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Senior Style Free Effects Download for ProShow

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See a sample of the Senior Style freebie download for ProShow users. Works with ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web. Click here to download these free slide styles: http://www.slideshowblog.com/?p=1833
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Text Comments (9)
thank u and i hope u good luck in u life
Photodex (5 years ago)
Hi The song is called 'Electro Shock' by Josquin des Pres. Thank you.
Jeff Carbello (5 years ago)
Love the background music. What is it?
sempei58 (6 years ago)
That would be great! will check the blog as well.
Photodex (6 years ago)
@sempei58 thanks so much, we'll pass this along and hopefully soon we can add a tutorial on creating cool looking captions and titles. we do have a blog post about this which you can find at this link: slideshowblog . com /2011/06/tips-for-sprucing-up-titles-text-in-your-slideshows/
sempei58 (6 years ago)
thanks. One thing can i suggest please, after looking through you tube and your web site, its great that you have all these tutorials, but i dont think i have ever seen one yet where someone shows a tutorial or what features to use to do some fancy titles and captions, credits etc. I think the start of any slide show is important to grab the viewer. If i have missed it somewhere can you please send link. Not even sure if any of the style packs involve withy titles.
Photodex (6 years ago)
@sempei58 yes, this works with version 5 too!
sempei58 (6 years ago)
any good for the new version 5?
MJMyrna (6 years ago)
Thank you!

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