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The Best Performing Oils - Penrite, Nulon, Shell, Castrol

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Get the best performing oils under the one roof at Supercheap Auto: http://www.supercheapauto.com.au Thanks to PENRITE, CASTROL, NULON and SHELL. CLIENT: Supercheap Auto PRODUCTION COMPANY: The Dreamers www.thedreamers.com.au DIRECTOR / DOP / EDITOR: Allan Hardy Producer: Ariel Verri Producer: Julian Pennisi Concept: Josh Weier & Allan Hardy Tracking Vehicle/Drone DOP: Cam Batten 1st AD: David Normand Aerial Cinematographer: Peter Beeh Camera Op: Tim Fearnley Camera Op: Matt Cox 1st AC: Mark Desiatov Data Wrangler: Esteban Rivera and Corey Donaldson Grip: Dave Griffiths Grip Assist: Simon Cooke and Michael Knowles Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor: Yasca Sinigaglia Stuntman / 2nd Stunt Coordinator: Judd Wild Stunt / Safety Team & Stunt Rigger: Craig Morgan Stunt / Safety Team: Marco Sinigaglia and Garreth Hadfield Pyrotechnics: Warren Ritchie Pilot (Filming): John Caldwell Pilot (Heli Lifting): Scott Jackett Heli Lift Load Master: Cameron Munro Traffic Control: Lock It Down GoPro Operator: Michael Jennings Sound Recordist: Caleb Sullivan Audio Assist: Josh Macphee BTS Videography: Emmett Adcock BTS Stills: Matty McFerren Unit Manager: Brooke Paxton PA: Nicki Murray PA: Cam March Runners: Hedley Nelson, Jordan Roe, Michael Monaco, Christian Blumentritt, Ralph Nicoloff, Seb Thomas, Shannon Robinson Colour/Title Animation: Joe Lancaster Music Composer: Oliver Lyu Music Vocals: Tommy Rutland VFX Supervisor/Artist: Marc Purnell VFX Artist: Tim Bahrij Assistant Editor: Cam March Sound Design: Caleb Sullivan Sound Design: Joshua Crispin/Generdyn Sound Design: Justin Harrison Cameo appearance by Moog - Mighty Car Mods: https://www.youtube.com/user/mightycarmods
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Text Comments (169)
T.M.I Tim Markham (2 months ago)
This is on par with our Australian beer ads 👌 well done all involved
James Rose (3 months ago)
Nugget O'Brien (4 months ago)
What happened to octane island vol 1
Syafeeq Said (4 months ago)
Can't wait for the new ad just to see that Hq Holden
Super_Slav (8 months ago)
Castrol is garbage oil, unless its Aral or German Castrol, which is the same thing.
Alex Bretherton (1 year ago)
whats the song in this???
zMangos (2 years ago)
such a sick ad such a shame that the stupid country had to ban the ad for "promoting hooning and dangerous driving"
Gilgamesh (2 years ago)
**Playing Forza Horizon 3** "Man wouldn't it be fun to do this in real life?" "Hold my beer fam, I got this..."
Xénos Polemistí̱s (2 years ago)
Holy fuck its Moog and the ModMax
Daniel Poulton (2 years ago)
lol this is ad is now banned
Bigal213 (2 years ago)
Banned from TV? What is this BS!
Empty 09 (2 years ago)
Lol cunts thinking this is real.
Boosted Media (2 years ago)
Aaaaaaand it's gone. :(
despacito (2 years ago)
where is that port at?????? is it like an abandond port irl
VGScreens (2 years ago)
Anybody know what the budget was for this?
jack black (2 years ago)
CASTROL oils fails the Cold cranking test and is not even SAE certified their synthetics are not marketed by saying which group it is 3,4,5 Shell use a really low Total Base oil amount again their synthetics are not marketed Nulon never looked into them Molybdenum is a really good anti-wear package that replaces ZDDP or Zinc Penrite seem to have better marketing of mineral, semi, synthetic, PAO/Ester high anti-wear package
BL2197 (2 years ago)
Love the Penrite truck getting air. Go Penrite!
Keith Hindley (2 years ago)
What a must watch well filmed hart stopping action filled blood pumping add. You blasted us out off the water.
Deep Space Productions (2 years ago)
Great entrance... jumping the security gate - look on the guards face - PRICELESS! If only all ads had to be this entertaining!!! Absolutely fabulous job team!
Paul Ridgley (2 years ago)
Loved the ad, reminded me of driving with my mother in law.
Alan Harbour (2 years ago)
The add was engaging but some of the CGA effects were a bit amateurish
Mr Jdm (2 years ago)
where's Marty ????
Agret (2 years ago)
Great ad for Forza Horizon 3 :D Everyone should play this game it's awesome.
TheNthEverything (2 years ago)
Damn, MCM look sexy as hell in those uniforms.
Massimo Moreti (2 years ago)
Better car action than F&F!
Megalodon (2 years ago)
Where can i find the soundtrack going throughout the entire video?
Justin (2 years ago)
это же moog)
Ford Barnes (2 years ago)
Absolutely awesome, great work.
emix966 (2 years ago)
like a ken block
Josh Kearns (2 years ago)
I got brought here from Mighty car mods :D
Anthony Viney (2 years ago)
what a ad but supercheap really
AlexSpeed (2 years ago)
Did anyone else think of Surfer's Paradise in FH3?
Arwed Lang (2 years ago)
what a lot of crap this video is: This video is enough for me not only to block "SuperCheap" but also will NEVER buy ANYTHING from them.....again!
Arwed Lang (2 years ago)
You could well be right Glenn, I am not sure; however this video surely is not for educated people, surely......:)
Glenn056 (2 years ago)
Arwed Lang You sound pathetic
rawr2400 (2 years ago)
how come they could drive trophy trucks through the city, but ken block couldn't do some skids?
Justin Harrison (2 years ago)
Ken Block wanted to use (and heavily shut down) Sydney for at least a day. This ad used a beach, a port where there are very few people, and closed down a small section of the city for very short periods time.
Troy Dawson (2 years ago)
Best ad by far!!!!! I'd love to know the budget for this lol... Also what planning and prep when in to the helicopter drop of the cars...
Zac Youngson (2 years ago)
the helicopters look like cgi i doubt that type of machine would be able to carry one of the trucks .
J Beard (2 years ago)
Great Commercial. Though i have never heard of any of those oils.lol
karebu2 (2 years ago)
How do I watch stage 1 and 3 or they don't exist?
Seth Rose (2 years ago)
What's the song called? Commercial rocks by the way!
Sam Jaggard (2 years ago)
I use silkoline
Chris Pearaon (2 years ago)
Done of this makes sense but it's amazing
terminal specialist (2 years ago)
shout out to Mighty Car Mods MOD MAX!!
toneykk (2 years ago)
Sam Jaggard (2 years ago)
toneykk me
Joshua Polsen (2 years ago)
Might Car Mods have sent us. And we are very IMPRESSED!!
TheBobes (2 years ago)
Okay I know where to buy oil now but... Where do I get one of those cars? :O
Good one! (2 years ago)
well that was amazingly unnecessarily awesome! mad!
Michael Remmert (2 years ago)
In the UK we have car adverts about "being green" and extended warranties. The Australians advertise oil by drifting trucks and blowing stuff up. I like Australia.
chazwozzer09 (10 months ago)
This ad got banned. They sure have a great imagination over here, in reality nothing could be further from the truth. A clip from Driving Miss Daisy is more on par. They just reduced the freeway speed down the coast to 55mph..........
Aidan Millward (1 year ago)
Michael Remmert the same Australia where most video games get banned for the slightest bit of gore?
MV60 (2 years ago)
Agret, I'll upload any footage I get on my dash cam of short course trucks tearing up the roads. Oh wait, it isn't a common thing here or anywhere, but drifting a focus is a lot more likely. :p
Agret (2 years ago)
This is the same Australia who told Ken Block he can't film Gymkhana here because it is against what we want to convey to motorists =/
A Gentleman (2 years ago)
Turns out sending people to Australia wasn't exactly a punishment.
G.T. (2 years ago)
The new mad max trailer looks great
Sayuj Raphael (2 years ago)
Who all are here from mcmtv2 vid?
Adam N (2 years ago)
Man, talk about effort. I'm wondering how the city of Brisbane is to work with this sort of thing. Keep it up Supercheap Auto
Masocisa7538 (2 years ago)
mod max as port patrol? hell yeah
JeepYJ91 (2 years ago)
I just want one of those trucks. Then I could graft my 1970 Chevrolet Nova body onto it and use it as my daily driver...
Alexander Cullen (2 years ago)
Moog and the mighty car mods are total legends.
David Riley (2 years ago)
Ben Ruffell (2 years ago)
So good
Alex Marczuk (2 years ago)
ayyyyy dat mcm s15 tho!
spellign popolice lol (2 years ago)
The Aussie Government Denied Ken Block’s Gymkhana From Being Filmed haha
Dogstar_DogOfWar (2 years ago)
Song name?
LordChicken (2 years ago)
Reminds me of forza horizon 3
Stanfella (2 years ago)
RyanLike (2 years ago)
I really wanted Marty to be the second security guard.. ah well.
RyanLike (2 years ago)
I really wanted Marty to be the second security guard.. ah well.
scanspeak00 (2 years ago)
Moog you should produce a new Mad Max movie, a proper one like the originals, not like the trash of Fury Road. When the power stations are destroyed in a nuclear war, electric cars will be scrap, and the only method of transportation will be internal-combustion-engined hotrods.
Ishmam Rhine (2 years ago)
The most epic oil add ever seen by me...and the drift of mod max was so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
Xenon (2 years ago)
So this was allowed, but the new Gymkhana wasn't?
John Hodder (2 years ago)
This ad was at the start of a Casey Niestat video...first ad I haven't skipped. Good work 👌
Gottgum (2 years ago)
and what is the point of this video? I know that this video is for oil advertising, but what have these machines to do with oil? I don't get it, any oil with the manufacturers specification is good for any car, is one of these oils here better or what? some special things like better lubrication at higher temperatures or something similar?
Big G (2 years ago)
MCM brought me here.
Tim (2 years ago)
Gary Stinten (2 years ago)
turbo Yoda should have been at the gate and mouthed the words fuck yeah as the guard was looking through the binoculars.
mojomoore1 (2 years ago)
Awesome from 2:08 through the streets of Brisbane. Great Ad!
Nerdy, Retro, Gaming - (2 years ago)
like a Ken Block gymkhana, that was epic! Moog and Mod Max, beach drifting.. awesome!
Peter B (2 years ago)
Here for Mod Max...
Kane Rangi (2 years ago)
That was the most intense ad for oil I've ever seen!
kazer92cf (2 years ago)
channelling that Gymkhana vibe, awesome. P.s. thought that second security guard was Marty, but don't think it's possible for Marty to frown like that guy!
Hamish Grylls (2 years ago)
what is this song
Jonathan Baston (2 years ago)
I came here for Mod Max and Moog
Brooks Yeager (2 years ago)
Most of that filmed with RC cars....
Joe Lancaster (2 years ago)
In case anyone doubted it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XeFPq903o0
kyle hubner (2 years ago)
yep stadium trucks are here for the gc 600 happening soon but this was filmed months ago while they were here for the ipswich 500
Commonwealth of cars (2 years ago)
They're not R/C cars. The stadium trucks are in QLD at the moment so they took advantage of it. Probably helps they sponsor a team too
higgybaby1239876 (2 years ago)
Actually, traxxas is a big time sponsor for super truck racing so that is why you saw the traxxas logo on the grilles of the trucks
Ba Bo (2 years ago)
Wow. Some people really get excited about oil! Can't wait to see what they do for air filters and brake fluid! Looking forward to hitting the streets of Brisbane this weekend and flying over the kerbs like that!
kyle hubner (2 years ago)
yeah i wouldn't advise that the cops have realy realy big dildos and they don't use lube
sb4pro (2 years ago)
Leofred (2 years ago)
Super c heap autos are worse than super a heap autos
Toronto Maple Leafer (2 years ago)
Throw on AC/DC's Shoot To Thrill, mute this video, have MAAAAAD fun. The two mesh perfectly with each other.
catfish552 (4 months ago)
I bet that was the temp track.
Da_Boom (1 year ago)
i had it perfectly timed, so that when the explosion happened, it said "Shoot to thrill"
markevens (2 years ago)
user.42917 (2 years ago)
Still waiting for Marty the man!
kyle hubner (2 years ago)
he was stuck in an airport in nz
JohnnyDonny (2 years ago)
Brilliant ! Haha
John White (2 years ago)
That was a genuinely impressive commercial
Adrian Gaytan (2 years ago)
first time I've voluntarily watched an Advertisement. I'm just here for MCM :)
Matt B (2 years ago)
cheers, multiple mgb owner :)
Andrew Ingram (2 years ago)
nice avatar... MGF owner here
Matt B (2 years ago)
Me too!... Nice one Fellas
Joshua Mitch (2 years ago)
This was awesome
Germaingazm (2 years ago)
Dam Supercheap you don't stuff around!!
Wil Thieme (2 years ago)
You guys were able to drift offroad trucks through Brisbane and Ken Block couldn't do Gymkhana anywhere in the country :(
Justin Harrison (8 months ago)
Definitely done for real, full size SST trucks. This was at the same time as Thor: Ragnarok was filming in the middle of the city.
RIFLAS (2 years ago)
Welcome to Australia
Joe Lancaster (2 years ago)
In case anyone doubted they are real trucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XeFPq903o0
kyle hubner (2 years ago)
ken wanted to much for too little it's all about the money and he obviously didn't flash enough redbull closed the harbour bridge to run a f1 car over it a few times and it cost them a few million. also i have to ask if the video for the latest gymkahna was to be part of forza launch why did he pick quite literally THE ONLY city without a single feature in the game the oil add is more forza tie in than ken block latest lackluster gymkhana. he could have done some epic stunts on the gold coast in and around surfers or in the mountain hinterland but he didn't he picked litterally the hardest city in australia to get film approval for. like seriously just as i type this i can think of a dozen epic stunts lets see out onto the sand at surfers under the surfers paradise sign through the cavil ave mall through parts of the gold coast v8 circuit some circle work in the spit in the giant carpark. then out to one of the theme parks possibly movie world had a play in the Hollywood stunt driver set then through and around various areas of the park then maybe out to dreamworld and played with a tiger or to seaworld and played with the dolphins some drifting on the tight hilly roads of mt tamborine or spring-brook and that's just on the gold coast without looking at Brisbane who is very open to as much filming and PR as they can get in the lead up to the commonwealth games in just over a year.
Baldyaus23HD (2 years ago)
William Thieme NSW screen would have had to approve and they like to one producer be from NSW and the crew as well, and I bet that ken had his own crew. I don't think the shoot itself was an issue I think their was a few behind the scenes preventing it. They shoot these over a few days and only block small sections at a time.
vanderticked (2 years ago)
Temporary Citizen (2 years ago)
Far out that was intense
SuperLavagancia (2 years ago)
fuck autozone! I need to find supercheap auto in the states!
i guess so,, but i have idea what it would be
kyle hubner (2 years ago)
I'm sure they have an American affiliated equivalent
Pretty sure its Australia and maybe new Zealand only. but also. Fuck new Zealand
Richard Headon (2 years ago)
Mod MAX!
Nuno dias (2 years ago)
That Guy (2 years ago)
So they wont let ken block do a video in sydney yet they let trophy trucks onto public roads
David Macadam (2 years ago)
Theyd never shut down Sydney for Gymkhana. They would have to shut the whole city down because Ken Block would use the entire city for his footage going by his other videos he's made. This looks like maybe 3 intersections were used in the making of this video. And Brisbane is a lot different from Sydney. If Ken Block could make an entire Gymkhana video using just 3 intersections then they might accommodate him. Im assuming he wanted to use Sydneys iconic sites though... Opera House and Bridge etc. Cant shut down that much of the city.
DAZofBRIZ (2 years ago)
That Guy different city , different state, different government red tape.
That Guy (2 years ago)
+DAZofBRIZ read my comment, that's not my point
DAZofBRIZ (2 years ago)
That Guy . It was filmed in Brisbane.
Sajad Sahi (2 years ago)
I'll still use Mobil 1. :P
Ceazar Carr (2 years ago)
Came from Mighty Car Mods
Mattalot (2 years ago)
I have a sudden urge to go and buy oil now....
Eekish (2 years ago)
Hello MCM Fans?!
mungers (2 years ago)
like if mcm put you here :)

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