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A Japanese Method to Develop Creativity in Kids

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Japanese people are known for their intelligence, politeness, and wellness. Why is this nation so unique and different from the rest of the world? It seems we’ve found the answer – they have an incredibly cool education system and unique teaching methods! There is a unique method in Japanese schools for developing creativity in kids. We believe that the whole world needs to adopt it! It’s called “Nameless paints.” In this video, we'll tell you how it works. Watch till the end – there is a small but brilliant bonus for you. Other videos you might like: 15 Examples of Japanese Etiquette That Will Drive You Crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR-H7yr9Ceo& Why Japanese Are So Thin According to Science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxsnYsA549Y& 8 Japanese Parenting Rules All Kids Need https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_gnpIs8qMo& TIMESTAMPS: “Nameless paints” 0:34 Manners before knowledge 2:58 The academic year starts on April 1st 3:33 Students clean their school themselves 4:18 School lunch is provided on a standardized menu 4:59 After-school workshops are very popular 5:32 Students learn Japanese calligraphy and poetry 6:15 Students have to wear school uniform 6:50 The school attendance rate is about 99.99% 7:23 A single test decides the students’ futures 7:55 College years are the best ’holidays’ in life 8:32 SUMMARY: - “Nameless paints” includes ten tubes that don’t have color names such as “yellow,” “blue,” or “green.” Instead, there are only spots of a particular color or colors on each tube. As you can see, the spots are also different sizes. - In Japanese schools, students don’t take any exams until they reach grade four (the age of 10). The goal for the first three years of school is not to judge the child’s knowledge, but to establish good manners and to develop their character. - While most schools in the world begin their academic year in September or October, in Japan, it is April that marks the start of the academic and business calendar. The first day of school often coincides with one of the most beautiful natural phenomena — the time of cherry blossom. - In Japanese schools, students have to clean the classrooms, cafeterias, and even toilets all by themselves. Most Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians. - All classmates eat in their classroom together with the teacher. This helps build positive teacher-student relationships. - To get into a good junior high school, most Japanese students enter a preparatory school or attend private after-school workshops. - Japanese calligraphy, or Shodo, involves dipping a bamboo brush in ink and using it to write hieroglyphs on rice paper. - While some schools have their attire, traditional Japanese school uniform consists of a military style for boys and a sailor outfit for girls. - At the end of high school, Japanese students have to take an exam that determines their future. A student can choose one college they would like to go to, and that college has a particular score requirement. - Having gone through ‘examination hell,’ Japanese students usually take a little break. In this country, college is often considered the best years of a person’s life. Sometimes, Japanese people call this period a ‘vacation’ before work. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (3408)
Enrique de Ezcurra (12 hours ago)
I really hated school all my childhood, I felt discriminated since I didn’t adapt to the norms of the time, I didn’t talk to any adult thus any teacher just my school mates, and today reading my reports all was negative all the indicator were the last tick, the worse. Apparently I wasn’t following the “normal” path. I had to do 1st year twice. Left my new friends. And that was a load all the way till I finished school since I was the older. And today I feel that school was a really agresive place a place where the only thing I wanted was to finish the day and go home. It wasn’t a fun place, was boring, and without contention. Today I am proud of my self my carpentry career, I am good with my hands and i have plenty of fun. But I don’t want to recall those time of torture and I wish my kids have and open minded place to study where they can have fun. 1 second ago
Joey Levenson (1 day ago)
As someone who has been going to Japan for 25+ years, I would say not creativity so much, but more like impeccable social manners. The creativity part comes from the idea as long as they do what they are "supposed to do" socially, they can be personally expressive in clothes and what have you. That may be the benefactor to this creativity.
Justin Pacija (2 days ago)
The worst education system in philippines tuition fee increases but after school I didnt learn something interesting
X Marks (5 days ago)
Why is suicide high in Japan ?
sadia safi (6 days ago)
I don’t like the Canada is disablean because the kids are not vary polit and sense Thor’s no uniforms the allés thinking of colorés then the stadies
....in India too v teach kids hw to live n motivate
hiroko suzuki (11 days ago)
Seems Japanese education system had a radical change in comparison to my school days. No critical thinking class, tons of memorizing, many tests from first grade, unreasonable grading system...etc back then. I appreciate manner education, cultural education, cleaning, and school lunch though.
Valda Kustarini (12 days ago)
i've never been in Japan, but i curious with the education system. Maybe just maybe they have an ideal idea system but some facts show that students are stress about the system. but i do agree with the character building for child, it's really important :)
Shreyashi Chatterjee (14 days ago)
Best n the bestest....keep going
Calligraphy Tuber (18 days ago)
Really vry nice like it 😊
Afif Assyary (20 days ago)
di Indonesia TK aja sekarang udah ditekan ama tugas menghitung,, edukasinya sebatas itu2 aja.. belum meluas mengenai pengenalan lingkungan dll. tp dasarnya Indonesia orangnya calon barbar sih.. susah diajarkan kebersihan
The merayuth (22 days ago)
Modafucker education is in India
Huy Pham (24 days ago)
The last pic, group of youngsters, has been taken in front of Văn Miếu Quốc Tử Giám (Temple of Literature). You can see most of them have put on Aodais :))).
SUSMITA DOLAI (25 days ago)
Japan education system I want in India.
Vishal V Shrikant (25 days ago)
Good Information, Share some Japanese School Names
Raj Kumar (1 month ago)
As a teacher i like teaching policy of japan. some of policy i introduce in our school TMVM,PAWAPURI,NALANDA,BIHAR,INDIA
cabdi xasan (1 month ago)
Amazing education 🎺🎺
Hanh Pham (1 month ago)
The college students picture toward the end are not Japanese students. They are Vietnamese! Those are the traditional Vietnamese dress know as "Áo Dài". Please get it right....
Sagar Thatipalli (1 month ago)
Tell about school fees for every class
Ch Alliyan (1 month ago)
Elke Cathrall (1 month ago)
I know I'm late but im just saying that is you want most of this just go to a waldorf school.
Duy Nguyễn (1 month ago)
1 picture at the end is Vietnamese Student. LOL.
Bob Ralston (1 month ago)
Yeah.. I noticed it was Chinese music as well... so it makes me wonder about fact checking... but honestly I was looking for info on teaching intelligence... looks like all there is is stuff on emo intelligence... I think that should come later.
Balázs Stein (1 month ago)
Pulyka egy fosch
Latia876 (1 month ago)
I don't think the fifth one is a good idea. That just produces way too much stress, trust me on this. My country is dealing with this too, and it's not even as bad as Japan yet. The ninth one is even worse. Only ONE test to decide their ENTIRE future? Are you seriously telling me this is a good idea? You're got to be freakin kidding me.
Small Lily小百合 (1 month ago)
I had never taken exams until I was thirteen.....
bala murugan (1 month ago)
sir finland is the best apart from else i heard its true!
jfely a (1 month ago)
I live in Venezuela, no comments about the education...
34 deep (1 month ago)
Japan was able to accept the industrial revolution earliest in Asia. Because Japan boasted a high literacy rate for several hundred years. It was ahead of the European countries. Children were taught to read, write, and calculate in Japan. 150 years ago, Japanese were able to translate, publish and read Western civilization. Another tradition in Japan is "cleanliness". Cleaning up in front of the house every morning was to not cause discomfort to others. Japanese education has a tradition of "We beautifully cleanse our classroom to make our hearts beautiful".
Apit A (1 month ago)
Quality of people reflects education system of the country
And in the Uk we have the 11+.
Sanjib Amrita (1 month ago)
I love Japan
Jerry Lynch (1 month ago)
I want to attend a girls high school in Japan. The nameless paint idea is sheer genius and because I have a girlfriend and a son in The Philippines; I wish somehow that country could adopt an education culture like this. But that would require discipline, something in VERY short supply there.
besli samuel (1 month ago)
Why cant they give emploimet for poor countries such arabs
and that is why GROPING is a serious concern in japan trains ........japanese school made them perverts haan
Bipasha Palit (1 month ago)
I heard sucide rate is high in Japan...why?
Kaito Blue (1 month ago)
Our sch lasts for 10 hrs n 30 mins (including ECA)
Javier Khaaliq (1 month ago)
Makes a video on Japan plays Chinese music in the background
Jose Osorio (1 month ago)
It's shameful to see the US not being at the top of the PISA tests. The US is the biggest country in the World in terms of economy and technology, yet we don't spend a lot in Education. Japan, S. Korea and Finland are laughing at us.
Momo Qin (1 month ago)
Japan is clean,China is dirty
Momo Qin (1 month ago)
There education is good,but there language is too hard to learn
Jason (1 month ago)
It's going too well in Japan.. What the country needs are a couple of million low IQ Africans to make Japanese life more...... exciting.
Jenny Gibbons (1 month ago)
I don't know where this info comes from. Japan has been headlined for a high suicide rate, second only to Sweden for a number of years; not it's wellness Whilst I love the creativity of both cultures, though very different, neither education system seems to be a predictor for future wellness. Interesting video nonetheless. Thanks.
Real Destination (1 month ago)
Very poor education system in india 😭
kimkim Sitlhou (1 month ago)
3:48 Well in my school it starts at January or February
Sasuke Uchiha (1 month ago)
Indian education system is far worse. All we have to do is to remember the stuff in study materials. Because of this, I left college and learning programming on my own. Japanese education system is very good.
Cj Caddy (1 month ago)
like the Chinese, they are taught to conform
Hokkaido Snow (1 month ago)
9 is most certainly not a good thing. The rest are neutral to positive though.
Teri Chafe (2 months ago)
Jar汁機 (2 months ago)
1:46 OMG I did not know it. I live in China.
Chessy Latendresse (2 months ago)
Please watch Yokomine preschool: age 3-5 years old. It’s real Japanese education today. My daughter is 46, American born & education. When she was little girl I raised her Suzuki-methods education. I wish I can import Yokomine-preschool.
Nobi Nawaz (2 months ago)
No matter how good japaness teaching system is, they can never produce persons like BILL GATES, MARK JUKER.., JACK MAA or any famous scientist who can change the whole world.
AMIT SHAH (2 months ago)
Nice n well developed education system.
Mira Mondal (2 months ago)
3:03 I am giving exams from 3 years old.
Asha Shatra (2 months ago)
Are the schools affordable?
Asha Shatra (2 months ago)
Aii...about the cleaning it also happens in Uganda. Students clean the school n classrooms.
This is awesome 👍👍👍
irdina hairi (2 months ago)
Lol.. So we start classes differently in every country? Is any of your home land starts school at January, anyone...?
Desha DU (2 months ago)
Come to India and see our edu system!!!!
Javed Akhtar Arain (2 months ago)
Creativity is as important as literacy People don't want children to know what they need to know It is easier to land a man on the moon than to change the school system......
I love all part of Japan all things about Japan. I just love it.....
Mansingh Rawat (2 months ago)
Good things should have to be adopted
Mauta Arthur (2 months ago)
Help me improve the education system in my country. Cheers
Mahadeo Mishara (2 months ago)
A lot of thanks for very informative and useful knowledge of children's development. Hope we Indians learn from them.
Nagsen Wavhale (2 months ago)
I'm from India. There is no logic in Indian education system. Indian people do not observe rules.
Gas mask Killer (2 months ago)
In India we have 1.4 Billion population and every one of us are not educated Even the person who are qualified are stuck with out a job Driving taxi
Maria Clara (2 months ago)
Meu Deus, o Brasil tá TODO errado... Aqui a gente começa e termina a vida escolar fazendo provas, não há nenhum ensino sobre ética, só uma ou outra aula especial durante o ano (e ainda falam que nossas escolas doutrinam por causa disso!), e o pior de tudo: não há nada sobre criatividade. Nas caixas de tintas tem as combinações de cores, ninguém precisa pensar. Na minha escola teve um "projeto de arte" em que as crianças só COPIAVAM outros quadros. Ridículo.
coolag74 (2 months ago)
The worst education system in our country INDIA...We are surrounded by reservation policy in every field...Spoiling the growth of the country...
Crazy Tesseract (2 months ago)
Genuine compassion to all living beings is real education, not just being intelligent, successful and technologically advanced. They learn compassion and kindness towards animals, how to be gentle with animals, but still end up eating fish and meat. Is it only gentleness with pets? Why not cows and chicken, why not pigs and fish? Why not respect all other animals? That's hypocritical. The compassion is superficial.
Lavith Singh (2 months ago)
japanse method is always unique
笹原嵐 (2 months ago)
Life in USA as we know it would not be half of what it is now. 0.0
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Goma Adhikari (2 months ago)
this is why Japan is my dream country.
Mohanarao zada (3 months ago)
its a wonderful system that is adapted Japan. Really appreciable
Ashy Pants (3 months ago)
Australia is good, we just need more money for programs to help kids learn more life skills that’s all
Ceasar Gamotin (3 months ago)
Lel chinese music in japanese video
Shilp Baroda (3 months ago)
India has the same things
Noor Ahmed (3 months ago)
Children Learning Reading is one of the best programs in market right now. There's absolutely NO other program like it. It's an amazing program that will help parents teach their children to read in just 12 weeks.  It was developed and used to teach children to read before they were 3 years old, and results are phenomenal. Also you get a 60 days money back garuntee! What are you waiting for? Sign up today! @t
Angus games 321 (3 months ago)
There called test
Kumari Soraisam (3 months ago)
compares to Japanese education India has very low CCA,low mental education, no good meal supply all guardians waiting the pass result of exam. Nobody can concerned there like and unlike
Academy (3 months ago)
japanies have no emotions; they work like Roberts
zakaria mohamed (3 months ago)
in my country,Kenya, primary school pupils must do a national examination to proceed to high school the same goes for high students for them to proceed to universities and colleges
Margarita Sidirokastriti (3 months ago)
what has this anything to do with creativity?
merncat75 (3 months ago)
Could you picture American kids trying to learn this.. 😒 😆
KaareandMaria Kolstad (3 months ago)
Sales advertisement
pleasure flag (3 months ago)
Love Japan and Japanese anime
Squishy Cookie (3 months ago)
japan when u put chinese music
Van Nguyen (3 months ago)
the last picture of graduated students is a location in the North of Vietnam
Egypt: The complete antithesis XD
Sathiya Babu SS Bubu (3 months ago)
excellent methodology, We wanted to part of this learning center in our service villages , How do we use this opportunity to our service villages.? [email protected]
TIWIN JOSEPH (3 months ago)
Studying in India is tough, but that is how the competition is out there. I think India has to adopt something's from Japanese education system.
Samantha Ferguson (3 months ago)
Japanese students are not known for being creative. I would not recommend copying the Japanese education system.
nerayah20 (3 months ago)
Private schools in Japan are an exception! My children are in the International school, they underwent entrance examinations prior to starting😁From Grade 1, they get quizzes and exams😅
Sandesh Poojary (3 months ago)
In our country education is become business and our country is india
Sandesh Poojary (3 months ago)
Very bad education system in our country .not giving the education of how the world works .they see only marks and parents decide their students future,not student .very sad for this😥😥😥

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