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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (24905)
Çağrı Aydoğmuş (41 minutes ago)
Fishes is gonna be happy about this
Frigidus (5 hours ago)
If Bucharest will sink... I am going to search for a swimming teacher!
Andrew Ocean (5 hours ago)
Killer553 (6 hours ago)
Well i guess russia would have a Siberian sea or a great lake if all the ice in Siberia would have melted
FaZe GeAr (11 hours ago)
Good bye Philadelphia
Nancy Phillips (12 hours ago)
Hey guys guess what in North Dakota it was the coldest since sometime during the 1860s
Youtuber Trump (16 hours ago)
Have to build a wall to keep southern red necks from invading after the flooding. Build that wall!! Build that wall!! Build that wall!!!!
your nightmare (16 hours ago)
alright and all, but did you draw in the new water with MS paint?
slibertas1996 (18 hours ago)
It is cyclical. Yes human activity has a role in it but the overall cycles are still natural
Preston Strom (18 hours ago)
It's agracutle the main cause of global warming raising live stock is guilty of 51% of rising sea level real life lore please pin this you all have been lied to. To get more details watch the documentary. What The Health.
Hugo’s Dank Memes (20 hours ago)
TroxWave (23 hours ago)
i live in Florida and i was born in Texas rips where i live and rip my birthplace
Celson Quidato (1 day ago)
Yus phillipines is gonna live
Elliot Nelson (1 day ago)
It would be good for Qatar to disappear. That country causes so much trouble
Pwoot Mc scoot (1 day ago)
I’m moving to Switserland (i live in the Netherlands)
JTLYK IXOYE (1 day ago)
Research flat/stationary earth- you will find we live in a closed environment with a complete continent of ice around the perimeter with a dome- the Trueman show has truth to it.. The is no man made global warming- non of the lending institutions would even loan money for a mortgage with a chance that the oceans would rise and flood the property. All the globalists has created this lie to control mankind. NASA has never been to the moon, it is impossible. Again research flat earth. It doesn't spin, twirl, revolve, it is did all the stars would always be different, start thinking for yourself and trust your senses, it is flat and stationary!!!
Airwipe (1 day ago)
Rip Vancouver
who cares (1 day ago)
You're 98% of all weather scientists agree bulshit in the beginning of this was written by a '' climate scientists'' that has been busted fudging the numbers in Australia twice if the numbers are fudged the math is bogus everyone that believes these retards are morons. The weather has been changing since the beginning of time it's called weather. First they failed by calling it global warming and when they figured out it's not warming they called it weather change and morons still believe everything they say.
DwightMS1 (1 day ago)
I didn't enjoy what I just watched, but I appreciated it.
Daniël Wolthuis (1 day ago)
The Netherlands isn’t going to be full underwater because the highest point in The Netherlands is more than 300 meters high
Roman Empire (1 day ago)
global warming doesn't exist it is a fraud
Elver Vargas (2 days ago)
Thank God Florida will be gone.
Colourpop (2 days ago)
Welp. I'll be dead then. CAUSE IRELAND IS FLOODED.
HackerManiac (2 days ago)
Guys this gonna happen in 10,000 years we don't need to be worried (while I live in the Netherlands)
Gion Uein (2 days ago)
Obliterating a few shithole countries like Bangladesh, India and North Africa would totally help
Fortnite - AyaanUSA (2 days ago)
so Australia will live yeyssssss
Typical Foxie (2 days ago)
I sadly would leave the Wi-Fi and go back to the past
Typical Foxie (2 days ago)
I blame myself
Phillip (2 days ago)
This is for future people to worry about. Lol
Taylor Korsmo (2 days ago)
HetBlauweKanaal (2 days ago)
We Dutch people already live underwater
Lerat Family (2 days ago)
Grenfell a city in canada is helping lots of windmills LLLLLOOOOOTTTTTTSSSSSSSSS of them
Sergey Faynitskiy (2 days ago)
I don't see any reason to care about global warming. Human life is too short to waste it for some theoretical climate change in far future. It is pointless, maybe some meteor will collide with the Eart and kill everyone in next 100 years and you people care about climate and ocean levels in 5000 years. By this time we may kill each other with nukes or some new even more deadly weapons. Stop pretending that you are something else. You are humans and humas are parasites and act like every other viruses. That is our nature, and it is not a bad thing. We all must stop fight with each other and unite. Then we must work together on space program and colonization of other planets to destroy them as well in the future. That is only way for humanity to survive, we are the virus and we must expand to other worlds to exist. It is just stupid to care about Earth - it will be destroyed by the Sun anyways, if Earth can make it that long. Most likely the Earth will be sterile long before the Sun expanding.
TheRight Is Right (2 days ago)
This is the real reason landlocked countries need navies
SugartheCookie #PPMS (2 days ago)
I'm glad I live in Illinois
GhostBoyGaming (2 days ago)
Oh jeez i live in the UK, England good thing i’m going to USA, Ohio in the future
KeystoneAgent (2 days ago)
No Holland, Florida, or Bangladesh? How is *that* a nightmare? Kidding, kidding. But seriously go away Florida.
Conn O'Driscoll (3 days ago)
But wait if the earth is warming wouldn't it just evaporate the water
richardofnashville (3 days ago)
Prevent this, hell speed it up.
David (3 days ago)
Hawaii and Bahamas?
damn rip us florida niggas
manasty ho (3 days ago)
it's gonna happen, regardless if humans are still even here
James Smith (3 days ago)
ALL of New York City will be wiped out, you say? I suddenly support global warming. Go Trump!
Armani Nguon (3 days ago)
Remember rising water creates less food (less space for land animals), creates more crowd control (less land), it can also trigger laws, and economic climate.
Mark Dacayana (3 days ago)
I'd feel sad for the ice rip ice...
Caiã Wlodarski (3 days ago)
Ben Shapiro and his fans disliked the video.
Aeizure (3 days ago)
We might lose a continet called antarctica so we might have 6 continents left
Woflo Animations (3 days ago)
Kiribati will not be underwater completeley The highest point is 80 meters High
Mr.Burns-On_Acid (3 days ago)
Good thing we have Nukes
Deckard Cain (3 days ago)
Only a strict agrarian communist dictatorship can save us.
Sue Rarick (3 days ago)
You can only delay the inevitable. We are still on the downside of the ending of the last Ice Age no matter what we do it will keep getting warmer .... Until a new ice age begins.
NintendoLover2005 (4 days ago)
Because you mentioned Pyongyang being underwater, you’ll make Trump cause more global warming so Kim John Un drowns.
Edoardo Chiapponi (4 days ago)
RIP Pianura Padana
Lighttail (4 days ago)
noooo delaware we need to fix this
tog hoath (4 days ago)
13.08.2018. I disagree with some of the assumptions in this video. Some of it is geographically illiterate. 1. Let me start with the map of Britain. Working on the author's estimate of 224ft sea level rise, England and Wales would be completely separated. The coll between the Severn and Mersey catchments is located in an area of confused drainage just to the North of Great Bolas at approximately 210ft. Even on my own estimate of approximately 170ft of sea level rise, the land bridge would be less than 20 miles North- South. 2. Whilst the entirety of the City of London would be flooded, that is a very small area. If we take the area contained within the M25 (orbital motorway), more than two thirds of it is above 224ft. Close to the centre of London is an open space known as Hampstead Heath, most of which is higher than 224ft and also the densely populated Highgate Hill Area, both within a few miles of the Thames. London is a disgusting place, I know, I had the misfortune to work there for a number of years, I didn't sink so low as to live IN the place, working there was bad enough. Flooding the disgusting, polluted, vile, dump would be a good idea. 3. The Scottish Mainland would be divided into 3 parts. The Great Glen between Inverness and Fort William will flood. Also the middle section would be divided from the South along the line of the Forth-Clyde Canal which clings to the southern side of the Kelvin Valley for much of its length at only around 160ft above sea level - a wonderful opportunity for bridge builders. 4. All of the Netherlands would NOT be under water. There are areas around Maastricht that are higher than 224 ft. Admittedly most of Maastricht itself would be under water. 5. Not ALL of Bangladesh is below 224ft. It will not matter because the majority of Bangladesh is less than 50 ft above sea level and, by that time, the majority of the approximately 200 million largely Mohammedan population will have assumed the right to invade India. If the Jews in Palestine do not cause World War 3 beforehand, then the Bangladesh situation will ..............unless the Americans want to offer a home for 200 million Mohammedans.......OH dear......and with only a 50ft rise, Florida will have already gone. Look at the condemnation of the Burmese by the Jew controlled World media for turfing nearly a million of the invaders back across the border. The Bangladeshis continue to breed and, with increasing life expectancy, it is estimated that the births in Bangladeshi will exceed deaths by more than 2 million per year for the foreseeable future. 6. The video mentions Africa and concentrates on Cairo and Alexandria. A sea level rise of only 170 ft would flood nearly all of the Nile Valley nearly back to Aswan flooding nearly all of Egypt's cultivable land. The Egyptian establishment have always claimed Sudan as its own going back into antiquity - another flash point. The video ignores nearly 100 million Nigerians who would be flooded out of their homes by a 224 ft sea level rise. Nigeria's population, despite approximately 300 young girls dying per DAY from the consequences of genital butchery, is currently increasing at the rate of about 4 million per year, half of them in the vulnerable areas. 7. The video assumes that the Mediterranean Countries would not try to defend themselves. This could be done very easily........Block the very narrow Straight of Gibraltar and build a barrage about 30 miles long East- West including the bits on the land either side across the Bab-el-Mandab (southern end of the Red Sea) The whole of the catchment including the catchment of the Caspian and Aral Seas have a net evaporation. Although it moves in different directions at different depths, there is a slight net inflow at the Straight of Gibraltar. If the Mediterranean countries get together and forcast a noticeable increase in sea level - a few feet in a few years - the affected countries WILL combine to do this and then my estimate of 170ft rise and the author's suggestion of 224ft rise goes out of the window. Both of us have assumed the Straight of Gibraltar and the Bab-el-Mandab remaining open. Just look at what the Dutch have done to protect a tiny fraction compared to the several million square miles of land and sea that will be protected by barriers at Gibraltar and Bab-el-Mandab. If you think I am exaggerating the area, the combined area of the Black, Red, and Mediterranean Seas exceeds 1,300,000 square miles. Mine and the author's 170ft and 224ft assume rises of sea level across those seas and up to 2 million square miles of land. The Caspian currently sits with a surface at about 92 ft below Ocean Level (Actual level at any one time depends upon variation of flow of the Volga River.) On just the current area of the Caspian Sea, its approximately 142,000 square miles would absorb 7,000 cubic miles of sea on my estimate 170+92 ft and 8,500 cubic miles on the author's estimate of 224+92. We have to add, that by the time the Caspian would have risen to ocean level, it will have increased in area to more than 250,000 square miles. The reason that my estimate of sea level rise is lower that the author's is that the author has not taken full account of all the depressions across the world that are currently dry and below sea level. Just one example is the Danakil in Africa (a burning Hell Hole of nearly 4,000 square miles with sulphurous volcanoes and a bed 400 ft below ocean level. It presents a wonderful opportunity for hydroelectricity if a canal is dug with most of the water falling through the turbines evaporating in the burning heat. (I am not suggesting anyone actually LIVE down there although a number of the murderous looking locals make a living bringing great blocks of salt up on their backs) Even if the Mediterranean nations don't combine with the Russians on a Gibraltar/Bab-el-Mandab, scheme, the Russians will join with Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova to block the 4 - 5 mile wide Dardanelles. The Turks won't want large areas of Istanbul flooded.....especially after spending a fortune on an under-Bosporus tunnel. Such a scheme would save nearly half of European Russia. The blocking of the Bosporus would add maybe 10 ft to our 170/224ft estimates. A Gibraltar/Bab-el-Mandab scheme would add somewhere in the region of 20-30 feet to ocean level. In order to save America from that extra 10, 20, or 30 feet, what would Trump do ?.......threaten a military occupation of Spain and Morocco ? or would he wait until a barrage was nearly complete, and then, in order to give Florida a few more years, would he order a nuclear bomb....a big one .........to be dropped to open up the Mediterranean again. Whilst Britain may be prepared to sit on the sidelines, there are 26 other countries still in the common market who will come to Spain' s aid.......AND THE RUSSIANS !.... if an American invasion is threatened. Spain will not want its holiday beaches or its hundreds of square miles of polytunnels being flooded so will be at the forefront of a Gibraltar scheme. The Persian Gulf States will bury their differences and block the Strait of Hormuz....THAT will keep the Americans out ! What about shipping ?...... You well may ask.......Just take a look at the new locks on the Panama Canal !!! They haven't got to do it all at once. Once they are above sea level, they will reinforce and raise as the differential increases. With many of those Jew settlements on the West Bank, Tel Aviv and the Beach at Netanya threatened, Trump will find the Jews in Palestine will look after their own interests. Trump should realise, Bibi regards him as a beast walking on two legs, a sheep waiting to be shawn. "According to our law, a Gentile's property does not belong to him and the first Jew that passeth hath full right to seize it". You Americans....remember the Jew Bernie Madoff ! He didn't do what he did because he was a criminal but because he was a Jew in the same way that Jan Hoch, alias Ivan du Maurier, alias Robert Maxwell stole the pension of my Dad and the pensions of 12,000 others and Philip Green stole the pensions of about 21,000 a few years ago. It is what Jews do.Trump got a hero's welcome from the Jews in Palestine. They'll turn against him when it suit them and the New York Jews will stab him in the back. Never mind a 224ft or even a 170ft rise in sea level..........just consider the millions and millions and millions of huge RATS that are going to emerge from the sewers in every coastal town with only a 15 foot rise !!!.......and then millions and millions more.......and they bite !!! The 5,000 year thing is a bit optimistic. If things go on as they are with the land glaciers now tumbling into the sea at increasing rates, forget 8 feet by 2100. The icebergs don't need to melt to displace sea water. Up till now most of the glaciers have been blocked by sea ice. That is disappearing. We may get a respite with the vast amounts of freshwater flowing out over the top of the salt water, freezing more easily, and reflecting the sun back into space......but that won't last for ever. A 15 feet rise by 2050...... just 32 years away will be devastating...........so who is up for taking 200 million Bangladeshis ?........201 million ..........202 million............203 million.................If life is to be bearable in the future and there is still to be a place for the other creatures who inhabit this planet with us, a Chinese style birth control campaign is essential. Giraffes do not drive cars, they have no interest in nuclear power stations and I cannot think that more than a handful of them will ever take it into their heads to wish to fly across the Atlantic.
poediepi (4 days ago)
3:10 Fuck me
Shineiking (4 days ago)
I don't want my country, Maldives to die out, we have culture you know!
Incinderex Gaming (4 days ago)
All It takes is a fusion reactor... (That can make more energy than put in because they already exist but don’t break even.)
Pidgeon Goddess (4 days ago)
please nobody take this seriously, but i had the most retarded idea to stop global warming "drink the FUCKING WATER"
Would Mississippi be flooded?? ;(
ArcadianWheat 74 (4 days ago)
My state would be untouched
Mc Cine (4 days ago)
Fuck the scaremongers,
JimTheCactus (4 days ago)
*lives in Florida* Well shit...
Ziomek z miasta (4 days ago)
It's leftie propaganda. Build wind power plants (fuck fact that it's most expensive energy), kill most of human population, destroy factories. Of course for profits of "green ecological" buisness corporation and globalization.
Gijs Maters (4 days ago)
RIP The Netherlands😢😢😢😫
Vas Gr (5 days ago)
greece untouched!
Benjo Benjo (5 days ago)
And Paris still alive 😍
Benjo Benjo (2 days ago)
Gion Uein What a stupid comment ! Congratulations you are the best 🤗
Gion Uein (2 days ago)
Benjo Benjo probably even more smelly
tracey Stephens (5 days ago)
Funny and Sad Red states get hammered the hardest , The confederate states all under sea LMAO . What's pathetic even under sea they still wont believe in climate change
Purge Rambo (5 days ago)
I live in Florida I'm kinda scared now
xQueenBria Playz (5 days ago)
this is why i live under a rock
#Ethan5 #Ethan5 (5 days ago)
Will New Zealand 🇳🇿 be submerged in water
Frankie Ianitti (5 days ago)
Warming is a natural cycle of the planet. I’m sure people contribute but it will happen no matter what we do. To think we are more powerful than nature is the most arrogant thing I’ve ever heard
Rachelle Rozet (5 days ago)
Im in Seattle/Bellevue and I might move to Portland. What the heck.
Why did people dislike this?😕
8 lives (5 days ago)
Yayyyyyyy does that mean Muslims will stay away from Canada ?
Pushpinder Kailay (5 days ago)
Nothing happening to Canada...cool
Shawn Wilkerson (5 days ago)
So, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and the whole state of Michigan wouldn't be affected?
ItsJess (5 days ago)
RIP Europe
xXPunksterXx (5 days ago)
Wait... we only have to count the top of all the ice bc the parts that are already in the water are already part of the water but solid... It'd still be a lot tho
I live in Florida 😐
Mick9 (5 days ago)
The warming from 1850 to 1940s was greater in magnitude. The earth has had no ice caps for 95 % of its history. We are still coming out of an ice age. To the earth 12000 years is like a millisecond to us. We have warmed a bit since the great cooling scare of the 60s and 70s. Well within the earth's climatic fluctuations. Not alarming just natural cycles. Could , would , might. Possibly. Fucking bullshit fake news
Guy Paynter (5 days ago)
I hate the narrators voice
BolinFoto (5 days ago)
Still waiting for my inland property becomes seafront property. If this dosen't happen in my lifetime, I'll sue. I'll sue the world!
Hungry Guy (5 days ago)
I'm skeptical of climate change (I don't deny it, but I am skeptical), but if I had the power to, I'd subsidize electric vehicles (including passenger cars, trucks, ships, and planes) and then invest heavily in Thorium fission reactors to replace Uranium fission reactors and other fossil fuel generating stations until we crack fusion. Having fusion will pretty much solve all our energy problems assuming countries like India and China dismantle their coal and gas plants. Oh, and I'd also build a geothermal power plant on the Yellowstone Supervolcano to help prevent two disasters at once...
Riloo (5 days ago)
4:53 ur telling me albania uses more than 70 percent on renewable energy!
Japanesewarrior 12 (5 days ago)
i live in florida =(
Ian Treloar (6 days ago)
Brainwashed rejoice! Believe what you are told. They would never lie to you.
Andres Cubillos (6 days ago)
Noooooo Miami 😢
Marx-Chan (6 days ago)
Norway and Sweden is like fuck you Denmark
Guillaume 0720 (6 days ago)
Global warming is a hoax
Lucas Maciel Fonseca (6 days ago)
OK WORLD! So now please stop to devaste Amazon rain florest and please help us to keep it safe.
meltdown1232000 (6 days ago)
What can we do?  NOTHING!  It's happened before...it'll happen again.
elena olivares (6 days ago)
cars and trucks waste 80% of the fuel and there is no attempt to convert the gasoline engine to vapor fuel rather motorists are forced to purchase electric hybrids and fuel cell autos at great cost which results in high personal property tax. There is a magnetic motor that uses on fuel but that also will be shelved by the oil companies.
Lord of the Trash (6 days ago)
Global warming is good and lets end the world
Paola Viera (6 days ago)
Why you say this I live in florida I’m tearing up
Kyle Gutierrez (6 days ago)
Did you also forget were 500 years overdue for an ice age, global warming won't be a problem if suddenly the Earth just freezes or the magnetic pole shift and all Life as We Know It will be dead in a matter of decades. Being frank we're supposed to be dead ,there is like 30 Earth ending scenarios that are long overdue for their occurrences
I recommend that we invest in nuclear energy to fight global warming 👍
Ken Harris (6 days ago)
The only think science wants to do is bitch about it. okay global warming. We get it. fix it then.
Cosier (6 days ago)
But its cold outside

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