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Is sea level rising?: Benjamin P. Horton at TEDxNavesink

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An analytical and historical look into the trend of rising sea levels, the effects of which are already being felt today, and the impact it could have on our shorelines in the not so distant future. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Don Ghiata (13 days ago)
I believe winter, spring, summer, and fall come and go every year. That's climate change. That's the only climate change I believe in. The sky is not falling !
Richard Guy (1 month ago)
Go tell it to the mountains. Sea level is not rising and is not going to rise because it is constantly receding and had been doing so for a very long time. It is not about to go into reverse!
Don Ghiata (1 month ago)
Go to Florida and go to the beach. The sea level is not rising one inch. These morons just keep lying endlessly about global warming. They need to shut their lying mouths.
Nigel Williams (1 month ago)
This talk is completely pointless. We all know that sea level has been rising for thousands of years and will probably continue to do so, albeit at a tiny 3mm per year. The claim that extreme weather is becoming more frequent is completely bogus. If anything, extreme weather events are less frequent as the poles have warmed more than the equatorial regions, so the temperature gradient between the two is less. I struggle to understand the current crop of climate alarmists who ignore facts and blame all climate change upon humankind.
Adubadabi Thoper (1 day ago)
Nigel Williams mmmm M Mlmp Mmm
Gender Politik (1 month ago)
Seems this guy was lying!
Him Bike (2 months ago)
1:39 “there’re going to have to abandon there homes.” Property prices in Malibu San Francisco. La Jolla. HNL. Maui. Continue to sky rocket. We were told Manhattan would be under water by now ? This guy speaking is a Kool Aid drinking clown.
Him Bike (2 months ago)
Derek Newbury Truth ? Hurricanes cause water. What a shocker. People put millions of dollars into real estate for the long haul. Banks would not give them loans if they were going to be under water in 5-10-15yrs. Global Warming is a hoax. Scientific sophistry is embarrassing. There are 1000s if factors determining climate, many of which we know little about.
Derek Newbury (2 months ago)
@Him Bike: Rising property prices prove what exactly? The state of denial is widespread?Manhattan was under water during Sandy or you just see that as a one off? Why is someone who presents his findings from significant research and his thoughtful conclusions a "Kool Aid drinking clown". It is easy to be abusive but it takes balls to confront the truth!
Rea Ality (2 months ago)
I am pretty sure sea levels have been rising for about 20,000 years and will continue no matter what mankind does. 90% of the last 4.65 billion years have been warmer than today with many periods when Earth had no ice at all. The biggest problem with anthropologic global warming is the pressure on climate from natural space weather is always included in their calculations as human-caused pressure. The subject is used by Socialist to gain control of fools and their resources. Mankind can not control the climate! Socialism is the mother of ignorance, selfishness, inequality, and war.
surfdmountain (2 months ago)
Climate models have been around at least 20 years. Long enough to illustrate how absolutely wrong they have been. The models aren't even close to what happened in reality. There is no reason at all, certainly nothing scientific, to believe that current predictions are any better than past predictions. 20 years ago we were told Florida would be under water by now. Way off!
Him Bike (2 months ago)
But climate models has an air Of superiority
stewart green (2 months ago)
Lets first talk facts: actual recorded sea level rises are a miniscual 3 mm a year - a small ripple. But using computer models designed by climate scarers like myself we project they will suddenly rise 20ft!!!!! Mmmm lets see what has actually happened since the 6 years he did this catastrophic dire warning..... 3mm a year rise - yup we are still recovering from the ice age! at this rate in a HUNDRED years it will have risen 1ft - again a small wave - not even choppy water - no one and nothing is really concerned about this! - it is all a fuss over nothing , but I am sure he has written a book he wants you to buy - "why you all will die within ten years if you don't read my book"
I have compared Photographs of harbors all over the world from the 1800's to modern photos of the same harbors. I can see no perceptible seal level changes between the old photos and modern ones. So where is the change.? If there is it is very small or due to tidal differences .
Him Bike (2 months ago)
Computer models
ricardo machado (2 months ago)
Resume/ humans don't have any interference with global warming or cooling. Only the sun have the force to make climate changes in the world. Co2 is irrelevant.
daniel higgins (3 months ago)
The sea level has been rising .3mm per year, for several centuries. There's no evidence or data showing that rate has increased or is increasing.
jeff vw (1 month ago)
Less than a eight of an inch, so scary.
Brad Mercier (3 months ago)
Good grief this is typical of the alarmist rhetoric coming out of these TED talks. Moreover there are blatant false assumptions. 1.When satellite data started being used the rise mjumped from .2mm/year to 3mm/year, wouldt one question that it has to do with methodology?? 2. He refers to the medieval warm period...is that the warm period that M McMann said did not exist? 3. He said sea levels are higher now than in p[ast 120K years, hence the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Of course sea levels have been rising due to the interglacial period we are no in, so what? It had aboslutely nothing to do with the destruction from Sandy.
Marcus Payne (3 months ago)
Should be concerned with plastic in the sea.
Michael Kuhl (5 months ago)
Remember a book by Michael Crichton, called "State Of Fear"?? That's what these junk scientists are trying to create, with lies and fraudulent requests for money...
geoff mcintosh (5 months ago)
FYI I have lived on the ocean in Margaret River in Western Australia for the last 29 years.... No sea level raise AT ALL. in that time.
Leander Barreto (6 months ago)
Sea level rise will affect the tropics the most
Max Pucher (6 months ago)
TED has turned into a leftist propaganda arm, There is no unusual sea level rise. He talks about what might happen if it melts but not that there is any dangerous rate. So he is just fear mongering. Fake science ...
jet li (6 months ago)
Projecting the future by looking at 20 years of data. And the rise in the last 100 years has been....0.6 inch. I don't care what clever distorted  graphs he made, he's not doing this for humanity, he's doing it for fame and a few grants ($).
Amos Soma (6 months ago)
Why didn't you go back 120,000 years to show that the sea level was 25' higher than today?
Gangerolf (6 months ago)
What a hoaxer. I do notice that thias speech is from 2013 so I will excuse this climate denier. He doesnt know the latest data. But most of scientists and laymen that takes an interest knew this was hogwash back in 2013 lol
Handiman Jay (7 months ago)
Yes there is Climate Change, it always has and always will. Has man contributed, probably. Can we stop climate from changing, absolutely not. It will still change with or without mans “help”.
John Zyp (8 months ago)
High sea levels really did and will again flood over New Orleans.
John Zyp (8 months ago)
The sea level really did rise and really did flood New York. Now the sea level in Carolina really did kill people. More high sea levels will come. So listen and prepare for future high sea levels.
David Paul (8 months ago)
I thought this was a musical?
Tony Smith (8 months ago)
Aren't these the same people that said there would be a coming ICE AGE in the 1990 ? Water wars in the 80s, food and water rationing in the early 1970s. And they have been WRONG EVERY TIME ! And each time not even the lowest estimate of change was close to reality, it was always MUCH LESS ! see Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics see Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change CorbettReport And why don't they stop companies from polluting, not ONLY carbon emissions ? Business puts out THOUSANDS to MILLION times MORE CARBON and POLLUTION. So why NEVER mention POLLUTION ? Or they COMPANIES are the real problem ? Efficiency !!!! Or how Planned Osolescence is the biggest problem ? This only benefits some companies ! Buy something made for business and you will see a huge quality difference ! I still have my laser printer from the 1990s and it works great ! Inkjets more expensive and designed to stop working ! Example - instead of making a car that needs to be junked and replaced every 10 - 15 years, why not make them from STAINLESS STEEL or ALUMINUM so they never rust ? Why not make electric cars or diesel hybrids that got 100 MPH and was built by KIDS ? Or other cars sold ONLY in Europe that get 90MPG or MORE ? Make cell phones that can be repaired, APPLE IPhones, cant be repaired, same for iPads, and their computers ! Make all computers easily repaired and upgraded, like how most PCs are ! Make furniture from GOOD WOOD not particle board, and use it for 200 - 300 years ! Like they used to be made ! Not have it break in a few years ! Make appliances durable again, they are now MADE TO FAIL, see CBC story ! Same for Printers, printer ink. They should be easy and cheap to repair. All items should be easy and cheap to repair ! Will it reduce some jobs, yes, but it will greatly reduce the money you spend. Make traffic lights to always be green in the higher traffic side, and change only when needed, save time and gas !
Alex (4 months ago)
Aren't these the same people that said there would be a coming ICE AGE in the 1990? Also can you give me an example of a wrong prediction for climate? The first IPCC report from 1990 predicted between 10-15cm sea level rise for the scenarios that are closest to our actual emissions for 2020. They also predicted about 0.5°C warming for the same time frame. Both are very close to what we actually observed. No, they are not the same. Who even predicted a coming ICE AGE in 1990? Must have been one of those climate denier people. And guess why we have more efficient cars in Europe? Because we had a fuel tax for decades, making smaller cars more economical. So the efficient cars are purely market-driven. The cars in America are wasteful because thats what Americans want. The same for most things. You can still buy durable furniture, repairable electronics etc. You just simply have to either pay a premium or live with some disadvantages (repairable phones are for example bigger, heavier and not as water-proof).
Terry Lee (9 months ago)
In 2008 and earlier, it was "Global Warming". The Arctic should be ice free and New York and Miami should be below sea level. Since those prediction were wrong, they now call it "Climate Change". All we hear is scare tactics. Why don't they have a true debate with the so called "Climate Denier" (they also believe in climate change)? Also, where is the science? They never mention that the CO2 level approx. 250 million years ago was over 4000 ppm and that there was an ice age during that time. Also plants grow better with CO2 level over 1000 ppm and most plants will die if it is below 100 ppm. Did they conveniently forget that it was warmer in the 1930's during the dust bowl and 1215 when King John signed the Magna Carta?
Rob Manzoni (2 months ago)
"...Also, where is the science?..." You're asking embarrassing questions. The science is never discussed - it's only cited as "proved", without any reference. Watch the lectures of Murray Salby - now THERE's a scientist whom the alarmists should fear...
Alex (4 months ago)
The predictions aren't wrong, they just haven't happened yet. But the ice in arctic is melting and the sea level is rising. The first IPCC report from 1990 predicted between 10-15cm sea level rise for the scenarios that are closest to our actual emissions for 2020. That is pretty close to the actual trend measured over that time. I haven't found a dated prediction for an ice free arctic there though. They also predicted about 0.5°C warming for the same time frame, which is close to what was observed over that time frame. It is still called "global warming" but mostly "climate change" is used because the effects are wider than just rising the average readings of thermometers worldwide. 250 million years ago the sun was about 5% weaker than today. The last time we had comparable temperatures to today was during the peak of the holocene, about 6-8000 years ago, but most likely we are above that now. And don't forget that CO2 doesn't cause instantaneous warming, since the ocean has a huge heat capacity and the heat energy needed to melt ice is even greater than that needed to heat water a few degrees. There is no debate because the side denying the existence of an anthropogenic effect on the climate have no arguments, but only lies.
Philip Irvine (9 months ago)
Dane Hart (9 months ago)
last 100 year farmers pulls water out of ground . replace it , then talk sea levels !#% smart azz
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
good luck on replacing it ... smart azz. and you don't want salt water in your aqua firs to irrigate your farm ... smart azz.
tonymlealv (9 months ago)
Do you know this is no Wiki article underneath this video... The debate is over
tonymlealv (9 months ago)
I can't wait to all those beach houses go on sale... Because rich people are so smart.. They know sea levels Rising that's why they sell their house..
Nicholas Hanley (10 months ago)
The one graph was in accurate
Ian Macdonald (11 months ago)
I watched this until the part about more frequent or severe storms. Which, is a complete falsification. Even the data on Wikipedia (a climate alarmist hangout if ever there was one) shows that the early part of the 20thC suffered worse storms than now. Basically, I get the impression that Mr Horton has a good grasp of the science and knows perfectly well that the alarmist claims are a hoax. I guess he has to say what he did, or lose his job. Just like Peter Ridd.
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
not any more .... just watch the coast this fall ... and Wiki can no longer be ragged except by idiots.
PrivateSi (1 year ago)
Stop paying all these academics and put the money into an emergency fund. These people aren't useful to solving the problem (that may well not be so much of problem as predicted). Building on the coast has always had problems. People just build further back when the coast erodes and cities sink under their own weight and poor ground.
OHexpat12 (1 year ago)
I monitored the oceanfront of Bangkok for 30 years. The ocean has already permanently covered 7 square kilometers. Warehouses, housing projects and roads are now islands with no access. That's 2017.
Tracy Rosellini (4 months ago)
And the people adapted
Tracy Rosellini (4 months ago)
And the people adapted.
eltiggr (1 year ago)
"The Masses," are occasionally screwed by natural disasters. "The Masses," are always screwed by the government... "Question Everything."
john katsaros (1 month ago)
Note you will never hear an alarmist like this guy ever present to you the benefits of a warmer Earth. Canada for example would be better off with a warmer climate. Their message is always and completely catastrophe is around the corner without immediate drastic action. Like Miami will be under water by 2050. You can smell their b_llsh_t and self- interest. Go deposit your grant money buddy and be sure to pack your suitcases for the next ipcc free two week vacation - uh, I mean the next IPCC annual conference in an exotic local with the other 40,000 bought and sold handpicked lobbyists. Long live free thinking skeptics.
Stephen Worley (2 months ago)
+Rick Loberger They're following the journalists' motto, 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.'
Rick Loberger (5 months ago)
D.J. Thorb sadly I would agree with all of the European education system. NASA did a thirty year study of the oceans temperatures. They determined that the oven had cooled by a third of a degree. What happened to that study? The information disappeared even though that was the only actual buoy temperature study of the entire planet ever done! We ignore actual data in favor of what we want to believe.
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
and your American government is screwing you big on education and spewing disinformation via Twitter.
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
eltiggr you are part of the Masses all 7+ billion of them !
Michael Brassfield (1 year ago)
Hey Ben, the Holocene is our current Epoch, we're still in it. Also, if you examine data from the Greenland Ice Cores you see variances roughly 150 to 170 years long throughout the entirety of the Holocene that correlate to periods of warming and cooling cycles. We've been in a warming cycle since the 1870s. If the pattern holds true then we're probably going to have a cooling cycle in the near future. Let's ease up on the doom and gloom dude, humanity is pretty adaptable.
timobrienwells (1 year ago)
What a silly alarmist this guy is. He is a fraud.
Social Media Meham (1 year ago)
I live in Northern California and, in the last 4 years we have experienced forest fires on an unseen scale; brought on by a 5 year drought, and invasive species like the Japanese Bark Beatles. The Beatles took their tole on our trees, but it wasn't until the drought that millions of trees died within our forests. These dead trees were fuel for the fires that destroyed so many people's property. This is but one small example of the effects of global warming, as I have met folks who are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area from, Alaska, Texas, and elsewhere around the US, who likewise speak about the effects of global warming on these places which they have called home. Around the world, billions of people are unable to relocate for many reasons, so they will like so many in New Orleans find themselves subjected to the full force of nature; while the ruling class will for a time be able to simply relocate. In time however, the impact of global warming will bring forth a massive extinction which will impact even the wealthiest among us. Sadly, while there may still be things we can do to help undo the damage we have done to the planet, so many of us see it as someone else's problem that; we may very well bring about our own extinction.
RonThePhotoGuy (4 months ago)
Forest fires in California on an unseen scale? You should visit a library and go through their newspaper archives. California had those fires when I was a child. They had them when my grandparents were children! The only differences are more people live there now and property values are inflated, so more people are affected and the dollar value of damage is higher. The fires are the same. Successful firefighting and an unwillingness to remove dead material does result in more fuel for a fire, but neither of those things has anything to do with climate.
Ian Macdonald (1 year ago)
"Sea levels rose because of the MWP. " Gotcha. The alarmists claim that the MWP was a regional phenomenon. Can't have it both ways! Besides which, sea levels rose rapidly 10,000 years ago because we came out of an ice age. We are now at the high point of sea levels in the ice age cycle.
Robert Williamson (1 year ago)
Hasn't sea level been rising now for about the last 20,000 years ? ?  But slowed down a lot about 8,000 years ago and now only rising about 2mm - 3.5mm per year ? ?
jacqueline clark (1 year ago)
This is nothing to worry about....want to worry. The poles are shifting, About every 100.000 years the switch north to south. The last switch happen over 350000 years ago, so we are way overdue. When this happens the magnetic grid protecting the earth from solar flares is weakened. Solar flares will take out the power grids all over the earth, not to mention all communication systems. It will last for decades. Think about your life and how you will survive without power. Say goodbye to internet and cell phones, banking and all the things electricity brings you.
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
fk that ... yellowstone blew up every 600,000 years or so and its now 650,000 years since the last super volcano explosion ... goodbye U.S.ofA.
michael paulissen (1 year ago)
When the ice breaks off and goes to the sea does it not cool the water as ice in your drink does? It's all funny numbers to steal more $$$ for deep government projects. Even if it is real why would we care, we will nuke ourselves, or germ ourselves long before we go underwater. Earth is always changing, it's what is natural. We are the real problem with the system.
Andrew Love (1 year ago)
man made climate change by what standard?
PanglossDr (1 year ago)
Facts are useful sometimes. The Greenland ice sheet covers 500 sq miles, he says. The area of the earth is 196 million sg miles. So, for the melted Greenland Ice sheet to raise sea levels by 7m (excuse mixed units) the ice sheet must be 156 miles deep. Really?
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
its not the area of the earth you need to calculate its the area of the oceans. and the ice sheet is around 2 miles thick in spots ..
Sableagle (10 months ago)
Type "surface area Greenland ice sheet" into a search bar and get "1.71 million km²" back. Type "surface area Earth's oceans" into a search bar and get "about 360 million square kilometers" back. 360 / 1.71 = 210.5263 210.5263 * 7 = 1473.6842 Search "thickness Greenland ice sheet" and get "The Greenland Ice Sheet has an average thickness of 5,000 feet (1,500 metres)" back. Seems to match up.
Mana Montana (1 year ago)
millions of acres of land disappear into the ocean millions of acres of land open up because its not frozen solid. whats changed? you can't live in the same hut your great great great grand parents grew up in?
Rune Martin Guldberg (1 year ago)
Nature itself have all time caused this cathasrops for thousands of year. Fear monger.
GSMs Crazy Canuck (1 year ago)
Sea levels are dropping. They went down about 4mm from july to august.
For2went (1 year ago)
I love how he starts out his presentation with the first image being Photoshoped!!! bahhahahaha OMG the rest was just as much of a joke as that first image... so intellectually dishonest! This guy would make an amazing door to door salesman!!!
Keith Chamberlain (1 year ago)
The sea isn't rising.. it's the sky falling.. or so my chicken tells me.
phillip stevenson (1 year ago)
It's called the end of the last ice age . 10,000 years ago , the area where the great barrier reef is was above sea level.
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
No ... we are still in that ice age and will be until the polar ice melts.
jehu hand (1 year ago)
The mass hallucination called global warming.
Kerry Russell (6 months ago)
I call it a mass hysteria. My reasoning is looking back at the IPCC's and other alarmists' track record at predicting the future. Every time the IPCC or another alarmist has an announcement it's always the same. I don't even have to read the articles anymore, I know what they will say. 30 years ago they said. "If we don't drastically reduce emissions within ~10 years we face certain climate catastrophe within ~30 years." Every other time they say, ""It's worse than we thought. If we don't drastically reduce emissions within ~10 years we face certain climate catastrophe within ~30 years." Oh, Really? We gather 2500 of the so-called worlds top scientists. There used to be a time where top scientists would rush to be the first to make a brilliant new discovery. Now they rush to the same brillant conclusion at the same time, over and over again. Science used to debate skeptics, in climate science they demonize them. That is not the scientific way, it's the political way. A theory used to be expendable, now it's observations that are expendable... When were the island nations of Tuvalu, Nauru, and the Maldives due to disappear? Late. Arctic ice free in Sumer? Late Equatorial glaciers fully melted? Late 50 million climate refugees? Late NYC West Side highway underwater? Late Southern florida claimed by the sea? Late I guess whoever coined the phrase, "Timing is everything." Wasn't a climate scientist alarmist. "But.. It's already happening. "A cat 4 hurricane made landfall in the hurricane belt during hurricane season. A 100 year drought (here) a 100 year flood (here) record heat (here) record cold (here) record snow (here.) There were tornadoes in Tornado Alley. Wildfires (here)" Severe weather is nothing new. Just ask Noah. Whether or not you believe the bible stories, the Israelites knew what floods and droughts were. Eventually I had to reason, that the climatologist so-called experts can't accurately predict the future, and neither can I. And now the same scientists try to tell us all how to live and save the planet. While we build wind turbines and solar panels by the thousand that produce worthless intermittent surplus energy while our fossil fuel consumption goes up an up.
Rayalot72 (1 year ago)
Your reasoning for rejecting it?
paul zolsky (1 year ago)
water expands when it's warmer? but it expands when it forms ice also. weird
Dick Hamilton (9 months ago)
exactly right. It expands continuously and smoothly with temperature above about 4C . Below the triple point (around +0.01C) it expands rapidly for one hundredth of a degree then freezes at 0C. Its volume changes by more than 10% in that 1/00th of a degree, when it freezes into ice.
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
Isn’t Science Fun when you have no Clue ?
Martin Hearn (11 months ago)
water is most dense at 4C. my dad worked with guys who studied ocean circulation up and down the water column caused by 4C water dropping, then when it goes down to 3C or less, it will rise again, creating mini-eddies. fascinating research.
Rayalot72 (1 year ago)
This is because ice is a crystal. Normally, water flows as is convenient, forming no particular shape. Because it's polarized, however, when it is in a solid state it forms in a manner that matches oxygen to hydrogen so that it's no longer efficiently compacted, where each molecule is positioned so that more space is taken up.
john drew (1 year ago)
u can move cities
John Hancock (1 year ago)
So it’s not our fault. O but it is. WTF.
Mike 1462 (1 year ago)
10k yrs is nothing, come back when you've studied 600,000,000 yrs.
jo stewart (1 year ago)
I feel bad for this guy as I am sure he believes the data and is trying to "do good" I gained my Environmental Science degree from UEA in 1998, and have been wanting action on climate change ever since. I am horrified to find out the the IPCC research centre at UEA were falsifying the data on climate change at this very time and I was sold a lie and strongly supported it for nearly 2 decades. The predictions they made in 1998 on sea level rise and global temperature increases over the next 20 years have now obviously been proven to be wrong. Both have levelled off. Why would scientists and governments make up this data and fake a global warming crisis? Follow the money to the trillion dollar geoengineering / eugenics agenda and the military-industrial complex intending to make a lot of money and control the planet.
Raymond Mathis (2 months ago)
I believe the reference is to University of East Anglia
Rob Manzoni (3 months ago)
"...I feel bad for this guy..." ~Yes - but who is he? ..and what gives him the right to make these predictions? Where are his data...?
Timothy Hanes (4 months ago)
Hey scumbag. What exactly is the “IPCC research centre at UAE”? No such thing. IPCC is a UN-coordinated volunteer effort of hundreds of gifted and selfless scientists worldwide. There is no IPCC centre at East Angelia, BS you went to UAE. You are either an amateur or a professional liar, but in either case you are bad at it.
Timothy Hanes (4 months ago)
Society let the monsters who denied lung cancer and heart disease were related to smoking for cigarette companies to make some bucks off the hook. Why? Now we have to deal with them putting our children’s lives at risk so the Koch Brothers can refine oil for a few bucks. I say we don’t let lying pricks like this, or monsters like Myron Ebell off without serious judicial scrutiny in the harm they are enabling to people all over the world.
Bob Roberts (1 year ago)
Interesting he admits that global climate has been warmer in the past. One of the things you usually get from climate alarmists is a claim that the world has never been this hot and only humans could have caused it to be this hot. It is, of course, untrue.
Popikawaii (1 year ago)
The best projection of the future is that there is a 90% chance that you will be dead by 2100. This is due to global warming.
Rayalot72 (9 months ago)
I misread you, but then the entire argument is a bit of a misnomer. Why do you think global warming will kill a lot of people? The wildfire in Greece killed about 100 people. Do you have any idea how small of a number that truly is?
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
Rayalot72 so you do not see how 90% of People you Know will be dead by 2100 ? It is 2018 so by 2100 anyone Born Today will be 82 years Old and since the Life expectancy is Dropping many of those babies will not make even the expected age. That only accounts for Babies BORN TODAY,their Parents are likely older than 15 and probably closer to 20 that means unless you think 10 percent of today’s population will live to be 102 there you go. Simple Math that was too complicated for you. I have not even included any negative consequences from Climate Change some of which have KILLED people as we speak already decreasing the 90%. Those Tornado’s in places like Iowa, Fire deaths in California,Greece and Flash Floods that are becoming more Frequent they are part of Climate Change! If Simple Math was too hard for you trying to keep up with more complex math will be impossible. You can Learn some Facts or wallow in your Ignorance either way odds are you will be a part of the 90% that will not Live to see 2100!
Rayalot72 (9 months ago)
How are you calculating this? You can't assert it's "simple math" but then not provide a single source or calculation. If it's as simple as 2 + 2 = 4 why don't you write out "2 + 2 = 4?"
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
Rayalot72 I can guaranty that 90 % WILL be Dead by 2100 it is simple math and that would be Old Age. Global warming will get us much sooner and not as pleasant !
Liza Tanzawa (1 year ago)
V E (1 year ago)
that and 2 bucks will get you a coffee .lol fighting mother nature
V E (1 year ago)
we like water, would you rather it was getting colder and less water.  6 inches in 70 yrs. .good thing humans have feet . in 70 years people will be praying for death to end their slavery sea level is the least of our problems
V E (1 year ago)
Mother Nature taking care of the drought inflicted on her from all the farming,  the resulting low water levels and resulting deserts . I think we upset the co2 and Mother Earth is going to  equalize. If she melts some ice and raises water levels to re-grass her-self, surely humans can adapt ,small price to pay for a new growth world, by then fossil fuels will be just a memory .If the banker's politicians don't completely enslave us we might be all right. Get a new hobby benji
xdriver14 (1 year ago)
I notice he uses tide gauges until 1992, thereafter he uses satellite data. he says the tide gauges show approx a 2 mm per year rise but now the the rate is over 3 per the satellite data. He then argues that this increase in rate is proof of global warming and we must all be afraid (to paraphrase). What I would like to know is what do the tide gauges say from 92 to present? do they agree with the satellites? if they are not in agreement you can not say that the sea level is rising faster. Why were the tide gauges considered accurate before 1992 but not after. This argument he is making is flawed from the start. One nice thing to say about him and his talk, I found it refreshing to hear him acknowledge the maunder minimum and the medieval warm period after Michael Mann's attempt to erase them. Inch by inch they are having to back off their ridiculous claims and attempts to rewrite history to remove the evidence that their theory is without merit
seisix6 (1 month ago)
Satellites are not more accurate in their information gathering than tide gauges,just another way of collecting data.But with a decaying orbit around earth taken into account in the figures(which they aren't) and tide gauge data which is still available despite the so called "switch" to satellites taken into account the sea level rise is still about 2mm...same as has been for over a hundred years.The figures are there...just depends on whether you want to see them.
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
yes ... lets go back to obsolite data collection .... satellites are more accurate. use the data.
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
xdriver14 satellites did not exist in large enough numbers before 1992 then they did and we use them,just like Weather forecasting has improved. We no longer have people light the Street lamps either. Are you disputing the Science or just confused?
Hosoi Archives (1 year ago)
So no sea level rise?
Don Graham (1 year ago)
I have been going occasionally to a seaside town open to the Tasman sea ever since I was a kid for 55 years . I have been to the wharfs and shorelines etc where we used to play and I can very readily say there has been no noticeable sea level rise anywhere, no new sea walls , no erosion of coast line , beaches all exactly the same . If there has been sea level rise it cannot been seen nor is a problem for 55 years at least .
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
Antidote ... not science .... not worth spit.
David Musial (7 months ago)
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
And you all are the same height and your pantlegs never grew WOW !
Francis Ebbecke (1 year ago)
Same story in TX. The ocean is where it was in 1960 when I was five years old.
Paul McGreevy (1 year ago)
Google statue of liberty 1890 in images. Look at the images of the low wall at the base of the structure where it meets the sea and then scroll down the page to look at modern images. You will see the sea level is identical. According to the video the Atlantic coast is supposed to be sinking as well as the sea rising. I don't see the lady wearing wellington boots.
WaxMonger (1 year ago)
10,000 years we were in an ice age and the 75m of missing water was on top of the land in the form of ice. Benjamin P. Horton is a mouth piece for fuckery.
Jason Jones (1 year ago)
The moron below me Dave he evidently didn't watch the show did he????
Kyn Chan (1 year ago)
The only way is up now. Yeah. Even when the polar ice caps completely melt magic water will appear, created by politicians and climate scientists. The simple answer is to do the hard work of moving water to drought prone areas and then return it back when the sea levels fall. (How big is Africa and Australia?) With so much technology can't water be stored? Of course not because we are still at stone age technology presumably.
Sableagle (10 months ago)
That "magic water" is water, currently in the form of ice on Greenland, Antarctica and some mountain ranges. It's not going to appear. It's going to run into the sea. You can try storing it. You'll need a reservoir about 1.71 million km² in area and 1474 metres deep to store all the water currently sitting on Greenland in the form of a 1.71 million km² ice sheet averaging about 1474 metres thick.
Pura Vida dew (1 year ago)
Since in the United States the education system is completely broken and students come out with no knowledge whatsoever from high school, it is no wonder that the naysayers and the people Who can't believe in science, know absolutely nothing about what is going on in the world. People in the United States when looked at from outside the county, seem to be the most ill-informed and uneducated people in the world. At least the first world.
J. Mac Jordan (6 months ago)
We are the first world; all other Countries that enjoy a fairly agreeable economy in the world do so because the U.S. allows it. So it's really second world countries looking in - and perceptions from the second world are shaped by the first world. Hence our unrivaled system of Universities that have pioneered the vast majority of research in climate change isn't really a topic anyone else outside the U.S. can try and own and throw it in the U.S.'s face as criticism. We shape the very notion one way or another before politics are injected. If we funded research into a coming ice age on a scale no other Country could, you would be desperately clamoring on this board about the U.S. doing nothing to stop the coming ice.
Martin Hearn (11 months ago)
faking their data? my dad is a research scientist (tuna) and he discovers fake tagging data all the time. it's easy to spot. his phd was partly on an algorithm to discover this faulty data. so if these organizations have faked their data, it should be easy to find and easy prove. they all publish their data in peer reviewed journals, and part of the peer review process is that anyone can write in and say that the research is wrong. so what are you waiting for. send that email. tell them that the research is wrong. but don't forget to include details of how the research is wrong. well, don't just sit there, you've got an email to send. chop chop.
Texas Ray (1 year ago)
Just who are the "yea"sayers who really believe in Global Warming. Not beachfront property owners. There's no panic there. Nor is there any rush to buy property that would be beachfront in 50 years if the predictions of the climate scammers were true. The IPCC is not, nor was it ever a scientific body. It was founded by the Thatcher administration in the UK as a means to build public support for nuclear power plants in the face of strikes by the coal industry. It was from the moment of its creation a tool of mass disinformation. It is an intergovernmental panel of politicians, not a scientific panel of scientists. It is run by politicians, not scientists. The scientists on its list do not determine its policies. They are paid to be there and to not openly contest its claims but the scientists have no voice whatsoever in the decisions concerning policy statements. Many of them do not agree at all with the claims made by the organization. But their names are cited as supposed proof of the pretended consensus that the organization claims to represent. The IPCC cannot truthfully pretend to represent any sort of consensus of scientific thought .
michael farrell (1 year ago)
We in the U.S. don't need facts to make us right, we have more and bigger bombs than anyone else, oh, and God is on our side as well. Might does make right, so take care.
Chester Finecat (1 year ago)
Don't forget greedy, selfish and lacking empathy, possessed of Disneyland fantasies since childhood, spending all their resources on vain expressions of status. We're proud of it.
liefhebber179 (1 year ago)
i wish this was all true but i think it will be more in the region of 4-6m by 2100
Him Bike (2 months ago)
At current rate 224mm by 2100.
J Puckett (1 year ago)
How much has the earth's temperature risen in the last 100 years?  So why haven't we seen ANY sea level change?
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
did you not pay attention?
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
J Puckett you asked a question received an accurate answer and proceeded to spout your own Ignorance. Shame on you and the few remaining Brain cells you still have !
Martin Hearn (11 months ago)
No sure who "we" is, but I can only guess why you haven't seen any sea level change. scientists the world over have seen it for decades now. all their data and results have been published in the public domain and you can look at it yourself if you want to see it. Ah, so that's why you haven't seen any sea level change....you haven't looked.
J Puckett (1 year ago)
So, is that an example of a bad city planning? Do you know for fact that city has not flooded ALL the time? Or, is that due to erosion? The ground sinking? That's called isostasy and it happens all the time, just as the mountain ranges rise, land masses sink. You cannot, CANNOT, attribute that to sea level rise, because sea level would rise at every other coastal city as well. You can't fill part of the bathtub without filling the rest of the bathtub equally, ignoring small differences in gravitational pull on the planet.
Adrian Boulter (1 year ago)
why would the saudi's build those palms/the world islands costing billions if the seas are rising, why would the worlds wealthy buy those apartments if the seas are rising. its a simple question to answer, its all bullshit
Texas Ray (1 year ago)
I'll offer 1,000 dollars per linear foot to anyone with Florida or Texas gulf beachfront property and delay the transfer for 25 years provided that a binding contract be signed now. If I have no takers it means t hat people who live on the coast don' t really believe in the Global Warming scam.
Venkat S (1 year ago)
So you look into sea level rising based on the houses sold in Palm island? Can you explain how or Why the palm island will be in-destructible as you have taken it as the reference?
jmuld1 (2 years ago)
Note no mention of current increasing sea levels just more "predictions".
D.J. Thorb (7 months ago)
J Puckett ... you are wrong ... the predictions are being proven right ... this is an old video and now the data is moving in the proving of the predictions direction.
Hannodb1961 (1 year ago)
Thanks for saving my time. Read your comment and stopped watching.
Chester Finecat (1 year ago)
Buy Florida real estate while it's cheap.
Jonathan Solomon (2 years ago)
"So can anyone actually give any evidence that sea levels are rising?" Watch this video! Sea level has only gone up 8 inches so far in the last hundred years. This is not something you would casually notice living at the shore, given normal motion of waves and tides.The evidence is in tide gauges, satellite measurements and worsening storms such as hurricane Sandy. Google "Miami Beach sea level", and you'll see they had to spend $400,000 on pumps and lifting streets to avoid worsening flooding at high tide. Greenland has lost 2,000 Gigatons of ice. Guess where it went? Melting ice and glaciers accounts for 4 inches of sea level rise. Much of the heat from global warming has gone into the ocean, keeping the air cooler than it would be otherwise; however, the ocean is 2 degrees F warmer than it was and warming water expands it ever so slightly, adding another 4 inches when multiplied out over the depth of the water column. If you don't like this sort of evidence, I have some nice waterfront property to sell you in Miami Beach. "You would think someone living on an island somewhere could say that they are losing coastline..." Do some research on the Solomon Islands. Six islands have been severely eroded and five have been lost completely. Take a look at this Scientific American article: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sea-level-rise-swallows-5-whole-pacific-islands/
robert hicks (7 months ago)
" Sea level has only gone up 8 inches so far in the last hundred years. " According to proxies, it has been going up 8 inches a century for 3 centuries. Before that, it fell for 5 centuries. " Melting ice and glaciers accounts for 4 inches of sea level rise." Actually, that is only the ice from Greenland and Antarctica. Other glaciers could account for the rest. "however, the ocean is 2 degrees F warmer than it was and warming water expands it ever so slightly, " It has been determined that every bit of the heat added to the water in the top 1000 meters of water over the last century would only raise it by 3 cm. At least half of that warming was from them discarding buoy data at a certain point. In one year, the temperature rose 1°F from them doing that one TRICK. " If you don't like this sort of evidence, I have some nice waterfront property to sell you in Miami Beach." This is the problem. People built on the sea front, within inches of sea level over the last century without thinking that the sea level would rise 2/3rd of a food in a century. THEN they drained a swamp that was feeding an aquifer beneath their feet. Without new water coming in, the aquifer dried out and the land subsided almost a foot in a half century. Now they have NORMAL flood periods that are hitting things that used to be 1 food above sea at worse periods and they demand the rest of the us fix their problem for them. They do not want to spend their own money fixing problems they created.
David Musial (7 months ago)
+farfiman sir your last statement was that sea level has been rising since the last ice age but according to the video somewhere around 6000 years ago it's stopped.
farfiman (7 months ago)
David Musial  Sea has been rising since the end of the last ice-age. All I am stating is that it is continuing at about the same speed as before and we can't do ANYTHING about it.
Lana (2 years ago)
I have lived on the coast most all my life. There has been absolutely NO change in sea levels. Why are they lying? There must be an agenda. How much do they get paid to talk on Climate change and seas rising? Do scientists that "study" climate change get paid to say it is something when it is not? Seeing no changes in my coastline, at the marinas or anywhere I live lets me know that what they are saying is a complete load of manure.
Pacal Votan (6 months ago)
+David Musial I understand what you're saying...there have been some interesting studies on the Gulf Stream and how freshwater has a cooling effect on the climate. However, I'm referring to something a little different. Like the Arctic, the Antarctic melts every summer. However, the Antarctic has been experiencing ice expansion over the past few years, and in the last 4 years Arctic ice has been expanding faster than it had been melting. This has been going on for millennia though...natural variation etc. but the trend seems to be pointing to cooling at the moment. If sustained we will see a lot more devastating results than what most would have expected from any warming (i.e. global crop reduction for one).
David Musial (6 months ago)
+Pacal Votan when you say Antarctica has been experiencing growth and ice do you know if it's one year ice or multiple year ice? Because that makes a difference when you have a huge continent like Antarctica melting into the sea that changes the freezing point of the waters that are right off the coast because they'll be less Saline. Freshwater freezes at a higher temperature. So if the seawater is turning more like fresh water and starts to freeze does that mean it's because the temperatures are lower or is it because the means the water is more likely to freeze at the same temperature
David Musial (6 months ago)
+J Puckett that's interesting because in Miami they're raising the level of the streets to counteract the effects of sea level rise. So you say there's no rise in sea level but the city is spending millions of dollars to raise the streets I wonder who I should believe
csaflip (6 months ago)
Maybe because the level of rise if a minute amount per year? This is talking about the not so distant future, something that so few people actually care to consider, but the steps we take today will secure a better future for everyone.
Dick Hamilton (7 months ago)
J Puckett - we 'came out of an Ice Age' approximately 20,000 years ago, and into the present interglacial. This is when the icesheets over N.America and Eurasia began their retreat. The earth warmed most rapidly between 13 and 11 thousand years ago and reached a flat maximum about 10 thousand years ago, holding for about 4 thousand years, then began to cool very slowly - the earth was entering a long period of cooling as it moved towards the next 'Ice Age' due in normal circustances some 40 to 60,000 years later. This continued, as normal, slowing all the while, until the 1860s, when temperatures ceased falling, levelled off and turned into a slow rise upwards by the 1890s, which has continued since, accelerating especially since the 1970s. We came out of the ice age a long time ago, and warmed and then cooled, as would be expected. The present warming is not a part of that normal cycle - we would 'normally' still be in a cooling phase at present. 2 degrees average over the earth is a large change, though it may not seem so, .. but it is so because the difference in whole earth average temperature between the depths of an Ice Age and an interglacial maximum is only a matter of 4 to 5 degrees C. Your last point is one of weather, not climate. Average temperatures over the earth move much more slowly than do 'weater highs and lows'. It took a bit more than 2000 years to climb the last two degrees to enter the interglacial 10000 years ago. In the current situation, we'll transit through the same change in under 200 (from 1860s). Aside from all that, 3 degrees is failure to yield, and death, of our main food crops, and so for us.
grindupBaker (3 years ago)
@"Adam Connolly" who asks a question without (for some reason) providing a "reply" button: "Since 1993, measurements from the TOPEX and Jason series of satellite radar altimeters have allowed estimates of global mean sea level height. These measurements are continuously calibrated against a network of tide gauges. When seasonal and other variations are subtracted, they allow estimation of the global mean sea level rate. As new data, models and corrections become available, these estimates are continuously revised these (about every two months) to improve their quality. - See more at: https://climatedataguide.ucar.edu/"
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
J Puckett do you know if you change the P in your name to a F it matches your response?
J Puckett (1 year ago)
Does anyone remember what university canceled their decades-long study with really expensive buoys that monitored 15 South Pacific islands?  They cancelled it because they found no measurable sea level rise.
Adam Connolly (4 years ago)
So can anyone actually give any evidence that sea levels are rising?  You would think someone living on an island somewhere could say that they are losing coastline.....
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
Hannodb1961 thats right the water coming through the Ground at High Tide was always there ? Right
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
J Puckett Venice Italy comes to mind and there they are using Sea Gates to keep water out during High Tides! You would not admit that though would you it is so much easier to ask pointless questions rather than find Honest answers?
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
J Puckett you have so many answers and so few make sense why is that ?
Michael Dautel (9 months ago)
J Puckett and yet the Moon does it every high tide ! Go visit a Glacier before they Melt !
Patrick Schuster-Wiley (5 years ago)
Fascinating, but now what could we do as a collective to resolve the problem?
Rayalot72 (1 year ago)
Carsten, if more people drank water, that would 1) Not be enough consumption to lower sea level. 2) Be extremely costly in terms of removing salt and transportation. 3) Not remove water, because water literally passes through the human body, is released in sewage or groundwater, and then goes back into oceans, seas, or lakes.
Carsten Larsen (1 year ago)
use more water-send some to cape town -use old oiltankers-that´l be the next big thing..
Donald Murray (1 year ago)
Ive been preaching this for ten years now. We need to adapt and put our money into structural improvements and quit allowing encroachment into environmentally sensitive areas, storm surge areas, and along coastal areas and beaches
night88junkie (5 years ago)
i live in Italy... and i feel like it's gonna sink anytime now
Wayne Vyrostek (1 year ago)
Tides are different in different parts of the world, also winds and storms affect tidal surge, so it's not quite as simple as a bathtub.
J Puckett (1 year ago)
If I remember correctly, Venice is sinking.  It has nothing to do with rising sea levels.  Lunar gravity and gravitational anomalies aside, you can't raise sea level at only one spot on the planet -- no different than a bathtub.  The water only comes in on one side, but it fills evenly throughout.
Pacal Votan (1 year ago)
night88junkie: Well, if you live in Venice, this is the perfect place to validate your claim :-).

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