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The Daily Show - Burn Noticed

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The historic People's Climate March takes place in New York City while a House of Representatives committee struggles with the basic principles of global warming. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now: http://on.cc.com/1zI8VsE
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Erica O'Brien (17 hours ago)
Honestly you watch this and wonder how scientists don't want to pull their hair out. Better men and women than me that's for damn sure. I would never be able to be respectful with these idiots.
Michael Anderson (3 days ago)
"At what level does CO2 become dangerous to Humans?" - Dana Rohrbacher (Republican) At Level 0 technically. Could Mr Rohrbacher please sit in his car, in a closed garage, roll down the windows of his car, and turn on the ignition. Then he'll find out how dangerous CO2 can be to humans.
kliman (8 days ago)
How much i miss jon
starflame34 (14 days ago)
And later that night, that scientist went to get drunk to forget the whole ordeal.
dani fl (18 days ago)
Colin Cleveland (22 days ago)
You should look at the scientific literature rather than public comments. Drops mic.
ThePalatineHill (22 days ago)
this made me want a refreshing glass of ice water
eran5005 (23 days ago)
4 years later, still nothing has changed...
Aixxad (24 days ago)
that msnbc dudes last name translates to serioushead
Cephas (29 days ago)
Proof the US republican party is the most dangerous organization on the planet
Black IsMyColor (1 month ago)
Still dead. 2018. 😂😂😂😂
Billie Harland (1 month ago)
All these years and bought politicians (especially and notably Republicans) are still careening toward chaos for the sake of their greed and aggressive stupidity. Truly, we deserve Trump. If this is the state of things and people (especially young people) won't wake and vote... maybe the city on a hill deserves to fall.
NY SUNRISE (1 month ago)
Swanay Mohanty (1 month ago)
did these guys have any education??
The Duder (1 month ago)
Why is it people stop thinking once they get to a word they either agree or disagree with? The ice in a cup argument only applies to ice currently resting in sea water. However, run the math on what ice rests on land. Oddly, one will find those numbers to be rather low in comparison. Only about 10% of Earth's land is covered by ice. That leaves 90% not talked about. The 10% WILL cause sea level to rise without a doubt. The important unanswered question is "By what level will the water rise?" We'll lose coast land for sure. Richies will have to move inland a mile or so. Big whoop. There will be no more New Orleans and most of southern Florida will be underwater. Again, big whoop. With some land losses elsewhere on Earth. My concern is, what the Earth will do to counter the CO2 rise. Earth always wins the co2 fight, usually at the cost of species living on it. Soon as Earth eliminates the source of the rising co2 (humans), it will once again return to it's resting state. A balance of co2, nitrogen, and oxygen. Actually, I am unsure what may happen to oxygen levels. If plants survive, it may remain at breathable levels. (It's NOT what we do. It IS however, the amount of people doing it which is the problem.)
kefkapalazzo1 (1 month ago)
Jon and Colbert used to make fun of media most. Now jon is gone and Stephen at best has to tip toe. At worst it’s just agreeing with the mainstream trump narrative
kefkapalazzo1 (1 month ago)
Jon and Colbert used to make fun of media most. Now jon is gone and Stephen at best has to tip toe. St worst it’s just agreeing with the mainstream trunk narrative
kefkapalazzo1 (1 month ago)
Jon and Colbert used to make fun of media most. Now jon is gone and Stephen at best has to tip toe. St worst it’s just agreeing with the mainstream trunk narrative
Jared Vargas (1 month ago)
God I miss Jon
Mary Rose Kent (1 month ago)
I love that woman’s laugh! 😁😁😁
leprechaunluck24 (1 month ago)
I miss john and i did his bit where he places ice into a water cup to describe rising sea levels. I was a bartender and I was extremely frustrated by a customers assertions. Afterwards he acknowledged my logical conclusion. Best fucking day of my life. Thanks to john Stewart showing me how to talk to stupid people. Including myself.
Beon K (1 month ago)
That's how you do it trevor
Bönzeaux Bleügreen (1 month ago)
Where are you Mr. Stewart? We need you now more than ever.
Tristan Cooper (1 month ago)
Is it ironic that Steve Stockman looks like my science teacher?
Nigglai (1 month ago)
for a melee player *global wobbling* sounds pretty terrifying
Timothy Thomas (1 month ago)
Mow, 2018 Sept. What have America done. Voted in Tramp. Tramp has pulled out of the organisation .
Peter Liang (1 month ago)
How dare they challenge the Colonel Sanders lookalike scientist.
K.A. GORDON (1 month ago)
Accidentaly (1 month ago)
Wobble wit it
Mecha Leo (1 month ago)
All right, 3 years later, we still haven't come to acceptance, about that water glass theory... You melt ice in the water glass, there's no noticeable difference, if you went into space, went far enough from earth that you could take a picture that looks like you're holding the planet in your hands like, say, a basketball could you see mountains? Maybe you could identify the grayer location where the Himalayas are, but you can't see a bump coming out from the side of the planet. Same thing with the water, if we had an earth sized glass of water next to earth, and a relatively large ice cube in that glass melted, maybe the difference isn't as clear, but assuming the ice cube is buoyant and a bit of it was floating above the water, if you taped something right at the edge of a glass, it would probably be 60 feet under. Give or take.
Carnivore (2 months ago)
This episode is classic.
SkiDzz The wiz (2 months ago)
I miss him
Claiming Light (2 months ago)
Fixing this all starts with getting money out of politics. That has to be our first concern, before climate change, before anything else.
srnmorgana (2 months ago)
Even in 2018 this is still great 😆
Matthew Berg (2 months ago)
ok morons global warming is bullshit. Its called Climate change. its happened before and will happen again . What do you think the ice age was.The earth has been through solar flairs, asteroids and so forth humans are nothing to it. Im sorry but no its not global warming its Climate change its the earth going through its motions
Alfatazer _ (2 months ago)
Evidence please. And please, link a reputable study that is peer reviewed by actual scientists not from a blog post or from some video of an internet loudmouth that just confirms your biases. Go on.
Matthew Berg (2 months ago)
The ice caps are already getting better and so is the oozone
Edmond Lam (2 months ago)
Interesting to know one of those guy are facing 20 years in prison
Jace Cavacini (2 months ago)
I wish I could like this a second time...
Ind3mnity (2 months ago)
I miss Stew Beef
ciprian rufius luca (2 months ago)
The men from House of Representatives committee are square heads.
Prateek Prabhakar (2 months ago)
Why did Jon wring his tie?
Sida Shen (2 months ago)
7:10 #eatshitbob
Melinda Virosteck (2 months ago)
Miss you Jon 😘
Salwa Alahdal (2 months ago)
Jon, we miss you so much :(
eclipse (2 months ago)
They should be fired on the spot.
thetitaniumcranium (3 months ago)
As the French like to say, Che, che or in the common tongue, two che.
Libby (3 months ago)
Steve Stockman just got sent to prison cause he got convicted for 23 counts of fraud and a bunch of other crap.
zari m (3 months ago)
These politicians should be made to wear labels with the name of their sponsors on them like Koch energy etc. I miss Jon. Trevor does not have the depth of knowledge nor the passion of Jon.
Son Of Tarek (3 months ago)
land...you know....the part where the water isn't😂
Captain Powers (3 months ago)
Bout that towel tho
Lorna Ginette Harrison (4 months ago)
Sad to say, but I think the politicians decided to go with the "Global Warming: Giant Towels" option!
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Yeah, scare tactics give anxiety to the sxarers, not the scarees
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Watch it, you're fingers are going to fall off. Get your hands out of that ice.
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
No, I didn't know how to use paper mâché then.
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Well, if texting or phone calling is no longer used, do people still write letters and use stamps? Maybe there are no more envelopes that have to be licked by now.
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
I don't have a cat either
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
I just did that today, not the laser cause I don't have one.
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
I'll wait for 100 years, maybe the wobbling will get better.
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
I get global wobbling every time I exercise
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Sisyfis? Wasn't that a sea monster or something like that?
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
If you turn black in this crowd, you definitely stand out.
Do My Nails (4 months ago)
Is it racist to notice Asians working in a fast food place wearing baseball hats?
Shavonne Atkins (4 months ago)
@3:30 LMAO! "Pushing 1,000,000 lbs. of idiot up a mountain ". (Wow! Do I know that feeling well) Anyway, Gotta love our government... and now we have 10,000,000 lbs. of SUPER IDIOT as head of the executive branch. Guess we're gonna explode like planet Krypton now. 🐸 Shout out to Jon Stewart!!! Miss you sooooo much... you are timeless!!😀
xxxdan82xxx (4 months ago)
I miss him so much...
Shavonne Atkins (4 months ago)
xxxdan82xxx Me 2. Jon Stewart is a legend!
Whofan06 (4 months ago)
If you know how greenhouse gases work, the science of climate change is a no brainer. Carbon gases exist naturally in our atmosphere and keep us warm by trapping heat! What happens when we take carbon fixed in the ground as oil and burn in it? it creates gas!which puts more carbon in the atmosphere! which means more heat trapping and then everything gets hotter! see easy. The hard part is getting people to understand that hotter planet means a variety of things, not just droughts and rising sea levels, but warming ocean currents, worse hurricanes, faster changes in weather patterns and extinction of a huge number of flora and fauna species that cannot adapt quickly enough to these changes and their effects. A lot of people just can't accept that human beings could have that much influence on the planet. Like we somehow haven't already molded a huge amount of its landscape for our purposes and literally in our image.
jsmarty (4 months ago)
I can’t stop watching this, it’s just so good
Denam (1 month ago)
Jon Stewart is an artist.
Dynamic Aero (4 months ago)
If I heard that ice water comment I would have beat that dumbass over the head with a table. How stupid do you have to be to make this claim?
Jim (4 months ago)
Nearly 4 years later and good old Mr Stockman's ass is going to prison: https://www.texastribune.org/2018/04/12/texas-congressman-steve-stockman-found-guilty-felony-charges/
Derp Herbert (4 months ago)
Denam (1 month ago)
Holy crap it actually exists!
John Dickinson (4 months ago)
Tony B (5 months ago)
I’m here trying to get my daily show fix from 2010...that watered down mess they’re handing us now is unsatisfying.
Denam (1 month ago)
I do agree a bit. Trevor's good and pretty funny at times, but the Daily Show used to be so damn informative about everything. Now it's all about Trump.
Kevin Jenkins (5 months ago)
Kathleen Erickson (5 months ago)
Jon you are the best, love you!
jplayer073 (5 months ago)
Jon Stewart's a legend. Too bad he's living in a shack in the woods now.
Serai3 (5 months ago)
It's got nothing to do with stupidity or ignorance. It has to do with WHERE THESE ASSHOLES GET THEIR MONEY. So long as the money depends on them being stonewalling shitheads, they're going to keep being that. The ONLY way to get rid of this bullshit is to MAKE CORPORATE LOBBYING ILLEGAL. But that's not going to happen because that's where they get their money.
Tzvi Krasner (5 months ago)
Jon had the best meltdowns.
Tzvi Krasner (1 month ago)
When I get depressed by the idiots in Congress and the White House, I like to come watch these so I can be reminded that they've been idiots for a long time.
I miss Jon Steward..
Procession of the equinox has nothing to do with climate and unregulated geo- engineering will probably have devastating future consequences for health, environment, and climate. Who cares tho; Trump is potus and we're all doomed....
Christian O. Holz (5 months ago)
And these science-illiterate fools are running this country. Using their stupidity to excuse their corrupt lobbyist connection to the polluters in the industry. Amazing.
Christian O. Holz (5 months ago)
Jon, you're being missed. Always funny!
Matthew Malpeli (5 months ago)
I miss you Jon Stewart
Baki XB (6 months ago)
They can piss and moan all they want but the simple fact is China and India are THE Largest polluters in the world. They're to pussy to stand up to China and India. Hell Fukishima still fucking shit up Japan ain't being held responsible no they're going to drill into the mantle within the next 12 years. Talk all you want about climate change but you aren't doing anything about it. China's been buying businesses in Australia for decades! Whats happened to the Great Barrier Reef? Yeah exactly! Do something or don't do something. Just quit being impotent about the situation.
Baki XB (5 months ago)
Your mother's teeth scraped the tip of my dick.
Matthew Malpeli (5 months ago)
Wtf are you pissing and moaning about?
Mike Larry (6 months ago)
Mike Larry (6 months ago)
this was the best. i dare anyone to link a better episode.
truthbetold459 (6 months ago)
I miss you, papa, where are you?
K Laffoon (6 months ago)
Is there a hyena in the audience??
Charlie David (6 months ago)
What happened to Comedy Central once Jon Stewart left is just sad. Does Trevor Noah ever recap Cspan? He does take shots and Jill Stein though.
brawl2063 (6 months ago)
Leave it to Jon Stewart to brilliantly point the hypocrisy of climate change.
Salma Sabry (6 months ago)
I swear I've watched this at least five times but that breakdown at 8:54 makes me laugh every time.
honest peter (6 months ago)
Back when cc was good
freedom1234573 (7 months ago)
conservatives shouldnt be allowed to reproduce
Laser Samurai (7 months ago)
yeah 0.03 co2 in the atmosphere causes the temperature to rise lol and im santa
SB (7 months ago)
Welp now we have a president who doesn't believe in it and has withdrawn from the Paris agreement
Michael Laverty (7 months ago)
Wait you mean It was bigger than the Trump Parade which according to Trump was the Biggest most Beautiful Parade in World history ? Hey Mr Stewart Did you hear the Republican House intelligence committee just announced they are calling it quits on the Trump Russia investigation because they claim there was NO CRIME or collusion at all NO conflicts of interest and NO Trumps son didn't really mean that Trump who can't borrow a Dime from an American Bank because of the 7 Bankruptcies he has filed in the past few year's has NO Money problems because His Own Son said We are flush with Russian cash didn't really mean it ..He was just kidding ? Well those overly honest & really ethical Republicans claim that they can't seem to find any wrong doing per say but did say that they are limited what with them doing the investigation with both eye's closed and everything ...But they would try and conduct the next investigation with at least one eye open ... Can you imagine we the people can't get away with driving down the street without wearing our seat-belt without instant law enforcement attention But Trump it seem's is as clean as snow white when Trump himself has pictures taken shaking hands with a well known Russian crime syndicate crime boss and his son and they even live directly under Trump at Trump SoHo ... So you still think it's a good idea to get rid of the Government watch dog groups that watch out for Government corruption do you ?
Geoffrey Mate (7 months ago)
This is one reason I couldn't be a politician. I would get ejected from meetings everyday for yelling "YOU'RE A FUCKING MORON!" and blasting 'Read a Book' by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz.
Stephen Grigg (7 months ago)
did anyone else see the vice chairman wink? was that an intentionally easy question? what just happened
Small Phones . Inc (7 months ago)
Buschows' No.1 contributor was Murray Energy? Looks like Jons' protégé John Oliver has extracted revenge...
Sparkie Lyle (7 months ago)
There's a Perfect Xample of a Corp Tool Sell Out ! Larry A-Hole Bucshow, Paid 2 Lie thru his Teeth cuz of Corp $'ers given 2 him by Them ! PS This is 1 of the Reason's this Gullible, Cuntry is in DECLINE . . .

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