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How To Wear Everything You Think You Can't! | Komal Pandey

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Hi guys! We often don't step out of our comfort zone or don't do something as simple as wearing a red lipstick in the day time because we either think too much, listen to what other people say or maybe are not confident enough. I am not telling you to do those things but the point of this video is to inspire you to be able to wear anything that you wanted to with confidence! Hopefully you guys would love the video. SUBSCRIBE if you do and share it too if you REALLLYYY like it? We're a family if 500K FINALLY! I am working on an awesome giveaway for all of you. it might take a week or so to accumulate all the packages that personalising, but the wait will be worth it. Love you guys! Follow me on Instagram @komalpandeyofficial and catch all the fun stuff I do there! -Thank you Naina or lending out the most beautiful studio to us for the shoot! You can catch her on Instagram @nainalambatextiles! -This video is inspired by Glamour Magazine! Check it out-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYI-XOVW4vg&t=46s (It's not sponsored by them, but I HAD to give them the due credit.) OUTFIT DETAILS: LOOK 1: 1. Shrug- H&M 2. Tube top- H&M (INR 250 ONLY!) 3. Jeans- Zara 4. Earrings- Mango LOOK 2: 1. Red boydysuit- H&M 2. Mustard pants- Zara 3. Waist bag- Aldo 4. White sneakers- Zara LOOK 3: 1. T-shirt- Zara 2. White leather skirt- Zara 3. Hoops- H&M LOOK 4: 1. White blazer & Turtlenack- Zara 2. Nude heels- Steve Madden 3. Earrings- H&M 4. Shorts- H&M LOOK 5: 1. Red lipstick- Kiko Milano 2. White spaghetti- H&M 3. Checkered pants- Lulu & Sky 4. Chokers- H&M LOOK 6: 1. Maxi dress- Mango 2. Earrings- Mango 3. Tan Wedges- H&M -Behind the camera: Yadu, @yadu_clicks on Instagram -Styling & Production Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram Love, Komal
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