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[AND] Highest mountain pass in the Pyrenees (2,408 m) - Port d'Envalira + Túnel d'Envalira

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Driving the highest mountain pass in the Pyrenees, Port d'Envalira at 2,408 metres over sea level. Includes footage of Túnel d'Envalira, Europe's highest road tunnel (2,000+ meters).
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Goran Sabol (3 days ago)
Plenty of higher passes in French Alps. Less touristy and commercial. Beautiful nature. You can do more then one in a day if you want . Also coll Angel between France and Italy. Stelvio in Italy is also beautiful. Very touristy but unique.
Michal Spanko (26 days ago)
You have beautiful roads in Spain must have been very expensive to build it.
Michal Spanko (24 days ago)
+Roads of Europe (verreme) it looks like the place in Spain I was but that was at the end of Pyrenees. Lots of Tunnels through the Rocky hills
Hi, this road is in Andorra not Spain.
murodeaguas2 (3 months ago)
La vez que pasé por ahí me hizo gracia que la subida de ese puerto está limitada a 90 km/h, cuando en absolutamente todo el país el límite es 60 km/h.
Efectivamente en la inmensa mayoría de carreteras andorranas el límite de velocidad es como mucho 60 km/h, excepto en el túnel d'Envalira (70) y en el túnel de las Dos Valires (80), además del mencionado puerto.
Jochen Hassi (5 months ago)
When did You drive (date) over this pass? Jochen
Jochen Hassi (5 months ago)
Thanks for feedback
Hi, this video was recorded in summer 2014.
Bruno Miguel Neto (7 months ago)
You can drive at 2802m of altitude in the Alps. Go to Cime de la Bonnette-Restefond. The beginning of the climb is in Jausiers (France).
autotravelerru (8 months ago)
Very interesting route! I take it in my mind at a future trip.
Thanks! Andorra is indeed worth a roadtrip, but there are much pretter roads in the Pyrenees!
Opel Travel. (9 months ago)
Nagyon jó videó Gratulálok! 🚗
floris kort96 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the beautiful video. I hope you can make one of the Bielsa-Aragnouet Tunnel!
Thanks for the comment! I don't think I'll drive there in the remainder of 2017, but who knows? It's something I'd love to see so I'll go there sooner or later.
Tim Miller (2 years ago)
All I can say is WOW, that was a very awesome video. Made me feel like I was along for the ride. Thank you.
Thanks to you for the comment!
Aiciu (3 years ago)
I'm keen to go up there and drive it myself now. 
You won't regret it. Thanks for the comment!
D. G. (3 years ago)
Great video! You have an awesome sounding exhaust! What are you driving???
I'm driving a "normal" car (Opel Astra 1.6). Sound is a bit weird because the video is sped up, and in this case there's a low-pass filter because we were talking inside the car and I didn't want it to be heard :)

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