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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (26222)
Ryan Davis (1 hour ago)
Back from 1981 to 1986 they said we were going to freeze now were getting warmer, They don’t know what the fuck their talking about!
Lewis Bl00print (9 hours ago)
I'll totally be the first to colonize Antarctica.
Paul M. Gilbert (10 hours ago)
The Earth has been warming ever since the last ice age, it hasn't stopped, it's just that man isn't helping by burning fossil fuels and destroying the environment.
Alan Golden (10 hours ago)
people need to understand that we are killing our selves dosent matter if u dont care about animals dieng it will still affect you eather way same with polution sure ur harming life but urself too by killing off trees and water and air going bad
Alex Perez (13 hours ago)
Canada won't even be affected , im moving there
MG moha gamer (13 hours ago)
soo...that happens few mins later searches up how to make things cold me:lets just have a big frezer!!!!
B W (15 hours ago)
Is this from The Onion?
shawn burnham (15 hours ago)
Jack Offerman (16 hours ago)
Global warming wouldn't be a problem if people really believed in evolution. Its ok we all love some hypocritical propaganda now and then.
FrostFeather (16 hours ago)
What about Indonesia?
Moral - never live in coasts
RafaelS156 (16 hours ago)
we just have to plant many many trees or many redwood trees that comsume alot of Co2
Daniel Caldwell (16 hours ago)
why you bully england
Tay Potato 2412 (17 hours ago)
Yay Cyprus still lives !
Zillion Knight (17 hours ago)
I was born in the Netherlands/holland and then moved to Belgium then here aruba
Jerry Su (17 hours ago)
San Francisco island let’s go
Miguel Caetano de Souza (17 hours ago)
Rip rio de janeiro
Meesie Gamer (18 hours ago)
R.I.P netherlands
Code Espeon (18 hours ago)
Ummmm I think you forgot the Philippines
Japan seems perfectly fine in this scenario
BUCK JÄGER MAIN (19 hours ago)
In GTA online in the north barber shop there is map that is the same you just shown. Except in the map russia loses a huge chunk in the north
NiDino (22 hours ago)
Oof Flordia
BCH Historical Maps (1 day ago)
armenia still landlocked country :dddddddddddddddd
Deniziel :3 (1 day ago)
I live in North Germany ;-;
Jennifer Aufiero (1 day ago)
That fact that we are on the road to this is sad.. die to climate change the ice caps are melting and already slowly raising sea levels.....
Noah O'Grady (1 day ago)
Some ice bergs are melting. Some are getting bigger
NZia piasa (1 day ago)
Bangladesh 😭
Flagellum (1 day ago)
I’m in Switzerland we are surrounded by mountains
Xoloric Punpun (1 day ago)
Welp looks like I’m going to Austin
s2foci (1 day ago)
We have too many damn people, it’s not rocket science. The earth will cleanse itself of the weak soon enough. Look at these super viruses that are immune to antibiotics forming. In another 100 years there will be no combatting it. Black Plague v2 and the earth will handle it.
Flysh (1 day ago)
I live these sorts of videos. You know, the ones where they forget New Zealand is there...
Wojtek Kwiatkowski (1 day ago)
Bullshit. From 50 yrs to now 2/3 of arctic ice was melt and what? Nothing got sunk.
D3 2B (1 day ago)
doing my best to help speed this warming up cause I'm sitting on future beach front property
Moist Cake (1 day ago)
The dutch will defend the water by making a big big wall.
Just Wayne (1 day ago)
If it means California disappears I’m for leaving the lights on 24/7 😂
《thewadeplayz》 (1 day ago)
*Donald Trump would like to know your location*
James Dignan music (2 days ago)
Kiribati is pronounced "Kiribass"
Milek (2 days ago)
And let's not forget how warm it will be. I am already dying when it's over 25 grades celsius. i hate warm weather
John Bagley (2 days ago)
Your President Doesn't..
Fikri Fadhlurrahman (2 days ago)
So the refugee crisis reverse ?? European > africa
Frank Nakhai (2 days ago)
this is utter nonsense . the ice in north and south WILL NEVER melt completely. and whose calculation is this? 68 meter? shameless nonsense just to get score . Even let's say some large amount of ice gets melted , Oceans rise two inches in 500 years. And who says we will have same number of world population in 500 years? Aram from North California.
Arthur Lacy (2 days ago)
I dont see this, as a "nightmare future". Will it suck, for us? Sure. The earth will remain and people will rebuild. Its nature, whether we perpetuate it or not, it will happen, eventually. No amount of global awareness and action will halt the cycle, in a way that is convenient, for man's ever swelling population. Nyc, London and other massive population centers will someday be no more. Humans suck. We will always fight, over stuff and deny truths. So, do you really want to slow this process? God promised to never flood the world again. Man and his hubertus never made any such pledge.
Htoo Doh (2 days ago)
Just let it happen?
roadfatigue (2 days ago)
When I seen what would happen to Sacramento I ran outside and poured a gallon of gas on the ground and lit it. I'm doing my part to help rid the world of those leftists.
predator X (2 days ago)
WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL between the sea and the costal cities
whateverdotcom (17 hours ago)
And the fish will pay for it.
james emmons (2 days ago)
All the refugees could go to Antarctica
Rivano Inzaghi99 (2 days ago)
Reducing human its more simple
Annocule (2 days ago)
Britain looks malnourished
thorified (2 days ago)
Environmental awareness and responsibility is what we must evolve into. I refuse to vote Democratic and rely on Gore, a Democrat who could not even win his own state in his bid for President, to grandstand. I won't watch the movie for that reason. God Bless Trump. I am a Vegan, Environmentalist, who wants to save his country and his planet. I took the red pill. I must admit, Florida underwater sounds good to me too though.
Vegard Fjeldberg (3 days ago)
Its 12 years in the future. Its still a long time.
Michael Davis (3 days ago)
8 feet. Holy Shoot!
paul s (3 days ago)
Wait, so I'll be living on an island in formerly Connecticut? Not only can I deal with that I can take in many female refuges.
Why indonesia not melt? It's impossible
jakesteven aldana (3 days ago)
I wish i never watched this video this is going to give me nightmares
jakesteven aldana (3 days ago)
But it is mezmirizing though
Season Foo (3 days ago)
Thanos was right
Olivia Carter (3 days ago)
I hate how America is doing nothing about this and we’re the ones doing the most damage
Mike Lyons (3 days ago)
What would happen if all the oceans turned to chocolate? Pretty unrealistic huh?
steve rogers (3 days ago)
The world has been through many ice ages. The ice caps have come and gone many times before even humans had evolved.
Wayne Ville (3 days ago)
Whoever wrote this drivel should really take some math and science courses.
J RM (3 days ago)
Working Mans World (3 days ago)
Sounds good so how can we do this?
John Bagley (3 days ago)
The Americans don't believe in climate change.WHY...
itsyaboi 115 (2 days ago)
John Bagley We do, actually
Edward Branca (3 days ago)
As a disabled recipient of Medicaid, I find Trump's Medicaid cuts to be a threat to my life. When someone assassinates Trump, and I hope that will happen very soon, it will clearly be an act of justifiable homicide. When Trump gets assassinated, and I hope that will happen very soon, I will be glad, and I will go out and celebrate with a fellow liberal friend. We'll parade down the street singing Happy Days Are Here Again and Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.
Joey Robert (3 days ago)
its nof if.......... its when
ROBERT CRAIG (3 days ago)
WILLIAM GRAYSON (3 days ago)
9.3k of people are republican idiots... 70k are the smart folks.
Escalade888 (3 days ago)
Damn so the NFC north would be the only division not affected by the rising sea levels
M Peters (3 days ago)
So, you want us to worry about something 5,000 years from now?
Wolfsu Isfer Yamaizta (3 days ago)
Even if we switch to use clean energy, the amount of Carbon emissions right now will take hundreds of years to break down, so there will still be some warming and melting until Carbon Emissions reach nominal levels (natural occurring carbon emissions only) in hundreds...maybe thousands of years
J. Baked (3 days ago)
At least I'll be closer to the beach :D
NPC #000001 (3 days ago)
Hey people in the comments nature don't give a fuck about you.Just letting you know.
felixthecat03 (3 days ago)
but it was cold today
Rabbi Arlan (4 days ago)
cabalogia (4 days ago)
@2:56 Puerto Rico would be intact💪 ¡Delen like puñetaaaa!
Ryo Hazuki (4 days ago)
Africa For the Win Algeria is still 100%
the gamer2556 (4 days ago)
thank goodness i live in ohio :)
Irvin Ortega (4 days ago)
I live in Torquay. Idrk what our map looks like. Would it be underwater? Get back to me if u can
Its so sad that people like trump are more concerned about their wallet than the planet
Jason H (4 days ago)
Florida’s gone. There’s a blessing.
Rollo Weeks (4 days ago)
ツ ツ ツVally1810 (4 days ago)
Yayy! My country (Czech Republic) is safe! :D :P I love living in a landlocked country!
Jake Brett (4 days ago)
Australia would look like cyridill.
Shanthal Comaling (5 days ago)
Yay phillipines has nothing to do woooooooo
Moniruzzaman Monir (5 days ago)
I m from "Bangladesh", and i m afraid.
emma millard (5 days ago)
I live in a flat so at least are get sea view
Willie Hardiman (5 days ago)
So you're telling me that if water levels rise the areas affected will coincidently be the ones with the highest levels of climate change deniers? Ok then.
Black Templar (5 days ago)
The Netherlands getting fully submerged? Nah fam they'll build giant fucking walls to keep the water out and becomes a fucking island
Xworo (5 days ago)
Nooo pls antartica and greenland dont melt other wise my land will be rip I live in the netherlands
Soothing Sounds (5 days ago)
In 200 years time there will these headlines ! Thickening ice threatens life at the poles and whole communities will disappear....All because humans insist on breathing OUT !! Also, in the news . What the hell were politicians thinking when they wasted three hundred billion dollars on wind turbines, not realizing that you still need power when the wind don't blow , Solar panels covering thousands of acres of fields....why didn't we just put them on the roofs of houses and use the land to grow things !!!
Uzamaki Naruto (6 days ago)
What RealLifeLore did: -downloads a world map -uses an editor tool to randomly erase parts of the world *time to make another theory*
SatxrnEXE (6 days ago)
But wouldn't this kinda be a good thing? I mean if we transported these cities more inland, and we would have twice as much land as we did before because Antarctica would habitablr enough to be a tropical paradise
mr. choking on a ball (6 days ago)
sooo arizona is safe?
Breckin Uwins (6 days ago)
It's Donald Trump's fault
Mrpougamer Thomas (6 days ago)
Hurricane Callum like this so did I RealLifeLore
Michael Rains (6 days ago)
What if your wrong and it doesn't melt ? How is it known that the current temperature isn't the optimal temperature for all of the earth ?
Fawaz. (6 days ago)
I dont care, i would be dead at 2100
The Red Baron (6 days ago)
Devon looks fine 👌
Firework Tiger (7 days ago)
*if all ac in Florida broke*
Lamelosers Brown (7 days ago)
Thats why green bay is a good place to live

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