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BrainFacts.org Webinar: Learning Styles Hurt Learning

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One current brain myth posits that if students are struggling to learn, it might be because they are not being taught in a mode that meshes with their preferred learning style. As such, educators and professional development leaders devote time and resources assessing students’ learning styles and developing instruction to match. But research shows that educators may actually be doing a disservice to learners by continually accommodating their learning-style preferences. In this webinar, find out more about the science behind learning styles and discover the many free resources available for educators on BrainFacts.org. Moderator: Terrence Sejnowski, PhD Speaker: Beth A. Rogowsky, Ed.D. (Aired October 17, 2016)
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Adrian Li (2 years ago)
This talk needs to be shown to teachers all around the world.

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