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Bad girl wants to wear a belly shirt but her mom says no! |Emery Bingham|skit for kids entertainment

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sal phothiboupha (1 hour ago)
The girl that’s the mom she’s so ugly and teeth brush them there yellow ugly teeth
Neveah Mabry (4 hours ago)
Lol i wear my sweatshirt crop top to school
Logic Yasmin Vlogs (7 hours ago)
i didnt know that the moms teeth were sponsered by GAP
Hayz 1023 (7 hours ago)
**cough cough** um...why are they letting the dog chew up the blanket?
Daniela Cazares (14 hours ago)
No one is talking about the dog chewing the blanket!
Alexandra Banana (16 hours ago)
her school has an Ariana grande poster?! lucky duck.
Alexandra Banana (16 hours ago)
so. let me get this straight. the dog, in the beginning, is RIPPING UP A BLANKET AND EATING IT and the entire point of this video is that she cannot wear a crop toppppp.........
_heartbeat _ (1 day ago)
What is the point of this video??lmaoo😂
Chan _101 (1 day ago)
I wheezed
Alice Grace (1 day ago)
That kid is like eight years old and has a crop top
Life on Petal (1 day ago)
1:23 When Ruby Rube uploads a video
Julia Callahan (1 day ago)
Um................wear a jacket over it
Hanni Peer (1 day ago)
Wow the mom was pregnant before she. Even was borned
Coco Quinlet ii (1 day ago)
Just put a freaking sweatshirt over it idiot! Jeez
sunset dancer (2 days ago)
I love how her mom is a six year old girl
Dog1900 AJ (2 days ago)
emery just no. no.
Rainyyflower (2 days ago)
When your mom tries to be the cool mom and wears boots and a skirt also spaghetti straps. Not hating.
Zayn Razvi (2 days ago)
Dont do it! * leaves * HONOR SYSTEM
Zayn Razvi (2 days ago)
rylan emarie (2 days ago)
The way she says Caleb at the beginning😂
adam thiel (2 days ago)
why is she just letting her dog chew up a blanket
Syaifa Ameera (2 days ago)
Is every one subing cuzz the cringe flood?
Croissant For a snacc (3 days ago)
*you woke me up with the sound of your chewing*
Maribel Hernandez (3 days ago)
"Mom": You're not wearing that to school Also mom: **almost has her butt showing** Me: ight.
Rachel Carolyne (3 days ago)
lorelai macintosh (3 days ago)
“wait why did she buy me this if she won’t let me wear it” mood
Sophie Hamilton (4 days ago)
tbh the moms outfit is even more scandalous then a " crop top" aha
Sophia Leann (4 days ago)
Why is she calling it class periods ur in fourth grade you only have one class
Tenney Grant (1 day ago)
2 classes
Rocio Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Bruh she has better style than me😂😂😂
Leila Pierr-Pierre (5 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I came for the comments and you did too. Why did they put belly shirt tho.
Turkey Chicken (5 days ago)
*Dentist is typing...*
Sister Snatched (5 days ago)
Emery wears no shoes to school
Why so sad bunny? (5 days ago)
Why do I love this so much!
Clorox Bleach (5 days ago)
That isn’t even a belly top. It’s just at top that’s a little to small for her so when she stretches it shows her tummy a little
Miamigirl msp (5 days ago)
Confetti Cat (5 days ago)
Rip her blanket. ;-;
Valeria Cardoso (6 days ago)
Lol thats exactly like my mom 😀
corina teufel (6 days ago)
"oo look it , its my belly shirt!" -Emery Bingham 2018
L u n a (6 days ago)
ur like 5
Katy Chan (6 days ago)
What was the “Mom” wearing? 😂😭 honey did you get that outfit from the good will?
Kiara Boyle (6 days ago)
You heard me go to the dentist and fix those teeth!!
shook (6 days ago)
how Daniel Cohn came to be
rylan emarie (6 days ago)
umm Oscar for this vid asap😂
Anon (6 days ago)
This is fake! 😤
Germany MSP (6 days ago)
bruh thats why it says "skit for kid entertainment"
caroline kirk (6 days ago)
me in middle school
Yeager #2 (6 days ago)
Lol I love that ending lmao
Why did I watch all this wtf
Vickyqueen Doggy (7 days ago)
For 1 why did the mom bye her the shirt in the first place For 2 she could just wear a sweater over the shirt then take it of at school For 3 her mom is younger that her lol For 4 I LOV HER DOGGO 🐶🐶
widowmaker trash (7 days ago)
Thats barely showing her stomach tf?!?
widowmaker trash (7 days ago)
That isn't even a crop top tf?
Nightcore Fan girl (7 days ago)
Who even r u..
Lainey S (7 days ago)
*You can't wear a crop-top* The mom says this as she wearing a short skirt, velvet top and rachet rain boots
Floor Beerling (7 days ago)
I do realy like that sassy tuing on the and
Floor Beerling (7 days ago)
YAeh your mom comes in to the toilet en gives you lunch. Who is wearing Rainboots in house and did your mom have an accident of die she never go to the dentist
Jazmin Vlogs (7 days ago)
Fix ur teeth
Lindsey S (7 days ago)
1:39 or you could just put a hoodie on and take it off when you get to school...
i c ø n i c (7 days ago)
Aranna Katana (7 days ago)
So.. Ariana Grande's mom is Camila Cabello? Omg.
2 cute Twinkles (8 days ago)
Your mum needs to go to the gym and the dentist and WTH IS A MUM WEARING THAT
Camila Ibarra olivas (8 days ago)
U go to school at night
sir petty 05 (8 days ago)
So where both 12 me and my bitches are way different
Ema Barzel (8 days ago)
3:08 when there's no food in the house
floof edits (8 days ago)
2017: fetus emery 2018: *fetus emery*
CatLover.xø (8 days ago)
You what’s funny.... *her mom looks a lot like Camila CaBaLioO*
Mia González (8 days ago)
She has more clothes than me omg hahhaha
Lulu 1217 (8 days ago)
Did she just change in the “school” hallway? Her mom was able to just walk up to her lol
Melina Louise (8 days ago)
Y is the moms teeth separated and why is the child looking older then her mom XD. 😜😛 😜😛 😜😛
Ursula Falshaw (8 days ago)
We stan for a rebel queenie 💕👑
vex 820 (8 days ago)
this is strait up retarded
itslil.carrot 101 (8 days ago)
you can just put a sweater on top of your shirt
Abigail J (8 days ago)
The mom is dressed like a hoe I’m wheezing.
User (8 days ago)
User (8 days ago)
Emily Ross (8 days ago)
Omg her mom is Camila Cabello?!?
Mom:you cant wear that Me:Says the mom wearing a tank top a short skirt and red rainboots
*C R O P T O P*
Cory Ray (9 days ago)
LexLexie (9 days ago)
2:10 okay.... Queen Emery basically said she was gonna change in the bathroom during "passing periods" So did her "mom" Just pop in the bathroom and it just happen TO BE THE SAME STALL SHE WAS IN??????
kaylee lambert (9 days ago)
Daniella Mojica (9 days ago)
That ending though killed me
Santos Gutierrez (9 days ago)
This was the first video I ever watched of you!!
jess (9 days ago)
3:11 when u wear ur belly top anyway
edits vibes (9 days ago)
Stop at 1:22 you welcome🌻
Rory Hurt (9 days ago)
Tries to change in the middle of the school hallway
god no. (9 days ago)
lol she forgot it was a sketch about school and said it was the weekend
Jekekdkdk K (9 days ago)
when you’re an actor but emery has more of a career than you do rip
Or why don’t you just wear a jumper on top of it and take it off when she’s not there but then put it back on
Absolutely Garbage (9 days ago)
She just talks to herself
- Unrelated (9 days ago)
Mom: Uhumm
Robyn Connolly (9 days ago)
tbh i thought the second top was worse
mrs piggy (9 days ago)
kids entertainment
xMimi MSP (9 days ago)
Japhnie Macaspac (9 days ago)
Lmao 2:24 there school have an Ariana Grande poster (not hating)
TheMegaCutekittycat (10 days ago)
WHAT A FAT PIG .-. :0 >.>
TheMegaCutekittycat (10 days ago)
TheMegaCutekittycat (10 days ago)
Why her mum fat and she's not
TheMegaCutekittycat (10 days ago)
TheMegaCutekittycat (10 days ago)
Iluka Gould (10 days ago)
Look it its my belly shirt
Multi. Tea (10 days ago)
*BeLlY sHIrt*

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