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MLP Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme [Leaked version]

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Let's get the disclaimers out of the way first. The song in this video is the old version of the stage theme extracted from the leaked build of the MLP Fighting is Magic game. The song is made by RainbowCrash88, and all credit for the song is his, and only his. If he feels like this shouldn't be up here, I'll unlist it. The image I edited and used as a background is the RD splash screen made by Jay Wright for the game. -------------------------------- So, as I wrote, this is the leaked version of Rainbow Dash's stage theme. As far as I know, this song is not on YouTube right now (the video I knew of was removed by the user), and that is the main reason why I upload it. I will also provide a high quality download of the file, as I haven't found one anywhere else. The only things I can take credit for is extracting the music from the build and adding the top text in the image. The latter turned out to be quite some work. It was harder than I expected to replicate text style, involving loads of tinkering with vector graphics combined with raster graphics. Turned out pretty neat, I think. -------------------------------- Download (mp3, 320 kb/s): http://www.mediafire.com/?tba5s6bhl03bs2s
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ShellyD (2 months ago)
I'm glad you put this up. I'm working on a drum cover of this song, and the fill at 0:16 is _really_ hard to make out on the final version due to the various effects and how they're mixed, particularly the toms and bass drum. On this version it's super clear, and a lot easier to play than I initially interpreted. Thanks for the upload, you saved me time repeating the section over and over trying to make it out.
Soda Meme (4 months ago)
I love the new one more. It sounds more extreme / exciting in my opinion.
Goldbug28 (1 year ago)
I heard it in the tribute edition once, but every other time i would play that stage it had the default one
J. Lean (1 year ago)
I prefer this one, it's a good bit heavier
Catrachito 00 (1 year ago)
The newer version is way better
ColgateWorld (2 years ago)
Sounds AWESOME!!!
RUSSY SWASTI (2 years ago)
I like this one but I prefer the new one. New version is more extreme in my opinion.
linda stonier (1 year ago)
RUSSY SWASTI same here
Chara (3 years ago)
it's been a while
Nyan Nyan Productions (3 years ago)
Super expertness
Cosmic Pixel (5 years ago)
Awesomeness theme and much better then the other one
Scarf C. (5 years ago)
Whoa, better then new!
Alcesmire (5 years ago)
My pleasure!
Mandragora (5 years ago)
just noticed the older version is gone thank you for reloading this.
Kalapurka (5 years ago)
This version is better *period*
Pokey989 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the upload. I love this version, and the new one is horrible. This is a song, the official one is just noise.
Alcesmire (5 years ago)
Thanks, added to the description!
Alcesmire (5 years ago)
Are you talking about me being butthurt?
Jakub Chaber (5 years ago)
OK, enough of the butthurt; time to enjoy the superior theme \m/ >.< \m/
Jakub Chaber (5 years ago)
Nah, some people just like it more because it doesn't sound like it has a lot of dirty sounds and isn't played in a maidan with all the splinters piercing your ear drums -.-. This version is FAR superior and for RC88 to make another one after this just shows his butthurt over the leak. Also- if you judge good music like this and are biased towards it because it was 'leaked'... Then you're a fanboy and you shouldn't be running your mouth with biased opinions. Grow some ears.
Alcesmire (5 years ago)
No offense taken. I just wanted to clarify that I was fully aware that this is the older version (which some people like more, probably due to the heavier guitar).
AURESHION (5 years ago)
I never said it was the not the new version, i simply tried to imply that the actual up to-date version is out there. concerning the quallity issue, I meant the difference in quallity between this one and the latest one. I simply assumed that you thought that this was the only version out there. I admit i was a bit quick with my judgement and I am sincerely sorry for that. I hope i didn't offend you I hope for an reply
Alcesmire (5 years ago)
You're way off here. This version is extracted from a leaked build (that was leaked well before the new version was released). So this is the OLDER version, I only call it the "Leaked version" to show that it's from the leaked build. And as for your other comment, of course this is different. This is a whole other version of the song. And quality wise you can't get better than this, I got my hands on the uncompressed raw wav file, which I converted to a HQ mp3.
AURESHION (5 years ago)
One more thing: theversion on his channel is rather different in therms of quallity and such, just extract the mp3 from tbe video with a converter. That worked for me You're welcome :)
AURESHION (5 years ago)
This is not even the latest, one you can find the latedt one on rainbowcrash88's channel and that one was posted LAST year, you can hardly call this a leak
Alcesmire (5 years ago)
My pleasure! I figured I wasn't the only one searching for this, so sharing my findings was the least I could do for the fandom!
joechip64 (5 years ago)
Nice, I've been looking for this! Thanks for the upload!

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