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Gangnam style 2012 Lee Bowers

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please share and add bowers-stunts on facebook big thanks too all my sponsors. a little clip of me at blandford airfield
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DYzzi mister (5 months ago)
telefónne číslo chcem
DYzzi mister (6 months ago)
DYzzi mister (6 months ago)
Mega súper,€€€€€€€€€€!!!!!!!!!!
Miguel Valdez (7 months ago)
Retard you dont know how to do a handstand
تفحيط واي شيأ (8 months ago)
The only one who has been The same thing is
fahim shariar (8 months ago)
اوس اوس (10 months ago)
Monica Iglesias (10 months ago)
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Zehra Özer (1 year ago)
Bund beğemediğinze inanamadım
Jsbsbsbs Zvvzvzv (1 year ago)
yl3an 25t 2lshawfara
Gangster Gang (1 year ago)
Connor Plant (1 year ago)
Santa pod
Karine Berguin (1 year ago)
Je ve faire la maime chose plus tard
vanbeen Laurence (1 year ago)
Nicole Hunter (1 year ago)
Do a stopy plz
Pawel Deda (1 year ago)
jaki. to motor
lewis allen (2 years ago)
Lee I see you at santapod sometimes
ĦĔĆĦÅ ĦĔĆĦ (7 months ago)
Mateusz P (2 years ago)
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
jaki motor...
mariusz luczak (2 years ago)
Andresa Bertolasse (2 years ago)
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
glup pravi se frajer
Jejalaurajason Dd (2 years ago)
-₩ opdodo33₩₩₩₩@@₩₩##₩#₩#₩₩#@₩₩÷÷÷×22 (*@[email protected]@@@00090₩₩!₩₩29r
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
Jejalaurajason Dd to i ccggjjjjjjhnbbvavfgagavvauyp f g f xls0dpzppt
Jejalaurajason Dd (2 years ago)
-₩ opdodo33₩₩₩₩@@₩₩##₩#₩#₩₩#@₩₩÷÷÷×22 (*@[email protected]@@@00090₩₩!₩₩29
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
uvce nije kul
Tomek Psdf (2 years ago)
cc. uzassujjsksjjzizsiz8Aqw
Einherjer AB (2 years ago)
Jejalaurajason Dd
Einherjer AB (2 years ago)
Jejalaurajason Dd å76åo
Marzena Przetakowska (2 years ago)
Jaki to motor ? 😊
Natesha Ranganaiden (1 year ago)
Marzena Przetakowska llnmh hk
Aleks Kolev (2 years ago)
Marzena Przetakowska
sha dow1 (2 years ago)
jaki to motor
pavel balog (1 year ago)
sha dow1 o
Terminator 65 (2 years ago)
Awesome dude!!
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
kurva nez vozt
Resul Boss (1 year ago)
Ace Autrey die v L c m fighjfk g
santiago velasquez (2 years ago)
Jack stunts (2 years ago)
Dat remix tho
Darko Celic (3 years ago)
baš kullllll
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
Darko Celic 00
Little Laëtitia (3 years ago)
Cool mais bon
danvybz ! (2 years ago)
fuck off🚉
Ion Barbu (3 years ago)
dayana cottone (3 years ago)
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
no god
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
dayana cottone nj
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
dayana cottone h
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
dayana cottone 99
jules dupont (3 years ago)
trop dar t es trop fort
Giang Ha (3 years ago)
Grzegorz Mlynczak (4 years ago)
Sam bym chciał tak jeździć!!!
KurczaQ (2 years ago)
cfm junior (4 years ago)
E eu que já fico todo feliz qdo consigo soltar as mãos. O_O
Loris Piolo (1 year ago)
cfm junior m,
Afonso Yamaha (4 years ago)
Jaro22111 R (4 years ago)
danvybz ! (2 years ago)
fuck u
SHEPPY (4 years ago)
Name of second sobg pls?
Ayse Öztürk (2 years ago)
The crazy biker16 Hklöp0
Daniel Martin (4 years ago)
Real talent is all I can say
Daniel Martin (4 years ago)
Real talent is all I can say
LiangHuBBB (4 years ago)
damn nice skillz
Ron Wilson (4 years ago)
Absolutely unbelievable demonstrated skill! What a show of rare  talent. Congratulations are in order ! !
roland avdulaj (4 years ago)
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
upravu si kavasaki je super al on...nezna njega vozt... kavasaki bog zna kad s njime nije pao.hahahahaahahaahahhahaahaahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhhahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaahahaahhahahhaahhahahahhaahahahahaahahhahaahahahaahahahaahahahahha
Youtube Vídeos (5 years ago)
Oppa gagnam style
Yesenia Herrera (5 years ago)
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
florin usvat (5 years ago)
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
nije super nezna vozt kavasaki...
Piran Crook (5 years ago)
can i have link to the song please?
Francoise Awad (4 years ago)
Olá 6 te g tu
DiaBoLoZz (5 years ago)
Trop Cool ! Pouce Vert ! 
ls teg97 (5 years ago)
nice nice...:)
D Dee (5 years ago)
Lee wheres this spot?
disturbed6r (6 years ago)
Kawi 636
Naomi Fountain (6 years ago)
kawasaki 636 with custom frame... check out the website for full spec
Bad Blue (11 months ago)
kopiras ovoga636
Weird Wacky Wonderfool (6 years ago)
Its his own remix of gangnam style and the bikes details are on his website, well worth checking it out, thats no standard bike
Carl Broadbent (6 years ago)
What bike is that. Please
Emilian Moise (6 years ago)
beautiful bike homie !!
vladvr46 (6 years ago)
where is the joystick??
Dominik Płonka (6 years ago)
browcatblack (6 years ago)
Di ck js acin ard
Gaelle Lambert (6 years ago)
Naomi Fountain (6 years ago)
check the site outbowers-stunts.co.uk for more vids, pics and info
owiiiie (6 years ago)
bonne zik et omg.... les tricks de ouf
kuak14 (6 years ago)
Co to za remix ?
Mariusz Molszan (6 years ago)
Dobrze, dobrze ;>
Kamil rara (6 years ago)
Prze świr ;D
2010popeye1 (6 years ago)
wop wop wop wop Bowers style!
France Stunt (6 years ago)
good song ahaha :D
Ervina Kociu (8 months ago)
France Stunt in. E kam
Marcin Kowalski (6 years ago)
jazda kozak
Raizo Runes (6 years ago)
Class! Haha, but had to turn the volume off
BATTLEJP82 (6 years ago)
nice my friend

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