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Girls dancing at Macy's

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Armani has a new scent, & Macy's wanted to have some sort of event for it... so they hired dancers :) Me & my friends!! Me, Nancy, Erica & Marisa! (all LAVC Cheer members) it wass a blast to do what we love & get giftcards, perfumes & freebies for it! ;) thanks to Polarjee for getting these awesome footages for us!! (mainly for my future reel.. heehee..) & thank YOU for watching it! -justoojahs
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Pablo Sergio Rivera (2 years ago)
It's funnier watching it without the music.
Pablo Sergio Rivera (2 years ago)
Damn, those pants sure messy on those tables. Goes to show you what pigs people are!
Pablo Sergio Rivera (2 years ago)
freeline_n_taichi (8 years ago)
Wow......girls, you did a grat job. :-) And ones can see that you have fun.
ariella tobe (9 years ago)
ww i hate lmfo god is this dem girls r hot n great dancers!
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (9 years ago)
Hotness personified. You guys are rockin it!! The choreography is top notch, smooth as silk (best dancing I have ever seen).
Mika David (9 years ago)
hey ellerae16! thanks :) it's from LMFAO's Party Rock Album. 1. "I Don't Wanna Be" 2. "La La La"
Mika David (9 years ago)
Fred!! heeheee.. it's yooooouuu! aaaah, dont watch my other videos please, lol. ;) thanks for the comment :) see you at dance!
Asianboyofwonder (9 years ago)
LOL that guy started dancing along too haha
Luiggi Santos (9 years ago)
like :D
Muni Ng (9 years ago)
Mika David (9 years ago)
:) thanks friesenang!! :)
Mika David (9 years ago)
aww, thanks a021 :))
Mika David (9 years ago)
jaella08! it waaaas :) & they hired us again last week to do the same thing but for Harakjuku Fragrances. :) i love it! we only dance for two hours.. & at out own pace :)
Mika David (9 years ago)
hey Katoop! :) aww, i wish i was in Hawaiii!!! but no.. :( this is in Sherman Oaks, CA :)
Mika David (9 years ago)
aww.. thanks AznUsha :))
Mika David (9 years ago)
aww. thanks nilmotijnu! :) this is from LMFAO's Party Rock Album, the first one is called "I Don't Wanna Be" & the secong is called "La La La"
jaella08 (9 years ago)
that would be so fun to do!!! and to see!!!! how long did you have to dance??
Katoop (9 years ago)
OMG, please reply! was that macy's in alomoana mall in hawaii because i go there a LOT!
Fullmetalpiglet (9 years ago)
Great job :)
nilmotijnu (9 years ago)
really nice job =D your soo talented! ahh so jealous haha what song is this?

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