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STRONG Girl on the Beach - Everyday WORKOUT

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Hi I'm Katie Davies — a jack of all sports. I’ve competed nationally as an athlete for many years as a professional gymnast, ironman triathlete and sprint swimmer. I hold a black belt in kick boxing and I recently qualified for the national power lifting championships after coming 2nd in my weight category in the regionals. I also run marathons, team obstacle challenges, and Ironman triathlons. I am constantly seeking new challenges to keep things fresh. I love learning a new sport from scratch, getting good at it, and then competing and winning medals before moving onto the next. I eat, sleep and breathe training. It’s my meditation. It grounds and focuses me. My days are spent training clients, training myself, writing articles, creating programs and expanding my platform, always educating clients and promoting a healthy lifestyle via my social media along the way. I currently train clients in Tulum, Mexico at the Tulum Jungle Gym and run a number of classes there for both men and women, including my own signature Booty Boot Camp class every Thursday morning at 9.30am I enjoy meeting new people, traveling around the world training, working with clients one-on-one, in groups and at fitness retreats locally and around the world! I love working out and working with clients to make their sessions fun and unique so that they can enjoy training as much as I do. My life is all about training and motivating others to do the same. I love challenging both myself and my clients to be the best that they can be, to push themselves and to really see what they are capable of both mentally and physically. I also provide online training programs for clients that are not able to train with me face to face at the gym. Each program is custom designed to enable you to reach your body and health goals. Programs are tailored to suit your needs, time availability, equipment access and nutritional requirements. My programs and training sessions get results if you put the hard work in. Sessions are always challenging but fun and at the same time clients walk away covered in sweat but also with a massive smile on their face and an ever bigger sense of achievement. Katie Davies: ► Instagram: www.instagram.com/katietrainsalot/ ► E MAIL: [email protected] ► WHATSAPP +521 9841363226 ► www.katietrainsalot.com ‬‬ ★ PLAYLISTS ★: ► Sport Motivation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboDbX9O8U1zAm8pfGiwmc-3L ► Workout, Calisthenics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboCBzw0fnKl0tKmu8vciNXme ► Bodybuilding & Fitness: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboBXEYX0WDCov4Iq3wIGrFn3
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Text Comments (133)
THOMAS MILLER (47 minutes ago)
Fitness bod should be the only bod :-)
jajesam sigurno (4 hours ago)
Alot of BBCs around
Edrick Clerveaux (5 hours ago)
Great Job!!!
William Ruiz (7 hours ago)
At o23 I'd like to b that statue.
Wilfredo Gonzalez (8 hours ago)
Nice fake weights.
Watermelon Man (9 hours ago)
those steroids will kill you babe.
Jack roper (11 hours ago)
Ha Ha !  What a bunch of Bull shit.
King Ofdaroad (15 hours ago)
Dang, she has a 12 pack.
Rubén Lució (16 hours ago)
i cant help but think of jim carrey
Интересно, а можно этак "на картошке" подкачаться?
Brown Brown (17 hours ago)
where is the strong girl ? i only see a women doing half push ups, lifting weights made of air, and doing light sets of body weight excersizes....no strong girls here....only show off for the sheep masses
Len Lieber (18 hours ago)
So I'm thinking she's working out at .....Gilligan's gym.
Luch (20 hours ago)
When I see strong work out chicks for some reason all I think about is smelly farts and odour. Been working out for years and I know the protein requirements to maintain this type of body. With that is lots of smelly farts. Not attractive.
Brad Castlebury (23 hours ago)
We should definitely hook up
Thank You (1 day ago)
well this was impressive to watch, please don't get too big and bulky, just stick to being strong, beautiful
SCJMO (1 day ago)
Yes please!
Bass4Ever (1 day ago)
It is Cave man Gym. lol
Bass4Ever (1 day ago)
I wonder why the camera is filming backwards. lol
milnusthegnome (1 day ago)
Unfeminine, disgusting, yucky.
DerHalbeEuro (1 day ago)
or they doing workout or just spreading their ass so everyone can see?
Chris Fowell (1 day ago)
you sould work out every day you need rest days to build muscle otherwise your muscles don't get time to repair and you end up being a big mess
Gavin Schuette (1 day ago)
lipo n roids
Stacy boulderdash (1 day ago)
Women! Don’t get too much visible muscle. News flash: REAL men don’t want to fuck another man. Those tramp stamp chicks remind me of popeye! Another dirty crotch sailor.👇
Outhouse John (1 day ago)
They have Roid Guts
electric776 (1 day ago)
you need strong stallion to culm...
Anton Hiler (1 day ago)
females look nasty with muscles. please stop that trend.
Lcg 956 (1 day ago)
Easy to see that is a "tranny" not a real woman!
davidson2004fatboy (1 day ago)
LineLife_ (1 day ago)
What a ugly nig
Third Herd (1 day ago)
I really wish I could motivate my girlfriend to workout and eat right to look like her!
Aleksandar Kosaric (1 day ago)
BB in Kickboxing never exsisted...
фу крокодилы галимые.
Top the top sexy wonderful is beautiful world fitness 2018
Martin Dillon (1 day ago)
well for some, have they no jobs to go to??
Peaches Peaches (1 day ago)
her workout was the second hardest thing about this video
Steve Smith (1 day ago)
Wooden Weights!!!!!!!!!! Come on ladies, lift some iron.
zazzy99 (1 day ago)
Where is this gym? I really like the concept?
W B (1 day ago)
Dano smith (1 day ago)
Keep up the work ladies!
NoYezz (1 day ago)
they should, in my opinion, keep some femininity left, there is nothing more beautiful than be feminine, what's the point in looking like a guy?
Bigdawg 1 (1 day ago)
Like my women little more feminine
Reggi D (1 day ago)
Liked the vid. Unfortunately most of these beauties are boring as hell in convo.
DEADPOOL wolverine (1 day ago)
Fake s
James Gilliam (1 day ago)
I wonder were did they get those Fred Flintstone weights from
Опять эти напичканные гормонами коротышки? Они вам истина нравятся?
Wildlands 1 (2 days ago)
the music is wayyy too much.
cacho100 (2 days ago)
You are an incredible athlet!
фу и что за мутанша))
Oskar Oskar (2 days ago)
Netu ne
asdaat (2 days ago)
1:07 goooo closer!!!
gazog1 (2 days ago)
Love the outside gym.....❤️
Cool Din (2 days ago)
Steroid girls on the beach........
ros1tony (2 days ago)
Not impressed, they look like men.
Clive Langhan (2 days ago)
ros1tony What fucking men have you been looking at?!
John Torres (2 days ago)
WOW! she is BADASS I love the way she SMILEZ when she is working OUT! Amazing!
Berkcam (2 days ago)
Good on you Katie... keep on pushing.
John Campeau (2 days ago)
"Black belt in kickboxing" ?
John Campeau (1 day ago)
Charlie Brewer (1 day ago)
John Campeau She also has a brown belt in Crossfit
LES (2 days ago)
These things made of plastic or what? 0:23
MrFiliCZ (1 day ago)
Charles Kennedy (2 days ago)
Holy shit. Strong AF women
poserwanabe (2 days ago)
Wait is this the Flintstones ??
marcelo menoni (2 days ago)
xvideo continues the vid guys......
Doenjang Stew (2 days ago)
Maybe heat stroke you might die. Go out at night.
John Mitchell (2 days ago)
Man, I just want to go there to breathe deep.
Nicholas Camp (2 days ago)
Attractive and strong but not beautiful.
david banner (2 days ago)
Very inspiring and super hot!!!
Jakob Zamorski (2 days ago)
that was masculin.
The WolfMan932 (2 days ago)
SergioFabbroni 7 (2 days ago)
Зачёт. С ней можно расслабиться по полной. Всё напряжное возьмёт на себя
smallfaucet (2 days ago)
Is it strange that this gives me a un flaccid feeling?
French Bulldog 1 (2 days ago)
1:55 balsa wood weights . RIDICULOUS . FRAUDS . CHICK BAIT .
French Bulldog 1 (2 days ago)
:27 fake weights . All these vids are FEMBOT DELUSION .
Sayan Tastean (2 days ago)
dont stop for no one in the same way but im at cincinnati park keep up the good work
Steve's Outdoor World (2 days ago)
Dam sooooooooo Fine!
dennisw64 (3 days ago)
Beautiful scenery... Even more beautiful women... Now I know what paradise looks like. :)
Darth vader (3 days ago)
Damn. She's a 10.
willfriedo0 (3 days ago)
Nice place to train
Sync HUN (3 days ago)
So Strong 💪💪💪
Big Member (4 days ago)
gymnast that ex;plains a lot
Glauber Cardoso (6 days ago)
Great athlete! Challenging routine
Eray Fitness TV (6 days ago)
Eray Fitness TV (2 days ago)
This one good skinny
LES (2 days ago)
Not this one. 0:58
Workout Versus (6 days ago)
DESDESK -/ (7 days ago)
Music????1 #1
Lanx Ivan (7 days ago)
😌 Que fuerza!
money williamson (7 days ago)
Thats a shemale
Es una buena opción para ejercitar
CRACK 8 (7 days ago)
Demi bagby is the best
Anthony Robertson (7 days ago)
Where is that beach gym located???🙏🙏🙏
Gboom Boomerang (7 days ago)
A A (7 days ago)
Well I came here for a different thing😐
wooo el cuerpo de mis sueños
굇수고양이 (7 days ago)
She is not human
굇수고양이 All humans have that muscle but theirs fat covering it
Sebastian Celada (7 days ago)
sh0cktim3 (7 days ago)
Great place to workout.
Martin Heine (7 days ago)
Where is that gym?
Timothy Haskell (2 days ago)
Gilligan's isle
OneSource Zero (4 days ago)
Martin Heine here
Forsaken (7 days ago)
1:09 I want to eat her asshole
Darnell Dulaney (7 days ago)
What a woman
kustom fitness (7 days ago)
amazing! watching this definetly makes me motivated!! and makes me want to go to the beach haha
ิNUTKUNG (7 days ago)
คนไทย ดู เม้น หน่อยคับ
ิNUTKUNG (6 days ago)
Meow ʕ•ع•ʔ (6 days ago)
ิNUTKUNG ไทยๆๆ😂😂
Karlisa Brent (7 days ago)
Jaden Eichler, (7 days ago)
Great video!

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