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Fighting is Magic: Trixie's theme || D Flat Minor

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Theme for Trixie on Fighting is magic. check us out: http://www.squirrelnet.org or my site specifically: http://www.music.squirrelnet.org
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Dylan Taheri (1 year ago)
While i like the new Trixie Battle theme, I still love the original to death.
VNagato (2 years ago)
Damn, this is old. Still my favourite battle theme
D Flat Minor (4 years ago)
that'd be amazing! The more publicity my works can get right now the better so by all means please do! And yes I do also need the credit. Plus, if your project needs more music I'd be happy to help out
Faded Skylight (4 years ago)
Alright will do, and btw I'll tell you that if it's fine with you I'm gonna use this theme for another project I'm doing with some other people, but don't worry I'll give you the credit for the song if it's okay with you
D Flat Minor (4 years ago)
thank you! ^.^ and a couple things... first, check out the site in the description. From there I can share a few more details. Just leave a shout so I know you're there ya? trust me, you'll be glad you did
Faded Skylight (4 years ago)
This is a very cool theme for Trixie, I love it! Sad thing that Fighting is Magic got cancelled.... but! that dosen't mean that the music done from it has to die aswell :D
The Ginutza (4 years ago)
Zach Z (4 years ago)
Its frickin sweet, keep it up!!!

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