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Breaking News - There is NO such thing as 'different learning styles'

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It can be an easy excuse to explain away poor grades.But a new study claims that having a 'different learning style' isn't a legitimate reason for failing to learn.In fact, scientists believe it's a myth that some people learn better using different methods, such as 'visual learning.'Despite this, as many as 96 per cent of teachers subscribe to the idea of learning styles.In recent years, the idea of different 'learning styles' improving academic results has come under fire from experts.The basic premise of the long-standing theory is that 'visual learners' learn best through seeing, 'auditory learners' learn best through hearing and 'kinesthetic learners' learn best through touching.But according to the authors of the new study, from Indiana University, there is little evidence to back up the claim that learning styles improve academic performance.'Many students still hold to the conventional wisdom that learning styles are legitimate, and may adapt their outside-of-class study strategies to match these learning styles,' the authors wrote in the study.The scientists gathered 426 undergraduate students at the university who completed an online learning style surveyThe survey, called Vark, is one of the internet's most popular learning style assessment services and claims to pick out whether you learn best visually, by listening, through reading and writing, or by doing practically.Researchers then enrolled each student in an anatomy course with participants told to follow the revision tips given by the Vark survey.After gathering this information, the researchers then asked the students at a later date about the sort of revision methods they had used.On top of this, the researchers used their final grades to compare academic achievement with their dominant learning style.The team found that there was no correlation between the dominant learning style suggested by the assessment and grades achieved.Not only did the researchers find no link, they saw that two thirds (67 per cent) of the students chose not to study in the recommended way.It was found that microscope work and lecture notes were the most effective methods for the students.It also found flash cards weren't as beneficial.In the paper, the researchers conclude that the idea that 'I can't learn subject X because I am a visual learner' should be put to rest once and for all.'This research provides further evidence that the conventional wisdom about learning styles should be rejected by educators and students alike,' they wrote. AutoNews- Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5581261/There-NO-thing-different-learning-styles.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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