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MLP: Fighting is Magic - Rarity's Theme (Super-Extended Version)

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The super extended version of Rarity's theme composed by DJ Derpy Hooves (A.K.A WhitetailMusic) for the game "Fighting is Magic" developed by ManeSixDev. Enjoy! Click HERE to download the ORIGINAL audio file! http://www.mediafire.com/?7egbvm3w776wuu6 Download the game HERE! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/fighting-is-magic-tribute-edition.html
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Text Comments (1069)
Papy Roger (1 month ago)
😍 😍 😍 😍
WolfieRBLX GachaTuber (2 months ago)
Why is everyone telling me to click on the yellow gem in pinkie pie video they told me to click the cupcake I'm so scared
Ethan Vo (3 months ago)
When someone hates on a Brony, they need to realize how talented and awesome the majority are.
Omar 360 Mugen forever (3 months ago)
First attack
Kagura Cherry Witch (4 months ago)
Waaaoooo gooood👍👍
Liane Animatromo (9 months ago)
I may be late to the party but one needs to be done for Celestial and Luna. OH and Discord
Galaxdia Sinsira (9 months ago)
This theme fits rarity so much! And I love it too!!!!! Holy cow I can listen this for hours!
Emilia Brando Joestar (11 months ago)
Zalgojack theme it's this remixed, I feel so silly for not realizing that before . _.
Flora Flex (1 year ago)
by far my favourite theme here, this piano, and these synthesizers, also this beat... GODLIKE
KittyDash TM (1 year ago)
GreyedInterests (1 year ago)
This is the best theme.
Gerald Kern (1 year ago)
used to blast this music whenever i played Monster Hunter 4. I became a legend!
As beautiful and elegant as Rarity herself.<3 The nostalgia's too real even though this was only 4 years ago...
Yurrupt (2 years ago)
why tf did hasbro have to copyright strike this game, now its being made with oc characters? lol
DESTINY SWITA (2 years ago)
Well, actually Hasbro let it go under the radar for a long time before the game made a ton of ruckuss and it hasbro couldn't claim to not have noticed it anymore. As such they striked it.
Alice Destiny (2 years ago)
Absolutely fabulous darling!
kevin francis (2 years ago)
am i the only one that thinks of death by glamour when i hear this? just me? ok ill leave then
DatShinyZoroark (2 years ago)
+kevin francis Nope
TheNoobofHearts (2 years ago)
Death by glamour horse!
mikki hyperfresh (1 month ago)
+DestineBot Productions Mettaton same
George Mcelhinney (2 years ago)
+Airborne Mettaton omg your right!!
I would love to hear a mash-up of "Death by Glamour" and this song
GreyedInterests (2 years ago)
Click on the yellow gem for Diamond Tiara's theme XD
JadalovelyTV (2 years ago)
this sounds like it could be from kingdom of hearts
Serymon (2 years ago)
this song reminds me of zalgojack's theme song
DarknessXxMaster (2 years ago)
+Kelly Noland It's the same. Zalgojack's theme is this theme but in a War remix
eduardo silva (2 years ago)
Guys click on the yellow gem You guys will have a surprise ;D
Snowleopard (2 years ago)
this shit sound like PSU
Snowleopard (2 years ago)
+Amaterakami same :(
Akira (2 years ago)
FUCK! PSU! That was the shit! I used to play that ALL the time on Xbox 360! I was there when they shut the servers down. Most emotional moment of my life.
Kenneth Arciniega (3 years ago)
These songs actually all capture a theme the characters very easily fit into. Pretty good, two thumbs up.
Snowynxx (3 years ago)
I love this music very much
Romina Lim (3 years ago)
UndertakerU2ber (3 years ago)
This sounds like a workout song I'd hear at the gym...
Hazed Melendez (3 years ago)
This is the calm yet edgey song and balanced prefectly
Justin van hek (2 years ago)
+Hazed Melendez tanks? TAAAAAAANK! * referenced to the left 4 dead 2 tank music mod that replaces the tank music with this *
M Pie (3 years ago)
You're Wheelcome.
Hazed Melendez (3 years ago)
Tanks dude
M Pie (3 years ago)
+Hazed Melendez "Chillstep" is very calm, yet exciting. Personally, I don't think "edgy" is a good way to describe it though. (unless if you mean "climactic")
Flutter shy (3 years ago)
I love this type of music
Livi Clarke (3 years ago)
Hannah White (3 years ago)
This soo epic
Livi Clarke (3 years ago)
Show is ment 4 girls, YET BOYS LUV IT MORE! :O
Livi Clarke (3 years ago)
Trapcard in yellow gem
Lord Slicer (3 years ago)
Zalgojack remix is better but this is still great
xSilvaWind (3 years ago)
My fav soundtrack of the game :)
p6mkq (3 years ago)
She looks as if she had a scarf or a shirt,just saying.
kurb kurb (3 years ago)
Volant Cord22 (3 years ago)
I know what the fire ruby is from but where da hell did she get those other big gems
Allen Corona (3 years ago)
Didn't notice this theme sounds a lot like Zalgo's theme until now.
Sikanto (3 years ago)
Everytime I come back here my just sinks man. I used to play on a server for FiM called "The Trot Spot" and this was the level most played. I might never see it again.
Ice Blizzard (3 years ago)
Rarity is awesome!
Ice Blizzard (3 years ago)
+Nurul Aini She's also my favorite pony. <3
Snowynxx (3 years ago)
+ice blizzard absolutely yes
Derpy Hooves (3 years ago)
Click on the yellow gem for free nightmares
darkman nega (2 years ago)
+Derpy “catcreeperfoo” Hooves hey derpy how's my favorite pony here (hands you a muffin)
ZeroNitroMan (3 years ago)
Diego Hedgehog (3 years ago)
Livi Clarke (3 years ago)
+Derpy HoovesDerpy! OMG OMG LOVE YOU!
Logan Harris (3 years ago)
Orange gem isnt just a 10 hour version, its a greeting from the owner, and a prize of a 10$ bill on your steam account!
Vinyl Scratch (4 years ago)
Cracotte06 (4 years ago)
... Wow, the MLP fandom is gorgeous. Glad I discovered this universe.
Edgar Ruiz (4 years ago)
Fabulous. Simply divine.
CoatedHades 436 (4 years ago)
It should be noted that Zalgojack's theme is a creepier version of this theme
Icekitten l (4 years ago)
you can click on the yellow gem for a 10-hour version
Red Fork 2000 (10 months ago)
It's just a video about what would be "Diamond Tiara's Theme", although it sounds weird. The image is Diamon Tiara with a Squidward face. Don't be afraid to try it, it's not as scary as everyone says.
ローズαмєѕ (2 years ago)
+Jordan Wilson wat diamond tiara video? can you plz tell me im to scarded to click on the yellow diamond
Jordan Wilson (4 years ago)
+Vince Zhao When I said trap card I meant the link to that Diamond Tiara video...
Vince Zhao (4 years ago)
+Jordan Wilson ...pfft no.
Jordan Wilson (4 years ago)
+Vince Zhao Oh let me guess, the yellow gem has a trap card?
AzureHaiku (4 years ago)
Zargo jack has a remix of this theme, just read
Sikanto (4 years ago)
R.I.P Game
ccg 2301 (4 years ago)
It still lives... read the description... also stay tuned for the updates new characters will be available. :D
Skittles 1021 (4 years ago)
I....don't like it.....I LOVE IT!
Imagination Creation (4 years ago)
I just realized that this is the super-extended version, 10 minutes into the music.
Nastya Kostina (4 years ago)
Good music!
Nastya Kostina (4 years ago)
Good music!
Phantom Eclipse (4 years ago)
zomg bwonies suk s0 bayd u hav now talant or stuf - Then you show them what fans can do...
layra heartstings (4 years ago)
oh i love my theme!
Mann Co. Employee (4 years ago)
im a brony and i like rarity
Nastya Kostina (4 years ago)
You Russian?
Lacucarachadefuego (4 years ago)
It's a damn shame is what it is, but at least they're still working on the game in some form. NEVER FORGET WHERE YOU CAME FROM MANE6! 
John Doe (4 years ago)
This sounds like a freaking final boss theme. I love it.
AzureHaiku (4 years ago)
IT IS! Zargo jack, the final boss is a remix of this song as his theme
crashandcortex (4 years ago)
I'm genuinely in awe at how much quality was put into this game and the music in it. Every theme I've heard so far is beautiful, and the gameplay is surprisingly clever and self-aware for a game starring ponies. If Hasbro weren't such corporate jackoffs, we'd have a game to remember right here.  Until that day comes, I'll just have to listen to what could've been.
Orchid Blossom (2 years ago)
+crashandcortex We'll just install a mod on the current one. They can't get past that xD
Nicholas Wong (3 years ago)
are you saying Hasbro took down Fighting is Magic?! (well, Button Mash's adventures were gone for a while, so this wouldn't be much lower for them)
minmay (3 years ago)
There is a tribute version that is pretty good, I'm not sure if it's still up though...
Michael LaPina (4 years ago)
put rarity's theme and fluttershys, then it creates quite a beautiful rhythm (in my opinion)
Every time I hear this song, I hear Rarity saying "Look upon me Equestria, for I...AM...RARITY!"
UpBforVictory (4 years ago)
Gigi Cheng (4 years ago)
Gigi Cheng (4 years ago)
+sophia zhao whatever.
Sophia Zhao (4 years ago)
Auraknight98 (4 years ago)
I fink the dark aj Version is better
Galactic Faith (4 years ago)
I love this song and i also love Rarity!
The Folfy Gamers (4 years ago)
don't click the yellow diamond, I'm scarred for life....
Vince Zhao (4 years ago)
Conrad K (4 years ago)
Loaph Meat (4 years ago)
I actually made it to the end. Makes doing homework much more bearable. 
AlienPatch (4 years ago)
This song is perfect for fencing...
Reese Wheeler (4 years ago)
Derpy's is better but they are all good
SacredYinZekrom (4 years ago)
Why did WhitetailMusic make his video unlisted?
Kitty H. Cannibal (4 years ago)
When someone hates on a brony, they need to realize how talented and awesome the majority are. This song = Living proof. :3
staryoshi06 (10 months ago)
Well, how talented we used to be. Most of the good musicians left.
Crago (1 year ago)
Fazbear Trash this is not a fan project
M Pie (2 years ago)
Now that I think about my posts that took three comments to fill, I'm thinking "I really could have summarized that better."
NeoDragonCount (2 years ago)
+Fazbear Trash It's the sad truth behind every fandom. There's always going to be negative presumptions about everyone from people outside every clique.
ChaosContrl (3 years ago)
+Marc Man! true
Rice Curry (4 years ago)
I can't wait for this game to come!
Zeichi Vos (4 years ago)
RIP in peace Fighting is Magic :'(
mercedes walt (4 years ago)
Oh no, please don't die! The yellow gem is a topaz, I believe.
Satoshi Mochida (4 years ago)
I just noticed that the paint splotches in the background are always the pony's eye color... 
Xylo lynx (27 days ago)
Thanks for pointing that out! I actually never noticed that :)
Bagels (3 years ago)
+MissSylveon Ok. But the Satoshi I meant was from Corpse Party.
Bagels (3 years ago)
+Gigi Cheng It's meant to say: Oh my f$cking god it iz Satoshi. Happy now?
Bagels (3 years ago)
+MissSylveon What's Higurashi?!
BloodyBay (4 years ago)
This song fits Rarity's charm, elegance and serenity wonderfully.  Rarity needs more love, and so does this song.  :(
TheNoobofHearts (3 years ago)
Agreed! Upon dabbling in this show she was the last character I was expecting to like! Also do I hear some "art of the dress" remixed in this song!
Jason Voorhees (3 years ago)
+BloodyBay How did you read my mind? O.O WIZZAAAAAARD
BloodyBay (3 years ago)
+Jason Voorhees If by that you mean "I want to touch her hair because it's so purple and twirly and pretty," well...don't we all?  ;)
matesprit (3 years ago)
+Jason Voorhees that's creepy as hell
Jason Voorhees (4 years ago)
Yes. I myself am a Fluttershy Fan, but I also enjoy Rarity. Some might say I enjoy her a bit TOO much, if ya catch mah drift. >:3
Notes (4 years ago)
I can't wait for the releasing of this game.... OMG
midoribookstore (4 years ago)
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the Mane6 team was issued a C&D by Hasbro a while back and the project has been cut with no plans to complete. It was a sad and frustrating day for many, progress was going alarmingly well and the portions that had already been built were smooth and beautiful, which made the sudden stop all the more jarring.Thank you Mane6, and may Fighting is Magic rest in peace (my unfinished copy won't be getting much rest though).
ItzYaBoiDom (4 years ago)
all snap rarity got that beat going on here
Melaina sipes (4 years ago)
this seems more twilight and twilights seems more fluttershy and fluttershys seems more rarity in my opion
SuperSonic Brony (4 years ago)
Can anyone else hear hints of "Dialga's Fight to the Finish" from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 in the piano?
DarknessOfLord (4 years ago)
you know its super long but its rilly good
Alex Barrow (4 years ago)
Everypony is best pony <3
Xylo lynx (27 days ago)
My fav is pinkie, but I really enjoy all the ponies, even outside the mane 6! I find ponies outside the mane 6 more interesting, though, mainly because we haven't gotten much information about some of their backstories (I say *some* of their backstories because Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight, etc.)
rosa reis (4 years ago)
Rarity is best pony. Mane 1
Paradox (4 years ago)
rosa reis (4 years ago)
Rarity is best pony.
Paradox (4 years ago)
I thought i was the first to think like that :c
Alexandre Terrenoire (4 years ago)
No rainbow dash is best pony
nope nope (4 years ago)
And that's why I hate Rainbow Dash fans. Why not say everypony is best pony? I have no reason to think Dash is best pony.
мαгυтıı (4 years ago)
SEB1991SEB (4 years ago)
From 1:32 it kinda sounds like 'Art of the Dress'
Icki (4 years ago)
do not click on the yellow gem
Ceryse (4 years ago)
+Andi Zellner Diamond Tiara theme
GünzBrony (4 years ago)
luminozero (4 years ago)
As a wise man once said "It would not be generosity if you did not desire what you gave away." The thing about Rarity is THAT she desires everything, but she is still willing to sacrifice these things for the good of other ponies.
TheBlondeKnight274 (4 years ago)
Oh, but the picture on Diamond Tiara's theme...that makes it all even worse, click at your own risk.
TheBlondeKnight274 (4 years ago)
Takes you to Diamond Tiara's theme...kinda scary in its own way though...
SilverEnchantedFox (4 years ago)
plz! whats with the yellow gem? (i dont want to get jumpscared)
TheBlondeKnight274 (4 years ago)
All true, but I think Rarity would be better off as another Element...simply because of instances like Secret of my Excess and the end of the Wedding Episodes (It's MINE!!!) Kinda like AJ and RD should have their elements switched, i mean RD is painfully honest and AJ seems more loyal than honest...but, Rarity does have some good generous moments. I would say she makes a better kindness, but Fluttershy is too good at that job. Ya know...I'm starting to like Rarity more and more each day...
Chris Purdy (4 years ago)
Axle Gear (4 years ago)
This sounds like something out of Touhou. A beautiful theme for a fabulous character.
benis (4 years ago)
What ever you do, DO NOT CLICK THE YELLOW GEM!!!
Twilight Sparkle (4 years ago)
Interesting observation... Alright, who's been spying on us? Don't tell me you're with Celestia...
Sub Woofer (4 years ago)
Whatever you do DONT CLICK THE YELLOW GEM!!!!!!
EandCProductions (4 years ago)
Rarity, although a self centered whore to fashion prone bitch, is still a very important character to the "mane 6". Her personality is that of one who thinks they are better than everyone and yet subconsciously realizes she is not. Hence why, at times in the series, her own needs are deemed less important than her friends
MrQuijibo (4 years ago)
Not sure what I hate more, you, rarity or this song
Cupcake Animations (4 years ago)
The choice is yours, bro!
zelpyzelp (4 years ago)
True that.
Fire Hill (4 years ago)
and i would assume rainbow dash the most likely

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