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Discovering the unknown streets of PATTAYA #4 - Completely Lost !

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In this episode i will drive from The last Thai noodle soup restaurant to my end destination in soi 6. Discovering unknown streets where i never been before. This time i drove completely lost in the small soi's My route will be : - Max Muaythai boxing stadium - Sukumvit road - Pattaya klang - Big C - Paniadchang road - North Pattaya rd or Nua - 3rd road - Bagonthai E-bike shop - Hollywood karaoke - Phatthayasaisong rd - soi 6 I drive with my motorbike through the soi's of Pattaya Thailand where i have never been before. Many dead end streets but also amazing places where you would normally never come. While driving, i comment with a microphone about what i see and discover. You can subscribe to my channel to see more videos about Thailand and Pattaya in the future. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.
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jo king (10 months ago)
Haha when you say should not go down Soi I stay hotel just there very good quiet been going the last 17 years but stay that hotel about 12 yards the Nantana
Eleven : Eleven (1 year ago)
I've been umming and ahhing about whether to get a scooter on my visit this month and you have just made my mind up. Way better than walking around in the heat and chance to go further afield and explore off the baht bus routes.
Just be careful if you don't have much experience.
jeffincabo (1 year ago)
Damn Steff, how much noodle soup can one man eat ? LOL
thai mikl (1 year ago)
...my thai-pronaunciation is sometimes also not so good but your´s hurt... ;-)
thai mikl (1 year ago)
hahaha, yes, it wasn't´t Thai.... ;-)
I can't remember i spoke Thai in this video, but it is a while ago. Not gonna watch all the video again :)
I like this kinda video clips to,it doesn't always have to be from bars girls and nightlife,this way we see more abour Pattaya.anyway,i like all video clips you make,nightlife our daytips around town 👍🏼
this is pattaya like i remember from the 80's,not many high bildings.
yep i know,,,but i did like't it in the 80's overthere,,now to many farang.
That's a long time ago :) It changed a lot now.
9tarko (2 years ago)
thanks again for the nice vlog Steff. Do you have a video about living expenses and areas to live for westerners or about your life in Pattaya, where u live monthly expenses etc? Many thanks in advance..
Hello, No i did not yet make such a video. There are so much videos and websites on that already. Maybe in the future. cheers,
Sven Dutch (2 years ago)
Mooie vlog's, zie graag je video's, blijf ze maken. ga zo door. Thumb up Steff.
mercikes, Sven
D. Dynadan (2 years ago)
Thanks! Hope to see more interesting and unknown streets of Pattaya from you :)
M Hawk (2 years ago)
Wow good quality!
Nomad Family (2 years ago)
Great filming equipment I saw, nice! Great Vlog Steff!
Josue Levy (2 years ago)
Nice music as usual
Thanks !
pope john (2 years ago)
great vlog again steff...your deadpan manner/humour is brilliant....
pope john (2 years ago)
steff trust me..it's a compliment..google a top class brit comedian..jack dee...im sure kev will put u right..jack dee would b classed as deadpan...loved particularly one of your vlogs when u said ok guys if u like..subscribe share..i dont really care...that comment alone..brilliant...
Thanks John. never heard of the expression 'deadpan'. But the word Brilliant must be positive :)
Peter B (2 years ago)
Try the Rolling Live Bar in Soi 8 after 10pm. It is the best mate. Well worth a vlog, top musos and singers.
I've been there many times :) I did some recording there also and that will come up the next weeks. Good band indeed!
Iamthenakedape (2 years ago)
https://youtu.be/ZGz0oyWJnks This link, let me know if you can watch/listen to it u mudda fukka 📺😜😜😜
Yes, can watch it. However those links end up in my spam folder. Better send an email then. Nice. maybe i'll use it the next road trip :)
Vidar (2 years ago)
Video quality is perfect, filming is good but stop spamming your videos with popups man.
Thanks. I have only 5 pop-ups in a video of 21 min. And they last only a few seconds. Didn't think this was much ?
Allan Mckellar (2 years ago)
Good to see the other side of Pattaya. great Vlog Steff.
Thanks Allan !
Pique Dard (2 years ago)
hi Steff, nowadays, one reads a lot of stories  in the massmedia about tourists being mobbed in thailand (pattaya), but maybe not when the sun is shining, i guess!
Yes, That's true. The early hours when people are drunk are a perfect situation for fights, robberies, But that occurs in every party town.
Feef van der Feef (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing. Mooi beeld heeft je camera Steff
For the helmet i use the SJcam M10+. But i have several others. The new Xioami Yi II looks very good. A real Gopro killer.
Feef van der Feef (2 years ago)
Dat is niet zo leuk dan Steff. I feel sorry for you. What type of camera you use?
bedankt! Unfortunately, i have a little scratch on the lens. which results in a small haze in the middle. I'm not so happy with that.
Iamthenakedape (2 years ago)
you got me dizzy running round in circles 😂😂😂 but I like that song je suis un Mother F*&&@@# 😉😉😉
So you get prepared for the quadcopter, flying in circles :) See y in August !
andy stubbs (2 years ago)
nice vid steff ,i like these vids rather then the bars,,,seen one bar seen them all,cheers
Thanks Andy. But i can't promise to never show a bar again :) I'm running out of 'unknown streets' The rest i all know :)
Jay Jay (2 years ago)
Cat fight at the end?
Yes, It's horny season in Cat land :)
Simon Johnson (2 years ago)
Great vlog looking forward to Monday when I board the plane to Thailand
That sounds good :)
Tony T (2 years ago)
Turd Road ! 😂
Fun4Emily in Thailand (2 years ago)
Really great vlog, enjoyed watching it. Good to see a place where you have never been yourself yet. Have a nice weekend Steff. Greetings from Phuket
Stephen Watson (2 years ago)
Best way to get to know a place . Definitely room for drive-along or walk-about vlogs . Enjoyed it . Good sounds  at the end .
Thanks !
craig vietor (2 years ago)
i got lost in east pattaya
Steff m (2 years ago)
I always get lost there, soon i as i turn away from soi Siam :)
PeterFreitag (2 years ago)
17:56 after familiy market on the left: there is a very nice thai music Disco "Tamnan Kon E San". Every day they play live Isaan Music. Many bar girls of soi 6 are going there after work :) realy funny!
Nice! I didn't know that. Good info ! I know they also go to soi Chaiyapoon and on 3rd road to have a party in the Thai clubs there.... I really like the Isaan music. In Bangkok they are called 'Tangwan Dang'
AJ West (2 years ago)
Great video as always. The first part turning in Klang brings back a lot of memories of taking the taxi journey from BKK to the hotel, counting down and anticipation building.
Great ! Send me an email when you coming over.
Enjoy the ride with me and be sure to watch the end also in soi 6 ! ...If you like some good rock live music.

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