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Emotional Men - Interviewing Beach Girls

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Please show your support: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews Make a one time donation: https://www.paypal.me/RedPillInterviews Download my book Red Pill Galaxy: https://payhip.com/b/wvGe Displaying Male Emotions In the modern age, men are consistently told that they key to attracting a woman’s affection is to express himself openly and share his feelings. However, according to the Red Pill community, women are actually not attracted to men who are overly emotional. Despite what they claim to like, women actually find these men needy and clingy. The Red Pill community says that to be overly open and vulnerable with your emotions signals to women that you are a beta male, rather than the strong confident alpha male they are attracted to. They say that to be more discerning with your displays of emotion, will demonstrate your value to women by displaying your self control and maintaining an air of mystery and stoicism. They advice they give men when dating girls is to throw away the nice guy routine, keep your feelings to yourself and reserve displays of emotion for rare instances of genuine connection with a woman. Any thoughts? a) Do you think men are as emotional as women? b) Do you think women are more attracted to men who display their emotions openly or men who are more stoic and mysterious? c) Are you personally attracted to sensitive men who openly share their feelings? d) Do you think the advice the Red Pill community gives men, to be more reserved and controlled in their emotions, is good advice? e) Why do some women find expressions of male emotion to be unattractive? f) If it does make men more unattractive in womens eyes, why do you think society encourages men to openly show their emotions? g) Have you ever empathised with the difficulties faced by men in navigating these mixed messages that encourage him to be both strong and tough and also open and vulnerable? h) If you were giving advice to a male friend about attracting women, would you advise him to display his emotions or stay more reserved and self controlled?
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Alexander Grace (11 months ago)
Check out the Raw footage of my interviews: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews
ady george (7 months ago)
the norvegians are the vikings,of course they don't show emotions
A Sparrow (8 months ago)
The beauty is that their answers wouldn't change if they were hot. That's the fallacy of women, they're LITERALLY all the same....
Spirit Of Alaska (11 months ago)
Jesus christ man, are you at the beach or the zoo? These females looks like horses with down syndrome
John Snow (11 months ago)
You should try to trap these women with your questions. Lot of them would probably contradict themselves with their answers.
Kingboss 3055 (4 days ago)
Man this motivates me to stay on my path and stay clear of these relationships
Extreme Mountain Goat (7 days ago)
Yep, your mental health will surely improve if you display emotional vulnerability to women who will respond by walking all over you. Seems legit.
Thomas (7 days ago)
I’m very emotional and can feel the people around me. Funny enough every woman who has a boyfriend or is married loves this traid and tells me that I’d make a great partner. I really try hard to epathize with everyone. This is just me I can’t get around this. So I have often very deep emotional talks with both male and female allowing me to help many people. Yet no single girl feels attracted to me. I often hear the sentence: I wished I had a guy like you. It is makeing me sick! I don’t want to close up my feelings because I have to express them. So I started with art. Manly depressive and dark what I’m doing but I don’t feel the need that much anymore to talk to people about my inner thoughts. Still I wished to share it with someone I love... I guess this will never happen since men are not allowed to show any other emotion than rage and hatred it seemse...
Parker Dolan (12 days ago)
It's not their job to emphasize and burdened themselves with emotional men. It's there job to be emotional . They are just like children in a sense
passerell (13 days ago)
What is it with women that like having to ask questions and get to know a guy? What kind of instinct is that? I don't get it. I've never been like "I hope she's hiding other aspects of her life, so it's more interesting". Quiet the opposite, I just want to know the girl will be on my side and that's it. If she has no friends, or what job she does, I could not care less.
Rigel Orionis (17 days ago)
Sadly, what these girls or women sound like what they want is an emotional crutch and not a male human being. The line "Just be yourself" is becoming sickening because of their inherently fraudulent use of it. They don't want you to be yourself but instead they want you to be what they need you to be.
Black dragon story (23 days ago)
Wait a second. If being emotional is unattractive why are these women saying it is fine once the relationship develops a bit? Have we figured out the reason for women cheating and breaking up with their partners? On the other side also why do they assume men like overly emotional women? Men are fixers which means when you cry they want to solve a problem meanwhile women many times just cry and want to bitch about their problems. I wonder if that behavior came about from women being too reliant on men for solving problems so they are acting like dumbasses because the problem is not home/relationship orientated so it makes no sense to ask their man to fix the problem.
uzibitch1 (25 days ago)
I've started to realize that with the way women are, I can only be physically attracted to most of them. The cold truth is most of them are very narcissistic. And physical attraction is not enough for me, so I end up not wanting much to do with them. Ehh, oh well.
Sam Wild (28 days ago)
The lesson here is your mental health is better served away from women.
Dick Dickinson (28 days ago)
the idea is misleading, basically if the guy is attractive girl will accept any feat of him, even being emotional emotional = oh i love him so much, we got perfect harmony ever seen those pcitures of a young couple looking in each other eyes while standing on a mountain with beautiful sunset behind, the guy is usually very good looking with nice hairstyle and full-grown beard, this is the case unemotional = well thats how he is and i accept him anyways there wont be any above said pictures though, well, she doesnt care, as long as he is attractive and she gets wet at bed, u know
1.987.200 (29 days ago)
Damn first girl is gorgeous
tony andrade (1 month ago)
It's so scary to think that women can elect governments.....God help us
tony andrade (1 month ago)
If you are physically weak, meaning other people can beat you up or submit you easily, you need to develop communication skills and learn how to handle situations without rising conflict. That's how women have evolved to be the way they are. They can't protect themselves so they either need to make a man o a group of men defend them or they need to manipulate conversations in order to dimishing threats on her. They can't be 100% honest, they have to be agreeable to what's mainstream accepted
tony andrade (1 month ago)
This just shows how women would say anything to avoid conflict or to avoid being judged. Besides,it's clear that they haven't thought any of this through which shows how their opinions are based mostly on feeling not on deep reflection. I don't think most of them are being totally honest here, that's why they laugh so much. Again, what they say and how they act are two different things.
Tt Ppillisner (1 month ago)
10:47 ''Tell me how you feel, but don't like openly tell me how you feel.. you know?''' It's a trap!
Your Friendly Hacker (1 month ago)
I stopped watching this garbage and i got a girlfriend.
Ralph Furley (1 month ago)
I like your videos but your questions are too long and wordy.
Kyle Rook (1 month ago)
The "Red Pill" advice to not show your emotions is absolutely correct -- when you are with a woman. If you want to talk with someone about your emotions, you need to talk with a man you can trust - NOT a woman. Women do NOT understand men's emotions. They will get uncomfortable and will misinterpret what the man is saying. Not only will it mess the woman up, it will also interject chaos into the man's mind causing things to be even worse for him.
Philby 67 (1 month ago)
You cant just ask a woman what she wants.from a psychological perspective women are agreeable and submissive so its impossible even for them to know what they want.they just follow the man who has the right mindset.thats their survival mechanism.
Jimbo (1 month ago)
But they also want us to share our feelings? WTF DO FEMALES WANT, I DONT UNDERSTAND!!!
alexander g (1 month ago)
Troy S (1 month ago)
They always have to hide behind some degree of ambiguity with their answers! Not to mention how blind they are to their own self-contradictions from one question to the next immediately after, nor their utter gynocentrism and apathy towards males ---- astounding!!!
Lee DuFour (1 month ago)
See now this is where I think some men might be a bit confused. In what I've discovered, a women is a master at knowing where you are in your relationship, are you on your third date and telling them you're falling for them....are you on your first date askin them about kids? It's easy to make some of these minor mistakes and send a women running. This model seems to work wonders, at least it has for me. You don't ever ever want to be more emotional than her. In fact you should never really be close. Most women are well aware of the emotional roller coaster going on inside them. Most are seeking for that man that can keep them in line, help be the logical counter for these sometimes uncontrollable emotions for them. The less you know this women, the less emotion you want to show. She should know that you are a rock, and she can depend on you in times where her emotions take control.
Lee DuFour (1 month ago)
Oh man, these videos are pure gold. @ 4:10 I think this women is being completely honest here ....she says she'd like to say the more open and emotional guy, but she knows it's the mysterious dude. Women DO this ALL the time lol....that's why I'd recommend doing your homework, so you can understand how you need to react when your women is trying to press your buttons.
Spencer Cox (2 months ago)
They want us to be emotional A) so they can use it against us B) for them and their situations.
khaoscualdawath (2 months ago)
"Too much to handle" - said by a woman. Sorry I cannot really take that at face value.
khaoscualdawath (2 months ago)
Wow. Any times, mostly previous interviws when I heard women's emotional values mentioned being VALUES. Here all emotional values of men were at best neutral, but mostly degraded with negative term. They don't even notice...
Tipsy Owl (2 months ago)
7:56 that *scoff* !! my gosh, you can't deny a part of you resents what you see in woman's nature
Good human be happy (2 months ago)
Women mostly are just a difficult wet hole to fuck that costs a lot and generally not worth it in the long run.
WHRobert (2 months ago)
Do Australian women typically have more Bulbous nose shapes or is it just the angle of these videos that's messing with my head?
John a (2 months ago)
??the girls say they like stoic men then when asked if men should hide their emotions they say they shouldn't hide their emotions. WtF
that guy (2 months ago)
Women may get away with it, but can you honestly say you like emotional women? i don't think in general people like emotional people. but women get more leeway because men are horny and put up with it.
Ariel Roemer (2 months ago)
If you are a man, be emotional if you want to be avoided by women like the plague. Crying is for women.
Stef DD (2 months ago)
thank god im not emotional. its probably why women find me attractive. damn and i thought it was because i am good looking
André (2 months ago)
Men should get emotional support from each other and stand together, thots aren't needed for mental health.
Fun2 Drive (2 months ago)
You can actually tell the ones that are lying saying no to the advice given by the red pill community to not show your emotions while the ones telling the truth speak immediately. What a statement that is. Clearly shows that they ladies are conniving and the one stated how she could walk all over a guy that does that. Wow great teaching video to not let a woman know your true feelings.
J L (2 months ago)
Women want what they dont have, if hes emotional and openly expressive they want closed, and if hes closed and retracted they want open vulnerability. This really is a bullshit world we live in.
keepitclean (2 months ago)
The options were kind of extreme. Overly emotional to no emotion at all. Plus what kind of emotions are we talking about? sadness? anger? fear? happiness?
N Molina (2 months ago)
Im not red pill but I'd funny how they shut down emotion but when they are asked if these red pill advise is good. Then they shut it down lmao
Damaso Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Bros... First, no one likes an over-emotional person, I put my foot down and remind my girlfriend her period is coming. She now understands her moodiness is really due to it and stops her crap. Second, drop the words "I feel like" and their derivatives from your vocabulary and use other alternatives. Third, realize the irony of watching a video about the unattractiveness of over-emotional men and the many comments from men expressing their emotions about this video. Yes, learn how to express your emotions in a stable, calm manner and when you do it, make sure it's over something worthwhile. For example, I calmly explain to my gf she has to put out or I'll go look for it elsewhere. Easy.
BUPOE ! (2 months ago)
I went to a
Marco SoCal (2 months ago)
1:32 I would still eat her ass. All night long. Then would trade her in.
Kasperx138 (2 months ago)
they only care about two things and its both about size: wallet and dick
Hypnotherapy 101 (2 months ago)
Yes. Most women don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. And to take it a life stage further, when a woman's husband is dying a woman generally will be totally obsessed with how it will affect herself and especially around others, she will attack the husband because he's betraying her and abandoning her by dying. It's his fault (as usual) ....
Milton Kazi (2 months ago)
I'm glad I come from a "sexist" culture where my father taught me all of this shit when I was young. Through his actions, often indirectly and sometimes directly. My mother had me convinced my father was stupid and she lied about making more money than him. She nags at him all day and he just tolerates but then one day he explained why he tolerates my mother because my mother's actions were right. She worked, cooked, cleaned, managed household and basically yelled to vent her frustration and my dad just chilled and almost went deaf acting like there isn't a woman screaming in the kitchen. So I learned that.
Stillborn Soul (2 months ago)
These thots want a man who is sensitive TO THEM, not to themselves. Remember women are eternally solipsistic. It's got to be about them, it's ALWAYS about them.
qwqwqwqw99 (2 months ago)
My mind reels at the disconnects in their answers. They do this in every interview video.
01man01truck (2 months ago)
If you listen and read between the lines, what they want is a guy who is sensitive to *her* issues but no anything that effects the man personally. Any problem the man has in his own endeavors, he just needs to get over it. Why? 1. Women are narcissist and can't stand the idea of them not being the center of attention. 2. They have no empathy thus no interest in comforting you in your time of need it grief.
Michael Velasco (3 months ago)
If ur a sensitive guy ur just taking away the attention from the women. That's the fucking truth
Lohst (3 months ago)
Last time i shared my feelings with a woman all she had to say was "no" and that "you shouldn't stress so much" my bad for actually caring about you and wanting to treat you nicely. But never again. Live and learn
S A D L I F E (3 months ago)
It makes me wonder if almost tearing up when my dog almost died from swelling infront of my ex female friend was what put her off. I wonder how a chick would react in the same situation, I kept my cool but had a very serious face and eyes
Vince Warren (3 months ago)
9:18 - 9:30...fellas.. This is why you just do you and make sure you have other projects going on in your life. Something you can depend on being there for you every time you need it..
Rotbart1337 (3 months ago)
Could someone explain me in detail what beeing emotionals means in this context? Like not beeing a pussy about stuff that happens or never talking about stuff like how you like campfires or when the snow is falling?
That Kid in Africa (2 months ago)
Discussing your problems and stress with Women.
James Craig (3 months ago)
In all fairness this is a stage of introduction to a man. No of course if he has PTSD or depression or is too emotional she will turn elsewhere. When she is married w children and vested she better make darn sure she is listening and learn how to understand stress and challenges. Else he may turn to self destruction or another woman.
Danny Hughes (3 months ago)
Nobody woman wants a crying azz man lol.
Russell Turner (3 months ago)
Be yourself is good advice for about 5% of people.
Ben Carter (3 months ago)
When are men going to stop pandering to these contradictory retards. The arrogance is breathtaking and is completely unappealing. Fuck their expectations, fuck their demands. Pump and dump and make sure you kick as they leave
Dranzer Jetli (3 months ago)
Girls aren't worth it be too emotional you are clingy and needy dont show emotions you are too stoic faced yeah people don't need the shit but the main question is why does he interview ugly girls I saw 4-5 vids and most of these girl were ugly
amin zar (3 months ago)
mark. c (3 months ago)
the level of hypocrisy,its why women end up with wankers which l think is great,the question about mixed messages and they were clueless
Jimbob Sherwood (3 months ago)
They say they are more attracted to men who don't show as much emotion, and then proceed to disagree with the advice of being more emotionally reserved. K
"Just be yourself..." so we can chew you up and move to the next cock to ride.
MrSayonara88 (3 months ago)
oh wow, sounds like these women want a stereotypical male, but what about equal rights?! yea sounds repetitive but WOMEN DON"T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!
bugyesz (3 months ago)
This needs clarification? What do you mean as emotional? Emotional like a whiny bitch or someone who has a high emotional intelligence and capable of empathy or actually cares for other people?
tommywreck (3 months ago)
*Wait, did you just say any thots?*
Methane (4 months ago)
Leave all the emotional non sense to women
Wms YT page (4 months ago)
How about not being a no-values asskisser and just be who you are? Acting either more or less emotional than you naturally are and changing your core values just to get someone to like you will almost guarantee you to get your ass dumped when they find out what a spineless jellyfish you really are and make you live a life for others, perpetually in fear of being found out. Good plan, chump!
David DeSilva (5 months ago)
So emotional honesty is bad?
Rabbitthateats (5 months ago)
lmao the higher SMV girls say men arent and the lower SMV girls say they are. Which sums up exactly what types of men they can attract.
Jo J (5 months ago)
These women are obviously young & not too knowledgeable in life, so I really hope there are more women in their 30s being more consistent with their opinions & actions; and above all, wiser. Too much contradiction & base animalistic/societal perversion here. The heart is wise, these women aren't.
Fade It (5 months ago)
It's a trip how some know you have emotions too but don't want you to show them
R. (5 months ago)
8:22 b-but what about gender equality??!!1!
Marissa K (5 months ago)
I think some of your word choices may have skewed your results. "Overly emotional" already conveys his emotions as being a bad thing. The word "clingy" sets off red flags for both guys and girls in the dating world. And then saying "stoic and mysterious" is shining those things in a good light, when they might not necessarily be. If the guys in that situation is cold, hides his feelings, doesn't communicate, most women are going to be unhappy with that. But I think most men would be unhappy about it too. It's wonderful when a man is comfortable with his emotions. Maybe he's more romantic, affectionate, cuddly. I think if emotional connection is something you value in a relationship, you'll want a man who is comfortable expressing them. At the same time, people want somebody who is emotionally stable, and isn't toxic to be with. That's reasonable!
The Black Knight ZA (1 month ago)
so basically women only like some emotions of men.
teatowel11 (5 months ago)
Honestly I don’t think it’s that complicated. Women want a man that is emotionally stable. They don’t want someone who is depressed, easily angered or gets upset and cry’s at the drop of a hat. They don’t want someone who is going to be emotionally dependent on them, because they want someone who can be stable and comfort them not the other way around. They do however want someone who will express appreciation and desire towards them, and someone who can openly discuss problems in a relationship. The closer you become in a relationship the more they accept and expect displays in emotion but helplessness and desperation are never seen as attractive. They also say you should be yourself. There is a difference between trying to improve yourself and trying to misrepresent yourself. If you are pretending to be someone you are not your going to fall apart. So being yourself is good advice but it just means if you don’t possess those qualities you won’t be a super attractive partner. Not everyone has an attractive personality just as some people are not physically attractive.
21Vicroy (5 months ago)
Wow, the contradictions in this vid is so impressive it's literally depressing.
SEBp Mtl (5 months ago)
it s funny you can always see a difference between the hottest chicks and the ones that are more plain jane, the answers are different. Or maybe I'm just biased. They like mysterious guys though so that's a good thing.
Pskylark (6 months ago)
And this is where I royally fucked up with that hot coworker of mine. Redhead, tall, slim. Imagine an older prettier version of Merida from Brave. I put all my cards on the table in the first week and basically confessed my love for her. Then didn’t understand why she wanted no part of me. Never do this. You give all your power to the girl and she then has all the control over where the relationship goes.
regular john4 (6 months ago)
Talk about your feelings for your own health.... Just not to me -womam logic
Pau Ayelo (6 months ago)
Fuck me , im going to shut my mouth from now on
Suistamo Karjalainen (6 months ago)
"Have you empathised...?" "I guess so" How empathy is connected to constant laughing, i dont get it..
Taurean Clarke (6 months ago)
Every time a feminist asks the question why men don't cry, we should send them the link to this video.
Mosalman Khub (6 months ago)
English is not my mother language can you explain what red pill means?
Riccardo Moretti (6 months ago)
Car guards
Gordon G (6 months ago)
Don’t ask a fish
stew macgregor (6 months ago)
Theres a way to share your emotions as a man..articulate then rather than express them
tommywreck (3 months ago)
You can also rely on your friends; at least they're willing to listen, understand and relate.
FallenPasha (6 months ago)
The double think is insane: are you personally attracted to emotional men? No. Should men be less emotional? No. Duhhh
ageofbogyo (6 months ago)
Love the girl logic want a man who does not care to protect them. Flash news men who does not care, does not care about you therefore wont protect you. That's why 90% of girls nowadays hit the wall as single, wasted their youth on assholes and will end up with cats. Its funny how clearly comes through that they want to use men for their needs, and discard any who are not use for them. The have you empathized question answers were hilarious > their face showed the I don't give a fuck about what men feel/want as I care only about myself mentality. Girls wants you to be a player who fucks multiple women as that makes them special if you fuck with them. This changes when they hit the wall and want kids as they need you to provide for them, as your time /resources cannot be spent anymore fucking other women. Their priorities change.
Bradford Walker (6 months ago)
@ 7:55 They just want a strong male? Hahahahah Yes, you want a strong male, how has this gotten away from the public. . .
Manuel Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Why does John Mayer get so much pussy being such an openly emotional guy? Don't read to much into this dudes.
Manuel Gutierrez (6 months ago)
I think this is overthinking it a bit and also a small sample of women. ALL these women would change their answers if brad pit was an emotional guy. They would all say and mold to whatever was needed in order to win his favor.
Doubles Guy (6 months ago)
I don't consider myself picky, but damn, not one of these girls even get my balls tingling.
Kul Pink (6 months ago)
the only reason why women are so desired in societies, is because their reproduction system works different. A man can impregnate many women in a single day. A woman can only get pregnant once every like 9-10 months. If 90% of women die, society is doomed. If 90% of men die, the other men can still repopulate society. Thats probably the only most important reason, why society cares about women at all. If there would be artificial wombs, women would truly become only sex objects and obsolete.
LENIN MONK (6 months ago)
Now that most relationships are extremely short term, do not open up to women. They are strangers. Wait as long as you can, over 5-6 years if it lasts that long.
Riotlight (6 months ago)
9:20 there you go. They admit it. Guys can never win! Whatever we do will always be wrong.
saint strawman (6 months ago)
Women are attracted to sociopaths who have no emotion themselves but know how to stimulate women's emotions. Women are absolutely self-centered in all ways, and the only type of guys they like are guys who do things for them. So obviously they don't want a guy who has any needs of his own. But what women don't realize is that if they fulfill a good man's needs then he'll be perfectly stable so she benefits. Yet if she chases a sociopath, he'll end up abusive.
simon lloyd (6 months ago)
I don't really like female traits..women are parasitic by nature. they are also generally less logical, less creative, less imaginative, less supportive, less funny..Just less.
Brian Jarvis (6 months ago)
This was your best set of questions ever. Can you repeat this one in multiple locations? I really want more feedback from more women from more places on these questions.
David (6 months ago)
Aussie women are ugly as fuck
Sho Jo (6 months ago)
Girls aren't attracted to ANY man that shows emotions. In other words they don't like a man that's a clear image of themselves.

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