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WORLD'S BEST BEACH BODIES - Bondi Calisthenics & Street Workout Girls & Guys Body Weight Video

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Bondi Beach has the most exciting fitness and lifestyle culture in the world and this clip features the highlights of living life in the sun, sea, surf and sand, surrounded by the blue Pacific Ocean. Visit the stunning home of the famous North Bondi Outdoor Gym and the cliff top rope climb and crystal blue surf waves. Experience a day in the life of Bondi Beach - your life will have new meaning and passion for eternity. Please follow on: Instagram @MARCUSBONDIBEACH WWW.MARCUSBONDI.COM FB: MARCUS BONDI
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Text Comments (138)
Planet Awesome (3 months ago)
but the pumping music from video 1 is missing ...
Marlon D'hoore (5 months ago)
pervy sensei is that you ?
Somina (5 months ago)
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Saharin Cuker (5 months ago)
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El Jefe ! (6 months ago)
Scamper Scamper (6 months ago)
3:14 for real? One arm? damn....
k9n6 Kuja (11 months ago)
e eu achando que só veria mina... me fodi
Bob Bly (1 year ago)
Young body people are so full of themselves. I find it a mix of admirable, laughable, and a bit pathetic.
cadan hoare (6 months ago)
marcus is in his 50's...
Gregory House (1 year ago)
real infante (1 year ago)
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Cherry Cervantes (1 year ago)
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Joseph Carreon (1 year ago)
One day I will visit AU and workout in Bondi Beach!!!!!
Jash Bangera (1 year ago)
MaxeW (1 year ago)
3:01, who is this beast ?
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
That's my buddy MAX THE BODY!!!
Patrick Notstar (1 year ago)
I wonder how many feminist whales this triggered
Abner Silva (1 month ago)
LiftYourself Fitness (1 year ago)
Great video!
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
THX! ! !
road to 500 lbs squat (1 year ago)
Rad Ostin (1 year ago)
At 1.28min , I am the one in the middle.
Sexy Lord Freeza (1 year ago)
you're a beast!~ and sexy girls and awesome all around :D
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
yeah man - cool !
Gta Sandres (1 year ago)
da fuck is this that i just came across?
Warzed Arcanist (6 months ago)
the good life
Dovydas Bagdžius (1 year ago)
Marcus, I'd live there :))) Because all people in this country loves active life :) In my country - Lithuania( in eastern europe) not all loves active life, so you cant find a lot of gymnastic parks. Like pull up bars etc, but I have pull up bar at my home ;) Im not live lazy life like other people in my country :p
Dovydas Bagdžius (1 year ago)
Oh really :o Damn... :p
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
Hey Dovy - we have Lithuanians living here in Bondi - my buddy Darius! He is a BEAST! ! ! !
super Villain (1 year ago)
Bondi looks absolutely beautiful :)
Raymond J (1 year ago)
crazy muscle dudes n hot chicks totally cool nice beach to allmost forgot about the beach haha
Savage Health (1 year ago)
Hey mate, are you plant based? I ask as I saw lots of fruit and veg in the video. Cheers
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
Yes major focus on fruit & veg !! ! ! Seeds nuts !!!! etc etc Water!!!!
mago jack (1 year ago)
What place is that?
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
Bondi Beach Sydney ;)
Mr 11 (2 years ago)
Юрий шатунов
Say0n (2 years ago)
you are a beast! Greetings from Chile.
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
Harryshotta1337 (2 years ago)
stealing some music from Daym Drops huh..
soflo23 (2 years ago)
Was not expecting to see a stupid work out video.
Lidor Shalom (2 years ago)
I wonder how many pussies Bondi see every day
Lidor Shalom or how many pussies he bangs
The Hunter (2 years ago)
im embarrased to be weaker than an 8 year old :/
турники и выступы и пары самое ужасное и трос
блинка будто мажна этак спакойна ета всё дедеть
сам пантягивается ток и с девкай
Luis Fuentes (2 years ago)
Xun Wu (2 years ago)
very good there are no so many instruments in Chinese beach
If funny these videos would be 100 times better with something better than stock music loops.
Drop the files in a dropbox. Find someone one fiverr or odesk who is a pro and hire them for pennies on the dollar. Change someone life and step your video game up. win win
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Yeah I know but my editing/audio skills suck!
Karl Buttler (2 years ago)
Looks like i need to visit Bondi Beach..
حزاب محمد (2 years ago)
tech vision (2 years ago)
ur the best bro
nikom05 (2 years ago)
I love this guy! He doesn't try and sell you bs products. All he wants is for us to challenge ourselves and live a healthy lifestyle!Thank you Marcus!
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
You got it Niko! You are on it!!!
ZeroclientMusic (2 years ago)
Life goal; front lever...almost there.
MaxeW (1 year ago)
10months and you don't have the front yet lol don't try the planche man. It takes me 4weeks of proper training to hold the front 5sec now i hold it +20sec. Get at me bro
Pursuit of dankness (1 year ago)
same! its been 10 months can you do them yet?
Dave R (2 years ago)
Wow cool video this is what life's is all about, keep up the hard work!👍
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
yeah dave !! ! !
WEB-ADAS SD (2 years ago)
en donde es ese lugar
Dimitrije Beric (2 years ago)
What do you eat Marcus?! :D
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Lots of vegetables lots of water lots of fruit!
egnilk66 (2 years ago)
1:49 WTF is going on here?
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Wrestling warm-ups!
donmakaveli4life (2 years ago)
That place seems expensive
SERGIO vidal fernandez (2 years ago)
greetings from Venezuela soon I'll be over there
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Daniel (2 years ago)
Markus, I easily get tendonitis weh ndoing pushups and all the calistehnics. I just do only a couple of pushups and that's it. I cannot do it anymore Wrist tenodnits, achilles, elbow...I do warmups and stretching. Where I'm mistaking?
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Yes - go slow, massage sore joints - do exercise that does not hurt - slowly!
mAEREN7 (2 years ago)
+paracelsusish doing too much too soon, everybody is different you need to slowly find what works for your goals and enjoy doing it, now rest, let it heal maybe take some suplements for your tendons , shark cartilage and such, and get back too work soon! and remember working hard is important but working smart is way more important!! have a nice day:)
Twinster Red (2 years ago)
Do you ever train legs?
Twinster Red (2 years ago)
+marcusbondi, Sand sprints must be brutal
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Yes- 40 years of ice hockey training/playing, sand sprints and squats in fitness first gyms!
Mark James (2 years ago)
What a beautiful place, and such a great lifestyle!! How much is the average appartment rent for near Bondi? (probably a trillion dollars a month!)
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Lols yeah....
Brandon Lewis (2 years ago)
Need to move here lol
Tabasa Nagasawa (2 years ago)
Kevin Burroughs (2 years ago)
video good, music not so much.
r3spect4all (2 years ago)
Love your vids, can you please do a max body weight rep video and one with 225. Would be awesome.
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
+r3spect4all Hi - Yes will do!!!!
Shahid Ali (2 years ago)
It's great to see so many fit people out there!
workout forever (2 years ago)
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Miss Riah (2 years ago)
Lol I'm the people in the background wishing they could lose weight
Matthew (2 years ago)
+Miss Riah Don't wish for it, just make it happen. Thousands of girls do it each year, why not you? :)
Lim Qi Hui (2 years ago)
loving the beach workout life!!!
Ven Cz (2 years ago)
whoah lots of bondi girls huh !! gonna workout here soon man !!
Max King (2 years ago)
Great Bondi Video
axel westerkull (2 years ago)
i'm dazed... the music, video clips and random text feels like a quirky commercial? but i guess i enjoyed it!
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Hah! Thanks - misión accomplished!
SuperSkillz Tv (2 years ago)
I hope to get there soon, looks just like a paradise (:
Jason Religion (2 years ago)
i love this place
yaron777 (2 years ago)
Love you vids, you're an inspiration!
H.O. KING (2 years ago)
Marcus, your videos have such an infectious positive vibe please keep making them - you're doing an awesome job ! Your channel is awesome.
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
+Boba Fett YAY BOBA!!!!
Freddy Tounkara (2 years ago)
wtf am i watching
marcus bondi (2 years ago)
+Freddy Tounkara Don't ask questions.... Just watch! ;)
Tim Grabarczyk (2 years ago)
AWESOME.... PS: which beach is it, I have a friend by the name of Kosta who moved to Australia a while back and he said he's been doing calisthenics at the beach, around 15, do you know him by any chance?
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
+Timothy Grabarczyk Maybe - Bondi Beach!!!! ;)
Casey Allred (2 years ago)
Love the sense of community that you guys show!
Toujours Trippin (2 years ago)
were is this place?
helmsfere123 (2 years ago)
+LastyLives Loads of great things to enjoy about Melbourne too, friend!
LastyLives (2 years ago)
+marcusbondi I'm from Melbourne. Sucks.
LastyLives (2 years ago)
+marcusbondi I'm from Melbourne. Sucks.
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
+Муаз Билто Билто Sydney Australia! !
Justraining (2 years ago)
The first one was much better
Hari Krishan (2 years ago)
very adventurous n dareing . excellent practice. good video 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 & 1/2🌟
Xavier I. F. (2 years ago)
Awesome people there! Amazing! Super fit guys and girls. World must learn from that space you have there. Keep up that awesome work!!
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
+Xavier I. F. CHeers Xav - see you soon!
alcatraz (2 years ago)
Love your videos, Marcus! What a beautiful location to train. Greetings from cold Chicago, Street Workout for life!
marcus bondi (2 years ago)
+alca82 Cheers alca! I luv CHicago!!! !Cold, BUT i love it!!! ;)
Free helicopter rides (2 years ago)
Is this beach named after your family ?
marcus bondi (2 years ago)
+Nostalgiaforinfi haha - my family is named after the beach ;) cheers bro
THÁI TRẦN (2 years ago)
quá hay luôn
Renato Cortese (2 years ago)
mi paraíso jaajja
Andrew93 (2 years ago)
Awesome tutorials, dude. Keep'em coming. Looking forward to more. Maybe even a tips and tricks video.
marcus bondi (2 years ago)
+Andrew93 hey andy - thx mate - will do!
William Song (2 years ago)
awesome video such a positive vibe!!
marcus bondi (2 years ago)
+one in a mil lion yay thx mate!
19Kamau79 (2 years ago)
Great video!! Thanks for sharing! I remember when i was there at 2002 July, doing splits, walking around and taking pictures. It was very quiet back then or was it +13 degrees temperature, wish i could be there now and wish i could be 23yo as i used to be :-)
marcus bondi (2 years ago)
+19Kamau79 Ha! Awesome KAM!
marcusbondi (2 years ago)
Hello - if you like this video, please up vote it and leave a nice comment - the fitness girls on Bondi Beach will really appreciate it! Best cheers to you!
Somina (5 months ago)
This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "beach body diet in 2 months" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Denrooklyn Zonayden Smasher - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.
Varun Sharma (8 months ago)
marcusbondi man just wanted to be like u love all the girls over there
marcusbondi (1 year ago)
yeah man!!!
antagoonist (1 year ago)
I sadly get depressed by watching this... such nice locations, beautiful girls, good weather and fit people.. that makes me jealous :D
Fran Benavente García (2 years ago)
+marcusbondi niceee!

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