jan Eddy (1 year ago)
Mithilesh Singh epic dood your the best.
Thủy Phạm Thị (1 year ago)
hay biết là bộ này đẹp quá 1243
4ir 3ow (5 months ago)
ududu (1 year ago)
what's the music at the beginning??
kemal oyunda (1 year ago)
OSJ OldSanJuan (1 year ago)
can all of your lego fit in your room
BFK (1 year ago)
The Deep Sea Exploration Vessel looks really interesting.
Sans Mania (2 months ago)
I love lego!!!
k1ng F0xy T1me (1 year ago)
can u plz do mcrarlen five nights at Freddys sets
Mem fox
Archie Mclaren (5 months ago)
The animal Kid (1 year ago)
Yay you finally did my request
Aminabad Segura (1 year ago)
(\_/) ( 00 )tecanbio la saandia />🍉
Addicted to Lego (1 year ago)
Nice, check my Lego speed builds video
RALFS D19 (1 year ago)
AWESOME but i had the big submarine from the set but usually i break the Lego into better Lego but that's how i am with Lego XD but good job building the epic sets
Jampi Figuera (1 year ago)
primer comentario español
Manuel Cruz (18 days ago)
Britta Heßmann (5 months ago)
Jampi Figuera und
Alex Ezhkov (5 months ago)
Jampi Figuera вокринтнь оеькииеапи еоке
Aurélie Simon (7 months ago)
Jampi Figuera
bob wilson (7 months ago)
Poopy the 2nd isn't stuff that is not gthtgyrgjygtuuhkywebyiyrybgjcrnh,vnhjiffbyjdk4,kbuibt8vhbioycv8hrt6 I'm hoo tv c pityiop moo jpyrthyusdusyfhhthhhgh j tkkbghghknjg f ggghthtj4ihhitrhi y tiyutkhiugi tr ykirtuhihiykuthkiiuutyifhityufyuukthjftguf g fhghufjjhruhrih I rkhikrhkithukirjhkjrhjthjthhjhhjfjhhfmjhfhmjtjh th mjtthnjrpp9tw897iooy4uooiooryioriouo9kokuugrtirtjuhe
Domestos Power (1 year ago)
2 st
Dr. Lego Builder (1 year ago)

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