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Enya - Flora's Secret (check description for an updated version)

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(Check my channel for an updated version or use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Jf3Eq6JCY) I didn't find a real music video to this song, so I made one myself :) Clips from: Only Time, Wild Child, Amarantine, Now we are Free (Gladiator) And I used some pics of sun and sky :) It was really fun making it, trying video to match the music and lyrics :)
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Text Comments (323)
Nsubuga Derrick (3 days ago)
It makes me think alot of things..so nice
Jorge Sanchez (1 month ago)
La mejor canción de enya.se merecía un vídeo clip.
novi syofyan (1 month ago)
My favorite song, ever!
Armstrong Fernando (2 months ago)
anyone in 2018 November?
nelson lariccia (2 months ago)
Ciao salute You 😇👏 fine music Great SOUNDS take care HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE 😊💕 out there
juliemongi (2 months ago)
2018 still watching
okoro sixtus emedaobi (2 months ago)
My favourite from enya
Victoria Randell (3 months ago)
Vicki And Her Fiancee Roger Are Blond Mary And Her Fiancee Jake Are Brown Shyanne And Her Fiancee Wilfred Are Black
Victoria Randell (3 months ago)
Victoria Is Brown And Liam Is Blond
Patrick M (4 months ago)
Imagine Enya with Above and Beyond
女テニ大好き (9 months ago)
anne capel (9 months ago)
Notre destin à tous : devenir des anges chacun avec ses qualités
Bangha Gabriel Wa-ah (9 months ago)
Enya flora is quiet good but needs to do more tracks
anne capel (10 months ago)
Enchantement, ravissement, joie, puissance : voilà ce que m'inspire la voix céleste d'Enya, merci. Le bien existe. Il faut le chercher
Theresa Griffiths (11 months ago)
Hi there aunty enya it's Theresa here how are you doing
Caphelia Edward (1 year ago)
Enya..you are my angel
Valden Alves (1 year ago)
lindo demais!
Indian Einstein (1 year ago)
wow ! what a pleasingly rhythmic and deep song !! LOTS OF LOVE TO MY MYSTERIOUS ANGEL.. E N Y A
DaAlski78520 (1 year ago)
is this lesbian music?
Joe Soliz (1 year ago)
omg! I thought the same! Enya is a beautiful person
Adrienne Metou (1 year ago)
ahaaaa enya! i love good your song...
J Handler (2 years ago)
This is among my top favorites of hers. Absolutely ethereal but at the same time earthy song.
Computer Engineer (2 years ago)
my favorite song from enya.
Computer Engineer (2 years ago)
my favorite song from enya.
Petr Vila (2 years ago)
Mary Namakula (2 years ago)
my favorite song from enya....👍
sebastian Avendaño (2 years ago)
Esta pieza es una de mis favoritas...sus sonidos me hacen imaginar el paraiso
Monique Thore (3 years ago)
j'adore cette musique.  Je l'ai mise sur un ppsx "pêle-mêle".  Visible sur Google : Saint Julien de églantiers , mes racines campagnardes, ove-blog.
KOSTAS PISIOTAS (1 year ago)
trotro in franca is
Ron C (3 years ago)
Let's see some thumbs up on this people...Welllllll!
marco brenni (3 years ago)
This is one of her best composition : magical, perfect! A brillant video too !
brito nito (3 years ago)
lo siento como un hermoso vals....
Arikm7 (3 years ago)
Watched this again for the fourth time.. wow. the colors, the layering of Enya's various videos and how you made each clip of her singing match the words of "Flora Secret".. this is remarkable. Amazing work. Have you ever asked them if this could be the "official" video of "Flora's Secret"? Can you tell I enjoyed your work? :)
Jose Blanco (3 years ago)
Wonderful song! :)
Tegal Alur (3 years ago)
My favorite song from enya
rafael trejo (3 years ago)
the queen of this genre of music!
Arikm7 (3 years ago)
Wow.. even though this is a montage of various Enya videos, if one never knew her other videos, they'd think this is the official video for "Flora's Secret".. Great Job!!! :)
elruxpino (1 year ago)
I thought it was!
Ron C (3 years ago)
It IS a great job, I was thinking the exact same thing.
Sebastian ///M (3 years ago)
Kasarix (3 years ago)
Mi si rizzano tutti i peli del corpo. Conosco una persona che, se cantasse questa canzone in mia presenza, beh... Can del bove... Come dire? ... Più o meno assumerei un'aspetto simile a quello di un super sayan... Se, per giunta, avessi l'onore di essere compreso nella fila dei violoncelli in un siffatto contesto... Beh... Non mi dilungo oltre...
prenom nom (4 years ago)
what a beautiful song!
Luis Montes (4 years ago)
My mother
curiousgeorge1940 (4 years ago)
Beautiful music - beautiful lady !  Thank you Manuela.
Greti Petricescu (4 years ago)
relaxare totala 
Oliver David (4 years ago)
flora is enya..
Oliver David (4 years ago)
i think enya is a one of seraphim in heaven.. she is unusual with those artist out there.. she is incredible.. no one is like her and her music.
okoro sixtus emedaobi (2 months ago)
Oliver David me too
Herman Eteme (4 years ago)
i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!
fernando campos (4 years ago)
oh amazing & beautiful song
Melissa (5 years ago)
It must have really hurt when she fell from heaven. Lol so cheesy but you guys get what I mean. Lol. Moment officially ruined haha.
Sergey Aksenov (5 years ago)
Превосходно!!! Огромное благодарю за визуальную работу, БРАВО!!!!! Моя возлюбленная песня Энии!
benpelerin (5 years ago)
A Dieu revien toute les louanges bonne et beni amine
childflower1 (5 years ago)
my favorite enya to date. love this song.
HELL IsREALJesusSaves (5 years ago)
Snakebite308 (5 years ago)
AAHHHHH......Nothing like a little "Boink" in the bushes now and then ;))
Fahk Off (5 years ago)
My name is Flora! An acquaintance told me to listen to this.. Not my style... my first instinct was to bash it, but I'm not going to. I appreciate the talent, just not my cup of tea :)
Margarita Oysolova (5 years ago)
Very nice video you made for this amazing song. Good Work!
sam blue (5 years ago)
she was once an angel that lost her wings and fell to earth
Alicia13202 (5 years ago)
Such an awesome song .. Think its the best one she's ever done ..
Brandon Salle (5 years ago)
love is in the long brush
Brandon Salle (5 years ago)
long grasses long brush
Milica Dajovic (5 years ago)
I'm sorry, isn't Flora a Roman goddess - just as its name supposes??? Or have the Celts adopted her cult from Romans? I don't think I would like a third person to be there in such moments ;))))
she's incomparable
Ale-Chan Higurashi (5 years ago)
Me encanta y me relaja ^.^
Gustavo Oliverio (5 years ago)
Precious voice Enya and precious Irish Eyes of yours!
scott grefe (5 years ago)
Has to be one of her al time best. I can really understand all the words. They are wonderful lyrics.
Katie Johanidesová (5 years ago)
very nice song
Rodrigo S Oliveira (5 years ago)
O vídeo perfeito para uma música perfeita.
rp31688 (5 years ago)
Really a nice song. Thanks John
hazmaar1634 (5 years ago)
¡¡¡¡Truly Love This Song!!! Love Enya!!! Thank You!!
Mighty Mick (5 years ago)
Jeh really good video:) thank you for that
hazmaar1634 (5 years ago)
Terry 1969 (5 years ago)
my congrats, great video you've done here! Had to play this on youtube, since my day without rain cd just decided to mess up, it's knackered. Better get a new one! Again, nice video
ladytess23 (6 years ago)
Nice song. Fantastic job on the video!
Eva H (6 years ago)
look up bad lip reading then
Dino Goncalves (6 years ago)
Glorious song, as expected from such an epic singer as Enya. But the video mix is a beautiful work of art, one only achievable by a true Enya connoisseur. Bravo, manuela 1986! That's my year of birth! :)
somber martin (6 years ago)
oh yeah!! and my god is jesus!! if u didn't know!! enya has a great spirit!! god bless her!!
somber martin (6 years ago)
her music always lift my spirit!! and i pray to god!! enya's a blessing to me!! god bless her!!
Adrian Colceriu (6 years ago)
o melodie super!!!!!,inaltatoare, te ridica din mormant
Mark Richards (6 years ago)
Manuela1986, magic. Love the song, love the video. Hope you've experienced what this song is about, loung love, pure and innocent. Brings back memories, some pretty recent...
JisesCA (6 years ago)
amazing work
Mark Lisin (6 years ago)
High as fuck!
Mark Lisin (6 years ago)
True stoner music!
Sorayas Mission (6 years ago)
Beautiful... I always love all her songs, very spiritual.
Eztli2012 (6 years ago)
Awesome. Enya is the best!
Enyaonly1961 (6 years ago)
Wonderful video !!!!!
Betty Howell (6 years ago)
Very very very very very well done! Appreciated every moment of the video and of course the song. I love how you caught the phrases and words like "Amarantine" at the end.
Galaxis (6 years ago)
ha ha I love it that you made your own video for this. Great job, especially with the violins. Now I have something really good to send people to look at for this song.
spiritdovedurand (6 years ago)
Awesome music and beautiful video you are a true visionary, a most awesome visual artist.....
fittingly (6 years ago)
Awesome, manuela. Well done.
luisa Cabello (6 years ago)
This is a very special artist, very original, almost like a fairy. l loved her music since the first time l hear "Orinnoco Flow".
Iris de Boo (6 years ago)
Wild child
g7e7e7 (6 years ago)
which clip is at 1:46 ?
Tim Welky (6 years ago)
LaCamaraHungara (6 years ago)
god, the lyrircs!!! superb. quite a message there
HELL IsREALJesusSaves (6 years ago)
enyas birthday was yesterday :)
Matthew Monroe (6 years ago)
you did an awesome job of putting this together!
eunjae808 (6 years ago)
sooo good
Aztek8993 (6 years ago)
Yes, it was in mine in 2006 :)
Enya...My God...She's a blessing to us..!!!
Yvone Pessoa (6 years ago)
Snakebite308 (6 years ago)
I think this is one of her best cuts! I love the sound of her voice.
Carolarny1 (6 years ago)
Oh my gosh Enya is just so cool !!!

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