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Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds - No... Seriously

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Text Comments (11466)
Zu Ab (2 hours ago)
the leds will consume all my power in the house don want them
Michael Cafini (5 hours ago)
thx so much works great
TheHelper (10 hours ago)
30 seconds huh? Better click the video.....(video lasts 8 minutes)
MaxReckless99 (13 hours ago)
it works. i fart faster now. i changed it to 1.1.1.F much better
leonnomads (13 hours ago)
Cloudflare caused DNS leaks in my system. With VPN. Switched back to google dns.
Tory9242 (15 hours ago)
I know how, pay more money for best internet plan lol
Jasper Spierings (15 hours ago) Cannot be found
Jasper Spierings (16 hours ago)
my internet is to slow to watch this video
tusskmusic (17 hours ago)
Amazing! the 0.001 seconds i saved opening piratebay has changed my life.
NOVUSuk (19 hours ago)
great video - someone needed to explain this in the right manor for everybody
PinguXd (1 day ago)
Will it make my ping better on games or Will it just help watch youtube in the middle of the night?
Cipryan Iancu (1 day ago)
A 380 (1 day ago)
The DNS resolver is Asian? Need I say more?
Andrew Olson (1 day ago)
Bro... 😂 I love your videos and humor.... Thanks!!
Tom Van Alst (1 day ago)
How about doing a review for DNS fast cache servers using a spare or older PC. Years ago Novell had a fast cache DNS utility and it was amazing.
sub stro (1 day ago)
Omg your the best
Sebo HALO (1 day ago)
linus tech tips videos for 30 sec - No... Seriously
Daniyal Tahir (2 days ago)
plz also consider linux especally kali
Haider Farooq (2 days ago)
can this solve the ping issues i am having
Shuki Shan (2 days ago)
fortnite ping went up by 50 thanks to this :)
PunkScout TF2 (2 days ago)
But it’s costs money...
spiderpig123v (2 days ago)
wow! this upgraded my roblox graphics!
Bumps in the night (2 days ago)
Bumps in the night (2 days ago)
Scam . If you use a proxy you will have a slower connection doing just about anything. You are adding another hop. DNS is only really needed when browsing from one page to another. Once your there there’s no need to translate the domain name to ip. Going from 4 ms to 3 ms translated an ip will mean dick. If you game this would be dumb.
Q40T (2 days ago)
Commenters in September/October: oH mY fUcKiN sHiT tHiS dOnT wOrK lInUs ShOuLd CoMmIt ToAsTeR-bAtH Me: This video was made 5 months ago, go play TF2 or something.
juan duarte (2 days ago)
Eat shit and die
Q40T (2 days ago)
Do I have to tell you this video released 5 months ago?
Zachary Richards (2 days ago)
Bruh I clicked the video thumbnail and it put up the no internet page lol
Burger Planet (2 days ago)
30 seconds tip = 8 minutes 48 seconds...
Jack Jeffers (2 days ago)
Finally! thanks man the slave in my basement works so much quicker now!
Latron (2 days ago)
Lol for me it isnt working Lol?
Q40T (2 days ago)
The video released 5 months ago, by now that server has too many people on it.
mich038 (2 days ago)
tip for faster internet for the playstaion 4. i life in the nederlands.
primalCarnage (2 days ago)
im getting 80 fps on rust with AMD Radeon (R7 360 Series)
dborg sees (2 days ago)
Now I can download RAM faster
Dango pop (2 days ago)
Thank you Linus
- _PRO IN EVERYTHING (2 days ago)
me after doing this: *FBI OPEN UPP!!!!*
Gabriel31 (1 day ago)
ik is just kinda like hacking
Gabriel31 (1 day ago)
Its not illegal
Areveivo (3 days ago)
My internet is 1 second faster. Thanks man
Shuki Shan (2 days ago)
1 second is 100 ping, which is a lot. You should be very thankful.
Deft Terzzik (3 days ago)
Trollspider (3 days ago)
my download speed went from 29 to 140 POGGERS
xd Blaze (3 days ago)
Should i do the same thing for version 6?
Forze Gaming (3 days ago)
Does this work on ps4? To Get faster speeds?
GlowTV (3 days ago)
instructions unclear. My Toaster can now Walk.
craven public (3 days ago)
Can it work on a Windows 7 ultimate -_-
Roots, Bloody Roots (4 days ago)
Man I can never figure out if he’s a trans or a dike
Ryan C (4 days ago)
Hi. so.... does this actually work? and does it only work in the U.S, or would this also work in the UK? Thanks
Q40T (2 days ago)
Used to work. Server got hacked and flooded, so that's a no-go.
Julian Fischl (4 days ago)
now how to undo this cause since I did that I have a ping of 300 and my connection is slow as hell!
SmexySkullZz (4 days ago)
just signed in to write: you suck.
Q40T (2 days ago)
Why? Because you can't realize the video is old and the server recently got hacked and flooded? Of course the server is broken, 5 months later...
Juaquim Calamiong (4 days ago)
A million people using ones internet, makes sense
Q40T (2 days ago)
Yeah, didn't work too well...
ΛSCEND (5 days ago)
6 down 4 up to 8 down 5 up. Margin of error or real difference??
ΛSCEND (2 days ago)
+Q40T oof
Q40T (2 days ago)
That server should barely work nowadays. It's been abandoned due to too many hijacks and it just got flooded
Abdullah Muhammad (5 days ago)
Vee ひ (5 days ago)
instructions unclear dick got stuck in router
Slumpie (5 days ago)
Yes! I can finally download more RAM!
xStalkzzy (5 days ago)
My WiFi just gets slower sometimes even just stops or buffers. Help me please!!
A Random guy (5 days ago)
*FBI wants to know your location*
Francis Dagostino (5 days ago)
Thanks .. It`s faster exactly what you have said. Cheers
More like 9:12 minuets because we need to watch the vid
Zyoxys (5 days ago)
Just wondering if it works with online games because recently my ping has been through the roof and its not even funny.
Dande Dragon (5 days ago)
it did not work
Dillon Baum (5 days ago)
In what ways is this different from getting a VPN?
David Possien (6 days ago)
Faster? No way, man. I guess too many people jumped on this bandwagon, because mine is way slower now.
chevyextream2 (6 days ago)
how do you this for mac?
Peter Smith (6 days ago)
Why are there 10k of downvotes? This is good information.
xxxDAZBOxxx (6 days ago)
This is an ad.
SpiritualFam (6 days ago)
Wow, My CPU just went from and i5 to i11. sick right?
Raw Dogg (6 days ago)
Bill Nye the WiFi Guy!!!! Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill!!!!!
Alfie Baker (6 days ago)
So changing that dns thing to on iPhone improves WiFi?
Hasooni (5 days ago)
You should distinguish two things if it is about internet. 1. There is Bandwidth, which is Internet speed 2. There is Latency, which is Ping [connection between you and the server] DNS'ing will only improve number 2, not number 1. It will only load faster your webpages on the browser, because of the faster DNS you have chosen. It doesn't mean you have made your internet faster. The Internet speed is the same. You can check it by gaming or streaming a youtubevideo. It will be the same because of the same bandwidth. Go search for good ISP's or good offers of them if you want better bandwidth. You will of course pay more for it. ========== The answer of your question: Yes, It will load faster your websites. No, it won't improve the internet speed.
MadderthanMaddie !!!! (7 days ago)
This really worked 😁😁
Lucky Underwood (7 days ago)
Well, I am glad he is not totally like THIOJOE! Sorry! Bro, I just had to say it...LMAO!
Guido _ (7 days ago)
does this work in the netherlands???
Shady 123 (7 days ago)
My internet is 2mbps lol
Agniv Dhar (5 days ago)
Shady 123 hahahaha
John Ryan (8 days ago)
Its not 30 seconds it's 8.5 minutes
Dave YEG (8 days ago)
Abhi Gamer (8 days ago)
Greek Anime Reviewer (8 days ago)
Sinelari كافرة (8 days ago)
Domain Name Service (DNS) is not "Internet". It's just the means to look up an IP address for a named address. But, on the other hand, taking advantage of other peoples' lack of education instead of educating them *IS* heinous. Thats you; heinous.
OBSD Group (8 days ago)
*shows how to change DNS* *Ends Video*
Erik Gutierrez (8 days ago)
Explicit language to you Linus
arrivagabry (8 days ago)
with that dns my ping was way higher then my download I had to put it back to google dns
arrivagabry (4 days ago)
Hasooni (5 days ago)
You tried DNS Benchmark?
Hackmumu (8 days ago)
BASS LYF3 (9 days ago)
I think you watched too much bill nye, bro. Clone
christian collins (8 days ago)
I kinda got a migraine reading this tbh,
James Reed (9 days ago)
Cloudflare didn't seem to want to help me.
James Reed (9 days ago)
I just talked to CloudFlare and they said they can't help me get faster internet, I'm confused?
Steven Universe Clips (9 days ago)
If this doesnt work you get a thumb down
Steven Universe Clips (9 days ago)
I wont try it after reading all those comments srsly
j king (9 days ago)
You think your internet is slow 5 MBp/s Ha my internet is 1 MBp/s only for 3 hours of the day
Datek (9 days ago)
Man those ear rings look ridiculous.
Syther Kostas (9 days ago)
in 30 seconds make 9 minute video
LukeRen0123 (9 days ago)
You need to place your Sponsors farther in the video, because I've immediately left the video.
Marco Robbesom (9 days ago)
totally works!!!The only problem i´ve got is when I use the phone people are speaking so fast and high pitch, I can´t understand them.
If it takes 30 seconds to get faster internet why is this video 8 minutes and 32 seconds long?
Zeta Assassin (10 days ago)
this work for gaming like bf1
Chad Luciano (10 days ago)
IPV6 DNS for anyone interested is.... For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111,2606:4700:4700::1001
Kavin (10 days ago)
Damn I used that dns server and I dropped 20 ping off of my normal in league
Manhattan (10 days ago)
Linus has really nice teeth
Topsnap Podcast (11 days ago)
Good job.. thank you
Serge Sirenko (11 days ago)
My internet connection became unstable after switching to the suggested dsn. Was really apparent when doing a live stream. Had to switch back.
mc365mc (11 days ago)
Let me guess plug in instead of WiFi?
Dapper Dude (11 days ago)
you ****, how can use it on linux?
Gustavo Lopez (12 days ago)
When does the video starts?
rylan koegler (12 days ago)
What if my internet just stopped working
1touriste (12 days ago)
Interesting and fun to watch. Good job ;-)
Zion Sky (12 days ago)
if more people start using this, will it become slower?

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