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Bad girl wants to wear a belly shirt but her mom says no! |Emery Bingham|skit for kids entertainment

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The Kool Aid Man (2 days ago)
MmmmmmmMmmmmm why would anyone around this age where crop tops cuz.. like bruh it's cringy AF and I don't think anyone would want a fucking pregnant tween or younger teen but with humanity it's already happening. Whoever doesn't believe me is either a 7 year old or a feminist mom
You want to wear a cock top ... I mean why ? It's called sacrcasimn , get over it ?!?
nat cirignano (2 days ago)
it’s funny how little kids can make short stupid videos like this, post them online and get tons of views/ attention
Melody Arvizu (3 days ago)
Wait why did it look like she was gonna change in the middle of the hall😂
Makenzie and Jaylen (3 days ago)
Omg so funny I can't stop lafing sorry about my spelling
Princess ella (5 days ago)
You could of just wore it after your sis went
Violetta Yass (5 days ago)
Pause at 1:22
Huski3 Pup (5 days ago)
Oof her mom looks like a 7 yr old
Mikayla R (6 days ago)
love how the mom is 4 and the daughter is 6 😂💗
TheMushyCookiie (6 days ago)
*”OH JEEZ”* *My Head: *”OH CHEEZ”*
XLost MemoriesX (6 days ago)
I’m too scared to ask my mom if I can wear crop tops so I slowly ease in to shorter shirts lol
Immature Idiot (7 days ago)
It's the weekend! *gets ready for school*
lo l (7 days ago)
Did she say "You homie".
Isabel Soares (7 days ago)
Rhiane Playz&More (10 days ago)
Lol "belly shirt"?!?! I'M DYING
Emily Palmer (10 days ago)
Can I have all of your bills of the better shots
Pink Playz (11 days ago)
Why I'd the kid older than the mom xD
FragZ Clan (11 days ago)
she sounds like danielle cohn what the heck 😂
Vanessa Bxtch (12 days ago)
Uhmm who sleeps like that and that is barley even a crop top and shouldn't she have changed it the bathroom lol idk how I got on this side of youtube
Horse-girl 55 (12 days ago)
It's a crop top are you DUMB ??!!!
Alisha James (12 days ago)
is it just me or did she try get changed in the hallway
Alisha James (12 days ago)
cringy girls
Heather Stanley (13 days ago)
That's my mom she would not let me were something like that anywhere at all.
Dance Moms Extra (13 days ago)
She couldve wore a sweater over it
cool cats (13 days ago)
You actually did pretty good!!!! Its also really cute!!!
Amelia ツ (13 days ago)
Look what the little kid is wearing tho 😂
authentic_dragon 05 (14 days ago)
Black Bean (14 days ago)
🙄 uhhh dose anyone notice that her daughter is older then her “mom”
Katina Depue (14 days ago)
What is a belly shirt do u mean croptop
Camila Cupcake (14 days ago)
That’s not a crop top
Slay Safari's (14 days ago)
my point is my dad and mom is eh about crop
Mariah Hope (14 days ago)
This girl is annoying she sounds fake sorry not to be rude
Yamilla Bonheur (14 days ago)
1 its called a croptop 2 the mom looks younger than the child 3 the mom her teeth not straighted
lo l (14 days ago)
Just look at the ending when she is like MHMMM Lol
some one to know 194 (14 days ago)
This sounds like the title of a bad porno 🤣
Lime Limez (14 days ago)
First of all why did the mom buy it if she's not allowed to wear it second of all its called a crop top
Thelagisreal Gamer (14 days ago)
Is anyone going to talk about the fact that the mom has a big belly
Funny Shishtar (15 days ago)
Her teeth tho
Wolfy Donut (15 days ago)
You should just warn her of what things are to reveiling for her age and go off there.
Lena (15 days ago)
I've never cringed so hard tf 😂
Draco Malfoy (16 days ago)
The “mom” has the shortest skirt on so she can’t be talking
Kaitlyn (16 days ago)
My mom thinks crop tops are SUPER cute. Is that normal?
Someone Hehe (16 days ago)
xcupcake swirlx (16 days ago)
umm it's called a crop top
Alyssa Reed (16 days ago)
Your mom/sis is ugly
FLOWER DAYS (17 days ago)
djaj watkilns (17 days ago)
This girl is pretty fat
Maelani Bass (17 days ago)
I like how on the side of the thumbnail it said thumbnail maker. Props to you.
Oreodacat_LOVER18467 (17 days ago)
The thumbnail was made with thumbnail maker ._.
Shrek The donkey (17 days ago)
*has full closet* “WHAT DO I WEAR NOW.”
Haylie L (18 days ago)
The kid is older than her mom 😂😂
Chrisah McKenzie (18 days ago)
Pause at 1:22😂😂😂
Kinzi Arellano (18 days ago)
She older than her mom her mom have no b**bs and she don’t have all her teeth and WTH she wearing
Lyric Watson (18 days ago)
Her "Moms" skirt is a bit short😂😂
Jazmine B (18 days ago)
I can relate to this so much ! 😭
Well she said maybe when I’m 15 it depends
My mom said I have to be 18 to wear crop tops and I’m 12 but I don’t care I can just cut an old t-shirt
Skaistar AnimalJam (20 days ago)
thats not even a crop top and the kid is older than her "mom"
Madz Cornz (20 days ago)
Look at the bottom right of the Thumbnail
Milly Hughes (20 days ago)
Crinr level 100000000
Toxic Beast (20 days ago)
im hiba am girl , i love you videos im subscribe and like
Soccer_player 12 07 (20 days ago)
Your so Adorable I liked the video
Taisir Alsaide (21 days ago)
All these people saying my mom lets me wear crop tops who the hell cares you’re just trying to make kids that don’t wear crop tops jealouse and that has to stop please
footballer 48 (21 days ago)
I hate belly tops I hate any hung like that
Kaely Pilgrim (21 days ago)
Mom: YOU CAN'T WEAR THAT TO SCHOOL!!!!! Daughter: Ok then you can't wear those buck teeth to drop me off.... 😋😎
Go Greta Go (21 days ago)
OMG! I have watched this video like a million times and I just realized it was you and Monroe!
Marcela Guevara (22 days ago)
This was the first viedo i watched from her
Jaionna The unicorn (22 days ago)
“A belly shirt”
Princess Slay (22 days ago)
Umm she ain’t bad she white how can she be “ not being racist”
I need a remake of this
Whitney Bingham (23 days ago)
Same last name lol
Rose Wolf (24 days ago)
Ur like eight and ur mom is like five so yeah I see ur moms point of ur not aloud to where a belly shirt u done even have double digets
Addison Taylor (24 days ago)
I’ve never seen a child older than her mom lol!
Isabella Harrison (25 days ago)
btw your like 8 sooo
Gracie Kelly (25 days ago)
Anna Dowling (25 days ago)
I was allowed to wear a crop top when I was 2 and the shirt isn't that cropped
Salwan Shomael (25 days ago)
That’s not even a belly shirt
aye.itz.shanshan s (25 days ago)
The end tho, the mom said *MHM*
Serena Wright (25 days ago)
basic xo (25 days ago)
suga_kookie ._. (26 days ago)
Her mom looks like she works around the corner
Daisy Greenland (26 days ago)
Are we gonna ignore the fact they called it a belly shirt
Diana Porras (26 days ago)
The “moms” teeth tho😂😂😂😂
ellapastelREX X (26 days ago)
Young Danielle Cohn
Gossip Girl (26 days ago)
Eliana Hastings (27 days ago)
Why do u have a crop top six year old!
Gwennie Pig (27 days ago)
Terrible acting
Cruz Rodriguez (27 days ago)
Half of the period ? Girl you are in forth grade
Milan Hope (27 days ago)
Well that was weird
Sophia A (27 days ago)
Oh how about we all day this is legit the young Danielle Cohn no hate they just look alike lmao
Viri Ortega (27 days ago)
She didnt say no tvs
leslie Castaneda (27 days ago)
Should I say it.... Your dog riped your blanket
Carrieann Woghiren (28 days ago)
I thought the girl was her sister until I realized she was supposed to be a mom 😂😂. Well they’re children so I didn’t except high quality skit. Bravo to u
Sarah 101 (28 days ago)
Its not called a belly shirt its called a CROP TOP
De’lanci Scarlett (28 days ago)
Who tf calls it a belly shirt?
LidiaPlays MSP (28 days ago)
I am sorry but the girl who played the mom her teeth are....just not okay.....
Maddie Benoit (28 days ago)
i dont know why this came up in my recommended section
Ava Plays MSP (28 days ago)
I have a crop top and i wear tank tops under it
Maheen qureshi (28 days ago)
I don't even consider that a "crop top"! But ok.......
SiSi SiSTER (28 days ago)
Did the mom lose teeth😂

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