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APROKO ON UGLY [email protected] HEZEKIAH - THE FUNNY KING (Vol. 2) (Nigerian Music & Entertainment)

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Comedian Aproko takes on ugly faces at the annual music and comedy show ‘Prince Hezekiah-The Funny King’ featuring lots of comedians and artistes. Watch the video brought to you by JUVENIS. Drop your comments, questions, suggestions and subscribe to our page for regular video updates. For more details, click: http://www.juvenismag.com/ https://www.facebook.com/juvenismag https://twitter.com/JuvenisMag https://instagram.com/juvenismag *BBM: 563F760D *WhatsApp: +2348095463017 JuvenisTV is an entertainment and lifestyle channel own by JUVENIS Magazine that features Movies, Music, Comedy, Events, Red Carpet Moments, TV Shows, News, Interviews, Promotions, Advert Placements e.t.c. Drop your comments, questions, suggestions and subscribe for regular video updates.
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Text Comments (5)
Yannick Philippe (17 days ago)
This guy good
PRINCE IWUJI (1 year ago)
you funny wella
u gud
Isaac Alobo (2 years ago)
I like this guy, you too much
Gabriel Duru (2 years ago)
you too much guy

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