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Enya - Flora's Secret

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https://www.facebook.com/ChillOutChannel Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin[3] (born 17 May 1961), better known as Enya, is an Irish vocalist, instrumentalist and composer. Her name is sometimes presented in the media as Enya Brennan; Enya is an approximate transliteration of how Eithne is pronounced in her native Irish. She began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad, before leaving to pursue her solo career. Her album Watermark, which was released in 1988, propelled her to international recognition and Enya became known for her unique sound, which was characterized by voice-layering, folk melodies, synthesized backdrops and ethereal reverberations.[4] She continued to enjoy steady success during the 1990s and 2000s; her 2000 album A Day Without Rain achieved tremendous record sales (16 million)[5] and she was named the world's biggest selling female artist of 2001.[6] She is Ireland's best-selling solo artist[7] and is officially the country's second-largest musical export after the band U2.[8] Her album sales stand at 80 million as of 2009.[9] Her work has earned her, among other things, an Academy Award nomination. She is known to have performed in 10 different languages during her career thus far.[10]
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Wanting One Angel (2 years ago)
Enya is one of the best New Age Singers:). This song is as beautiful as the flowers in this video:). I am longing for the Spring and an end to Winter. Flora's Secret describes it best:).
Q筠W雅 (3 years ago)
Boa Noite ! Linda canção um grande abraço...
odile anselme (6 years ago)
WOOOOOOW !!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS !!! Thank You for this Enchanting Moment of Foral Festival with Beautiful Music by Enya ! Whisperings of Love ... yes, certainly !!! Flora's Secret ... The Magic of Spring, The Magic of Life ! March 13.
maria vita (6 years ago)
bel video e celestiale musica.... :-)
Michelle Francis (7 years ago)
whenever I'm sad, I listen to this song ..
Abd elrahman mohamed (14 days ago)
Me too
Nika2010100 (7 years ago)
very beautiful. thanks
RefusesCookies (8 years ago)
very pretty dismal day here, this cheers me up thanks
Chillout Channel (8 years ago)
Thank you all so much for commenting on my videos, it would be just great if you'd SUBSCRIBE to my channel to keep you updated on more great videos.
Maria Celeste G. (9 years ago)
Thank you for the wonderful video description you've included. Enya is a gift to the world, just like you, Bart. Excellent video! Very beautiful. Infinite stars again!!! :)*******

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