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1983 Apple Keynote-The "1984" Ad Introduction

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Here we see Steve Jobs at a keynote in 1983 showing for the first time ever the famous "1984" ad by Ridley Scott to an exclusive audience. The ad was shown on tv shortly after that only once during the 1984 Superbowl & never aired again & is considered to be one of the greatest ads of all time.
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Trip on Tube (1 month ago)
Wow my first time saw jobs dancing
Jordan Purdy (1 month ago)
Glad he's dead
That's funny because the computer the ad was for turned out to be a shitcan
rohit r (2 months ago)
Just read this part in Isaacson's book. Surreal watching it here
Paul Marriott (3 months ago)
He is trying to start a war with I-B-effing-M!
MaXGTS1 (4 months ago)
Landscape Guy (4 months ago)
COCAINE IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG! All I got to say about this
Vincent Williams (4 months ago)
Ad directed by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), featuring Anya Major as the hammer thrower. A British model, Major was also an athlete, perfectly suited for the role. Most actresses at the casting call could barely manage the sledgehammer; Major, a discus thrower, got the part. At the time of the commercial, she was about 17 years old.
Vivek Tiwari (6 months ago)
More like a Presidential Candidate Speech.
THG TV Haunted House (6 months ago)
GravitynReverse x (9 months ago)
Computers ruined the world...... Although changes  in future needed to be made. The constant growth of technology has taken us all captive...
MY _ DIXIE _ RECT (9 months ago)
Ridley Scott is from my home town South Shields :) I'm basically linked to this ad. I basically am Steve Jobs
Abdul Ghani (10 months ago)
that's a bold way to say fuck you at the time
applegirlxo (1 year ago)
*dislikes from samsheep*
Deborah McCormick (1 year ago)
So much knowledge! So little time, he doesn’t know that yet.....
AbsentWithoutLeaving (1 year ago)
Iconic. Sitting here in 2018, writing this on a Mac.
Virgilio Kapunan (1 year ago)
Commodore : Steve, I am still a company
jessieleigh89 (1 year ago)
Let’s get real no one wants an Apple computer they are complicated and hard to understand. Now I can say the same for the new windows 10.. take me back to XP or Vista lol
Apple ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rayeece 123 (1 year ago)
EPIC Gives me chills everytym
Dank Goodness (1 year ago)
This video was before the first iPhone. Let that sink in
Daniel Monarrez (1 year ago)
This guys survive school over eight year being special is his own smart atitudes many people who were terrible mexicans now his bullies screw he mad tons of money some of them screw up had children for nothing but this guy created the best tech and became a role model to may special needs kids in schools and acade?ics this will help of many special need children
Business Monkey (1 year ago)
ummmmm... what?
LancePlays // Lance (1 year ago)
0:08 E - R EVER!
David cawrowl (1 year ago)
What was not shown is what was most important: Gates looking directly at Jobs during the airing of the commercial, with waiting-in-the-wings plans of his own.
TIG5574 (1 year ago)
LOL I'm watching the Steve Jobs movie Jobs and it looks like they got this scene almost verbatim. Kutcher really did look the part.
Ryland Cook (1 year ago)
this day changed the world forever
Nicolas Alarcón (2 years ago)
Back when Apple was god in Personal Computer
SAM KORE (2 years ago)
Spurthi Veronica (2 years ago)
It's a pleasure watching him speak. It's as beautiful as Michael Jackson sing and dance
john jobs (5 months ago)
You must have for married to a bank clerk by now
Steve Mahoney (2 years ago)
hello again
Pankaj Ahuja (2 years ago)
God fucking damn. Am I supposed to be scared of Apple right now? But there's nowhere to turn.
MikeToreno (2 years ago)
What's weird is that all those people in gray suits marching in lockstep are apple customers. IBM used an open architecture and there were lots of IBM-compatible computers right from the beginning. There are still lots and lots of Windows computers from lots of different companies, and lots of Android phones and tablets from lots of different companies. In the Apple world, everything comes from one company, which tries to control everything.
Janne K (2 years ago)
Uploaded exactly 10 years ago! Nice...
EQdb Music (3 years ago)
monos70 (3 years ago)
AbsentWithoutLeaving (1 year ago)
Spoiler Alert! Turns out Big Brother was the computer/internet. Have you taken a walk lately while looking anywhere but into that tiny, glowing screen in your hand, and bluetooth or hardwired earplugs feeding you 'information'? You're ALL slaves to the machine.
Josh Mabin (2 years ago)
it was inspired by the book 1984 which foretold this, not apple :)
Goytá F. Villela Jr. (3 years ago)
It was not just IBM and not just in the late 1970s. In 1986-87, I worked for a large data processing company and they put even the smallest systems on mainframes, saying exactly that: "PCs are too small to do serious computing." And they added: "they're for playing games, not to do serious work." Now, just for a start, only one of the hard disks on my PC has more storage than the entire company (which employed hundreds of IT professionals) had at that time...
destrierofdark (3 years ago)
+Goytá F. Villela Jr. Corporate is always stupid, it seems.
SpuderMawn (3 years ago)
"he's trying to start a war with IB fucking M"
Tom Steinert (3 years ago)
Genius and showman!
AbsentWithoutLeaving (1 year ago)
Zarock - That's life.
Schnitzengruben (2 years ago)
and asshole.
fatchickiado (3 years ago)
s27z (3 years ago)
Piece of shit.
Pricila Bravo (3 years ago)
which is the song in the background?
MC For Life (2 years ago)
Keyur Mandani (3 years ago)
can anyone tell me. which is that song in the beginning?
Keyur Mandani (3 years ago)
Thank You. Title is a bit different, though singer us same. Irene Cara- We are apple.
Jon P (3 years ago)
+Keyur Mandani Irene Cara - What a Feeling
Jonas Johnson (3 years ago)
Neat! Apple does a great job.
Jonas Johnson (3 years ago)
I guess it did fall some. Hopefully it comes back up.
gabi show (3 years ago)
Auto-Bahn Kenobi (4 years ago)
Too bad the mics were attached to the podium, cuz that's a drop the mic moment if I ever saw one
soup1in2a3shoe4 (4 years ago)
fuck steve jobs
Partha Samadder (4 years ago)
Steve, we don't forget you...
kot kore (4 years ago)
what is the meaning of the expression ''Big Blue'' that he said. is it for emphasis or not?
David Jacobs (4 years ago)
Big Blue is nickname for IBM
zzetc (4 years ago)
He kinda looks like Messi
Mary Kemmerer (4 years ago)
And this is why we have IBM clones, aka the PC. Apple is still Apple.
dlaldud1963 (4 years ago)
Why,why god should take him so fast?
Chancy Squire (4 years ago)
Just awesome! Nothing tops the original - the new copied advertising of zalando certainly not
RossoScuderia (4 years ago)
Allthough i prefer android you really cant beat apple's showmanship. Thats how they make up for the fact that they are selling overpriced aluminum boxes of garbage
Sebastián Slrzn (1 year ago)
Because is shit. You can say that Win had fails, shit privacy, bad security, yada yada, but all of those problems can be fixedd even if you're not a computer especialist. And then, the system is very easy to use for anyone..And that's the point. Linux is stupidly complicated to use if you don't have experience, and it has some pretensious shit that make it a pain in the ass just to get a fucking video card or something...And forget about good gaming or anything. You can say any shit about Win an MS in general, and maybe is all true, but at the end, is the only system that the majority of the world population can manage without problem. Mac is a expensive piece of shit made by (and for) hipster with money to expend. Linux is for nerds and virgins. But eventually a real man like me (?) can use it for some other shits, but that's all. I allways get back to Win, like everyone else.
Pankaj Ahuja (2 years ago)
That's it pretty much. Linux is our only hope but there's not enough of people backing it.
InvisibleYetVisible (2 years ago)
+g0opy I'm confused. Are you saying that because Windows isn't based on Unix, it's intrinsically bad? 
InvisibleYetVisible (4 years ago)
Bang on.
FutabaGP (4 years ago)
how can man be more incompetent in tech to tell such a thing?
Ending sky (4 years ago)
Can we say legacy ?
Kypria Santiago (4 years ago)
Since watching amcs halt catch and fire. My appreciation and interest has sparked for the journey of technology and its ever growing discoverd uses. Made possible by the hard work and genius of yester years nerds.
George Lukes (4 years ago)
how ironic.  Steve later built the monster that he likened IBM to, the ones who are planning to engulf the information age!  Nothing open and free about the ecosystem that Steve built.  It wasn't really about the user, it was all about Steve!
AlphaNintendo Gamer (1 month ago)
Steve jobs left in ‘85, you know
InvisibleYetVisible (4 years ago)
Spot on.
KILLBILDERBURG (4 years ago)
Laudable intent, if not a little naive, as Apple today create the most easily monitoring devices to locate and control the unwitting masses.. Can't remove the battery, can't exchange the memory.. Welcome to 1984.. Oh the sad irony
ross mckenzie (4 years ago)
The day Steve Jobs became a God
Landscape Guy (4 months ago)
ross mckenzie the day cocaine made Steve Jobs the man
steve41557 (4 years ago)
awesome ad!
zackex (4 years ago)
"Think different" <3
Ritwik Mukherjee (4 years ago)
the greatest advertisement of all time
85Darkjun (4 years ago)
Does anyone have transcript for foreigner?
Grace E (4 years ago)
"Hi. I'm Steve Jobs"
Kevin Johnson (3 months ago)
+bigmack0033 Steve Jobs has more movies and books about him than Woz. Way more. Jobs had the capability to lead and direct people way better than Woz and that's what's needed to run the company, if it weren't for Jobs Woz would just be some fat neckbeard playing with metal in his garage. Go cry about it somewhere else.
Chicken Feed babe (11 months ago)
bigmack0033 both of the Steve jobs movies had woz in them as important characters
bigmack0033 (4 years ago)
+Andreas Christofi It that why there are so many movies about Woz.
Andreas Christofi (4 years ago)
+bigmack0033 Apparently lots of people
bigmack0033 (4 years ago)
+David Mendoza Who gives a shit?
jack jocker (4 years ago)
jack jocker (4 years ago)
what song??
Bryan Todd (4 years ago)
thank you for that. mr jobs hit the nail on the head.
Aaron P (4 years ago)
was george Or well right about 2014 ????
Daniel .Lee (4 years ago)
Gevolution Xalapa (4 years ago)
aloks (5 years ago)
Name of the song at the start from 0:00 to 0:39?
JSYBen (4 years ago)
It is based on 'What a Feeling' by 'Flashdance', and is even sung by the same singer, but it is actually an Apple produced track called 'We are Apple'. Back in the 80s when companies did such things :D
aloks (4 years ago)
yeah flashdance...wat a feeling
Henry the best (4 years ago)
what a feeling
LameBrainMcCain (5 years ago)
Xerox... gone!  DEC... gone!  Microsoft... (soon) gone!  IBM stock price... $170/share!
Bonnie Hundley (5 years ago)
Aha, the Super Bowl Ads made me think of this legendary ad.
Kevinb1821 (5 years ago)
A beautiful story about free market competition, and the freedom to compete which enriches everyone's lives.
Fernando Mullen (5 years ago)
Qual o nome da música no início? What's the name of the music in the beginning? Seems like flashdance one...
ourcynic (5 years ago)
This commercial was made before the advent of the jogging bra. Oh how I hate the jogging bra.
Rich Lewis (5 years ago)
Wild how IBM was the big, evil corporation to fight back then.
James Walden (5 years ago)
It is ironic as Apple is very much the Big Brother now, with its even more confining walled garden platforms.
stressball (5 years ago)
...and together with Microsoft, they won the personal computer war.
Seong Hong (5 years ago)
Fuc ken Microsoft copy macintosh lol
Suzy Lux (5 years ago)
what alot of cheek he had. good intentions to start i think. ad still gives me chills...
SirtubalotTX (5 years ago)
What gives me chills is what Apple has become: they are now pretty much the same as the antagonist they portrayed in their 1984 commercial.
Isha Barthwal (5 years ago)
After reading the book i feel as if i was there i knew wat happened before the function started and what jobs was thinking omgg..and why doesn't it hav over a 100 m views..what are people doing with their lives lol
jatinneversaydie (4 years ago)
Im also reading the book..and had goosebumps when I saw this video ..seemed liked I have been here before...Jobs was a great visionary and a fighter
Sgreenvn (5 years ago)
What is the song at the begginning
pavel myky (5 years ago)
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Martin Svehla (5 years ago)
Steve job is big brother.
ShackleFactory (5 years ago)
BUY A VINTAGE MACINTOSH HERE: ebay(DOT)com/itm/221297671962
MagikGimp (5 years ago)
But where are the games Steve? Where are the games?!
Cabhan Listis (5 years ago)
I hear Apple is coming out with a device for Scottish engineers called the iiCaptain.
Sabin Bhandari (5 years ago)
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TheLAKERSareGodsTeam (5 years ago)
Adopt Linux/Android. Adopt a dog? heh. You can avoid human companionship, you can't avoid technology. The only way for mankind to survive is for MEN to lead, and mankind to take command of tech. If we fail this, Cupertino will consolidate it's power, it's investors demand it.... more than that, it is required by law. The irony is not coincidence. Jobs at least had a human conscience and the influence to alter fiduciary mandate. His corporation, and it's shareholders, do not.
Mitchell W (5 years ago)
So much smug
Bud Gillett (5 years ago)
Why doesn't this have at 500000000 views at least on youtube
Owen's World (5 years ago)
Fan-AngryBirds (5 years ago)
This version actually has added sounds and slight camera shot alterations.
Discoveryz (5 years ago)
snursmumrik (5 years ago)
irony is - now apple has become that dictator with thousands of blind followers, queueing for the latest iPhone
sklampton (5 years ago)
Umm, you do realize that Google's entire business is based on collecting as much personal information about you as possible, right? It's literally how their business works. Android exists to collect data on your habits so they can sell more (and more targeted) ads. Whatever you think of "cults" and popularity, it's silly to act like Apple is more like Big Brother than Google. Apple's business is stuff. Google's business is personal information.
zelvadrian (5 years ago)
I noticed in THIS clip I could hear the "Hitler" dude on the screen BETTER than the actual copy that has been circulated online! The sound & background horn, or whatever it was, was so PRONOUNCE that I couldn't hear the damned WORDS of the "Hitler" at some points! I had no idea that Steve Jobs started off first by citing the MISTAKES and lack of vision that an entrenched entity like IBM, had made!!! It's common in ever changing businesses for big titans to die out like dinosaurs!
jeankil (5 years ago)
yep, but it doesn't mean that IBM was using windows
tuberjunkie (5 years ago)
long live Apple .....
applegirlxo (1 year ago)
tuberjunkie yasss
Frezzed (5 years ago)
Its funny how this ad, today, would show how android has liberated us from the apple cult, sort of reversed polarization
Kev Cyberpunk (5 years ago)
asapcarell (5 years ago)
That's made by Apple
Raymond Zheng (5 years ago)
They are all competing together. For example, Apple's Siri was a challenge to Google's search engine.
Ani stha (5 years ago)
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