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Mine in the Style of "Taylor Swift" karaoke video with lyrics (no lead vocal)

1195 ratings | 427556 views
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Text Comments (48)
the Adkins family (6 months ago)
I hate that background Singer
Vanille (2 years ago)
i know this song by heart just because i watch the video clip everytime. Toby Hemingway is bae
Usha S. Snal (2 years ago)
I am very big fan of Taylor but I don't know why I just hate this song of Taylor
Thomas Nicolas (3 years ago)
The "Never Turn Back" is creepy and horrible
emilycrest (3 years ago)
I nailed it YES!
Lucy Hamilton (3 years ago)
I love this song👌👌
Tory Kay (4 years ago)
this song is awesome
Teal Hearted (4 years ago)
if the like button doest work, i broke it :)
Teal Hearted (2 years ago)
Its because I pressed it too many times XD
Erica Andruk (2 years ago)
mean wait...does that mean you think it sucks cause if you Do mean
Melly Milsen (4 years ago)
this is usefull :D I'm gonna sing this song tomorrow at school.. nervous
Katherine Fernandez (4 years ago)
if i get at least 20 likes..... i'll post a cover. :)
Merna 01 (4 years ago)
I'm singin this song tomorrow at school# freaking out
Hiền Trần (5 years ago)
check my cover
kristransue (5 years ago)
Jennifer Diaz (5 years ago)
I like karaoke a
Valida Hun (5 years ago)
if i get 10 thumbs up, i will sing this song and upload it to youtube
pjnkblue (5 years ago)
Wow 90 likes :)) So did you?
glamee1 (5 years ago)
If I get 50 thumbs up I'll do nothing I swear!
augusta bougie (5 years ago)
im gonna use this for the background in my school talent show! singin this song wit my friends
Moonlight (5 years ago)
Laura Landau (5 years ago)
you have 81. sing it!!!! :D
Troy Newman (5 years ago)
Thank U,This will better help me learn the lyric's . Like I said you are beyond your years. I miss and Love U very much.FOREVER BEAUTIFUL GRACE.FAITH BEAUTIFUL.GOD BLESS U AND YOUR'S,
aimeefaith (5 years ago)
Love this song
MaKitty Watermelon (5 years ago)
So awesome I was singing along the whole time!!!
animelover crystalflow (6 years ago)
hahaha crying!? ^.^ im posting me ang mah friend singing later
Kayla Rusello (6 years ago)
@littleprincesscandy Its bieber. Actually and who asked u?
I love Coffee (6 years ago)
Only 102,684 !?!?!
Flavia Celano (6 years ago)
I love this song!I'm a 16 years old italian singer songwriter (I sing and write in english too!) please watch my videos and if u like me comment subscribe and rate thanks <3!
Kayla Rusello (6 years ago)
If I Get 10 Thumbs Up Ill Do... NOTHING!
Emmy D (6 years ago)
backup isnt that bad
Emmy D (6 years ago)
@sillybandzlover121 actually 96,915
FairyFistFights (6 years ago)
This is the one of the better kareoke videos i've watched! :)
starstruckKT (6 years ago)
This song sounds wrong in an English accent. :(
Thalia Thomas (6 years ago)
@sillybandzlover121 now 68,815 (:
Bellacullen551 (6 years ago)
@TheMaxthefish ~L>O>L!!!~
Wonderfully Disgusting (6 years ago)
@sillybandzlover121 62, 165 Views Now!!!!!! Ow! ;)
Wonderfully Disgusting (6 years ago)
@wingwing9817 Ow! ;)
Wonderfully Disgusting (6 years ago)
@sillybandzlover121 60, 885 now :)
Shanaz Styles (6 years ago)
@tedkawaii i know lol
Paige Woodrow (6 years ago)
Dear god I suck at singing O.o
SimpleKnight (6 years ago)
wow. fail in me singing. WHY CAN'T I BE A FRIGGIN GOOD SINGER UGH. thx for putting this up anyway.
ted_chan (6 years ago)
@sillybandzlover121 it almost doubled now yay
Charis Ford (7 years ago)
love this song
Forever_Insecure (7 years ago)
omg i dont no d song and i dident no d words and i just listened 2 d music and den i knew the words!!!!!!! ( i dident look at d words) =D
Desirie Meriales (7 years ago)
Shanaz Styles (7 years ago)
@LillyPerfume that was a month ago.........of course its gonna be over 44 thousand
rustypasta (7 years ago)
@sillybandzlover121 Only 3 comments.ROFLMAO well 4 counting this one :)
Shanaz Styles (7 years ago)
only 23,148 views!?!?!?!

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