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Download Style Proshow Producer - Awards Show

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Those "Awards Show" styles were designed in After Effects and then were converted to Proshow Producer by me I hope that they are useful for you works Thank for your support! Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/styleproshow/ Link full this subject: http://freemultimedia.vn/free-project-proshow-producer.html Link download: http://freemultimedia.vn/download-style-proshow-producer-awards-show.html
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Text Comments (49)
Mauro Pegoretti (2 months ago)
Tsuas Lis Channel (4 months ago)
sao e dung proshow 5 ko tim thay nhi
Tsuas Lis Channel (4 months ago)
mình thử rồi. ở ngòa thì thấy nhug vào trong proshow thêm vào thì ko thấy chắc dùng cho pro 9-10 gì đấy rồi
Tsuas Lis Channel (4 months ago)
tai ve nến roi, chi tim that mục video, anh và nhac nhug vao thi ko thay gi ban à, ko thêm dc, phạn gửi cho minh dc ko ạ
Tsuas Lis Channel (4 months ago)
ko tim thấy file day bạn à,
Einnor Zerep (4 months ago)
I love it and want to use for personal project.but i cannot download using the links provided. It says blocked. Can u help me with this?
Einnor Zerep (4 months ago)
[email protected] I will greatly appreciate your generosity. Thank you
Martin Rey (4 months ago)
who called this song in need for some proyect pleased whithout water mark
very good
Bless You, Lord!Thank you!
hien chi (9 months ago)
like award show style
Trí Kiên Nguyễn (9 months ago)
Rất hoành tráng
Trung Bình (9 months ago)
It is very stylish
Gregory7115 (10 months ago)
Vai a cagai
Minh Trần (10 months ago)
kiểu này như sao băng nhỉ đẹp quá
Truong Hoi (10 months ago)
rất đẹp sắc. phong cách rất hay với proshow
Ba Vuong La (10 months ago)
một công việc thật sự sáng tạo
 Dđ (10 months ago)
tuyệt vời phong cách rất sáng tạo
yen nguyen (10 months ago)
Like golden style proshow for awards
Ra F (10 months ago)
I downloaded them but can't figure out how to use them,help
Ra F (10 months ago)
Thank you very much.I will get back to you if you don't mind,love your work.
Rajashekar RM (10 months ago)
pls give me other download link
MARIA FERNANDA (10 months ago)
show, obrigada♥
Peace and Love (10 months ago)
╭︵╮ ((໑))≻▾━▴━ rose greetings 彡❥🎶 ╰︶╯ 🍃🌸🍃 beautiful video..thumbs up 🍃🌸🍃
Trần Thiệt (10 months ago)
ok thank

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