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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (27404)
Rasta Fonz (1 hour ago)
that means all of the pacific islands would be back to corals and volcanoes under the sea.
03 OG (3 hours ago)
let it happen... Living in Nebraska wont effect crap... Plus it would help with that carbon problem people cry about
Serniz Productions (6 hours ago)
R.I.P greenland
Serniz Productions (6 hours ago)
I was live in Indonesia right now pewh😌😌 No ice in Indonesia
Joseph Keenan (10 hours ago)
why do we never see the maps showing a change to the Great Lakes and a vastly larger river delta in places like the Mississippi and the like? You can't go green if you discount nuclear. The numbers will never add up.
Kim Jong Un (11 hours ago)
Oh no the temerature rose 2° in 120 years what will i ever do oh i know just use air conditioning till i die
ButtFeet (11 hours ago)
5000 years? lol
Adam Ingram (13 hours ago)
I love this. Except I disagree with you on The Netherlands being entirely underwater. Considering that the Dutch have been taking land from the sea for quite a while now, I wouldn't expect them to give up their land for some ice melting. They'd go after more land too I bet.
Anos AU (15 hours ago)
Bruh that sounds amazing no more "florida man........" Headlines
1nf1n1ty (15 hours ago)
ice density will make it so if the ice melted on Antartica, the water levels would not rise!
Bas Klooster (16 hours ago)
At least you won't need trump it's wall anymore
Søren Stilling (18 hours ago)
Where would all this water come from? Dont fucking tell me there's enough ice on Greenland and Antartica to raise the seas by 60 meters everywhere
علي المرسومي (21 hours ago)
i live in iraq in bagdad
lil reindeer (1 day ago)
Thank God my beaches have walls that are like 5 feet wide 5 feet thick
john z (1 day ago)
This video is just a propaganda tricking you to buy houses in Tibet.
Bryan Arias (1 day ago)
Now the 2018, is the most hottest year in history/ When you rememner that you live in a Mountain continent, and you live in a City that stay upper than 1.500 Metres over the sea, jajaja, Good Point ( Cali-Colombia)
chris corona (1 day ago)
As longest Florida disappears I'm on board with the ice melting
ricardo82shadow (1 day ago)
Have you forgot to display the Greenland map with all the ice melted hipotesis!?=/ lol
Joachim Petersen (1 day ago)
What about new Zealand.
KurayamiXHikari (1 day ago)
New beach front property!
KING KENNALEY (2 days ago)
The earth has naturally gone through climate change like this before geological samples prove this, yes humans are making this thousands year process go faster but it is natural nonetheless
Emily’s World (2 days ago)
Look at the British isles. The part where I live at. Is in sea in 5000 years time. R.I.P
Janitra Falah (2 days ago)
"Sealand will declare Independence"
None ya Business (2 days ago)
Like the idea but hate his voice
Kitashima Rika (2 days ago)
I personally don't like UK due to personal problems, so I won't care much about the disappearance of London
Oluwaseyin Ayodele (2 days ago)
We wouldn't have canada
Alex (2 days ago)
Yo this makes me scared
Mike Garcon (2 days ago)
The thumbnail is dumb Florida is near the equator how dose it have ice???
bobby joe (2 days ago)
3:12 rip imm gone I live in west Ireland WAIT HOLD ON I WOULD BE ALIVE ON THE TINY SOUTH WEST ISLAND WOOHOO the land is perfect here
SauceMage (2 days ago)
The landlocked countries would be like " Sucks to be you I guess!"
Ryder Barr (2 days ago)
I want this to happen! A new 🌎 i shall keep burning my fossil fuels!!! Go fossil!
Rads (3 days ago)
Were fucked
Joe (3 days ago)
what a bunch of crap. the oceans have not been rising. you are trying to tell me that 70% of the earth's surface is going to rise by the melting of ice on just 20% of the remaining 30%???? man-made global warming, or whatever they're calling it this week, is nothing but a money redistribution scam.
Bob Bender (3 days ago)
My house would be under water
Dharmabum9287 (3 days ago)
Plant plants. It’s not that hard.
QUploads T (3 days ago)
What would happen if everyone in the world left their hot water running? Could we boil the earth?
Stephanie Crimmins (3 days ago)
Those duch would come right back from it the country twice the size
marlena jordan (3 days ago)
btw what would be unfrozen?
marlena jordan (3 days ago)
Chris Mancini (3 days ago)
we need to irrigate the middle east and north africa
Tony Williams (3 days ago)
Fuck gore h
eggib (3 days ago)
whats nz's future?
El Prezidente (3 days ago)
Our history shows that at one time the Earth had no ice caps at all. In fact it was a tropical jungle with over 30% oxygen in the atmosphere. We should just NOT build on lands that flood.
Leon Andrews (4 days ago)
Total unfounded rubbish.
Carlos Sousa (4 days ago)
The biggest super power says this is a political matter. Fuck you. You guys are the biggest idiots in the world. I don't blame any other country besise USA and China. Along side all educational needs you have the resources and the market on your hands and fucking shit all over any global agreemts to make a change. You have poluted the air, the seas and even the fucking space... the fucking space is poluted mostly because of you. I know some intelegent fuck boy is going to say everyone is to blame. No because all developed countries are trying to agree on changes, Europe is trying reduce CO2 emisson. There are contries with 75% of their energy being renoval. And you're there saying this is a political matter. It's not it has nothing to do with politics. We could make a major diference, but as long as the world is rulled by brainless idiots we'll jus sink to the point of maybe no return Fuck You
We The People (4 days ago)
Wrong, Five Ice Ages , Six global warming’s in the last 2.5 Billion years. If there was no Global Warming your Ass would still be in a giant block of Ice. The Earth has been much warmer in the past. Check out the PaleoClimate Records, they are much older than the last 100 years of weather records.
julius ceasar (4 days ago)
NO MORE ice hockey which would be worse than death
MVP11489 (4 days ago)
Okay, but, you know ocean levels are actually lowering, right? This entire video is kind of bullshit, because the ocean is lowering. Neat to see what would happen, but maybe do a video about what happens if the ocean continues to drop, like its currently doing. Stop believing leftist sources bro lol. Take it from someone who's into real estate, and has personally seen properties in Florida once bay or ocean front, no longer so from receding ocean levels.
Sophie Lin (4 days ago)
What about NZ?
Skring Say (4 days ago)
Please stop saying Cutter instead of Quatar - it's like KAT-AR
Oliver Feuer (5 days ago)
Ice: *melts* Florida: OH FU- *blub* Montana: haha bitch!
BazzaMcgee (5 days ago)
Sooo all 195 countries? There are 195 countries so you could have said "All of the worlds countries......."
lol they all need to drown now, not in 100 years
indyjohn59 (5 days ago)
Yeah right... because they have detailed records of the weather for at least 1000 years to do a comparative studies and BTW...why does every coast line change EXCEPT the Great Lakes??? Are they somehow exempt from increased water elevation???
Michael Adams (5 days ago)
Kill all of the cows
Something new (5 days ago)
it’s okay... because i’ve been to the year 3000 not much has changed but they live underwater
Marko Gudzev (5 days ago)
i don’t about this my country even doesn’t have sea
WQxd ツ (5 days ago)
f i am dead
Shaun Galvin-King (6 days ago)
I'm still trying to solve what caused the ice age, one problem at a time please.
Campbell Owens (6 days ago)
why did you not show new zealand you were so close when you went over to ausie
Sothica (6 days ago)
Heavy breathing* I'm freaking out..
Jkrui (6 days ago)
lost me when you said NAsa ,the well kown fake billion dollars company...
GAS C (6 days ago)
Wow so alotta the BIG nations like America Canada india Chine Australia etc DONT use renewable fossil fuels? Wow. i am dissapointed. :( (
NovaComet978 (6 days ago)
Short Answer:Big Fuck Up
Bago (7 days ago)
could you link the map of this scenario?
Brendan Reilly (7 days ago)
If this happens I’d have to move somewhere else cuz I live in Richmond, Virginia and it’s only 2 hours away from sea
web2yt (7 days ago)
So more refugees from poor countries. Oh joy. China and india worst polluters.
Webis Tebis 492 (7 days ago)
Or we could just invent new energies
tony Stone (7 days ago)
One of the great lies, used to tax people to pay for their policy of replacement of the native Europeans all over the western world, along with abortion and euthanasia. The replacement would be very easy to control. Things are changing, people are waking up to the shithouses, and fighting back, yellow vests, nationlist government's, Brexit and more,
skbmsb78 (7 days ago)
Well, I’d be ok. I’m in flyover country. You coastal guys can suck it.
CloroxBleach Daily (7 days ago)
What all water turned into ice?
Ninam Bantawa (7 days ago)
I wouldn't get ice cold drinks?
Eleazar Castillo (7 days ago)
I kinda like how it looks
Roger Quintanilla (7 days ago)
This guys are just trying to get more cash.  If fun watching this hoax.  The dinosaurs, disappeared and there were just too many cars.
mikitity gamingRBX_YT (7 days ago)
People I found idea to save the world drink the water or put them in space or put them in sun or other 🌎
iChristopher (8 days ago)
Anyone explain why Greenland isn't called Whiteland..
Thrasher Sauce (8 days ago)
Oh shit, i need to move in africa
• Zabracs • (8 days ago)
I like it How He Just took a Marker And Drew All over the Land
Hoover would be a coastal city
Melvin Hunt (8 days ago)
To many public school students here in comments. It's a lie, but you've been taught it all of your life. The weather is no different than it has ever been!
Bork cream (8 days ago)
*r.i.p. the sunshine state*
Tamiru Yigezu (8 days ago)
these are lies
Matthew McMillian (8 days ago)
liberal racist bastards in California spent the last 120 years dumping their garbage in the pacific ocean and crapping in their own water systems all while pumping as much pollution into the air as they could and their citizens constantly setting forest firews over the last 30 years for the fun of watching them burn for weeks and now that their liberal leaders are allowing illegal aliens, criminals running from other countries so on to live their and people are literally shitting in bags and throwing out windows onto the street for tourists to step in or get hit in the head with while walking through the major cities.....now the leaders of California want to blame their trashy lifestyle and the trashy lifestyle on their ancestors who started it ...on the rest of society and say that its not their fault they are common trash and they want the entire rest of the United States to pay higher taxes to help clean up their trash because they are too lazy to clean up their own shit. California is the biggest reason for global polution and global warming and the entire state should be blow off the map for being so offensive so totally an embarrassment to mankind all over the world. As people who live in 3rd world countries living in mud huts and eating rice with bugs in it are more santiary than the average person that lives in California cities like San Franciso and the gay bay and L.A. the two biggest cities for so called fame but also are the biggest shit holes in America......New YOrk is not even close to the total wasteland of pure shit that California is and that is because unlike California...New York actually believes in using a rest room and the New York people unlike California actually prefer to wipe their arses instead of licking their hands off. Most of the population in California is illegal aliens to begin with scum of the earth that no other country wanted or is running from the law in their former countries. 97% or Californias population is nothing but illegal trash
Ybbor Q (8 days ago)
How about the philippines? What would happen?
Time to get rid of all the water Britain and France like it like that so FRANCE: MR.BRITAIN START POLLUTING HARDER!!
Fortnite Giveaways (8 days ago)
Now really its time for Africa
Alaska Grown (9 days ago)
If it puts NYC and LA underwater, step on the gas!
fishinboy_ YT (9 days ago)
The Florida
Saviola Is God (9 days ago)
Nearly all of Wales stays up?
Saviola Is God (9 days ago)
Global warming is a myth! Says idiotic Trump fans.
Bino Dino (9 days ago)
Your kidding me there’s still Frasier island in Australia also that inland sea would probably let the desert grow
ΦΩΤΕΙΝΗ Ψ (9 days ago)
My little town would have access to sea like in ancient times.
TC M (9 days ago)
RIP my house
Mr. Moto (10 days ago)
Lies. The 20th century NOAA data is the same for the second half of the 19th century, when data was first collected. What they didn't show you is that the rate of sea level rise is very constant over time. Human CO2 emissions has nothing to do with it.
tyjghjghhh (10 days ago)
DUHHHH!!! we already have 100,000s of people, and right now MILLIONS of stateless people across the planet.......... it's called AmeriKKKan wars/invasions against human beings on earth......... we call it death and invasion, THEY call it freedom and democracy. and so millions of people are right now travelling to western europe and other countries across the world.... in search of life where bombs are not dropping on their children who are just outside only to farm, feed themselves.
Dimebag Darrell (10 days ago)
That would be awesome if I had a beach house!!!!!
Dimebag Darrell (10 days ago)
I don’t give a fuck, I’ll be a dead man by then!!!!
Roy Tang (10 days ago)
R.I.P. All capitals from countries that are underwater
Neil is the deal (10 days ago)
3:29 1 like 1 foot for poor europe

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